Rockyria is the romantic relationship between Rockin the Riolu and Myria.


(This couple has been brought to you by Claterix: Bringing love to the SFW, one couple at a time)

Claterix mentioned Myria and Rockin matched to Rockin. he eventually thinks it over and, the two go on a walk. Myria asked him if he liked her (calmly), he replied yes. they talk it out, and eventually they begin dating.

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[that next morning (continues from Rockins talk page)]

Rockin: *sleepy-ish voice* huh.... what a strange dre-- *sees Myria*oh it wasn't a dream *smiles*

Myria:*asleep on him*

Rockin: *to himself* should I wake her or...? *lightly pushes her* *aloud* Myria?

Myria:*mumbles, but stays asleep*

Rockin: *pushes her, harder this time* Myria?

Myria:*opens her eyes, and yawns wide*

Rockin: Myria? you awake?

Myria:*smiles* rockin. *hugs him*

Rockin: *hugs back*

Myria:*hugs close* It's good to see you.

Rockin: you to

Myria:*kisses his cheek*

Rockin: *smiles* so....what do you wanna do today?

Myria:I don't know. I didn't used to care.

Rockin: hm....I guess breakfast....

Myria:Okay. *notcies she's still sunk in his arms*...I can't move.

Rockin: oh sorry *moves arms*

Myria:*stops him* It's comfortable, actually.

Rockin: *stops moving arms* okay....

Myria:*lays her head against his chest*

Rockin: *stays still*

Myria:*sighs happily*

Rockin: I enjoyed last night

Myria:me too.

Rockin: how did you sleep?


Rockin: good, as long as your happy

Myria:You really care.

Rockin: of course, i'd never stop

Myria:Why do you care?

Rockin: I care because....well, I guess because I really like you almost....


Rockin: n—never gets kinda touchy......

Myria:What do you mean?

Rockin: nothing.....I—i'll tell you later, promise....

Myria:....None of this means you'll leave me, right?

Rockin: oh no nothing like that.....quite the opposite actually....I made promise not to leave you, last night.....I intend to keep it....


Rockin: sorry.....anyway....

Myria:So long as you tell me later....I'm fine.*smiles again*

Rockin: I will *kisses*


Rockin: *holds*

Myria:*holds, gets deeper*

Rockin: *does same*

Myria:*gets deeper with him, and gets comfortable in his arms*

Rockin: *deepens, holds*

Myria:*does the same*

Rockin: *deepens, holds*

Myria:*hugs him close, kissing*

Rockin: *does the same*


Rockin: *likewise*


Rockin: *deeper, holds*

Myria:*Goes as deep as possible*

Rockin: *goes as deep as he can, holds*

Myria:*continues for a half-hour*

Rockin: *trying to deepen, holding*

Myria:*doing the same*

Rockin: *holding, trying to go deeper*

Myria:*doing the same, holds him even closer*

Rockin: *holding her very closely, holds, going deeper*

Myria:*doing the same, makes a pleased sound*

Rockin: *does same as before*

Myria:*moans with pleasure, going deeper*

Rockin: *going deeper, holds*

Myria:*moaning, enjoying it*

Rockin: *enjoying, going deeper, holds*

Myria:*moaning, begins laying down with Rockin on top*

Rockin: *holding, deepining*

Myria:*lays down, deepening*

Rockin: *goes as deep as possible, holds*

Myria:*does the same*

Rockin: *does for roughly an hour*

Myria:*gently parts, smiling and breathing heavily* That was.....REALLY nice...

Rockin: *also smiling and breathing heavily* yeah, it was!

Myria:*still breathing heavily*........Do you....Want to....Do it again?

Rockin: sure *leans in*

Myria:*eagerly leans in and kisses*

Rockin: *deepens and holds*

Myria:*does the same*

Rockin: *doing as before*

Myria:*wraps arms around his head, kissing*

Rockin: *does same, goes as deep as possible, holds*

Myria:*continues like that, getting gradually deeper*

Rockin: * doing same, holding*

Myria:*parts after a few hours, breathing very heavily*..........

Rockin: *breathing heavily* ....


Rockin: ......yeah......

Myria:*hugs him, pressing him to her body*

Rockin: *hugging her*


Rockin: thanks.....your.....awesome.....


Rockin:........that was.........what I was.......going to say.....this

Myria:*smiles* R-really?

