Robot Demention
Pegi:7, ESRB E10+
Wii, Xbox, Playstation3
Story mode, multiplayer, online, level select
1st person shooter

Main theme: Stronger remix


E-102 Gamma/ E-123 Omega

The first playable characters in the game. this Gamma or Omega (deppending on the players chocie) was made by Dr.Egggman mainly for destuction and to have the the a gun that takes people to other worlds(video games) by shooting a portal. he also ventures with Eggman and finds a few "friends" along the way.


Dr.Eggman is an evil doctor who created E-111 Fero and Omega or Gamma who gets suck in to this mess with Omega or Gamma and doesn't have the best reaction to there "friends".

E-111 Fero

Eggman's newest security wepon that tryed to destroy the Egg Carrier after Omega/Gamma woke up before fully created and made him go all evil on Eggman and is trying to find Omega or Gamma this whole time.


cooming soon!

?????/???? ???? ?????

cooming soon!


coming really soon!

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