This is a fanfiction, not an RP.

This is basically the story of Resident Evil 4, but with Sonic characters in place of the canon chars. I've already got some characters decided, but maybe you can help me with the others?


The New Cast
Original Name Sonic Character New Name
Leon S. Kennedy Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic Kennedy
Ashley Graham Amy Rose Amy Graham
Ingrid Hunnigan Princess Sally Acorn Sally Hunnigan
Luis Sera Knuckles the Echidna Knuckles Sera
Ada Wong Fiona Fox Fiona Wong
Jack Krauser Shadow the Hedgehog Shadow Krauser
Albert Wesker (appears only briefly) Dr. Eggman Ivo "Eggman" Wesker
The Merchant
Mike Miles "Tails" Prower Mike "Tails" Prower

Character Role Explanation

Leon Kennedy and shadow

i think shadow is better with guns

Ashley Graham and Amy

This is also rather obvious, but I first considered having Sally as Ashley. Then I realized that the personalities of Amy and Ashley are more similar than that of Sally and Ashley. This also meant that I could get someone to be Ingrid Hunnigan, Leon's contact.

Ingrid Hunnigan and Sally

I think Sally fits this role nicely.

Luis Sera and Knuckles

Ada Wong and Fiona

It was either Fiona or Rouge. In the game, Ada frequently uses a grappling hook (fired from a gun) to get around. Rouge's flight would eliminate that, but I didn't want that to happen. So, I decided to use Fiona Fox as Ada.

Jack Krauser and Shadow

Albert Wesker and Eggman

The Merchant and ????

Mike and Tails

Well By comparing the Tornado and Tails to The helicopter and Mike kinda seemed obvious. The only hesitation is that if Tails has to be mike he might need to have a death


All the Villagers are Mobians. The Zealots are Overlanders.

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