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This Fanfiction Story takes place in an alternate universe, not the Prime Universe


The Story takes place in a white limbo where Temporal wakes up to find a dragon by the name of Paarthurnax, and he told Temporal that he is the only one that can save the land from the evil Alduin, and that he is Dovahkiin, and Temporal keeps asking him what is a "dovahkiin" until Paarthurnax tells him in one word, Dragonborn, then Temporal remembers what a Dragonborn is, then realises that he is in the world of Skyrim, and it is his job to take up the task of defeating a legendary evil.






To All of the people reading this, I was planning on having other characters taking up forms from characters in the universe of the Elder Scrolls, but Skyrim in general, and I will ask people I know if they want their character in this story, but don't ask if you can have your character in this story.

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