&nbsp Revenant is a5'3" predator/hedgehog hybrid


Revenant(Zachary Greyling) was born on mobius on a full solar eclipse. Lack of hospital lighting got him lost almost instantly lost. He was then taken to an orphanage, where it was actually an evil scientist's lair, where he stayed for 7 years until he found out what was going on. He stayed untill he was 11 trying hard to escape, which he later did and landed on Yautja prime. He wondered why he chose this planet...then the Elders had told him that he is the son of a powerful warrior Yautja and that he was to begin his training there. He was mocked by his fellow unbloods that he was no warrior and that he would die before he finished his training. This was true, he did die. As a spirit he watched them train growing stronger as he did. Later in he was watching an ancient revival ceremony, and as he did he was revived along with a few others. They saw him and realized he was the "Revenant Warrior" and put him immediately to a test against an elder. Later on he beat him and bloodied him within an inch of his life. He said to him nothing and walked to the armory. He raided the weaponry and armor and spray-painted them white with black markings on them. He marked his mask with an "R" for "Revenant" and as a last statement before killing them all he shouted "I AM NO LONGER ZACHARY GREYLING! I AM REVENANT!!!!" and proceded with the massacre. He fled to another clan were he met Dark,Cyredrettyn,Zordrack,and Chopper and was allowed to finish his training, but as a mark of shame he was never allowed to talk unless he absolutely needed to. He nodded in agreement and finished his training with honor. He and said Hybrids banded together as an elite hunting party and dispersed into mobius. So far he has not rejoined his comrades and is waiting to meet them again. His age is currently unknown as even his comrades have not dared ask.


Presumably an albino hedgehog with red markings on his body. He's the tallest of his brothers so he is often mistaken for the leader. He wears armor that is completely his own design and is easily distinguished from the rest. His head has more"horns" than the rest as they are visible from the top of his mask. His mask is a very bright white with grey and red markings on it and a lightningbolt simbol on his mask. His armor is standard and slim with all requirements. His wristblades however are only one elongated blade strong enough to cut through three feet of steel. His boots are also quite big adding to his height. Underneath his mask is supposedly a hedgehog with many scars and markings. This has not been confirmed nor denied.


He is very serious and does not talk much. Only repeating what is said through his vocal mimicry. He will only talk when absolutley necissary and is always in a dark or angered state. Other information is currently unavailable.

Physical Abbilities and Weapons

Like Zordrack he also has abnormal abbilities, they would be Neckrokinetics, Spectrakinetics, intangibility, and invisibility. Invisibility rendering his Active camoflauge device useless. His arsenal would include two one-bladed wristblades for each arm, a large plasma burner with sniper scope and normal sniper rifle, two shoulder mounted plasma casters, a smart-disc(throwing disc with sharp edges), wrist-mounted computer, proximity mines, combi stick, a ceremonial dagger, and a self destruct device built in his wrist computer(The device is semi-nuclear) in case there is a risk of stolen technology. Since he is the weapon specialist he has more weapons but are highly unstable and ususally uses Chopper or Cyredrettyn as guinea pigs for test runs.

Love Life

Due to him being silent almost always, he has not had one single relationship and is not going to have one anytime soon.

Group Affiliations

Revenant is a member of a 5 member Yautja hunting party. He is the sniper of the group and is the scientist/weapon specialist. He is second in command.


Pictures pending....