Robynn destructus

Robynn Destructus Fox

Robynn Destructus Fox== Robynn Destructus Fox (Robynn Destructus Fokkusu) is a red-haired, vilainous fox who plans to rule the world one day along with her best friend, Toby.


Robynn Destructus Fox is a red fox with dark, curly auburn hair that fades to orange at the tips. Her fur is much lighter, being the color of raspberries. She wears a striped tee-shirt with exactly five stripes, a white lab coat, baggy red jeans, and dark grey combat boots.


Robynn is described to be a tad eccentric, as she often just bursts into maniacal laughter at any given point in time. She is also known to be hyper, since she has enough energy in the morning to break her alarm clock. Robynn is very mean-spirited, as she was able to see her other best friend, Vivid, fall to her apparent death with an indifferent expression. She is very often described as a mad-scientist, since she spends many hours of her day in her laboratory endlessly working on a new invention that can enslave the world. Because of her fantasies of ruling the world, Robynn is very ambitious. Robynn is also sometimes manipulative when she wants or needs something desperately.

Strengths and Powers

Robynn's strongest point is mechanics skills, but she also known to have immense strength in her tail, and she can perform Chaos Blast. Robynn has a Chaos form, but that is only if she obtains the Master Emerald, which has never happened. Robynn can also manipulate others, getting what she wants with a whip of her hair and a bat of her eyelashes. Her main attack is smashing enemies with her tail.

General Info

Robynn Destructus Fox
Age 16
Birthday 178th Day, 3221st Year
Height 3' 3"
Occupation None
Likes The color red, Toby, nighttime
Dislikes Bright colors, Shadow, people who think they can beat her, loudness, Cara

Robynn has some sort of Rage Mode, where during a battle, she will remember her past, and channel all of her anger and sorrow to attack enemies with deadly accuracy. This mode can falter, however, with only a 15% chance of actually injuring an enemy enough to kill it.

Items Currently in Possession

- An artificial Chaos Emerald

- Hidden knife inside her boot

- Locket with a picture of her parents inside

- A walkie-talkie


Robynn Destructus Fox was born on the 178th day of the year of 3221. As a little kid, her aunt, uncle, and childhood friend died in front of her eyes. Her parents abandoned her at the age of 3, leaving her to die. As she was wandering through the busy streets of Albatross, looking for her parents, the G.U.N took her to the Space Colony ARK where she would be trained as a spy for 11 years. There, she met Shadow and Rouge. Her intense dislike of Shadow forced her to leave the ARK and to go to Angel Island. There, she met another fox named Toby, and they teamed up. The two became best friends. The two now travel across the galaxy, in search of vengeance against the ARK and the world.


Although Robynn has not made any appearances yet, she is said to make a cameo in a fan made animation in late 2012-early 2013.

Relationships with Other Characters

Characters by the Creator


  1. Vermineus Destructus Fox - Father
  2. Dalia Destructus Fox - Mother
  3. Auntie Persimmon Destructus - Aunt (deceased)

4.Uncle Nigel Destructus - Uncle (deceased)


  1. Tobias (Toby) the Fox


  1. Shadow the Hegdehog (mortal enemies)
  2. Black Doom

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  • Robynn's supposed concept art originally made her a hedgehog, a mongoose, and an otter.