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The Grand Emerald is about to set off on a world wide cruise! I hope you guys are ready for adventure! With a state of the art 6 star restaurant, a large jaccuzzi, Olympic sized swimming pool and lots more rooms and features. All owned by Matt the Hedgecat!


  • Please No God-Modding
  • Please No gross sexual stuff (Kissing, Hugging, Flirting and Making Out? That's cool with me)
  • If you wanna add in any plot changing element. Please message me for my opinion so I can OK it.
  • Use whatever RP format you like. As long as we can understand it
  • Enjoy the RP!


  • YoungEezy27 (Eezy)
  • 7GrandRowlet (Rowlet)
  • Celestia879 (Celestia)
  • Annabelle Rich (Asia)
  • LionPrince13 (Lion/Prince)
  • AtlantisUchiha (Atlas)

Involved Characters

Crew Members

  • Matt the Hedgecat (Captain) (Eezy)
  • Nate the Hawk (Security) (Eezy)
  • Wayne the Echidna (DJ) (Anna)
  • Marine the Raccoon (Helmsman) (Anyone)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Chef) (Anyone)
  • Carmen the South American Leopard (Singer/Entertainer/Dancer) (Anna)
  • Various Crew Members (Anyone)


  • Cassidy the Raccoon (Eezy)
  • July Jonas the Falcon (Eezy)
  • Biggie Cheese (Eezy)
  • Persia the Fox (Eezy)
  • Fluffy the Fox (Rowlet)
  • Fluffy's Jigglypuff (Rowlet)
  • Fluffy Jr. (Rowlet)
  • A Wild Pikachu (Rowlet)
  • Tom the Hedgehog (Rowlet)
  • Tom's Gastly (Rowlet)
  • Jake the Echidna (Rowlet)
  • Jake's Ditto (Rowlet)
  • Kaiira The Arctic Fox (Celestia)
  • Kaiira's Croconaw (Celestia)
  • Annabelle Rich (Anna)
  • Diamond the Chipmunk (Anna)
  • Christian Mitchel the Cat (Anna)
  • Missy the Bat (Anna)
  • Mary the Hedgehog (Anna)
  • Scotch "Adam" the Hedgehog (Prince)
  • Samuel Hayden (164896) the Human (Atlas)

Unwanted Guests (The Antagonists)

  • Metal Sonic (Rowlet)
  • Nightshade Nyx (Atlas)


In front of the ship (30 Minutes until we Set Sail)

The Grand Emerald is waiting in the port of Windmill Isle. The white gleaming cruise ship is about 3x larger than a normal cruise ship. Jam packed full of entertainment and all sorts of ways to amuse yourself. An orange hedgecat in a black captain uniform stood in front of the entrance to the ship, waiting for the first of the many vacationers to arrive for the cruise of their life.

A light blue fox looks across to find a boat. Slowly, he walks to it, greeting the hedgecat in a mildly quiet voice.

The hedgecat waved at the light blue fox and greeted him warmly. "Welcome to The Grand Emerald! Are you here for the cruise?"

Not so far back, another light blue, but this time, it a female arctic fox, was finding the entrance of the cruise. She stopped just to see the hedgecat and the light blue fox. 'I think this is the entrance,' she thought.

The orange hedgecat looked at the other guest and smiled. "Are you also here for the cruise?"

"Oh, yes I am sir," the light blue arctic fox beamed. "Should I hand you my tickets?"

The light blue male fox saw the arctic fox, and slowly, walked away, shyly. He still wanted to go on the cruise, but he was a bit too shy because an arctic fox was in his way.

"Huh?" then she just realized that she was blocking his way, and turned to him, apologizing for blocking his way.

"It's okay, I get shy around girls," The male fox said.

"Yes please," The hedgecat said whilst holding out his hands.

Suddenly, the male light blue fox realized. "Tickets!" he exclaimed. He ran quickly to his house to get tickets, and a bag with little toys and items in it and back.

She handed the ticket to the hedgecat, and gave a cheerful greeting. Then afterwards, she left for the entrance of the ship.

The male light blue fox gave the tickets to the hedgecat, and walked to the ship. "I'm usually quiet most of the time," he said.

"Woooow sis! Look at the size of this boat~!" A female voice called out as 4 girls stood together, looking over the ship in all its splendor. All dressed in rather flattering Summer attire, the pink haired wolf with them smiled a bit as she removed her designer sunglasses and looked at the sight before her.

"I'm gonna enjoy this to the best of my ability." She grinned softly, while the feline with them touched behind her ear, which earned a quick glance from the she wolf, "You OK C-Cat?"

"Mm?" The cat looked over and nodded, "Yeah, just double checking to make sure my patch is still there...I'm not gonna let sea sickness ruin my vacation like the first time around..." She spoke.

Inside, the female arctic fox was just strolling around the ship, taking pictures of the view. "Wow!!" she gasped in awe at the sight.

The male fox walked into the ship and, quite shy, greeted the 4 girls in his usual mildly quiet voice. "Hi, girls," he said. "I'm Fluffy." He reached into his little bag, and showed the girls his Pikachu plush.

"Mm?" The 4 rather attractive girls glanced over as the chipmunk seemed to stifle a quick giggle to herself while the chipmunk smirked and raised an eyebrow.

"Um, hi?" The chipmunk brushed her blue hair out of her eyes as her adoptive sister, the bat, looked at her phone.

"Sorry, stranger..." Their leader spoke, "We need to get to our rooms and see if the bags are there yet." The she wolf spoke. The others seemed to nod in agreement, before they began to walk towards the elevator.

"Nice plush by the by." The cat spoke, saying this in a cute voice but not in a mocking or mean tone. The group then began to walk for the elevators as the chipmunk and bat continued to giggle with one another.

The blue arctic fox gazed at the view, as she took more pictures. Then, when she turned back to take a picture of the boat, she jumped. "Woah," the female arctic fox mumbled, while regaining her balance.

The Captain looked around at the various vacationers and beamed. This is gonna be one interesting cruise! We have regulars, a few celebrities and more or probably on their way. This is gonna put this cruise on everybody's list of attractions. I just hope nothing goes wrong, he thought to himself.

"Is everything ok Captain?" A voice said next to him

The hedgecat looked to his side and stared at the grey hawk next to him. The hawk had sparkly aqua eyes and wore a black suit, typical bouncer attire. "It's ok Nate, you don't have to be so formal. You can call me Matt, just not in front of others."

"Sorry," Nate replied whilst scratching the back of his neck. "Force of habit"

"Don't worry. I trust everything is running smoothly?" Captain Matt asked.

"As long as nobody tries to go to the engine room and tamper with our energy source, we should be ok," Nate replied.

"Wonderful," Captain Matt answered.

The clique of girls all hopped into an elevator, before they hit a button and slowly began to make their way towards one of the main decks. As they exited they chatted and made their way down the hall, where some of the more expensive and luxurious suites were located.

Meanwhile, Fluffy walks to his room, which was right next to one of the girls' rooms. He lay down on his bed and drew what he saw in his room. A few minutes later, someone else comes into his room for a visit.

Kaiira The Arctic Fox was just strolling around the ship, as she wanted to explore and take pictures of these wonderful views. But, first.. She had to locate where her room was, so she knocked on one of the rooms.

