A new fan game based on Sonic Unleashed, only with different characters.


Road Runner the Hedgehog (main character, and only playable one)

Destiney the Hedgehog (a major character)

Chip (second main character)

Troy the Fox (major character, and pilot)

Sonic (minor character)

Amy (minor character)

Tails (minor character)

Dr. Eggman (main antagonist)

Beginning Story

This starts out the same way that Sonic Unleashed does, with Road Runner on the Egg Fleet, but this time Road Runner has his arms crossed.

Runner: "Looks like he's at it again." *runs through the same way as Sonic*

Eggman: "You've been a real pest to my plans. You might be even tougher than Sonic to beat."

Runner: "Well, I dont like to brag, Eggy, but"

Eggman: *grabs him* "But you're as gullible as Knuckles! Ahahah!"

Runner: "Hmph!" *turns super to get out*

Eggman: "Not again!" *tries to escape*

Runner: "Come on! This was just getting fun!" *chases after him*

Eggman: "Well, this is the end of the road for you." *uses the same machine he used on Sonic*

Runner: "Come on! Can't you give a hedgehog a break?"

Eggman: "Oh I'll give someone a break, but it won't be you."

Meeting Chip

Road Runner crashed on the planet and met up with Chip.

Runner: "Ugh! That's the last time I travel Air Eggman."

Chip: "Ugh! What happened last night? Huh, Sonic? Is that you?"

Runner: "Huh? I'm not Sonic."

Chip: "Come on, Sonic. You can't fool me with that disgiuse."

Runner: "You're the fool 'cause I just said I'm not Sonic. I'm Road Runner."

Chip: "You sure? 'Cause you look a lot like Sonic."

Runner: "Trust me, I'm not sonic. Who are you anyways?"

Chip:"Oh. Umm. Well, people just call me chip."

Runner: "Ok then. Chip, lets see what we can find around this town."

Finding Destiney

Runner and Chip ask a few people that tell them about a blue hedgehog girl with long hair

chip:hmm,i dont know any hedgehogs with long hair

runner:but i do,come on

chip:so who is this girl

runner:shes one of my friends,even though i dont have many

chip:hey what about amy

runner:what about her

chip:is she one of your friends,she is nice

runner:nice,ha ha,you dont know the half of it kid,why would i like someone who constintly mistakes me for sonic,i mean who would like that pink hair,and who ever heard of a girl with a hammer

chip:O_O uhh runner *points behind him*

runner:shes right behind me isnt she

chip: *nods his head yes*

runner:*looks behind him*

amy:so,what was that about a girl with a hammer

runner:uhh nothing

amy *hits him far away with her hammer*

runner:*lands in front of destiney* man,that girl has a hard swing

destiney:huh,runner,where did you come from

runner:lets just say i made amy mad

chip:hey wait up

runner:well at least we found destiney