Rockin: yes, I do, I thought you'd think i'm weird or something so......

Myria:No....I wouldn't....Thank you....

Rockin: your welcome

Myria:*hugs him close on top of her, and drifts into sleep*

Rockin: *smiling, drifts off into sleep*

Myria:*smiles in her sleep*

Rockin: *is lightly snoring every 5 minutes*

Myria:*silently asleep*

Rockin: *sleeping, mumbling something about carats*


Rockin:*waking up the next day* ........


Rockin: *thinking* I don't really want to wake her up again......i'll just wait *closes eyes*

Myria:*sleepning, hugs him clower in her sleep*

Rockin: *hugs her close*


Rockin: *smiles, still hugging*

Myria:*awake, kisses him*

Rockin: *kisses back* I thought you were asleep

Myria:Not anymore.

Rockin: *smiles* well, good morning!


Rockin: love you

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Myria:*smiles* Love you too.

Rockin: so, what do you wanna do today?

Myria:Like I said before, I usually don't care.

Rockin: sorry, I don't want to do something you wouldn't want to do.....

Myria:I'm still surprised that you realy care...

Rockin: i'd never stop either.....

Myria:*hugs him tight*Good.

Rockin: *hugging*

Myria:*buries her head in his fur*

Rockin: *hugging* I luv you


Rockin: *nuzzles fur if still hugging*

Myria:*smiles, enjoying it* I love you too.

Rockin: *does again* i'm glad

(I gtg, my sister keeps wanting me to see some things on TV........)

Myria:That feels nice...

Rockin: *again he does it* good

Myria:Really nice...

Rockin: i'm glad.......its a Duat sign of affection

Myria:*smiles* I certainly feel loved....

Rockin: *smiles* good!

Myria:*copies it on him*

Rockin: *somewhat soothed* that does feel good.....

Myria:*continues doing it to him*

Rockin: *happy sigh* .......that feels nice...... *nuzzles her

Myria:*continues* No wonder Duat use it....

Rockin: although the weird thing is, their "leader" is interested in Pain and Suffering......which is strange....*nuzzles*

Myria:mmmmmm...*trying to do it to him too, but enjoying it hersellf too much*

Rockin: * continues*

Myria:*moans in pleasure*

Rockin: *smiles, continues* glad your enjoying it

Myria:*soothed* how could I not?.....

Rockin: * continues* I dunno......

Myria:this feels absolutley wonderful....

Rockin: * continues* good....

Myria:Whatever the opposite of torture is, this is it.

Rockin: *partly winces when she says torture, nuzzles* great! this is the only good thing I learned for the Duat....and tomato sauce

Myria:*laughs a little* Tomato sauce?

Rockin: well.....yes, I never knew what it is pretty funny is a awesome skin cream......

Myria:hehehehe...*nuzzles him*

Rockin: *happy sigh* thats why my palms are never sweaty...... *nuzzles*

Myria:*trying to nuzzle him, but drawing too much pleasure from him doing it*

Rockin: *does as before*


Rockin: *nuzzles* although.....I was tought this technique as a surprise maneuver by......him.......

Myria:*hardly able to pay attention, eyes dimmed in pleasure*

Rockin: *as before* .......

Myria:*slumps in Rockin's hold, extreme pleasure*

Rockin: *continues* enjoy......i'm glad you are.......

Myria:*unable to say anything, extreme pleasure*

Rockin: *nuzzles*

Myria:*practically melting in his hold with immense pleasure*

Rockin: *nuzzles* *thinking* is this what he was talking about? was weakening......I don't really want to know........

Myria:This is nothing but wonderful for me....

Rockin: sweet....... *again*

Myria:mmmmmmmmmm.....*practically melts completely into him*

Rockin: *nuzzles*

(*sigh* I gtg)

(Hokayo! Seeya tomorrow!)

Myria:I couldn't possibly be happier....

Rockin: *continues* great

Myria:This is so dreamy....Rockin....

Rockin: *does* good.....


Rockin: *does* I won't.....

Myria:*extreme pleasure*

Rockin: *nuzzles, gets glassy look in eyes*

Myria:rrrrooockiiiiinnnn.....*warmly hugs him* Thank one has ever treated me like this....

Rockin: your welcome......I can't see who wouldn't treat you good....... *does again*

Myria:*Stays in her hug* You can stop if you want.....