Fluffy opened the door. "Oh, Hi." He said. "This is my room, sorry. Oh wait... did you come by for a visit?"

"Oh... I guess you could say so," Kaiira sweat-dropped.

The clique walked past the fox, ignoring her as they gossiped about day to day things. The chipmunk named Diamond laughed.

"And then, he tried to ask me out after making a total fool of himself! I couldn't help but laugh at how pathetic he looked!" She giggled softly with the bat, before Annabelle held up a card and Diamond held up a card as well.

"We're over here sis." Diamond grinned, their rooms just across from each other. Diamond and the bat in one room, while Annabelle and Christian were in the other.

"Oooh, this is absolutely perfect! Look at this view!" Diamond grinned as their doors shut quietly behind them.

Meanwhile, a 2017 Bentley Continental Coupe appraoched the ship at a moderate pace. The faint sound of music seeped through the windows. The car eventually reached the ship and stopped in front of Captain Matt and Nate.

All four doors opened at the same time, causing he sound of the music to raise abruptly. An orange racoon, a green falcon, a large rat and yellow hedgehog stepped out of the car and looked at the ship.

"This ship is amazing," The falcon exclaimed letting loose a whistle.

"You're telling me July," The rat replied. "It's a nice change of vacation instead of flying everywhere."

"You're telling me Biggie," The raccoon said. "This is a well deserved brake. Going on a world tour to perform all of the time needs a brake once in a while."

Captain Matt looked at the trio and glanced quickly at the yellow hedgehog who was unpacking their stuff. "Welcome to the Grand Emerald!" he announced with outspread arms. "You guys look familiar..."

The raccoon grinned. "We've just come off of our tour, maybe you recognize us from our MET Awards performance?"

Right after the raccoon said that, something was speeding through to the cruise, then they all realized it was a hedgehog, eventually the hedgehog stopped right in between the group and Matt.

"Heya, I'm sorry I was late, I had trouble finding my stuff, heh. ANYWAYS. I'm Scotch, but you can call me Adam too, heh. Its good to be in this place again, anyways I hope I have a fun time on this cruise".

He handed his ticket to Matt and then sped with a WOOSH onto the ship with his bags somehow still remaining in his hands.

Captain Matt blinked rapidly for a second, flustered at what had just occured. "That's Captain Matt to you..." he whispered under his breath.

Nate, who was more or less unfazed from the quick intro and outro of Scotch, clicked his fingers. "Wait a minute. You're Young Ringtail, July Jonas and B.I.G Cheese arent you?" he asked

"Yeap," the orange raccoon replied. "But you can just call me Cassidy."

"I'm fine with July," the falcon responded.

"Just call me Biggie," the rat said.

Meanwhile, two workers delivered some numerous amounts of luggage to the two rooms belonging to the clique of 4 girls. A few moments passed until they opened their doors to see their rather impressive number of bags.

"Finally~! I was wondering if I had to wait a whole century or something." Diamond huffed, and pointed inside of the cabin, "Bring them both into the bedrooms pleaaase~?" She instructed to the workers. Annabelle simply gestured inside of the suite as the workers moved to bring them in and set them down.

"Is there anything you young ladies need?" The man spoke to Annabelle and Christian, staring in awe at the two well known young celebrities.

"No sir, that'll be all. Is lunch being served by now?" Christian asked, and the man nodded, before she licked her lips, "Sweet." She grinned and they dismissed them. The girls went about unpacking and hanging up their many clothes, and setting out their scandelous and/or fabulous bathing suits before all meeting up inside of Annabelle and Christian's suite to chat and plan any activities.

Meanwhile, a wild Pikachu, for some reason, was running down the halls.

"Huh?" Tom said as he was walking down the halls. "Whoah! A wild Pikachu!" He was about to catch it but a sign said: No catching wild Pokemon. Tom was angry and disappointed and walked away.

The Wild Pikachu ran across the halls, bumping into Diamond.

"Well guys. Welcome to The Grand Emerald then!" Captain Matt exclaimed. "We hope you enjoy your stay."

"We will," Cassidy replied as he and the other two helped the yellow hedgehog carry the trio's luggage onto the ship.

Inside the hall the Pikachu was in, Scotch was skating at 15 mph before eventually stopping beside the Pikachu, then he handed it a piece of an apple, then stood back up, then sped to his room.

Right after that, he wooshed out of his door with a purple hawaiian shirt and blue and green trunks on and red shades, then he sped down the hall and eventually disappeared at the end.

"Thanks for telling me!!" Kaiira shouted good bye to Fluffy, as she raced down the hallways towards her room. 'C'mon!!' she groaned in her mind.

(( Actually, Diamond was already inside Anna and C Cats room, so she's not really in the hall anymore o3o - Anna ))

"So, what should we do first?" Diamond grinned to Annabelle who tapped her chin and thought.

"Well, we should definitely get something to eat before it gets too crowded down at the buffet. I don't want to be picking up scraps after people. That's super annoying." Annabelle spoke, before Christian nodded.

"Well lets go get some grub then!" Missy piped up, before the girls nodded in agreement and began to get their room keys, before then going into the hall and heading for the elevators. Diamond begun to take selfies with her adoptive sister, as they climbed into the elevator and began to head up towards the main decks.

Meanwhile after Scotch disappeared, he realized the pool was on the main deck and immediately turned around and skated back to an elevator, he got in, pressed the button and started to move his way to the deck. Eventually getting to the pool, Scotch yelled "SPIN-JUMP BALL!!!!!", and splashed into the giant pool with a SPLOOSH, and then jumped onto a donut floaty and began wading above the water lazily.

After a few minutes Scotch felt his stomach growl. "Oof, I better go get me some grub, I could sure use some burrito's right now". Scotch jumped out of the pool, dried off, and started to speedily skate to the buffet.

Cassidy heard a splash from the pool whilst inside the hallway of the Cruise ship. "Well damn! Everybody's getting started and we're not even in our rooms yet."

"Well let's get a move on then bro!" July replied as they walked down to hallway towards their room.

"Can we eat first?" Biggie asked. "We haven't eaten in a while."

"Yeah...I bet we haven't," July replied sarcastically with a grin. He was rewarded with a playful punch from Biggie.

The Wild Pikachu was eating the apple when all of a sudden he saw a hawk and a rat. It quickly ran up to them.

((July is a Falcon btw ~Eezy))

"Hey check that out," July said as he watched the Pikachu approach them.

"What the heck is that?" Biggie asked with a raised brow?

After unpacking her things in her room, Kaiira had just realized that someone was missing. "Oh no!! Where's Blaster?!" she yelled in her mind, before speeding off to find the croconaw.

(BTW, Blaster is Kaiira's croconaw. -Celestia)

Scotch began skating down the hall to change and eventually crashed into July and Biggie. "OUCH, goddamn speed skates..". Scotch looked at them in awe and stumbled back.

"Hey!" July exclaimed as he was pushed

"Watch it!" Biggie exclaimed also.

"Oh my god, July, Biggie, I'm so sorry! I hope I didn't hurt you!, I didn't even see you guys when I was handing my ticket to the Captain. I loved your MET Performance, by the way". Scotch chuckled nervously.

"Um, thanks?" July replied, clearly confused

"Well I'm heading to my room to change, Maybe I'll see you in the buffet, enjoy your stay guys!". Scotch skated off and into his room.

