Ramseline is the couple pairing between Ramsey the Thylacine and Marceline the Virus.


When the two first met, they had no real opinion for eachother. When Marceline followed Ramsey half-way back to his territory, they walked alongside eachother, barely speaking a word. Day after day, they saw eachother more and more. Soon, they saw eachother almost everyday, when Ramsey escaped from training to go see Marceline. But Shade the Echidna, Ramsey's surrogate sister, soon found out what the two were up to. Though, she promised not to tell, as long as Ramsey didnt cut training class, and worried about more important things. Ramsey agreed. Marceline wasnt so sure, at first, but she eventually agreed also.

Though Ramsey and Marceline havent really shown romantic interest for eachother (exept when questioned about the subject, Marceline replies with a "maybe", and Ramsey heavily blushes and replies with a "never"), it is speculated that they probably do have romantic feelings for eachother.

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