Raphius Cronais Marzion
Neutral(leans toward good)
Fighting(especially swordplay), his swords, using his skills on idiots
Idiots, people mistreating others, etc.
Special power
Ability type

Raphius is a knight/ninja character, though he has no idea about himself other than his name, and how strong in combat he is. He's had nobody to teach him what he is supposed to do and only had himself for rely on. He fights with the skills that he has recieved through training that he doesn't know how he was taught, to figure out who he is and what is he supposed to do.


Similiar to the picture shown right, with out his signature blades.
Raphius Cronias Marzion

Design on MFDM


He could be quite cold, even angry with others because he has had no expirience with friends, or even family for that matter. Even the mentioning of family or friendship will remind him of his own complete lonliness, and quickly toss him into a fit. He could even go into a wild rage. He doesn't take unannounced visitors greatly, directly because of his lonliness, and thinking that they have ulterior motives. He's directly angry because of his amnesia, being unable to remember any more that several years ago, which all that time was calm.
Raphius's sword

How the sword would look like. Note, there are two of these.

Strengths and Powers

He's highly adept uitilizing an array of forms of blades, from large broadswords for breaking heavy or thick walls down; strong longswords for high-speed combat; to short, curved swords that he can throw ath his opponents. He has a specific kind that he uses the best, his signature blades carried in reverse grip. They are curved and wide for maximum slashing damage, and they extend through to the handguard portion of the hilt. He can also glide with these blades and if he angles the correctly, he can have near-flying capability. Adding to his speed, athleticism, and swordsmanship, he can also utilize teleportation as necessary.

Theme Song

  • Broken by Sins of a Divine Mother