The Richtofen-Dempsey Conflict describes the conflict between Richtofen the Foxolf and Dempsey the Tiger, despite the fact that they are also allies into killing hordes of the undead.


Richtofen often dislikes the way Dempsey talks, despite being allies themselves. He also threatens to use Dempsey as his live experiment numerous times, but this was actually to scare Dempsey off. Dempsey also refers Richtofen as "the mad soldier" while fighting the undead, which makes Richtofen skeptical about his comments. While they are still allies, as well as Takeo and Nikolai, the two are still bitter rivals.



  • Dempsey- I don't like Richtofen, period. >>
    • Richtofen- I vill sell your kindeys in your sleep one day, Dempsey. [chuckles slightly insanely]


Dempsey: [kills another zombie with his Ray Gun] Take that, freakbag!

Richtofen: Dempsey, I hate you, as vell as your ugly voice.

Dempsey: And I hate your uniform, Richtofen. >>

Takeo: *with nikolai* those 2 got to learn the values of friendship and teamwork

Nikolai: maybe some vodka would work....

Takeo: :/ anything other than alchahol would work best :/

Nikolai: seems best.... *firing at zombies with a commando*

Takeo: *firing with a ray gun*

(Both Richtofen and Demsey glare at each other while killing zombies with their different guns)

Nikolai: I got an idea........ :P

Takeo: what is it?

Nikolai: *whispers into his ear about bringing twister in to settle their differences*

Takeo: yes, I LIKE THIS :D

Nikolai: HI FIVE! :D *has a hi-five in the air but takeo leaves him hanging* hey, don't leave me hanging!

(They kill the last remaining zombies witht heir different weapons)

Demsey: [chuckles] Easier said than done, flesh-addicts!

Richtofen: [sarcastic] Ja, ja, very good, Dempsey. Very good.

Nikolai: *now done as takeo never hi-fived him* well, me and ruight back, we need to build barriers ya know.... *goes off with takeo*

Takeo: *to nikolai* how will we get our idea to work?

Nikolai: you'll see takeo, you'll see.....

(a few minutes later)

Twister: so the 2 are fighting now?

Nikolai: seems like it

Takeo: we need your assistance for this

Twister: I got a plan :)

Nikolai: HI-FIVE! :D

Twister and Takeo: :/

Nikolai: nevermind ^^;

Dempsey: [holding his Monkey Bomb, plays around with it] Hehe.

Richtofen: Ugh, get that awful trinket off of me, Dempsey.

Dempsey: Why? Too cute for ya?

Richtofen: It is stupid, throw it avay.

Dempsey: >>

Twister: I got a better idea..... toss it in the freaking furnace.... *takes another monkey bomb and tosses it in the furnace, causing it to scream while it goes off* money well spent :P


Twister: o_o' uhhhh

Nikolai: yes, this guy is here to make you become a more friendlier team than you are right now....

Twister: considering I saw both of you 2 other times....I considered I could help all of you......

Takeo: just them...

Twister: oh yeah......


Twister: ._. that'd be creepy.. can we atleast try to set aside their differences and work together. either that....or I could fight them all off while you 4 box eachother :P

Nikolai: just let the cute thing help you both....

Twister: I ain't a matryoshka doll dude...

Nikolai: I know :P

Takeo: -_-'

Dempsey: [chuckles] Now that the undead flesh hordes aren't coming out to get us, what should we do next?

Richtofen: Ja, other than Dempsey's revolting voice.

Dempsey: >>"


Nikolai: ._.'

Dempsey and Richtofen: ???

Twister: for now, let me do one thing.... *takes 2 perk bottles, both holding the opposite perk* lets see who's the smarter, which has speed cola, and which as double tap rootbeer :3

(Twist:mindgames >:P)

Richtofen: Hmmm... Dempsey, you go first.

Dempsey: Me?! You're the insane doc you go first!

Richtofen: Do not doubt ze doctor, Dempsey. You go first, and you do it othervise.

Dempsey: >>

Twister: no, I say, richtofen does it first :P

Nikolai: heheheh....

Richtofen: [grabs the first perk bottle, presumed to be Speed Cola] Haha! Ze doctor wins again!

Twister: heheh just wait and see doc, drink the perk >:P

(Twist:heheh the bottle on the outside IS speed cola, but it's quick revive :P)
(Jon- xD)

(Richtofen then drinks the perk bottle)


(SFX-[shatter sounds when Richtofen tosses it to the ground after drinking it])

Richtofen: Hmmm... it tastes funny... like prunes, to be exact...

Twister: okay, dempsey, here's your perk, *gives him the other bottle*

Nikolai: this will be good :)

Dempsey: Sweet! [chugs the other bottle Twister gave it to him, presumed to be Jugger-Nog]


(SFX-[shatter sounds when Dempsey tosses it to the ground after drinking it])

Dempsey: [talking fast suddenly] Whoowhatarushofdrinkingthis! Ifeelinvincible!

Twister: heheheh

Dempsey: [confused] Uhh... how come I talked too fast all of a sudden?

Twister: your living through eachother's perk phases, whoever can stay sane the longest with these powers pretty much is the better victor of you two

Nikolai: especially because we gotta pack-a-punch stuff goodbye *runs off*

Twister: I'll stay here to judge on your movements :P

Richtofen: This perk bottle either tastes like prunes, or Dempsey's bad breath.

Dempsey: [annoyed growl] >>

Twister: *takes his own glove and slaps richtofen with it* IT'S PRUNES! D:<

(Twist:if ya make twist angry, he's gonna be in a very annyed mood)
(Jon- Lawl)
(Twist:yeah, lollery :P)

Dempsey: [laughs] Sucks to be you, Richtofen! xD

Twister: indeed it is.... by the way, behind you, theres a cosmic silverback

Cosmic silverback: *standing behind richtofen* >:P

Richtofen: Cosmic Silverback?

Cosmic Silverback: *grabs richtofen's tail and starts swinging him around hilariously*

Twister: *starts laughing his head off*

(Twist:XD I had this idea in my head the whole time :P)
(Twist:if only this could happen in black ops :P)

Richtofen: Let go of mein tail this instant! DX

Twister: *laughing too hard to do anything*

Cosmic Silverback: *still swinging him around*

Dempsey: Boy, I feel sorry for ya, Richtofen! [laughs]

Cosmic Silverback: ook ook! *takes richtofen and climbs up the tall rocket* OOOOOOOK!

Twister: ._.'

Cosmic Silverback: *starts tossing barrals from the top of the rocket*

Twister: HEADS UP! *gets out of the way of the barrels*

Dempsey: [simply blows the barrels away with his Thundergun] Geez, now I have to go and save damsel in distress?

Richtofen: [from up high where the Cosmic Silverback took him] Mein name is Richtofen, Dempsey! I have never seen your voice twice uglier than before!

Dempsey: Whaatever.

Twister: :/ thats it *takes a M72-LAW and fires it a the silverback*

Cosmic Silverback: *drops richtofen and jumps away from the rocket*

Twister: how was that????

(Twist:find the game reference in this scene to win 5 mobiums :P)

Richtofen: @_@

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