Rockin: only if you want me to *nuzzles*

Myria:*smiles pleasurably* aaahhhh...

Rockin: *does*

(I gtg dinner)

Myria:This is so nice....Why do you keep doing it, though...?

Rockin: because, you seem to enjoy it

Myria:Is that the only reason...?

Rockin: and its a way to show my affection *once again*

Myria:It's so nice....Knowing that...

Rockin: I is nice to know someone cares...... *TV flickers on and off three times*

???: old habits die hard, I guess.....or something like that....

Rockin: *turns around* what the.....but how.....but I......But how.....But I thought.....

???: I was dead? nah.....just secluded

Myria:*she is immidiatly her steely self again, standing up, and growling*

Rockin: I--Its okay.....this is zoe, she an old friend

zoe: * exaggerated hurt voice* I thought we closer than that

Rockin: oh yeah.....we did yous'd to treat each other like that

Myria:*doesn't seem to care...*

zoe:, that cut's as nasty as the day you got it --

Rockin: don't say it!

zoe: *raises hands* fine fine......who's this? *points to Myria*


zoe: nice! I'm Rockin's childhood friend, or sibling as we called each other, zoe. I hope to be good friends friends....

Myria:.......*brightens up* sure.

zoe: I like that red color....its always been a favorite of mine


zoe: so how do you know Rockin?

Myria:.......Met him during a walk.

zoe: cool....has he told you his--

Rockin: ZOE! please!


zoe: his nickname

Myria:.....*smiles* Doesn't matter all that much.

Rockin: thank goodness......

zoe: I'll tell you later *smiles*


Rockin: you'd better not

zoe: i'v got all kind of other things to tell you to..... *smiles*

Myria:Freinds, then?*holds her paw out to Zoe*

zoe: any friend of Rockin and Ragu are a friend of mine! *shakes hand somewhat hard-ish*

Myria:*shakes with a grip of steel* You're a nice girl.

zoe: ow, cool your one of the only people to hurt me, nice! and thanks!

Rockin: same old zoe....

Myria:I like her already.

Rockin: anyone could

zoe: thanks! I like you to!

Myria:Certainly the perky type. Reminds me of someone...Ahh...Lucastle, that's it.

Rockin: she's usually like this....especially to strangers....hey, do you still got yours?

zoe: *suddenly serious* yep, yeah i'v got it......


Rockin: the scar....*points to his scar on his face* and the link

zoe: the scars all came from him.....the link also, now we

Rockin: know what the others gonna say

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Myria:Is anyone going to tell me what you're talking about?!

Rockin: back when we were kids, me her and another guy, Ragu, were kidnapped 'cause we ran away because we were outcast's.

zoe: we all were trapped in a dome and were trained things we would never use, by someone we dare not say....

Rockin: and Myria, every moment your with me......your in danger......if I ever say his name......he'll know i'm here......thats why i'm usually alert......

Myria:HAH! The only person in danger is whoever threatens you!

zoe: i'd hope your right.......

Rockin: anyway.....

Myria:*an immense amount of aura burns around her* who is this guy?

Rockin: I dare not speak his name.....but he allowed me to do this *dark solarkinesis burns around his hand* , he is fear and death....he is the person who took me in for around nine years.....

zoe: *stares wide eyed at flame* I--um-- *nearly faints*

Myria:*though she does not move, her aura alone supports Zoe* Anyone who threatens you answers to me. I'm a LOT more powerful than I look.

zoe: thanks....

Rockin: *stops flame* sorry......and I learned that the hard way........really its okay.....I just can't say his name....which I don't want to do......


zoe: *normal again* us Rockin still obsessed with tomato sauce?

Myria:He did mention it.

zoe: he doesn't even eat it! he just uses it as a lotion

Myria:*smiles* I know.

Rockin: yep, same old zoe.....

zoe: you were always the most hostile, Rockin

Myria:Doesn't seem like a hostile type to me. quiet, maybe.

zoe: yeah....he was always quit.....but he was the most hostile of the three of us, especially to me....

Rockin: maybe because of how much you teased me!

Myria:*smiles* Somehow, I can imagine that.

Rockin: and she did......

zoe: and Ragu was the love fanatic.....

Myria:Love fanatic?

zoe: yeah....with all that poetry and romantic movies we werent supposed to watch......he ate alot of chocolate to


Rockin: he was kinda like that.....

zoe: and I was the cute jokester!

