Riot the Wolf is the arch-enemy of Kairu the Hedgehog.



Riot was originally an officer serving in the police force. He was known for his ruthless methods of apprehension throughout the entire force.

Meeting Kairu and Humiliation

One day, Riot was sent to investigate a disturbance in a random alley. It was Kairu, fighting a random criminal. Kairu caused a nearby vacant building to explode, pinning the criminal. Riot decided Kairu was the villain, and attempted to bring him in. The chief recognised Kairu, and let him go, angry at Riot for letting the real criminal escape.

Becoming Evil

The anger of being humiliated in front of the entire force left a serious strain on Riot, and eventually, he snapped. He went on a rampage through the entire HQ, mercilessly killing inmate and officer alike. Kairu was called in to stop him, and, on his defeat, Riot fled from the building, after setting it ablaze.


Riot, enraged at being unable to defeat Kairu, replaced half of his body with robotic parts. To this day, he attempts to kill Kairu for ruining his career, and tries to make his life as miserable as possible.


Riot is a dark-grey, almost black, furred wolf, with navy blue hair. He wears urban-camoflague jeans, and a black army jacket. The left side of his body is robotic.

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