Rhassdhoron' Moram is a former soldier and friend of Drathradien.(Note: Picture Credits to Bungie studios)

Rhassdoron' Moram

Rhass, Rhassdhoron',

Species Sangheili
Alter Egos Rhassdhoron' Moramee
Occupation Former soldier
Age 28
Likes Fighting, war, violence
Dislikes Goody goodies, kissups
Weapons Plasma based weaponry
Skin tone Black/ Grey


He was born on a planet known as sanghelios in an unknown galaxy. He grew up going to a military school in the moram clan, thus giving him the full name of Rhassdhorn' Moram. When he joined the military he needed to give himself proof of him joining, therefore giving himself the name of "Moramee". He served a few years in the military making his way to the rank of Ultra, erning him the right to use the energy sword. He soon after left for unkown reasons, his ship crashed on mobius and is now stranded.


He unfortunately has no supernatural abilities like telekinesis, pyrokinesis,etc. but has abilities like increased jumping distance and increased strength.


(Note these are fictional weapons)

Rhassdhoron's arsenal contains the cuncussion rifle(plama grenade launcher), plasma repeater(plasma machine gun), plasma launcher(heat seeking plasma grenades) , fuel rod gun(plasma rocket launcher), and an energy sword.


His appearence may vary, this caused by his many different rankings and outfits. His current outfit is a special edition elite ultra armor system. This armor is a silvery-white color.

Weapon Gallery

Armor Gallery

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