Rockin: more like the cruel joker......


zoe: and the flame still stands >_>

(I gtg)

Myria:*to Rockin* Just what DID she do?

Rockin: *to Myria* nothing much, just gave me a nickname, would tease me, and we were fierce when we were forced to attack eachother. just normal sibling stuff.....I think


Rockin: oh yeah, and she knows my biggest fear.....

Myria:I'll bet that never ended well.

Rockin: nope.....not for Ragu either.....

Myria:*has gotten closer to Rockin unconsciously* hehe.

Rockin: thats her power.....if she knows your name, she'll know your fear.....she can make illusions that couple that....thats why he made the she couldn't tell his fear......

Myria:Well, she knows my name. One problem. I don't HAVE a fear.

(I gtg)

Rockin: perhaps...she hasn't said, you are one of the few to not have a fear....


zoe: sorry to interrupt, but it is true I can't sense any fear.....either you have none or are extremely powerful


zoe: wow.....your the complete package, hav't seen any one like that since......him.....and person

Myria:I don't have fear because of the excruciating training I went through, and i went through that training because I didn't fear it.

zoe: thats cool! now Rockin has someone to protect him from the peanut butter

Rockin: I got over that!

Myria:*falls over laughing*

zoe: *snickers* I burst out laughing to, peanut butter and chives.....his biggest fear!

Rockin: zoe....can't love her....can't hater her.....what can you do......

Myria:hahahaha,hehehehe, oh, I don't know, hahahahaha, apparently, heehee, Claterix can match anyone, hahahahaha, after all, hehe, i got you, heehee!

Rockin: yeah, thats true.....although no one can stand zoe for

zoe: i'm not lookin for anyone.....everyone seems to think i'm lonely

Myria:haha, how can you be lonely with, heehee, Rockin and a romantic? heeheehee!

zoe: *shrugs* thats what I told them!

Myria:*settles down* ahahahaha....aaahhh........Tell you what, though....It feels really nice...*gives Rockin a loving look*

zoe: it may......i'm a loner anyway

Rockin: *sigh* same old zoe.... stubbornness still survived....

zoe: *points finger at rockin: see? hostile!

Myria:*shrugs* Oh, alright.

Rockin: *to Myria* she never admits she's wrong....

Myria:I can see that.

Rockin: Ragu would always back her up to.......I guess 'cuz she was oldest

Myria:I can tend to be kind of unbudging too.

Rockin: guess thats a common trait in people I relate to or know.....Sharia was like that to.....


Rockin: after we all parted ways, I found myself at a ninja school, the master beat me.....hard....Sharia was my only friend their.....although if sensie ever caught her with me, she'd be dead.....literally....eventually I was fired from the dojo, so we never saw each other again.....we only knew eachother for about.....2 years....


Rockin: yeah, but sensie did feed me....and allow me to bathe once a month....

Myria:Ouch. Even I bathed more often than that.

Rockin: even was in a stream....filled with clams.....

Myria:I used a fountain.

Rockin: on good days Sharia would sneak me tree bark

zoe: *has been playing with a pocket mirror this whole time*

Myria:I bathed better than you during training, then. Heh, but you shoul have seen what I did otherwise.

Rockin: I can't imagine

Myria:I went past my limits. I got it even a bit off, wobbled a little bit, I held off on pleasures or breaks even longer. A berry a month was my minimum.

Rockin: wow....

zoe: I wonder if mirrors work in space....or in bathrooms....

Myria:But it worked. Not even a Lucan Lucario takes effort to beat.

Rockin: amazing still.......

zoe: *runs into bathroom* I'm gonna see if this works in here

(I gtg)

Myria:Which is why I'm quite confident I can handle anything. Aurion's the only one to match me, and he trains in a proffesional dojo.

Rockin: I dought even he could match you....

zoe: *shouting* yep, it works in the bathroom!

Myria:Nah, we came out equal.

Rockin: hm....

zoe: *comes running out of the bathroom* what'd I miss?

