Rainbow the Hedgehog is a sweet girl, when you don't take her electronics. When she says someone orced her to go somewhere, she really means they threatened to take her video game system or something. She is a total addict to computers, video games, manga, ect. She will mainly ignore her friends when they come over to play video games.

Friends and Family

Rainbow has very few friends becuase of her ignorence to them. She really only has one, named Clarence the Cheetah. Her family is really a step-family becuase her original family was taken and roboticized by Robotnik. She has two step sisters, which are, Crystal the Hedgehog and Akosimia the Hedgehog. Her mother is Victoria the Hedgehog.

Place of birth, and locations

She was born in Mobius, right when Robotnik took over. She lived there for about five minutes, then was taken to the orphanage, which was also in Mobius. When she was adopted, she was taken to a different planet named Aquaria.


Most people might say that playing video games gives no skill, but it does for Rainbow. Her main weapon is a Game Cube controller, that she can move around like nun-chucks. The hardest she can give anybody with that, is a broken leg/arm. She also uses Wii remotes, DVDs, and much much more electronic devices. She can also use a mini laptop like it was a frisbi.

Special Items

She really doesn't keep her precious items from her past, becuase she says her most belovid items are her electronics. She loves them for the violence, and how much she learns from them. Her mother says she can't learn from violent video games, but she doesn't care. She knows she can. She als loves them for the defence it produces.

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