"That was weird...." Biggie said whilst scratching his head.

"Yeah man," July chimed in. "He better watch where he's going next time. He might run into someone less forgiving..."

"How come he didn't acknowledge me?" Cassidy said.

July and Biggie looked at each other for a moment and then burst out into laughter.

"I'm serious man!" Cassidy continued, looking as confused as ever.

"Blaster? Where are you?" Kaiira asked. "I'll never find him..."

The four rather attractive girls had finally made it to the lunch buffet, grabbing plates and getting some rather delicious food for themselves, but not before a hedgehog bumped into one of them. The girl blinked and looked up, blushing a bit as she looked down.

"S-sorry about that...!" She quickly spoke, but Annabelle blinked and waved a hand. "Just watch where you're going next time, OK?" The she wolf responded, but only for the girl to look on, eyes widened as she looked over the clique. "'re...A - Annabelle Rich...!! O....Oh my god..." The girl almost dropped her plate in surprise as Diamond giggled softly before speaking up. "In the flesh." The chipmunk added. The fan scrambled to steel her nerves as Annabelle smiled a bit towards her. "Hey...Why don't you come sit with us or something...?" She spoke in a smooth and soft voice while Diamond grinned and raised an eyebrow while the hedgehog almost shook with excitement. "Y-yeah yeah! I'd love to!" She responded, before the ladies finished grabbing their meals and sat together in a nice little booth next to a window overlooking the port.

The arctic fox was still in the hallways, as she came to find Blaster. 'Where's that croconaw?!' Kaiira panicked inside her head.

The trio from before had finished unpacking and had just entered the buffet hall. July let loose another low whistle as they stared at the buffet. There was all kinds of food from everywhere in the world! As the group went to go and select their food, an announcement filled the air.

"And don't forget about the 'Set Sail Party' happening tonight! Complete with and Open Mic segment and a performance from our very own DJ Wayne!" Captain Matt said over the announcement.

"Also," he continued. "We are setting sail for the sea in 20 minutes. We will be on our way to our first stop, The Ocean Palace Resort near Seaside Hill!"

Scotch blew in like a rocket into the buffet and grabbed a plate, chicken, and a bunch of biscuits and hamburgers so fast people could hardly see him eventually stopping right in front of a table.

"Ah, perfect", he said, before jumping and landing on the seat, then he began eating as he put on headphones and began listening to Life is a Highway, unfortunately for him the table was in sight of Cassidy, July and Biggie.

After the trio had collected their drinks they began to looks for a place to sit. Biggie then noticed Scotch zipping around the place and then sitting down.

"That dude gives me the creeps," Biggie whispered to Cassidy and July.

"Cut him some slack man," July replied. "Besides, he apologised for the bump and he's a fan."

"We should go and say hi," Cassidy suggested.

"You forreal!?" Biggie retorted.

"If there's one thing I've learnt in life; it's that even though first impressions last, the second impression is always truthful," the raccoon said. He then strolled off towards the hedgehog.

July and Biggie waited about 5 seconds. They then followed Cassidy towards Scotch.

Scotch turned around and jumped, suddenly falling over and out of his seat. "Uh, Um, H-hi, guys.. listen, I'm still very sorry about what happened, and I'm sure we can be.. friends, of some sort".

"It's cool dude," July said as he sat down with Biggie opposite of Scotch. "Just chill out man."

Scotch cleared his throat, "So, you guys just takin' a break to relax?" Scotch perked up and realized Life is a Highway was playing, thus he turned it off in an instant.

Fluffy was in his room, when someone opened the door. He got too shy and quickly hid under the table.

"Oooh, Anna you're totally gonna slay open mic...~!" Diamond grinned as she saw Anna blush before speaking up.

"That would be like cheating I feel like..." The wolf sighed and tapped her chin, " is open mic. Anyone can sing."

"Even people who physically can't sing." Missy piped up, making her sister giggle with delight while their new friend smiled to them. Finally, Diamond spoke up to address the girl.

"So, you got a name, hun?" The chipmunk chuckled as their guest blushed.

"Y-yeah. Mary. It's so nice to meet you guys...!" She replied, and the girls smiled and nodded.

"Alright, enough chat for now. Lets dig in!" Christian spoke, before the girls agreed whole heartedly and dug into their meal.

"Aahhh. Nothing beats playing club music for drunken 20 somethin's." Wayne sat by his lonesome with an alcoholic beverage of sorts. Working for the cruise liner had its perks. Free food, free drinks, free living arrangements, and seeing the world almost all of the time. He wasn't required to start working until around sunset, so he took it upon himself to relax and unwind to get in a good mood for work. He sat by the pool all by his lonesome, clad in black swimming trunks with a pair of sunglasses on top of his head.

Fluffy came out and realized it was just the wind. He then went to the pool.

"Yeah, we're just here to chillout and relax for a bit," Cassidy answered as he sat down next to Scotch. "What about you bro. What's your agenda?"

"Traveling, I'm pretty famous myself, I'm ScotchShot15, the 5,000,000 subscriber Youtuber." Scotch perked and realized something, then had a sad look for a second..

Scotch took a bite out of his burger and a sip from his Icee and then jolted and looked at them

Meanwhile Outside (15 Minutes till we set sail) 

Meanwhile, a small (about the size of three apples stacked on top), white, and colorless fox appeared next to Matt. The Fox had no emotions whatsoever, and stared at him.

"Hello there!" Captain Matt exclaimed in a welcoming manner. "Welcome to the Grand Emerald! Do you have a ticket?"

The fox didn't answer. He pointed to his eyes which meant it needed to be colored so he can see better.

Captain Matt looked at the fox, quite confused at what he was being told. His guard, Nate, on the other hand had an idea.

"I think he's colour blind sir," Nate suggested. He then looked at the fox. "Am I right?"

He nodded his head up and down, since he could not talk. He grabbed a pencil and pointed it to his eyes, meaning he needed them to be colored in.

"What do you wa-?" Captain Matt was about to ask.

Before he could finish his sentence, Nate grabbed the pencil and started colouring in the fox's eyes. He had no idea this if this would work, he just did it on impulse.

The white fox could now see. He took a look around the cockpit and hugged the hedgecat. He then pointed to his muzzle, meaning he needed a way to talk.

"Nate, could you-?" Captain Matt requested.

"Already on it," Nate replied as he drew a mouth on the fox also.

"Thank you," the white fox said. "So... Uh... what is this place again?"

Outside of the ship, in the port of Windmill Isle was a young human man holding a bag with a ticket as he walks onto the ship with it, and looks around confusedly.

"Who do I give the ticket to?" Samuel asked no one particular as he waited in the main lobby of the ship, hoping to see someone who can help him.

Kaiira then gave up on searching, and went to to eat, sitting on an empty spot.

Samuel then placed the ticket at some booth thing, and decided to look around the ship. Mainly, he wanted to see this 6 star restaurant and so, he goes and looks for it. However, it seems like he can't find it in this gigantic ship.

"Ok, can't find the restaurant, what about the swimmin--. No! I should see the captain for the ticket thing!" Samuel ran back to the lobby and quickly got his ticket from his booth, and went away to look for the captain.

