Murasia first showed up as an underground world on Earth in episodes 47 and 48 of Sonic X. In this story, however, it will be underground Mobius (game continuity) with a lot more added to it. Me, CarrietheCat, and my sister, ShelatheWolf, will be making the story. Enjoy!



Sonic the Hedgehog

Tails the Fox

Knuckles the Echidna

Gem the Echidna (ShelatheWolf)

Sunburst the Hedgehog (ShelatheWolf)

Carrie the Cat (CarrietheCat)

Shela the Wolf (ShelatheWolf)

Aquila the Eagle (CarrietheCat)

Manic the Hedghog

Sonia the Hedgehog


Rubella the Echidna (ShelatheWolf)





Vero the Phoenix

Water guardian


A girl and a giant bird stood on a cliff looking over the land of Murasia. The girl's name was Liliac, and she was the last human of Merasia. There were still bird people who were half human and half bird, and there were many nymphs who could take on a human form, but only Liliac was pure human. She and Vero sought to look after the land of Murasia and all of its inhabitants. Vero was the giant bird. In his current form, he looked like an enormous hawk, 7 feet from claw to eye. However, at will he could turn into a flaming phoenix, a fierce fighter. He and Liliac were dedicated to protecting Murasia, or what was left of it. Merasia had sunk under the ground over a thousand years ago in a massive disaster, and it has been slowly detiorating ever since due to the loss of some of its major power sources. The loss of energy was affecting the creatures of Murasia now more than ever before, and the more monstrous of them had started to rampage, eating entire trees and buildings to get their energy. Becoming more and more uncontrollable, they might even do what no Merasian had done for many years - go to the surface world. Liliac and Vero were unsure of what they should do.

"Liliac," Vero asked. "What do you believe our next move should be?"

"I really don't know," she replied. "We're running out of options. Nothing is going to calm them down. Besides, it's not my jurisdiction to do anything further. I'm not exactly the queen, you know."

"You know just as well as I that with the Golden Wings gone, you are the closest thing to a queen that we have. You are the only remaining human here, anyhow."

"I suppose you are right. I simply must do what I can to keep what is left of this world together."

"Well, you are not alone. Still, the truth is that the only way we can restore power is to regain the lost parts of the Crystal."

"But those pieces are on the surface world. We can't just leave."

"Maybe not, but the behavior of our creatures proves that something must be done or they will indeed destroy the surface world. We may need to find help."

"But from whom?"

"I know little of the world above, but I have heard stories. The way I see it, there is only one who might be able to retrieve the crystal pieces, a hero, and his name is Sonic the Hedgehog."

Chapter 1: The Lost Kingdom

It was a peaceful sort of day for Sonic and Tails at the Ocean Palace. Eggman wasn't up to anything at the time, nor was there any other villain causing trouble. It was the perfect day to relax and take a break, which was exactly what Sonic and Tails were doing.

Sonic whizzed by on the Ocean Palace ruins. "2.47 seconds!" Tails called.

"Hey, that's a new best!" Sonic skidds to a stop. For fun, he was racing himself on various stretches of the ruins, and Tails was timing him. "Alright, one more go!"

"Sonic, you've raced this stretch 22 times already!" Tails points out.

"I guess so..." Sonic agrees. "How 'bout we race to the other side?"

"What if you take the long way and I fly straight across?"

"You're catching on," Sonic chuckled.

"Well, I guess I could... -- Sonic! Behind you!"

"What? Where!?"

"I.. I'm sorry. I was sure I saw a shadow in the water. It must have only been a cloud."

"No problem. Hey, how about this -- I'll take one more lap around the ruins, and then we can do something else."

"Tails watched Sonic as he raced around the course. He was starting to doubt that what he saw was just a cloud; it had every characteristic of being a shadow under the water. He looked over the water and thought he saw something get close to the surface, like a big fish or a...




All of a sudden, a huge leviathan-like sea monster rose out of the water and smashed into the ruins, sending Sonic flying.

More Coming Soon!