"Good good. As you can see I'm starting to absorb all the powers in Mobius. "
—Rodney in the first phase of the Final Battle
Rodney the Goat
Screen shot 2014-03-22 at 12.48.43 AM
Rodney in his base form
1000+ (Upon death)
Orange fur, red ea=yes, grey fur, two long grey horns, a lot of grey chest fur,
Rachel (Daughter),Rodrick (Son (Deceased))
Romantic Interest
Smash, Krinkinko, Weakness, Rachel, Mutiny, Pearl
Absorbing energy, Shape-shifting, Growing larger, energy attacks, super strength and stamina,
Smash, Pearl, Krinkinko, Vendeta,
Base, Giant, Dragon Rider
Rodney was the power piece of an ancient villain that split into many pieces countless years ago.



Thousands of years ago there was an evil goat that threatened Mobius. As his power grew no one had the bravery to stand up to him except one brave young man. The man crafted a mystical bow of light to stop the threat. The villainous goat learned of the bow's properties and threatened to destroy the world early unless the brave young man would challenge him in a one-on-one showdown. The man, with the incomplete bow in hand went to the showdown where they had a long and gruesome two day battle. When the man lost his edge in battle he fired the bow and arrow at the goat with perfect shot. The shock of the impact killed the man and since the bow was incomplete it didn't kill the goat but it split him into many pieces and he could only rise again when all the pieces were slain....

Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament

After hiding in the shadows for countless years, forced to watch countless great and powerful battles, Rodney became restless and started to obsessively crave for power but he didn't know how he would get the enourmous power for which he crraved, then he hatched a horrible plot. He snuck into Emeralds R' Us and with the powers of the Super Emeralds launched a world-wide telepahic message informing everyone about his tournament in the sky and promised glamorous prizes to the winner of the tournament. He then asexually created his two children: Rachel the Goat and Rodney the Goat. Rachel would be a referee and waitress to the fighters while Rodney would be a fighter himself. Rodney planned to suck all the energy from Mobius while the fighters were pre-occupied then after he became the strongest being alive he wouldhave no problem ruling all of Mobius. He then sat back and watched his plan unfold.

The fighters fought as he predicted but some fighters such as Smash The Echidna suspected that something was horribly amiss in this fighting tournament nevertheless he and the other fighters kept fighting while Rodney hid and kept sucking. Much later after Smash passed out due to entering his Light from while fighting Metal the Wolf. When he came to with hours of him not fighting Rodney talked to him telepathically threatning to kill his entire family if he didn't fight in the next thirty minutes.Smash threatens to kill Rodney if he even dares TOUCH his family. He then was forced to fight Rodrick who used cheap tricks to try and defeat Smash, even going as far as pretending to be his sister. After defeating Rodrick Smash and his new ally Krinkinko the Hedgehog went back to the lobbey only to find both of the fighter's family in shackles. They try to free them but Rodney talks to Smash again but this time veryone can hear it. He says he'll free his family if he kills Krinkinko who meddled in two of Smash's fights. Krinkinko turns into his dark form, frees everyone from their shackles, briefly fights Rodney and Rachel then transports to Smash's house. Smash, now aware of Rodney's plot decides to go back to the arena to warn the others along with Krinkinko.

When they arrive Rachel proposes to Smash and reveals more about he father in the process. Due to this they are thrown into a dungeon with seemingly no escape. After being trapped for awhile Smash calls Gizmo and asks him for the Chaos Emeralds when he gives it to them evryone in the dungeon turns Super (with the exception of Rachel) and confronts Rodney.

Rodney fights everyone in the Super Form with little effort and it takes a while for the team to finally achieve the upper hand. He attacks Rachel causing Rodrick to laugh which causes Smash to attack Rodrick. Disgusted in his son's weakness he absorbs him and grows even stronger. In the first part of the battle he briefly absorbs Pearl and Vendeta Augel sacrifices himself to save the others from Rodney. Before he is defeated he goes into his second form and transports everyone to another zone. They attack an 80 ft Rodney and with a little effort they defeat him. He transports back to mobius in his final form riding a dragon. With all of the fighters powers copied he's almost completely unstoppable and the fighters struggle to even makehim grunt. Realising they need more power Krinkinko goes to Emeralds R' Us to get new emeralds. When he returns him and Smash turn into their new Vitego forms. They gain the upper hand then Rodney uses the tournament to make new armor for himself.

They then charged a Mega Spirit blast though since the two needed a long time to charge it Pearl made it in time to hold Rodney off, getting revenge on him for all he did to her. The two brawl until Rodney completely weakens due to Pearl's amazing power. Smash and Krinkinko then launch the spirit bomb at Rddney but then discover he's somehow holding it back. The three then realise they have to force the blast back down on him so they channel their last enrgy supporting their super forms into a blast to push the Spirit Bomb on Rodney. They do so and when the explosion clears up not a trace of Rodney is left.


Rodney was able to absorb energies and in doing so he almost became the ruler of Mobius in fact, the only power that defeated him was the power of Super Forms from another dimension. Rodney had the power to increase his size and he was very cunning. He also knew could asexually produce children. His possibly most unique trait was the power to speak telepathically and his power to endure the most ruthless attacks. He was also fluent in creating energy attacks.


Rodney was cold and ruthless, doing anything to achieve ultimate strength. He was cunning enough to trick dozens of fighters into his tournament. He didn't give a care about his children seeing them as only tools for his plot. He alsoinflicted fear into his enemies, this is shown because his daughter was completely petrified of him.


Smash The Echidna

He use to admire Smash for his power but noe he completely hates Smash for thwarting his plot. He also grew enraged when Smash didn't fight and threatened to kill his family. He also hates him because his daughter fell in love with him.

more coming soon...


"URRGHII!"-Rodney copying Smash's catchphrase.

"Impossible...That one punch was stronger than Smash's when he was only super...and she only used the Chaos Emeralds..."-Rodney confused at Pearl's strength.

"How...? It seems that I've lost the energy I've taken from that girl..and a few others, too." -Rodney before the first spirit bomb hit him.

"Your too weak for my liking!"-Rodney before absorbing Rodrick.

"Rachel, I order you to kill them all"

"My real name is Rodney and I was nice enough to let you stay in the dungeon but now you will die"-Rodney, introducing himself.

"You don't remember. I'm the one who ordered you here now listen! You have been on that floor for hours if you don't fight in the next thirty minutes I'll have Rachel exterminate pearl and the rest of your family." -Rodney threatning Smash.


  • It has been said that Rodney's name isn't menacing.

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