The light blue arctic fox sat alone, eating her burger, as she caught a glimpse of a blue figue chomping under her table.Seeing this, she looked under the table, and she found the croconaw. "Blaster!!" she gasped as she scooped up the pokemon into her arms.

"Well, my colourless friend, this is is the starting point of a worldwide cruise to various locations," The Captain began. "Some people paid to get on this marvel of a ship, some people entered a competition and won a ticket. Either way, get ready for the time of your life!"

As he finished the statement he looked at his watch. "Darn, we've got about 10 minutes before we set sail. I better go and tell Marine to get ready. Nate? Could you please, accept anybody else who's come here with a ticket for me?"

The grey hawk nodded and the Captian took off towards the control room of the ship. As we walked towards it he noticed a young human boy walking around, clearly lost.

"Excuse me?" The Captain said to Samuel. "Do you need any help?"

The colorless fox ran down the hallway and knocked on a door. Fluffy heard the knock and opened the door. "Hello?" he said. He looked down. "Oh, hi," he said. "Come on in."

The colorless fox walked into the room. "And what might your name be?" Fluffy said. "I don't have one." the colorless fox said. "hmm..." Fluffy thought. He then grabbed a light blue pencil and colored his fur. "There," he said. "Now you're the same color as me! Maybe you should be called Fluffy Jr."

The fox proceeded to hug him. "Thank you so much," he said.

"So are you vlogging the trip?" Cassidy asked Scotch, taking another bite of his food.

Samuel simply stared at the captain as he never seen anything like him. He looks like a cat and a hedgehog in one. Samuel shook off his surprise to greet the captain.

"Yes, hello Captain! I am lost, and I don't know who to give this cruise ticket to? Or do I just give it to you?" Samuel explained.

"Just give it to me good sir," Captain Matt responded, holding his hand out for the kitchen.

"Thank you Captain," he then gave the ticket to the captain, and that's when he asked. "Where do I stay during the trip?"

"Probably", Scotch answered Cassidy, "I'm not sure, I might get too distracted to remember to vlog". Scotch got a text, turned off his phone, and put it in his pocket.

"So, what's your favorite part of the cruise so far?", Scotch asked.

A curvy female figure walked along through the buffet area, hips swaying as the leopard wore a tight crop top,some shorts, and a pair of wedge heels. She seemed busy looking at her phone as she stopped for a moment, and plopped into an empty seat.

"So, is this your first cruise?" Annabelle asked her new friend as Mary nodded with delight.

"Yeah! It was my dad's idea to come...My mom turned it down since she has to always make sure that work comes first. I felt bad, but she didn't seem to bothered by it." The hedgehog responded with a smile.

"Well my friend, you're in for the time of your life!" Diamond proclaimed happily, "We are gonna totally rock this boat~" She smirked.

Scotch looked at Diamond for a second, then to the leopard girl, then banged his head on the table. "God freaking damn it".

"There are various rooms on the upper deck for you to stay in," The Captain replied. He place the ticket in his pocket and then pulled out a piece of paper. "It says that your room is on the second floor of the ship. Go up the back stairs and your room is second on the left."

"Yoooo," July whispered. "Check out the curves on that leopard."

"They're all pretty nice lookin' if you ask me," Biggie replied, also in a whisper

"Yeaaaa...." Cassidy said. He was distracted alright, but not by the girls. "Wassup with you Scotch?"

"Ok got, thanks capt!" Samuel then heads off to the back stairs, and takes the left, and enters the second room. He place his bag the front of the best, and jumps onto with a heavy sigh. "Great, some rest." He proceeds have a nap until the ship sets sail.

"Eh.. Biggie is right, that's the problem, I'm already in love with 2 girls but the one thing is, I can't keep my eyes off of the first hot girl I see, It's total hell..". Scotch blushed for a second, embarrassed by what he just told them.

"I really don't think you should know anymore", Scotch just kept his head facing down on the table.

"Aye man, chill out," Cassidy replied. "I'll give you some advi-"

"Really bro?" July interrupted. Cassidy gave the falcon a confused look and July continued. "No offence, but due to're probably the last one who should be giving advice."

"At least I tried," Cassidy announced, sitting back in his chair. "And i'm now single because of it."

July looked at Scotch. "Now bro, is it love you're feeling or is it lust? There's a difference bro."

"It's definitely love, at least for the 2 girls I love, but it's all a mess, I don't prefer to talk about it, also July, I agree, Ringtail shouldn't give advice like that".

"Anyways, what do you all plan to do after you finish eating? I plan on going back to the pool, then going back to my room, then go chat with a few people if i meet anyone".

"If it's love, then you gotta learn to control yourself....or just pick one," July replied.

"July's right, it's not that hard." Cassidy chimed in.

"No offence bro," Biggie said. "But you haven't dated in a while bro. You're gonna be rusty as heck."

That prompted a chuckle from July and Biggie.

"By the way Scotch, we're probably gonna hit the outdoor pool too," July said, still laughing.

Their advice prompted a thumbs-up from Scotch, "Thanks for talkin' about this, oh hey, maybe we can gather to watch a scary movie some time to see who isn't a total chicken", He randomly panned toward Cassidy then laughed, "Just joking".

Scotch gave a small salute to the three new celebrity friends of his, "See ya around guys, I'll be outside in less than an hour". Scotch zoomed away and somehow his plate had gone missing too without him even touching it.

"Diamond...I don't know about you but..." Christian whispered, "Boys just can't keep their eyes off you~!" The chipmunk smirked as she brushed some of her light blue hair out of her eyes.

"It's only natural that they stare." She replied, and the girls began to finish up their meals. The leopard stood from her seat as she began to walk off towards the pool, with some strange looking snake like jewelry over her arms...

Scotch zoomed back in. "I forgot something", Scotch wrote down his phone number and gave it to Cassidy, Biggie, and July. "There, now we can keep in touch, see ya!", Scotch skated off.

"Daym, that dude is fast," Biggie stated, finishing off his food.

"You're telling me," July replied. "Oh well, we gotta get our butts in gear and head to the pool."

"Why's that?" Cassidy asked. He then smacked his forehead. "Oh yeah, women..."

"Not just women bro," July replied. "I need a good sunbathe too."

Samuel started to wake up after his nap, and he got off his bed to stretch.

"I'm surprised the ship hasn't set sail yet." Samuel told himself before he set his eyes on the uniquely defined key on the counter at the wall, in front of his bed. He walked to it and pick it up. "My father want this key to be safe, but from what?" He simply put the key back into his pocket, and he left his room, hoping to find that restaurant.

Scotch skated down the hall and knocked over Samuel. "Ouch, sorry dude, I di-", he looked up and jumped back, "YOU'RE THE SON OF EGGMAN, what are you here to do, take over the ship and try to sink it?!"

Samuel stares at him, and laughs so hard, he was rolling on the ground. "I am not the son of Ivo. I don't know where that assumption came from. But I Samuel Hayden, I was born in a wealthy family far from here. Then again, realities can make see things of things! So trust me when I say this. You got the wrong guy."

Scotch exhaled. "Sorry, Samuel, I heard that you were Eggman's son and I just kept on the watch, I try to protect this planet with my life, so I make quick assumptions, can you forgive me?".

Scotch saw his 3 friends pass by the other hall, and sighed, "I'm very sorry."

