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Robotnik's Influence, Star Light Zone, Scarp Brain Zone and Final Zone is the 12th episode of Sonic Underground 2. This is the 7th part of the South Island Saga.



  • Star Light Zone
  • Scarp Brain Zone
  • Final Zone
  • Robotropolis
  • Green Hill Zone



Sonic and Manic press past the Labyrinth Zone and arrive in a big robotic city, with everyone trying to catch them, with Sonic's speed they escape, they fight Robo-Robotnik and finally destroy him, using a communication device, given to them by Tails they tell Sonia the good news. Sonic christens the area the "Star Light Zone".

Sonic and Manic find an even more dangerous area, they manage to survive, and fallow Robotnik, just before he reveals the name of the area is "Scrap Brain", as they leave Sonic says "Scrap Brain Zone".

The two find Robotnik with a giant robot, that they can't handle just when all hope seems lost, Sonia appears and destroys the Robot.

After a while the 3 choose to kick back and relax, and Sonia tells her brothers that something seems off.

Back at Robotropolis, Robotnik unleashes his plan, to use the Star Light Zone, the Scrap Brain Zone and the Final Zone as part of his base...


For a full transcript of Robotnik's Influence, Star Light Zone, Scarp Brain Zone and Final Zone click here.


  • This episode is often referred to as "Robotnik's Influence, the Final 3 Zones".

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