Red never ealy liked Rane and when he never saved an old friend of his who was right in front of him when he died.., Red began to hate Rane. A conflict has eruptted because of this hatred. Rane has gone past his limits....and now the fight begins...


I need something interseting, with Red (my old fursona) and Rane (my new fursona, I already made his article so go check it out!) and here it is. Speed is a virtue-Follow it. 22:56, July 29, 2010 (UTC)Xabior

Iffy People


Why u hatin on this article?!


(At a park not to far way fro, emerldsville, a fight has erupted and quite a crowd has begun to wach)

Red: Ill give you one more chance...take back what you said and I will gladly except your sorry

Rane: Why would I be sorry for something thats true?

Red: Now your gona get it!!!!

Rane: goning to get what? You cant even touch me.

Red: Rgghhhh!! *throws a firball at Rane*

Rane: *blocks the blast as if it where nothing* That all you got?

Red: NO! *runs up to Rane and punches and kicks him numerous times, then he kicks him hard away*

Rane: *blocked off almost every hit, but the final kick sends him flying. He gains his footing right after the kick* Now youve asked for it.... *gathers up energy and begins to form it in a ball*

Red: *does the same, except he uses his fire energy* Your gona get scorched!

(G.U.N soldiers set up a premitar)

G.U.N Lieutant: Red the Cat you are under arrest, as are you Rane the Echidna!! You are violating the laws, surrender now and you will not get hurt!!!

Rane: Not before I cook you like a goose!!! *begins to run torwards REd with his large energy sphere*

Red: Bring iT!!! *does the same*

(the people are able to get away as do the G.U.N soldiers, but the liutenant stays behind)

(Red and Ranes energy spheres colide, and a huge explosian apears!)

G.U.N Lieut.: I siad put you r hands up or..AGGHHHH!!!

(when the smoke clears, Red and Rane are both on there feet panting hard)


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