"No worry. That what people do when they want to protect what they love. Anyways, gonna find the restaurant, so see you later." Samuel then walks away, and turns a corner, going the opposite of the 3 people.

Scotch skated after the 3, "GUYS! WAIT UP!", he skated to them and began skating beside them, "Good thing i caught up in time".

Samuel gave up on looking for the restaurant and simply walked outside and leaned on the railing. Looking over the ocean while the port was at the other side.

"It will happen King Nigel. This is only the beginning for the Multiverse." Samuel whispered, and took out the odd key he always had. "Soon, not only this Reality, but the entire Multiverse will have to join together to stop the coming threat. Even you can't ignore this, Aelos."

Meanwhile Outside of the Cruise Ship (3 Minutes till we Set Sail)

A purple Porsche rolls up towards the ship, inside the Porsche was a beautiful and curvaceous brown fox with purple eye shadow and a sly smile and a typical summer style outfit. She hopped out of the Porsche and waved back at it as the care reversed and sped off, leaving on her and her luggage. She picked them all up and carried them effortlessly towards the ship.

"Hello there miss...." Nate greeted as she handed him a ticket.

"Persia," she replied. "Persia Minami."

"Well you made it just in time Persia," Nate said. "You're one of the last people to get on this ship at this location."

"That's fine," Persia responded as she grabbed her luggage and climbed onto the ship.

"Welp, I'll meet you guys at the pool, see you in a few". Scotch zoomed off towards the pool.

"Alrighty, cya there," July replied as the trio headed towards their room to change.

Meanwhile, Annabelle and her friends seemed to be busy in their rooms changing to get into swim gear. Annabelle looked at her numerous swimsuits while she seemed to be deciding which to wear. Her roomie Christian only sat and stared out of the large bedroom window.

"C Cat...? You OK?" The she wolf asked and the feline nodded.

"Fine. Just...thinking."

"...About him...?" Anna asked, and the other girl huffed as she stood up.

"I don't need to think about that cheating bastard. I'm done with him and he knows that I'd be stupid for forgiving him after he slept with that skank." The cat hissed a bit, sounding deeply hurt before she picked up her swimsuit of choice and went into the bathroom to change in private. Annabelle sighed heavily, before she began to change as well.

Samuel was at the restaurant he finally found having one of his favorite meals. Chicken. He was eating the wing before devouring the other portions. And as soon he was done, he left to go outside to the large swimming pool.

"Damn. The captain wasn't joking on the size! It's massive!" Samuel was simply observing the large swimming until a odd sense of danger fills his sensors, and he spun around. Only to see nothing. "For some reason, I have a bad feeling." He walks forward to go back inside, only to get kicked in the stomach, and into the pool itself.

"And you were the one that stopped Thanatos from destroying the Acorn Kingdom? Pitiful" A black anthropomorphic cat steps outside while Samuel got out.

"How did you got on board?!" He demanded, and she holds the ticket. "Oh, make sense." Samuel simply said.

"Samuel Hayden, when this ship sails, that is when we will fight. But for now, I want to enjoy while it lasts." She smirks and walks away, back inside the ship.

"It must of bee--" Samuel then fell face first onto the ground. Surprised, Samuel used his Archive to check his body. It seems she somehow hit a pressure point, making immobilize from the waist down. "Crap, she know that!" Samuel lies on the ground.

Kaiira saw him on the ground and help him up, asking, "Are you okay sir?"

"N-not really, I it seems I am somewhat paralyzed from the waist ground, and why would you help a human?" Samuel asks.

Kaiira smiled, replying with a, "Because I just want to be kind to everyone, well... Not really on my enemies though..."

Scotch began running back and forth around the ship with WOOSHes, trying to keep his energy in tact. He stopped and cannon balled into the pool, waiting for his friends, he just floated around aimlessly on the floaty.

"I see the crazy antics have already begun," July announced as he stepped onto the outside pool, staring at Scotch. Cassidy and Biggie were also behind him

"I say we get this outdoor fun started," Biggie said.

As if on que, a group of five, which consisted of three humans and two mobians also walked out onto the outdoor swimming pool. The group was carrying various instruments and one of them even a had a drum kit. The group immediately set up and, within minutes, the live band started playing dramatic music.

Meanwhile, in the control room, the captain of our ship looked at his watch and gave the helmsman a nod before talking on the loud speaker.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Hang onto something or take a seat as we get this Cruise underway!" Captain Matt announced with glee.

"Alrighty there mate!" The helmsman replied in her slightly high pitched voice.

The large marvel of a ship steadily pulled out of the port whilst honking it's large horn, signaling it's departure from Windmill Isle.

"Next stop! The Ocean Palace Resort!" The helmsman said over the announcement speakers.

"Nice job Marine! Matt complimented.

The orange raccoon looked back at the Captain and did a salute. "Expect nothing less from a true voyager of the seas!"

Samuel was on one of the chairs at the pool, and he looks to the side to see the ship moving.

"The ship is moving and that cat-girl got the skills of a absolute mastery over the martial arts." He looks over at the pool to see some mobians swimming and the band group. "At least they don't have to feel this." Samuel made a somewhat terrible joke, and laughed a little, but groaned in pain he get slight feeling back from the lower body. "My mobility is off." I sigh as I wait for more feeling to return.

"I'm going to stay by you then," Kaiira smiled, as she sat on another chair. "I have nothing to do anyways... But.... I forgot to introduce myself... My name's Kaiira, Kaiira The Arctic Fox, yours?"

"I am Samuel Hayden. I am a human, of course you know that. But I am also a inventor." He introduced himself.

"Oh!! I see.. That's cool!!" Kaiira grinned, and looked down to see her pokemon wanting to be introduced, so she lifted him up, and introduced him to Samuel. "This is Blaster, my partner, he's a what you call.. Pokemon, and he's a croconaw."

Samuel stares at the pokemon utter disbelief, and he goes to ask her a question. "U-um, where did you get this creature?"

"He had appeared out of a portal, injured and hurt, so I trained him, and so Blaster became fond of me, and we became partners," Kaiira explained. "But I don't have a pokeball..."

"A portal? wait? What did this portal look like?" Samuel asks her.

"Um.. It looked like a vortex shape, and had a crystal blue color, like any other portal," the female arctic fox shrugged, as she casted a healing spell on Samuel.

Scotch looked up and jumped out of the pool and landed in front of the trio. "You finally made it! I'm running around because it helps keep me energized, its a thing I do, anyways, I'll be over there sunbathing if you guys need me for anything".

"I'm joinin' you on that brotha," July replied as he took a seat on one of the various beach chairs.

Scotch walked over got out a sun reflector and layed on one of the beach chairs, sighing and whispering, "Ah.. I can't wait to go back to Seaside..".

((Scotch was talking to Cassidy, July and Biggie :P ~Prince))

(Knew it... I'm wrong... XD Sorry - Celestia)

Samuel was in deep thougt after the explanation on the portal's appearance. "As long no black-ish is seen, I guess it's safe."

"Yep," she shrugged. "I'm gonna get my swim on," Cassidy replied as he climbed up onto the high board. He did a quick jump which turned into a double front flip as he dived into the pool.

Scotch did a fast clap "That was very well done, Cassidy, but I can do better". Scotch got up from the chair, walked over and climbed up the ladder, once he reached the top, he did a spin jump, multiple twists and a double backflip, and crashed into the pool in a spin-jump shape again.

