"We're friends, Josh. Don't pull off this fight 'between us two." -Rey
Rey the Hedgehog
water, blue, his hydrokinesis, fire, friends
evil, darkness, anyone who hurts him, anyone who underestimates him
Being of the Water II, Blue Strength, Water Guy (used by Josh once) Mr. Ego (by Josh)
Skill Type
Chaos Powers, Hydro Spin Dash, Super Transformation, Dark Mega Punch
Rosh (Josh & Rey) Reji (Rey & Koji)
a small island near Seaborgia & Ventilus
Aqua Saber, Flare Pistol, Nature Bow, Earth Knife, Devil Whip, Boomuriken

He is the main villain in The Legend of the Four Leaders series, but his alignment was changed months ago, before a bad ghost named Boogar, possessed his body. But Boogar got bored and got out from his body, thinking that Rey was a useless body to possess. Then he tested Rey, he changed him from human into a hedgehog, to fight him. But Boogar is too strong for Rey to fight. Boogar threw him in a portal to Ventilus. He is one of Josh's friends. He is a bit ignorant and egotistic, so it leads to a rivalry with Josh.


He is very good in water spells, but he can't match Josh in Chaos Powers. He can only learn Chaos Powers like the following:

  1. Chaos Flood
  2. Chaos Splash
  3. Chaos Submerge
  4. Chaos Tide
  5. Chaos Hydro
  6. Chaos Waterfall
  7. Chaos Whirlpool


He is weak to electricity, because his power is also water. And also, he is the slowest thinker in Josh's group. If he uses Chaos Whirlpool, he uses too much power to cast this spell, then it leads to a headache. He has some disadvantages when fighting Josh. His water powers makes a disadvantage for him because Josh's wind powers can freeze water.


  • Aqua Saber- Rey's melee weapon. It is a steel sword with a golden water blade. The golden blade is the one that imbues with water power.
  • Flare Pistol- Rey's primary ranged weapon. It is a pistol that fires burning bullets. It could be charged for a mega flare.
  • Nature Bow- Rey's secondary ranged weapon that fires duplicating arrows. It could be fused with Chaos Spear to make it effective to kill more enemies.
  • Earth Knife- a knife that is made with rocks. It could slice an enemy twice.
  • Devil Whip- a whip that could hit the enemy hard. Its edge is sharp that it could lacerate an enemy. Its disadvantage is that an ally is hit with this whip, the ally will have bruises or wounds.
  • Boomuriken- a shuriken fused with a boomerang. It could lacerate many enemies because it is a boomerang, it could also home on an enemy for only 15 seconds.


He has blue fur, red streaks, and black shoes with a yellow stripe.


  • Josh the Hedgehog
  • Dan the Echidna (because they're both strength-type)
  • All Josh's friends (except Peter the Fox)


  • Josh the Hedgehog (because of his own egotism)
  • Peter the Fox (because he is sometimes bored to Peter's trivia)


  • Dr. EggRey or Boogar (worst enemy)
  • Mecha Josh
  • Mecha Rey (replica)


  • Super Rey- Rey's form that can be activated with the 7 Chaos Emeralds.
  • Hyper Rey- Rey's form that can be activated with the 7 Super Emeralds, enhanced by the Master Emerald.
  • Ultimate Rey- Rey's form that can be activated with the 7 Super Emeralds & 3 Energy Orbs.

Other Forms

  • Darkus Rey- Rey's form that can be activated with the Darkus Emerald.
  • Pyrus Rey- Rey's form that can be activated with the Pyrus Emerald.
  • Aquos (Rising) Rey- Rey's form that can be activated with the Aquos Emerald.
  • Vigor Rey- Rey's form that can be activated with the Green Energy Orb.
  • Armor Rey- Rey's form that can be activated with the Cyan Energy Orb.
  • Strength Rey- Rey's form that can be activated with the Gray Energy Orb.


  • He is bit weaker than Josh.
  • He is very good in water spells.
  • He has disadvantages when fighting Josh.

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