Myria:Not much.

zoe: good......I hate it when excitement happens without the tomato shortage....oh man did they freak out......*snicker*s


zoe: they ran out of tomatos, and I was in the bathroom, I heard Ragu and Rockin literally fainted......I wish I was there

Myria:hehehehehe, that sounds funny.

zoe: it did to me to.....thats why I usually never go to the I don't miss anything

Myria:Stuff certainly gets interesting around here.

zoe: hm....good, Rockin has always led an exciting life....although the only letters he sent me was from a ninja dojo place..... wait *sniffs the air* is that....? Sha blood!!!????!! its near to.... *hides behind couch, then whimpers*

Myria:What is it? *standing firm again, aura burning on her*

zoe and Rockin: thought.....

???: *he is scarred all over his body* did I come in a a wrong time? why does everyone think i'm dead!?!

Myria:Who are you?

???: I believe the question is, who are you?

zoe: *rolls eyes* I can't believe I was afraid of you....your scent was so strong......

Rockin: *walks over to him* this is Ragu, I told you about him

Myria:Oh, the romantic.

Ragu: I assume zoe's told you about me.......but then Rockin has been the hostile one.......

Myria:Yes she has. And actually, I like Rockin.

Ragu: they're both pretty likable.....although zoe can be a bit commanding.....Rockin gets over protective....they never let me go to the movies.....

Myria:ANd now you've got one more. I'm Myria.

Ragu: hm.....I like that name.....I can't stay for long though, just a day maybe....


Ragu: hm.....I dunno.....I was just around here so, I decided to see my old sibling....but I didn't expect to see them both, and a new one

(I gtg, pie/dinner)

Myria: You could always stay.

Ragu: thank you *bows*

Myria:*looks at Rockin and smiles* well, what now?

Rockin: I dunno......we've got two old friends of mine, you, and me........hmm......


zoe: we could into space to see if this mirror works! *holds out her pocket mirror*

Ragu: that wouldn't work......

Myria:*smiles* So Rockin's obssessed with tomatoes, and you're obssessed with mirrors.

zoe:*blushes* maybe.........

Myria:*looks between everyone several times, grins, and falls over laughing*

Rockin: what?

zoe: *bursts out laughing*' it......


zoe: *still laughing*

Ragu: *turns to Rockin* are you still afriad of Peanut Butter with Chives?

Rockin:, I grew out of that!

Myria:*laughs harder*

zoe: * laughing*

Rockin: so she finally admits it.....

Myria:*laughing so hard she holds her sides*

zoe: *laughing*'lil.........ddr......



Myria:*laughs harder, and stops herself by grabbing Rockin and giving him a quick kiss*

Rockin: you looked like you were about to hurt yourself

Ragu: I knew something would happen! *pulls chocolate out of nowhere* you don't need to know where I got this from.....

zoe: *suddenly walks over to corner* ......

Myria:I'm fine now. Hey, is Zoe afraid of chocolate?

Rockin: not to my knoweladge

zoe: huh....wha......oh s--sorry I lost train of thought

Myria:Okay. *kisses Rockin*

zoe: *somewhat stunned* I--I'm gonna check Rockins fridge, I haven't eaten in weeks *walks into his kitchen*

Ragu: i'v got chocolate

Myria:*kissing RockiN*

Rockin: *holds*

Ragu: *sits on couch, starts eating chocolate* ......


Rockin: *holds*


Rockin: *holds*

(I gtg)

Myria:*holds for a long time*

Rockin *ends after a bit longer*


Rockin: *smiles also*

zoe: hey Rockin, do you have any meat or more than what I see in here my docter *whispers loud enough for others to hear* that I don't have *normal* says I need to eat heavy

Myria:*suddenly grins and grabs a phone*

Rockin: what are you going to do with that.....?

zoe: I'm defiantly not a vegetarian.......I need a steady supply of meat....the doctor *whisper* that I don't have *normal* says I need it

Myria:*holding phone to her ear* actualy, he just called and said that you can't eat anything but cabbage for a week.*grinning*

zoe: .......*yelling* I'M GONNA GO INSANE

Rockin: that was mean......she deserved it.......and she may already be insane

Myria:Couldn't resist. The old nonexistent doctor gig never gets old.

Rockin: she still thinks Elvis is a doctor


zoe: I'M GONNA-- wait....I don't have a doctor....hey Rockin, someone broke your toaster and microwave

Rockin: oh man......not my toaster........


zoe: *walks back into room* all I could find was a piece of chicken and some grapes.....hardly my diet....

Rockin: oh joy......

Myria:uh huh. Try a berry a month, THEN poke yer stomach.

zoe: i'm not going that road......not after only eating tree bark, fired chicken and a some honey....

