Ranivae is Ryu's first dragon in RP: Dark Star.



Physical Description

Ranivae is made of clay, like most of the other dragons, however, she also has a small, color-changing jewel in her chest (the jewel changes color depending on her mood). In animated from, her sclaes are pink, purple and blue, with a bit of yellow thrown in.

She has a thin body, thin legs and arms, and big paws, giving her a rather awkward appearance. The tip of her tail is rounded, and has two wish tags attached to it. She also has a wish tag beneath each ear and on her elbows, and has two feathery tendrils sprouting from the back of her neck. Her strange-looking wings are large compared to her body.


Ranivae is a wishing dragon, with bigger paws than G'reth and a small jewel in her chest.


She can conjure wish tags that have various effects (including healing, burning, paralysis, offensive and defensive moves). Ranivae also has an attack called "Random Wish", in which she conjures an especially large wish tag. The tag's effects are completely unpredictable and random. It can do anything, from full healing, to making it rain snails.

Besides wish tags, Ranivae can also breath out sparkly-looking mist, in the shape of various symbols (such as hearts, stars, etc...). They tend to be just for show, but the hearts can apparently charm anyone who gets hit by them.


Ranivae acts a lot like Ryu; they are both friendly and sweet, but also strong-willed and bold. Depending on her mood, she also sometimes makes different noises (these sound like various Pokemon from the game PKMN Diamond/Pearl).

Ranivae has a crush on Blade, Will's dragon, and will go to any lengths to protect him.

Depending on Ranivae's mood, the color of the jewel on her chest (as well as the wish tags on her body) change color accordingly.

Red: Anger (Luxio cry)
Blue: Sadness (Froslass cry)
Sky Blue: Curious (Gible cry)
Green: Calm
Yellow: Happy (Shinx cry)
Pink: Love (Mismagius cry)
Purple: Feisty/Mischievous
Orange: Confusion
Grey: Illness
White: Fear
Black: Possessed by Ix (Darkrai cry)

She also imitates Staraptor, Drifloon, Lopunny, Cresselia, and many others.

Interactions With Other Characters

Ryushu the Cat





Pokemon Cries

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