This Roleplay is free to join.

All characters (Except some characters) are fan characters.


DO NOT break these rules or you'll be kicked out.

No Cussing

No Sexual Activity (Kissing and Flirting is allowed)

No Trolling

No Use of drugs

Have Fun


This roleplay starts in Spagonia University's dormitory, late at night, where Sam the Raven is typing on his laptop. Suddenly it becomes infected.


WasabiOS: Creator

Involved Characters

Spagonia University Students

Sam the Raven: WasabiOS

Joey the Fox: WasabiOS

Cyber Mobians

Cyber Sonic: WasabiOS

Cyber Knuckles: WasabiOS

Cyber Tails: WasabiOS


Adventures in Cyber World/Part1

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