Rekye is the love intrest between Red the Cat and Skye the Fox.


They met in a park and quickly developed love for one another.


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Iffy People



(Its night time at Maploaks little dock, two figures are cuddeld together observing the sky)

Red: Its Beautiful, isnt it?


Red: *gazing into her eyes* The stars shine so bright in those twin moons, nothing can compare....

Skye:*gazing back* The blazing fire is all that keeps me warm....

Red: *move much closer* But not as warm as the sun that shines on the Sky.....e

Skye:*moves closer* the sun and the fire are the same thing....the sky's cold without the fire...

Red: *whispers, very close* But the sky is the only beutiful thing to the fire......and the sky protects him from the dark reaches of space....*nose is right above hers*

Skye:*whispers, just as close* And the sky is weak without the fire...could not protect the fire without the fire's warmth....the blazing fire....stone...

Red: *whispers* The bright sun...the dazzling stars that show the skys beauty...the Skye's....*begins kiss*


Red: *puts arms around her, kissing*

Skye:*puts tail and arms around him, kissing*

Red: *wraps tail around hers, kissing*


Red: *kissing, begins to get drowsey*

Skye:*kissing, not drowsy*

Red: *kissing, about to fall asleep, exhausted*

Skye:*leans back and lets him lay on her, kissing*

Red: *kissing, falls into a deep slumber*

Skye:*kissing, falls asleep too*

(The next day, both of them are in Skyes room, but Red is no were in sight)

Skye:*starts waking up*

Red: *absent,gone*

Skye:R-red? *sits up* Red? *looks around*.......*gets off the bed*.........*goes out her door and looks around* R-red? RED!?

Red: *on the dock, deep in sleep*

Skye:*at her home*.....what.....he.....I.........*walks at random, sad*

Red: *turns over while sleeping but falls into the lake, now awake* gurgle.....Hel...Cant swi...gurgle...HELP!! *begins to sink*

[he suddenly finds a fishing hook embedded in his suit, and someone fishes him up]

Red: O.O Wha?...who....

Fyalox:Well...this puts a new pun on catfish.

Red: Ha Ha Ha, very funny and who might you be?

Fyalox:Fyalox, teh knight.

Red: So now im geussing Tigero has knights? Skye never told me about any "Knights".

Fyalox:Just me.

Red: Oh *coughs* Thanks for saving me...I was almost a goner.

Fyalox:Welcome, catfish.

Red: Once again I say thanks..Sir kibble....

Fyalox:THat wasn't a very good name. *whips his fishing pole back, laucnhign red into his empty fishing bag*

Red: *squinted eyes*What are you going to do...use me as bait? *small snicker*

Fyalox:Good idea.

Skye:*runs up to Fyalox, but doesn;t notice Red* F-F-Fyalox, w-where's R-red?

Red: *eyes wide open, thinking: How can she not see me?!?!*

[Fyalox' fishing bag IS pretty big]

Fyalox:Who's Red?

Skye:He's a really attractive red cat.

Red: *Thinking: Skye might find me as an attractive guy, but Sir Kibble finds me as special bait!*

Fyalox:......Nope. No attractive red cats around here.

Skye:You're sure...?*sad look*

Red: *thinking: Of course, he go's with the No-Ive-Seen-Nobody trick*


Skye:Alright....*sighs*...He owuldn;t abaondon me.......would he..?.....*walks off*

Red: Why dont you jump in a lake Fyalox....or at least jump in a pirrane infested one...

FYalox:She asked for attractive red cats. I didn't see any attractive ones.

Red: So what are you going to me now, im soooo scared! *rolls his eyes*

Fyalox:I am not your enemy. Why did you do that to the girl?

Red: Because...I need a little time to myself...Im working on a surprise for Skye and im almost finished...

Fyalox:I see. *pull sup his fishing line, checks the bait, and throws it back*

Red: THanks for keeping me in the bag....Later, thanks.....and sorry for giving you such a nasty nickname, Sir kibbles *runs off, still snickering a little about the nickname*


(Red sneaks into Skyes house and looks for Skye)

Red: *smiling, yells out for Skye* Sunshine!!


Red: *looks in her room* Skye?!

[He's suddenly hugged by Skye]

Skye:R-r-r-red! I th-thought y-you'd l-l-left m-m-me...

Red: *sad look* I-Im Sorry Skye...I just needed some free time and......

Skye:.....I-it's alright....

(ive gotta go, g,night - Xab)

Red: *smiles* How 'bout I make it up to you?

Skye:*smiles, and blushes* h-how is that?



Red: Here it is *comes up to her and starts kiss*

Skye:*kisses happily*

Red: *kissing, thinking: Ill never leave her again..*

Skye:*wraps her arms and tail tight around him, kissing*

Red: *esars twich, breaks the kiss* I feel like someones...

(suddenly the door blasts open, it flys at a amazing speed and hits Red full power, knocking him unconscience)

Red: *Unconscience*

Skye:*so close to Red that she takes teh shock too, knocking her out*

(Red wakes up and finds out that he and another figure are the only ones in the room but strapped to a metal platform)

Red: *tired, thinking: what happend? Nevermind that..where Skye?* What did you do to Skye?!?

???: Shes back at her house *laugh* and to think you took her from me...

Red: Wha? Who are you?

