You may be looking for Roland the Squirrel.

Roland the Coyote is an accomplished mercenary.



Becoming a Mercenary

=Gaining a Partner

On one of his jobs out in the desert, investing a series of murders, Roland found a young girl amongst the bodies. He soon discovered she was the cause of the deaths, as she was possessed by a spirit of some sort. Deciding against killing her for some reason, he took her in as his partner. She took the name Black Mariah, and since then they have worked as a team.


Roland has no special powers, though he is an accomplished gunman, capable with any weapon and deadly accurate.


Roland carries two modified six-shooters, larger and sleeker than normal Western revolvers, which he has named Jones and Easton.


Roland dresses in a brown trenchcoat, over grey body armor. Two belts cross over his chest, attached to a holster on his back for Jones and Easton. He wears faded jeans, brown hiking boots, and brown gloves. He has a battered and holey Stetson hat, which he wears always.


Hang 'Em High - My Chemical Romance


  • He shares his theme with his partner, Black Mariah.
  • The names of his guns are puns on the gunsmiths, Smith and Wesson.

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