Scotch raised up from the pool and inhaled a deep gust of air, "THAT, is how you do tricks". He looked at the others. "Well? Wanna do it too?".

Cassidy's jaw dropped as the hedgehog landed in the pool. "Well two can play it that game!" he challenged.

Cassidy climbed up onto the high board againand this time took a fewmore bounces before he flew into the air. This time he did a triple backflip and double twist finish as he dived into the pool.

"Top that!" Cassidy shouted in triumph.

"Uh oh, seems like we've got a dive contest going on!" Captain Matt said over the intercom.

Scotch laughed and climbed up again. "Ok, I will". Scotch jumped 6 times and flew into the air, this time doing 2 front and backflips, multiple spin jump spins, multiple twists and finally did an anime peace sign and landed in the water, then he got up and jumped onto the ground around the pool.

"Heh, try to beat that, that's one of my best trick combinations, I sky dive every month". Scotch sat down to watch Cassidy try to beat his record breaking trick combination.

Samuel watches as the two do their diving contest, before looking at the other side of the pool to the same black cat that attacked him. He simply stare at her, before she walks away back inside. "Must be checking how I was. Worried."

"Oh, you've done it now!" Cassidy replied as he climbed back onto the high board.

"He better not do what I think he's gonna do," July said out loud.

Once Cassidy was on the high board he took a bounce, then another, then one more and then launched into the air. He proceeded to do one backflip......two backflips......three.....four?

Biggie's jaw dropped as Cassidy continued rising in the sky. Surely some law of physics is begging broken here? Biggie thought to himself as Cassidy reached his eighth backflip. Only then did he reach the climax of his height.

"How high is that? 50ft off of the board?" July suggested as Cassidy finally started to come down.

The orange raccoon did various front flips, somersaults and twists before he finally reached the water. Just before he hit it however, he stopped in midair! The raccoon got to his feet, almost like he was standing on invisible floor. He then took a quick bow and did a quick dab before doing a backflip and finally landing in the pool with a cannonball finish.

"Show off....." Biggie muttered under his breath.

"Not everyone has Vector Powes y'know!" July shouted as Cassidy rose up to the surface.

Scotch looked at Cassidy, then back to Biggie and July, and pointed at him confused, "Damn, you can break physics like a ghost", Scotch jumped out of the pool and landed on the chair and the edge of the reflector, making it fly up and land in his hands. "Eh, I'm not that competitive of diving", Scotch looked at July again and mouthed silently, "What the hell", then shrugged and layed back.

"Don't mind Cass," July said to Scotch. He then looked at Cassidy. "He's just very competitive and a bit of a show off!"

"Sorry," Cassidy said whilst climbing out of the pool. "I sometimes get a little flashy during competition."

Near the Pool (5 mins since The Cruise began)

"Oooh yes! Time for relaxation!" Missy called out as the group of 4, now 5 with the addition of a hedgehog, wondered past the pool. Annabelle huffed.

"So crowded...Know if there's a more quiet pool around?" The wolf spoke, and Mary smiled softly.

"Well, we can always go to another end. It is pretty big." She spoke, and the group nodded with their small bags over their shoulders as they went to a more calm area of the pool, where a large jacuzzi was sitting. They wondered past the same leopard as before, who was now conversing with Wayne, the DJ.

"Aaahh, well, got a few hours before I set up. Why not reap the benifits of working on a cruise ship, Carmen?" Wayne chuckled as the leopard raised an eyebrow and shrugged.

"I suppose all I need are my snakes company to feel relaxed Wayne..." The leopard spoke, "But I suppose you're right. However my live shows start a while before your club opens so I'll have to be ready before you. Lucky dog." She spoke, a soft and alluring spanish accent on her voice. Wayne grinned, "Eeeexactly!"

Annabelle, Christian, Diamond, Missy, and Mary finally sat down and claimed a few seats by the poolside as they seemed to be talking about usual, day to day stuff. Movies, what to do after swimming for a while, and so on.

Scotch whispered to July, "Maybe we could get Cassidy to go talk to the girls over there, I'm sure he would LOVE to get acquainted with them..", he nudged his elbow at July.

July snickered. "You're telling me."

Cassidy looked over at the chuckling duo and smirked. "Maybe I will."

July started laughing a little harder.

Scotch smirked, "Go do it then, I'll even bet $50 that you can't get one of their numbers".

"Well then my good sir. Challenge accepted!" Cassidy replied 

"Well? What are you waiting for? Go talk to them!". Scotch got up, pushed Cassidy slightly and sat back down, chuckling along with July. 

"Fine then," Cassidy replied as he shook himself off really quick. He then put on his best smile and did his most swaggy walk towards the group of girls.

He looked at Biggie and July and asked, "He won't do it, will he?". He watched Cassidy from the chair.

"One thing you gotta know about Cass," July replied. "He never backs away from a challenge"

"I meant he won't get their number, I have a feeling", Scotch kept on watching.

"Oh, I told him off of course. Why would I date someone like him? He's never even gone on a date! How sad is that?" Diamond giggled with her sister as they splashed around in the water, while the others were sticking their legs in on the edge. Christian nudged Annabelle as they noticed Cassidy wondering over. Of course, they recognized him from a mile away, but were unsure as to why he was coming over...

"Hello there ladies!" Cassidy greeted with a grin. He had no idea what reception he would recieve, however his gut said it wouldn't go too terrible...

Samuel watches has Cassidy greeted the girls. "Does he even know how to greet them? Why did it felt off to me when he said that?"

"I think he's just following the number one rule....Be Yourself." July suggested.

"Maybe so, I think it was weird he said those lines." Samuel told him.

Scotch shrugged, "Being myself around girls is the LAST thing that I should do, I can embarrass myself a lot if I be normal, that's a fact, my prank videos prove it", Scotch laughed, and proceeded to pull out 50 dollars and place it on the arm of the beach chair.

Samuel looked at the 50$ on the arm chair. "Ok, what's the point of THAT?" He asked Scotch.

"I made a wager with Cassidy to see if he can get one of the girls' numbers, and so far, I'm about to lose my $50", Scotch kept on watching Cassidy as he put the money back in his pocket to be safe.

Samuel only sigh in response, before catching a metallic sphere object from nowhere, and he only had a deadpanned expression.

"Dankebot, what do you want?" He asked the sphere thing, and it hovered in front of Samuel.

"A message from Princess Sally Acorn, sir!" The robot said in a cheerful, robotic voice, and goes to play the message.

"Samuel, it's me! Sally! The reconstruction of Calamine is almost done, so you should be able to have your favorite drink when you get back from your cruise!" The message stops there, and the robot poops out of existence, with Samuel looking moderately surprised.

Meanwhile, A short, slumped person with round hands ran towards the ship. He sat at the edge of one side, grabbed his fishing rod, and started fishing.

"Hmph." Annabelle made a small sound with a confident, judgemental smirk spreading across her soft, glossed lips, "Hi. Can we help you...?" The she wolf spoke softly, the others staring while Diamond snickered along with her sister in the pool. Christian seemed to stare with a deadpan look, as if she didn't want to see anyone else for the time being.