Myria:Tree bark? Maple tastes better than oak, but oak lasts longer.

zoe: I musta had maple

Myria:*shrugs and hugs Rockin*

Rockin: *hugging*

zoe: *shifts head to Rockins lamp* D--Does that lamp have any artificial flavoring?


zoe: N--No i'm serious, I'm so hungery could eat a lamp

Rockin: I think.....if wax is considered one


zoe: *begins gnawing on the lamp*

Rockin: hey, that was a birthday present

Myria:BEtter idea. *ties a berry to a line, backflips, attaches to the cieling, and dangles the berry*

Rockin: ?

zoe: FOOD! do I get it?!

Myria:*dangles the berry tauntingly*

zoe: must have *makes wild grab*

Myria:*snips it out of the way*

"Oh, stop tormentiing her!"

[someone shoots a piece of fire at the line, making the berry fall]

zoe: *grabs berry and eats it, juice dripping from her mouth* mmmm, so good....I don't even care someone broke into the house......mmm....what is this?

Rockin: *turns around* who? are you?

Ragu: I dought that zoe has good table manners and who is that?

[a Quilava stands there, with a slightly tetchy look]

Quilava:Why were you doing that to her?

zoe: now i'm gonna look for some fried chicken *walks into kitchen* thanks mysterious stranger who could be hostile but I don't really care, take Rockin first

Rockin: thank you zoe for that pep who are you?

Ragu: want some chocolate? *offers his box of chocolates*

Quilava:Nah. I'm Blazeblast, or just Blaze.

Rockin: what brings you here?

Ragu: no one wants chocolate >_<

zoe: *renters the room with box of chicken in her hand* Yo, i'm zoe, hey Rockin you out of Chicken and pie

Blaze:Because you were tormenting her.


zoe: *licking fingers* thats good....hey when did he get here? I was lost in the chicken.....

Blaze:I shot the berry down. I didn't like how you were being treated.

zoe: ah okay, thanks I guess, next go beat up Rockin, he's the hostile one

Rockin: I'v gotta get a door or atleast a stronger one....three people already broke in >_<

Blaze:Actually, your door is fine. I dug my way in.

zoe: I broke in through your window, oh yeah and thanks for getting me that was so succulent

Rockin: i'v gotta get better defenses

Blaze:You're welcome. I have more if you want.

zoe: *mouth waters* yes, please, must have.....but now I wonder, do mirrors work under water?

Rockin: what a strange obsession.....hold on, i'v gotta go put on some tomato juice *walks in his bathroom*

Blaze:.......Oookaaaaay.....Anyway, *takes off an exploration pack, takes out a berry, and tosses it to her*

zoe: *jumps and catches it in her mouth* ......I'm glad I learned how to fetch, sit, and heel

Rockin: *walks back into room* okay i'm back

Blaze:Nah, that's too low for you. *walks up to her and just gives her mini-nag stuffed with berries*

zoe: *devours bag* mmmmmm

Rockin: O-k

Blaze:hehe. *gives her a small nutcake*

zoe: *takes a bight* oh man this is gross * begins ferociously gulping and chewing it down* nomnonmonmno

Blaze:wow. *concerned look* Just how hungry are you...?

zoe: not to hungry, just haven't eaten in maybe two, three weeks maybe, I lost count

Blaze:Wow. Uhhh...*roots in his pack awhile until he pulls out a steak*

zoe: *begins gulping down the steak* yum, this is good, but we've eaten less....still this is this sirloin or Tenderloin?

Blaze:No idea.

zoe: hm....i'd say tenderloin

Rockin: I don't wanna know how she knows that.....

Blaze:*smiles* I can get you more.

zoe: *suddenly stops, slowly raising her head*!

Blaze:Then that's exactly what I'll do. Can't have you sitting here starving.

Rockin: she ate my lamp!

zoe: and it was good, thanks Blaze, your the best guy who gives me steak i'v ever met!

Blaze:*grins* Well, that's a start. Be back soon. *leaves through a hole in the ground*


Rockin: thats zoe......


zoe: what? I'm Gettin' free steak!

Myria:I know, and that's good, but,...

zoe: it really POISON? and i'm gonna die in 48 hours giving me time to do what ever I want?

Myria:No. *grins* Did you notice he blushed before he left?

zoe: no, what are you getting to?


zoe: okay.....

