Sonic Underground Mini Show
Season 2, Episode 17
Episode Guide
"King of the Castle"

Reunited At Last is an episode of the Sonic Underground Mini Show. It is the last episode closing the series. It is the only full-length episode in the show, due to it being a special.


Robotnik starts going around town saying that he's finally captured the Queen! The three hedgehogs think that it's another one of his traps but suddenly he actually puts her on the screen! Robotnik asks her to say something to her children if they're watching and she warns them to come and that if Robotnik captures the three too. Then the fight for freedom will be over! but of course they decide to go and rescue her anyway they get captured but Robotnik locked them up with their mom so they finally met her. Sonia breaks them out of the cell and after destroying a bunch of swatbots they finally face Robotnik and they find out that their mom has a medallion too, so they used their medallions to make a super ray that sends Robotnik packing and soon everything turns back to the way it was and they also figure out how to turn roboticized people back into mobians and they reunite with their foster parents and they introduce them to each other and Sonia introduces Lady Windomere to Sonic and Manic, Sonic introduces his uncle Chuck to Sonia and Manic, and Manic introduces Farrel to Sonia and Sonic and they introduce them to their mom and they celebrate with a big party!


[more info later]


  • This episode was inspired by a Sally Acorn cosplayer on Gaia Online.



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