Cassidy was slightly caught off guard by Christian's stare. But he sucked it up and continued anyway. "So how're you ladies enjoying the cruise so far?". He took as sit next to them.

Kaiira was looking at Samuel worriedly. 'So he knows Sally Acorn too?' she wondered. 'But I'm worried about him getting into a fight with someone, and m-my powers.. T-th-they're going to go out of control again if I get angry at the attackers!!' She started sweating at the thought, and tears started clouding her eyes. Blaster saw this, and tried comforting her by nuzzling into her arms, but that... Failed.

Samuel looks at Kaiira with a worried expression. "Hey, you ok?"

"Huh? Oh.. Yeah, of course I am," Kaiira grinned, after wiping her tears away. "I just have power controlling problems, and overheard that you know Sally Acorn right?"

"...We only just pulled off, you know..." Christian raised an eyebrow at him, seemingly irritated for no good reason as she seemed to know well of his intentions. She stood up and wondered back to their chairs before laying out with her earbuds in while listening to music.

"Don't take it personally." Annabelle spoke, "She just went through a bad break up recently. The guy went off to a party and banged some ex-band member skank who was exposed of assaulting her band-mates and plagerizing lyrics from other bands's been a bit hard for her." She huffed and brushed some of her pink hair out of her eyes.

"Hmph. He didn't deserve C Cat ANYway." Diamond scoffed as Missy nodded and dipped her head below the waters surface.

"Actually Kaiira. Sally is my.. step-sister..." Samuel nervously.

"Ohh, is she cruel or anything? Sorry, just curious," Kaiira chuckled, as she unconsciously made her hand into an ice claw, and raised it up slightly.

Samuel looks at her with utter shock, and rather annoyed look. "Sally almost died defending the Acorn Kingdom against the Infinity Organisaiton as I did when I fought the Thanatos. Where did you get such a idiotic idea she was cruel from?" Samuel was rather angry, to say the least, and he ignored the ice claw she made.

"Nah, I was curious and wanted to know if all step-sisters were evil... Just like mine..." Kaiira chuckled sadly. "She tortured me, and as a revenge, I almost killed her in rage, but I left, since I'm more to a threat to the step-family, and now... I don't have any family. All except friends, which are my Freedom Fighter friends back at Nocturne Forest. They're my true family."

"Hey, it's cool." Cassidy replied. "I know how it feels to be hurt by somebody you had feelings for." The raccoon looked down a but and then shook it off. "But on the brightside, every cloud has a silver lining. He probably wasn't the one..."

The Villager ran back and forth down the halls until he bumped into something.

"Well she sure thought he was..." Missy muttered, but huffed, "Which is why we're totally gonna have her mingle on this trip!"

Diamond giggled, "Yeah~! She even admitted that she'd like to try going both ways. I don't see why not!" She grinned, "C Cat could make some girl the luckiest thing on the planet!"

Scotch saw the Villager run away and he tapped July 3 times, then whispered, "Dude, I think that was the Villager kid from Smashville ((Smashville is in Smash Bros, I call it the home town -Prince)), What is he doing here? HOW is he here? Scotch looked at July, very confused.

"I think so actually," July replied. "What is he doing here?"

"Hey, if she ever needs a date, my friend over there can sing really well," Cassidy replied slyly pointing at July.

July's eyes widened and the falcon took a quick glance at Christan and then quickly picked up a magzine.

Christian seemed to glance over, a sour look on her face before she turned away and seemed to turn her music up a little lounder. Diamond giggles at the cats reaction.

"Yeah, we'll let you know~" The chipmunk smirked.

Scotch accidentally made eye contact with Diamond, looked at her and gave her a small but noticeable smile, then put on headphones and listened to music, giving a glance at July, then closed his eyes.

I look at Kaiira with sympathetic expression. "Forgive me on that. But let's not dwell on the past, and just enjoy this cruise, right?"

"Yep," Kaiira replied.

Samuel gets up, now having mobility. "I'm gonna head back to my room, and sleep. Have a good day Kaiira." Samuel bid farewell as he walks back to his room.

"Okay, you too Samuel," the female arctic fox replied, as she walked back towards her room with Blaster.

The Villager grabbed an axe and started cutting all the plants in the his room. "How bad can I possibly be?" He gleamed. He threw his axe out his room and it hit somebody.

Scotch perked up and dashed away from the pool area in an instant and stopped where the Villager was, and grabbed his hand. "Kid! Stop cutting down the plants, your reputation is bad enough on the internet, but if you actually KILL SOMEONE, then it'll be way worse!". Scotch looked down with a stern expression at the Villager.

"Just try to act normal", Scotch sped away and jumped back onto the chair, going back to sunbathing.

"That's awesome," Cassidy replied. "He's never had a girlfriend before." This triggers a stare from July that was promptly ignored by the raccoon. He then looks at Annabelle. "Were you in that one movie...? You kinda look familiar..."

Diamond had rolled her eyes when she made eye contact with Scotch, earning a laugh from her adopted sister as they both giggled and went back to swimming. Annabelle blinked as she glanced over at Cassidy, "That depends, which one~?" She replied with a soft chuckle, crossing her legs in a sultry manner.

Scotch delivered an amused eye roll to Diamond and looked at July. "Give it to me straight, would I be ABLE to get with that girl, I want an answer dude", Scotch looked at July with a concerned expression that looked like he was mad and annoyed at the same time, but he could tell Scotch was neither of those.

Meanwhile for Kaiira, she was with Blaster, wearing her swimsuit, as she dashed happily to swim. "Yeah!!" she giggled.

"Honestly?" July replied. "There's always a way. Just don't be creepy and be cool."

Scotch simply nodded as if he needed nothing else and simply put his shades down and went back to sunbathing. "Eh, I'll go swimming later, I love water, I just wanna keep sunbathing right now".

Carmen walked past Scotch and July, running her fingers through her short hair as her rather impressive hips swayed whilst she walked on. Christian caught herself staring, but huffed as she shook her head to get back to her own thoughts and continued to listen to her music.

Diamond grinned as she and her sister splashed each other, racing one another from one area to the next and generally just having a great time.

"Anymore of this and I might need to cool off with a swim," July replied whilst twirling via sunglasses in his hand.

"You said it," Biggie replied as he flicked through a magazine.

"Hmmmm....the name actually slipped my mind," Cassidy replied to Annabelle."Though I'm pretty sure it was a musical that broke the box office the week of it's release."

Scotch took off his jacket and layed it on his chair, then Scotch stood up and spin-jumped, landing in the pool 6 feet away, and rising up spitting out water like a fountain, "Ahhh.. nothing beats the water". He dived and began swimming underwater.

"Oh. You're probably talking about that Cinderella remake I did a few years back." Annabelle spoke, smiling a bit, "It had been so long I could hardly remember myself...or was it that other one...Hm, can't remember anymore..." She tapped her chin.

Diamond and Missy sat up on the side of the pool, the chipmunk wringing her hair out a bit as she tied a small scrunchie around it. The two then picked up some sodas they had set up in their cabin before they began to sip from them and chat.

"Are we going to the club tonight or what?" Missy grinned as her sister nodded,

"Of course! Then, tomorrow, we'll head to the spa and be pampered~!" The chipmunk giggled.