Myria:Hey Rockin, what now?

Rockin: where have I heard that dunno

Myria:*hugs him* If you don't choose something, I will.

Rockin: you've never chose anything before........

Myria:I'm about to.

Rockin: ahkay

zoe: as long as its not BORING

Myria:What else would I chose to do? *kisses him*

Rockin: *holds*

zoe: i'm gonna go see if this mirror works under water *walks away*


Rockin: *holds*


Rockin: *likewise*

[While they do that, Zoe smells steak as she walks]

zoe: Mirrors in space--STEAK MUST HAVE *follows the smell*

[She follows it to Blaze cookign some steak, with his own fire, near a lake]

zoe: STEAK, may I have......ALL OF IT?

Blaze:*smiles* I was cooking ot for you anyway. Sure.

zoe: *tongue falls out of mouth, revealing its slightly forked* thanks, that is good steak, oh while I wait for it to get done, i'll go see if mirrors work in water *walks over to water*

Blaze:*continues cooking it, and blushes, barely noticable*

zoe: *ducks head into water looking into her mirror* yep it works.......hardly, but it works! i'll have to annoy Rockin with it later! *begins shaking her head, water falling out*

Blaze:Hey, steak is done.

zoe: *runs over, nearly tripping twice* thanks you *grabs steak then begins gnawing at it* mmmmm

Blaze:*smiles* You're welcome.

zoe: *begins gnawing at a second one*

Blaze:Wow.......*hesistates to do something*

zoe: * ferociously eats third and fourth one at the same time* NOMNOMNOMNOM mmmmmmmmm

Blaze:[thinking] she seriously still hungry...?.....I admire how she managed not to go crazy out of hunger....

zoe: *begins eating a seventh* NOMNOMNOM.....this is good........after the other week ago's 14 burgers and 6 boxes of chickens, plus desert, I'v musta gotten pretty hungry......this is good..... *reaches for ninth one*

Blaze:*blinks in surprise*

zoe: yeah.....I usually wait a few weeks then devour whatever I can get my paws on *begins ripping apart the twelfth one*

Blaze:Why do you do that?

zoe: I dunno....because I can I guess, I can eat more after it.....*gnaws at another one*


zoe: thanks.....thats one of my many wonders *gnaws at number sixteen*

Blaze:That's true...many wonders...

zoe: NOMNONOM.....most of them Rockin already knows....theres no surprising him....*eats number 21* finished!

Blaze:You're amazing....

zoe: thanks *begins licking fingers* I also have to table where desert? i'm starved!

Blaze:You sure are.....C'mon, I'll take you to an ice cream parlor.

zoe: ICE CREAM!?! I havn't had that since..... *begins counting fingers*......EVER!

Blaze:*smiles* Let's go, then.*hesistates, then takes her hand and walks there*

zoe: K *grabs hand tightly*

Blaze:*enters the parlor, and takes a deep breath* Have anything you like.

zoe: okay *walks up to the clerk-type-guy* okay, lets see, i'll take 15 chocolates, 19 vanillas, 5 strawberrys, and 9 mints, and, um, surprise me with another one


Blaze:It's fine, I'll pay for it.

zoe: thanks, I don't usually do this but here *gives him ten dollers*, I snagged this from a random guy


Random Guy: i'm a random guy walking down the street, lalallalala

zoe: *punches him then takes his wallet* hehe, that'll teach you to sing a random song, random guy, hehe


Blaze:You don't have to pay, Zoe.

zoe: oh I insist, you gave me all that free STEAK! after all

Blaze:I did that because I wanted to do that for you. *smiles* I'll do the same here. [thinking] wonder if she likes me at all...

zoe: okay, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I am a terrible person after all!

Blaze:I think you're a wonderful person.

zoe: and I try so hard......well at least Rockin still thinks I's terrible, MAHAHHAHAHA

Blaze:What I mean by that is, the way I look at it, you're perfect for what you do.

zoe: hm? cause pain to my brothers? and thanks.....I think......

Blaze:Really.....You are.....

zoe: thanks I guess.....

Blaze:*pays for the ice cream and gives it to her*

zoe: *grabs two, then begins gulping them down* mmmm


zoe: *eats her 6xth one* mmm I love food, especially meat!