Insane Red: *evil smile* Your true form...Red the insane...

Red: NO! You died!!!

Red/insane: I almost did....but now you will feel my turning you over to G.U.N, thell pay me a good amount of money...

(back with Skye, she is still in her house, with Red gone...)

Skye:*shakes the daze off, and looks around*...THat does it........hellfire.....*eyes glow*

(back with Red)

REd: *You dont want to get Skye angry...

Red/Insane: I know! Thats why I implanted a device that will kill you if she even touches you!!

Red: Your insane...

Red/inasne: *smile* Thats why im called Red the Insane!!!

[the area around them begins warping itself, not in the telportation sense]

Red: O.O

Red/insane: *smiles* this aught to be fun!!

[Suddenly, it all disappears ina flurry of psychic waves, and floating before them is Skye. Except her fur is wild, her tail is much longer, and her eyes are two glowing blue dots, with glowing blue lines spreading from them. They're standing in a warped world of nothing]

Red/insane: You think you can scare me?! HA!! Ill show you SCARY!!! *begins to morph, his hair becomes wild as does his tail, his eyes become pure red and he gets bigger and bigger and he also gets wings* This is what fear is!!

Red: IM TIRED OF THIS!!! *Red begins to morph now, his hair becomes pure fire, as does his tail, and his eyes become a pure light Red, his gloves and shoes become resistant to his fire as does his clothin* ILL ROAST YOU!!!!

(Now the battle is heating up, with Red te insane having twice the power as Red and Skye!!!!! Can Skye and Red stop the Menance???!!! Find out!!)

Psycho Skye:*growling* I don't have to scare you. *eyes glow brighter* I'm past seeing your future. Now I control it!

Red/insane: Ill kill your precious Red

Flame Red: Hes right, he put a device in me that will kill me if you even touch me....*has sad look*

Psycho Skye:*grin* Actually, he didn't. 'Least, he won't be abel to prove he did. *slow chuckle*

Red/insane: If thats what you want *grining activates the device* in less then 1 mintue he will be dead so surrender or he dies

Flame Red: *he turns back to normal due to the device and a electrical shock goes throught his body* AGGHHHGHHHH!!!

Red/inasne: *breaks the device* Say you wont attack and the device will stop *grinning*

Psycho Skye:*stops laughing, and looks at Red. her eyes flash, and the implant inside Red warps into a useless lump of metal*

Red: *but it hurt his internal organs and he begins to bleed from the inside* Agghhh!!!

Red/insane: *laughs and smiles* Yu just hurt your own have have no powers at all and insane..just like me *he then laughs similar in a way similar to the joker*

Skye:I'm not done. *a powerful warp of psychic energy, and the lump is teleported from Red's system into Insane Red's.(

Red/insane: *heals the lump* havnt seen the last of me...*quickly flys over to Red and punches and kicks him hard and multiple times...and then he blasts him into the wall, then he teleports away*

Red: *unconscience, on the floor*

Skye:*inside her own mind, trying to take control of her Psycho form*


Red: *still unconscience, hurt bad, but not enough to kill him*

[Skye continues to struggle with her form, which begins sending the psywarp world farther]

Red: *unconscience, hurt bad*

Psycho Skye:*starts soumersalting, faster and faster, and then a flash, and normal Skye is there*

Skye:Red! *rushes over to and hugs him*

Red: *slightly wakes up, still hurt bad* H..hey*weak smile*

Skye:*curls her tail under him and picks him up, and kisses his forehead*

Red: *still hurt bad* J..just what...the,,,,ol...d...nog...g..i..n

Skye:*carries him to her home as the psywarp world fades*

Red: *falls unconscience as the world fades*

Skye:*lays him in her bed and helps his wounds with a first aid kit*

(The next day, Red awakes to see that Skye is not anywhere in her room)

Red: Sunshine???!

[Skye's in her living room, curled up on the couch]

Red: *picks her up and puts her on her bed*


Red: *As if falling into a trance, Red immiedtlly falls asleep and falls on Skye*

Skye:*curls around him in her sleep*

Red: *smiles, falls asleep*


Red: *manages to slip around her, curls around her, tail wraps around her tail.*

Skye:*smiles in her sleep*

(a little later*

Red: *yawns, slowly wakes up*

Skye:*curled around him, asleep*

Red: *awake, looks at Skye and smiles* ....

Skye:*seems to be licking him, probably dreaming*

Red: *slightly chuckles* Time to wake up...*sends heat energy through her, it makes her warm and also will awake her*

Skye:*wakes up, but is still licking him, enjoying herself, apparently not realizing she's not dreaming*

Red: *chuckles some more and then starts licking her*

Skye:*moans in pleasure, continue sto lick him*

Red: *continues licking, but begins doing it more passiontly, begins sending heat energy into her again*

Skye: OOOooooohhh..

Red: *continues*




Red: *continues*

Skye:*licking hiim in longer strokes*

(Red begins purring as if it was a massage)

Red: *notices this, continues*


Red: *licking her passionatly, purring, sending heat into her* mmmm..


Red: *conitnues, smiling, eyes closed and relaxed*

Skye:*still licking him passionately*

Red: mmm......*reconinutes licking her passionately, but also in longer strokes*

Skye:*crawls more onto him, contines*