They could see air bubbles coming up from the water as they saw a wavy underwater Scotch laying on the floor of the pool with his hands behind his head and his legs crosses upwards, along with an underwater air filter over his mouth (Scotch was literally sleeping underwater ~Prince).

Diamond seemed to roll her eyes a bit, and went back to Missy, "I was thinking we start with massages and work our way to the sauna probably. I'm sure after dancing our feet are gonna be killing us...!" The chipmunk spoke, seeing the bat nod in response.

"I'd love to get my nails done too~" The bat smiled as Mary began to wonder over and sit next to them, sticking her legs in the water, "Hey you~!" Missy greeted as Mary blushed shyly and smiled.

"I guess time goes by when you're making money," Cassidy replied with a chuckle. "So what brings to you aneed extravagant ship like this Miss.....?" Her name slipped his mind for a moment.

A somewhat short, red-hoodie'd, 20-something year old human with a bandage on his chin walked out onto the pool, he had 2 horn-looking hair tufts on his head, a half red face, and a red robotic arm. "I guess i'll take a vacation away from my ranks for a while, it will be good to get my mind off things", He talked in a Norwegian accent and he had a half happy, half sad look.

"Annabelle Rich." She responded, surprised that even he didn't know her by name, which she seemed to softly sigh at before turning away a bit and rolling her eyes. So hard to find people who didn't live under a rock. Nevertheless she turned back to him and forced a friendly smile. Had it been the past Annabelle, she would have obviously snapped on him.

He gave a small wave at July, "Um, hello, this the main pool, yes?", The guy asked, he had a slightly frightening appearance but he had a friendly look on his face.

The green falcon looked at the human and smiled. "Yeah, this is the main outdoor pool," he answered.

"Annabelle Rich," Cassidy repeated to himself, casting his mind back through where he had heard that name before. "Weren't you a model at one point?"

"Thank you, say.. you don't mind if I sit here, do you?" He sat down on the empty chair, "Um, sorry for the looks, I had.. things happen, anyways my name is Tord, Tord Larsson" Tord sat back and started to talk with July, "I'm from Norway, I can't tell how far away it is from here".

"Nice to meet you Tord," July replied. "My name is July Jonas and I've never actually been to Norway."

"It's a very great country. Say.. what's with the raccoon guy? It looks like someone wagered him to do something", Tord looked at July, with confusion.

"Yeah, he took a bet that he'd be able to get one of thos girls number," July replied.

"Yes, and I still am." Annabelle replied, raising an eyebrow a bit. She didn't seem too pleased seeing as she was still in her prime, and did indeed enjoy modeling lingerie and swimsuits whenever someone was looking to find a model. She sighed a bit, slipping her shades on as she lay on her back, arms behind her head while her legs were still soaking over the edge in the pool.

Scotch jumped out of the water and landed in front of July, "Well, I'm going back to my room, I have a bunch of anime to watch, see you guys later, drop by my room if you want, also let me know how Cassidy turns out." Scotch ran down one of the halls and disappeared around a corner.

Tord just shrugged, "I'm gonna swim." Tord ran into and down a hall too, and then came out with red swim shorts. "Water time!" Tord jumped, flipped, and landed in the water, rose up, and began practicing his backstroke technique.

A giant robotic fish popped up out of the water and threatened to eat Tord.

Tord just punched the fish and it sank to the bottom of the pool, then he swam and looked over the pool edge at the girls, "Hello, ladies, are you having a fine day?" with just one word his accent turned from normal to attractive, then Tord panned over to Cassidy and then back to the girls.

Cassidy watched as Annabelle sighed and slipped on her shades, a clear sign of uninterest. Maybe he was boring her? Maybe he offended her. Thoughts raced through his mind and he backtracked through the conversation so far.

I guess this is what I get for not keeping up with movies and modelling trends, he thought to himself.

"Uh oh," July whispered to Scotch. "Looks like you might win your bet afterall."

"Uuummm," Cassidy uttered. "Look, I'm sorry if I'm boring you. I guess you can already see that I've 'been living under a rock' when it comes to fashion and movies."

"If your looking for the brown hedgehog, he went back to his room" Tord just used the pool wall to push himself off it and started swimming again.

"Seriously...?" Missy spoke up towards Tord as the three only stared awkwardly as Mary narrowed her eyes in a cautious manner. Diamond seemed to roll her eyes a bit as he swam off again, and her sister leaned over to whisper.

"God, we can't keep them away from us can we...? Where are all the worthy boys...?" The bat whispered before Diamond shrugged.

Annabelle's ears twitched at Cassidy's words, "Mm, a little. But don't worry, there are people out there who don't know what the internet is, or never seen The Lion King. So I'd think there's someone out there who's a little less educated than you." She said in a small, joking manner.

Tord just let out an annoyed groan, he wasn't trying to hit on them, He got out of the pool and dried off, then sat down on the chair "Those girls are a bit arrogant" Tord just took the hard plastic casing off of his robotic arm and dried it off, putting it in his bag and just layed back.

"This place sure is amazing, well I'm gonna go now, I gotta go get a bite to eat, so long July." Tord put on his jacket and walked away down the hall.

Then a Charmeleon ran past the hall exit laughing and Scotch zoomed by, chasing it.

"See ya later!" July shouted towards Tord.

"Well I guess so," Cassidy chuckled. "But, seriously though. Working with music and other activities can really take away your time."

Kaiira jumped into the pool with Blaster, splashing water at the croconaw, who splashed her back. "I love this cruise, although I really know anyone here.... Wish I could be someone's friend here..." the young arctic fox sighed.

"Hm." Annabelle nodded in response to what Cassidy had said, before scratching her ear, "I guess not everyone has the free time they probably deserve..." She gave a soft, relaxed sigh.

Mary continued to dip her feet in the water with Diamond and Missy, while Christian was still lounging in her chair with her earbuds in.

Scotch laughed as he walked with Tord down the hall "So you said you literally blew up their house?" Scotch asked Tord in hilarity "Yes, I did! But its all forgiven" they laughed at what they were talking about and Tord turned to his door "See you around, hedgehog." Tord fistbumped him and closed his door.

Scotch chuckled and saw his Charmeleon "AHA! You won't win that easily!" Scotch tackled his Charmeleon "I win! OK Charcoal, time to get back to the room, it's time to watch anime." Scotch and Charcoal ran to his room in a slower manner and shut the door behind them.

"Which is why I try to spend as much free time as I can living life or making it better for other," Cassidy replied as he looked at the blue sky.

Annabelle nodded, "Hmm. I see." She went silent for a moment before sitting up again, pulling down her shades a bit as her deep, dark sapphire eyes could look at him, " goin' to the club tonight?" She didn't really say this in a flirty mannor, however this was Annabelle Rich, and anything she usually did made some people weak in the knees.

Cassidy was slightly caught off guard by the question. "Pretty much," he replied. "Me and the boys will probably perform there too. At least with the Cap's permission." He then looked back at Annabelle. "What about you?

July meanwhile decided that he was tired of reading his magazine. He folded his magazine up and  climbed onto the diving board. He whilsted, warning people that he was about to dive into the pool. He did two shot jumps and the front flipped into the pool.

July suddenly got a text. "Expect me to be at the club tonight, also if you see a charmeleon running down the halls let me know. anyways gtg, this anime isn't gonna ma-" it typed back a little "watch itself, see ya".

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