Randys A Rambo is a troll.



He was first seen along with his friends Frankie and Tryler_1. Randy had tricked Stephani Bell by pretending to flirt with her, and dropped an unpleasant insult on her, inferring she was still single because she was unattractive. He and the others preceded to attempt to attack and taunt her about her supposed "ugliness".

Despite being only 11 years of age, he is the chauvanistic, womanizing type. Similar to Toxic the Hedgehog, his preferences in girls are pretty much the same. He seemed to stop being so much of a player after his love interest Peach 7o4 had her first baby, so he says he has only 3 women he cares about. As of recently, he and Peach have split up.

Despite his troll history, he is considered weak and pathetic by other trolls, as one of his group members gave away their troll identities up front. When his evil levels were measured, he ranked "Schoolyard Bully", which is quite a weak ranking.

Physical Description


To be added.


Friends and Foes





Lindsay Analougue - He tells her "Nobody likes fat chicks."




  • "Pretty" girls, especially the ones who dress in the "latest" fashions
  • Anyone who follows the newest, but dumbest trends


  • Girls who do not meet his beauty standards (he'll find certain girls unattractive even if they are vaguely beautiful)
  • Anyone who refuses to conform to today's trends

Biggest Fears


  • "I'm not suprised you don't have a boyfriend... wanna know why?..... It's cause you're UGLY!" [to Stephani while pulling a prank on her.]
  • "So you don't deny it?" [after someone agrees with his insult on them]

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