Blaze:[thinking]........I guess not.....she likes the food....but probably not, paricularly, the person....

zoe: *rips apart her last one* that was filling.......your pretty nice for buying that and giving me steak, thanks ^_^

Blaze:You're welcome....

zoe: now then......

Blaze:....I don't think there's any more I can do for you....Should probably leave...

zoe: don't have to leave


zoe: your like a wicked cool genie or something.....


zoe: it was the first word that came to mind....your really nice, and I like that

Blaze:You do...?

zoe: yeah I like nice.....sometimes.....


zoe: you seem.....troubled

Blaze:It's nothing...

zoe: okay........i'm torn between six worlds, am unable to eat pie, and am cursed by a horrid past......why can't I be normal?!

Blaze:You seem fine to me...

zoe: huh, what? oh sorry I musta been thinking out loud again....again sorry

Blaze:It's fine.

zoe: what were we talking about?

Blaze:......I have no idea.

zoe: hm.....


zoe: perhaps I should be getting home, Rockin may be worried......again, thanks for all the STEAK and Ice Cream, i'll have to get Rockin to waste all his money here :> seeya


zoe: *walking* what a bizarre evening.....first I'm polite, then I ask to pay, now i'm talking to myself....I am bizarre.....

Blaze:*walking elsewhere*.......I wonder.......

zoe: *sigh* maybe its me......maybe its my inability to eat pie......maybe its 'cuz I can't love.....I dunno, I don't care...... *walks up to Rockins house*, i'll hold on a minute....just in case......

Blaze:......I hope I made a good impression, at least........I kinda like her......But I don't know if she likes me......and it's not looking good....

zoe: guess i'll go in know.... *walks in, without knocking* *to herself* heh, thats the rude me I like!

Myria:*hanging from a rope on the cieling, on leg folded, arms crossed on chest, asleep*

zoe: man, I missed excitement! DAWWWWW!

Myria:*she's hanging by a foot, upside down*

zoe: ...maybe it was a good thing I wasn't here......or not, oo I know; HEY MYRIA, WHATS BEEN GOING ON!

Myria:*opens one eye* All you missed was me and Rockin. *smiles* even if we did get a little deep.

zoe: oh good

Myria:However, I think Ragu suspects his chocolate is actually tiny aliens. You may want to go see.

zoe: ooh-kay, i'll.....go see *walks into kitchen*

Ragu: *talking to his chocolates* hello? ARE you FRIENDly? are you ALIENS?

zoe: O_O' maybe this wasn't a good idea *walks back into the living room* thats weird, I think hes lost his mind


zoe: .....


zoe: I had lotsa STEAK! and I tried something called "Ice Cream"

Myria:good for you.*closes her eye*

zoe: guess i'll get to bed *go's up the stairs and find the best-looking room, go's to sleep*


Rockin: *asleep on his couch* my......tomato.......

Myria:*grins in sleep*

(brb, dinner)

[that next morning]

Myria:*still asleep*

Rockin: CARROTS! oh....good, it was a dream.....since evryones asleep, i'll go eat something *walks into kitchen*

Ragu: *half asleep* flavored.....

Rockin: *walks out* ......

Myria:*follows him*

Rockin: I think Ragu's got a few screws loose......or bolts......and nails......and whatever else.....


Rockin: I wonder what he dreams about.....

Myria:DOn't know.*slides her arms around Rockin*

Rockin: *same, smiles*

Myria:*smiling*......Sorry, but it just feels good doing this. *kisses*

Rockin: *holds*


Rockin: *likewise*

Myria:*kissing deeper*

Rockin: *holds, deepens*

Myria:*starts kissing passionately*

Rockin: *same, holds*

Myria:*wraps her arms more tightly around him, kissing*

Rockin: *holds*


Rockin: *as before*

Myria:*Rockin feels something wet*

Rockin: ? *though he still holds*

[it's Myria's tongue]

Rockin: *he does as she had, holds*

Myria:*continuing, her tongue on his lips*

Rockin: *likewise, deepens*

Myria:*kisses deeper, her tongue goes past his lips*

Rockin: *likewise*

Myria:*gets much deeper, and slides her tongue completely in his mouth*

Rockin: *tongues criss-crossing into eachothers mouths, gets deeper*

Myria:*holds Rockin closer as she goes deeper*

Rockin: *wraps his hands around her, gets deeper*

Myria:*continues to do this for a long time..*



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