Rex The Assassin
Rex the Burglar
August 30th
multi colored Hawk with a rare multi colored beak also has thorn stuck in his head from when he fell in a gigantic bramble bush
Aero The Bandit,Tenta the Burglar
Heroes,Legends,Daggers,Wounds,walking in the park peacefully,
Killing,Weapons other than the Dagger,Silence,Punching,Beating people up,Stabbing,Cutting,Pretty much anyway of hurting somebody.
Adavado City
Rex was chosen as a Assassin because he liked killing the most
No information


Birthplace and how he got his first friends.

He was born in Adavado City with two other babies Aero and Tenta.Ever since then since they were born together or the first person they saw made them eternal friends of killing.

They were trained together in three ways Assassinating,Bandits,and Stealing,Aero became an Bandit and Tenta became a Burglar.Rex Became an Assassin in fact now he has 5 daily kills.He has been put on bounty at station square 5,000 times.

When he met Artixunio and his gang.

They met one day when he was about to kill the commander of G.U.N.Artixunio was sent after him and his gang came too.When they got up Rex was holding a kodachi over at the commanders neck.

Artixunio sped straight around Rex before he could move then he grabbed him by his scruff and pulled him away from the Commander.He waited for Ageha and Sythe to start pouncing on the Assassin.They did the scrawny character in his hands had almost been beat to a pulp.He let go of Rex,Rex ran out the window and broke his leg.It healed ten months later.

G.U.N.s New Enemies

Soon Rex became crazy with ambitions,wanting to kill Artixunio.Finally one day he and his friends made a plan of attacking the group of Heroes.

They were thinking that they could raid the G.U.N. Base.But when they stormed into the Base.There were so many guards that it took all three of them just to get in.They beat up all the troops and tried to get to Artixunio and his gang.Before they could get to Artixunio they had to defeat Ageha and Sythe.

Aero tried first but was knocked away.He tried again but before they punched him back he gave a swift uppercut in the air at both of them.Making them knocked out in their tracks but before they stepped near Artixunio a whole bunch of G.U.N. Troops tried attacking and beat down the group of Criminals.


Sooner after this day a war began against criminals and G.U.N. Rex smiled but he left the beating for Aero to do.When Aero ran towards Artixunio on the battlefield and gave a swift punch at Artixunio.Artixunio was knocked back but recoiled repeating what Aero did and used Punching Combo.Aero was tossed back from the finishing punch and hit another battle of warriors.

they didn't mean to do this but Uppercutted Aero into the Sky Rex looked up worried and tried to jump up but Artixunio was too.Artixunio attacked both of them when he reached them Rex went Flying back Petrified in shock but Aero had worse He had a giant burn on his back and a big bruise from where he hit him.


Fly,Death Combo,All normal Combat,Assassination skills,Katana lessons,Silent kill,Extreme speed,The usual attacks,Homing attacks,and Spindash,Thunder,Petrification,Shock,Electric Flow,Any way of thunder attacks.


He cares deeply about he would never let him die.For instance like what happened in War.


He would never let die but is also cruel to him in ways.


He would kill any day,any time,any second,any where.


same with Artixunio.


Same with Artixunio and Ageha.


Flying Physical,Thunder.

Rex is Part of Team Destruction.

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