This roleplay is currently free join.

A camp that you go to for fun, randomness, laughs, and a great time. JOIN!


  1. Behave the way you would if your parents were watching
  2. Anything X-rated will result in a kick out of camp
  3. Message me for any questions
  4. No extreme romance. Kissing, hugging, flirting, and making out is fine
  5. No fighting unless told to
  6. No G-Modding
  7. No swearing
  8. Have fun
  9. Be nice to other campers
  10. Complain about your tent partners, you sleep on the grass
  11. No trolling
  12. No controlling others without permission
  13. Sign up before going to the RP topic
  14. No electronics or they will be taken away from you by the Supervisor


I will assign everyone's tent

--Supervisor-- Ryan the Supervising Fox


  • Espiata the Echidna Dragon Hybrid (EAJ)


Tent 3

Tent 4

  • Kaytlin Fence the fox
  • Rosa Fence the leporad geecko
  • Gale Fence the cat

Tent 5

  • Cream the Rabbit (anyone)
  • Raven the Pig (Pumpituppartyzone)
  • Betterina (Pumpituppartyzone)

Tent 6

  • Frost "Snap" Glacia (Numbuh)
  • Vine "Growth" Oakwillow (Numbuh)
  • Electro "Storm" Zaptic (Numbuh)
  • Pyro Oceania (Numbuh)

Tent 7

  • Duan's friend no. 1 (ParaGoomba348
  • Duan's friend no. 2 (ParaGoomba348)
  • Duan's friend no. 3 (ParaGoomba348)
  • Duan's friend no. 4 (ParaGoomba348)
  • Com the Fangirl (ParaGoomba348)
  • Kom the Fangirl (ParaGoomba348)

Part 1-The Arrival

Rapid: I love camp!

Sonic: Yup!

Knuckles: *staring at a tree*

Tails: Yahoo! I love fresh air! *unpacks his bags and goes to his tent*

Jack: Yeah it's so nice to be out in the Great Outdoors

Bada: Looks like this is the Perfect spot for a Camping Trip

Bing: It sure is over here

Rapid: Hey guys!

Sonic: OMG!!! A LAKE!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *runs in circles*

Tails: *falls asleep in tent*

Knuckles: Still looking at a tree*

Bada: (Grabs Sonic) What is going on with you Sonic?

Bing: Yeah, what is going on with you over here?

Sonic: ...

Rapid: ...

Knuckles: *still looking at tree*

Bada & Bing: What? (Puts Sonic Down)

Jack: Never mind about that

Rapid: Well, we need chicks here...

Sonic: 0_o'

Knuckles: *runs in circles and singing in a girls voice* I beleive I can flyyyyyyyyy!

Jack: Uh Knuckles what are you doing?

Knuckles: *talking in a girl's voice still* I need to release my feminine side.

Rapid & Sonic: *tring hard not to laugh*

Bada: Well that is...

Bing: ...Totally Super

Jack: Yeah

Bada & Bing: (Tries hard not to Laugh)

Rapid & Sonic: *bursting in laughter*

Knuckles: *in his regular voice* That's it! *punches Rapid and Sonic*

Rapid & Sonic: *knocked out*

Bada & Bing: (Stops) My Bad

Jack: Ohhh that's Nasty

Raven: *pulls up in Cab with Cream and Batterina* Hiya!

Jack: Hello, looks like your just in Time, we need only 1 more Group & will begin Camp right now

Batterina: *blink* Is it safe here?

Jack: I think it is

Cream: I can't wait to start camp! Is Mr. Sonic here?

Jack: Well he is, but he's kinda Knocked out by Knuckles at the Moment

Rosa:We are here girls!

Kaytlin:Look at the scenery!


Bada: Well it makes you feel like...

Bing: ...your in the Jungle over here

Raven: Jungle! I love the jungle! Yay!!

Kaytlin:What beautiful forest!I love forests!


Jack: Ok you guys, cool your jets please

Gale:Pfffffffffffft,I wish we were in the city!

Jack: Camping is were you relax your Mind, play Games & Have Fun

Raven: Are there vines? I love vines! I love vines!

Gale:Where are the taxies?

Jack: There are no Taxies in the Forest


Jack: What are you so Mad about?

Rapid & Sonic: Ow. We broke our noses...

Knuckles: Rawr...

Tails: *blushes while walking up to Cream*

Rosa:*blushes*Hi Sonic!

Jack: Somethings I've gone Completly Crazy

Kaytlin:So Knuckles is at this camp?

Bada: Well you get the Picture...

Bing: ...when you're in Camp over here

Growth: (comes out of a nearby tree)

Jack: Who are you?

Growth: call me Growth.

Sonic: Hey Rosa!

Rapid: I need food!

Jack: Hi Growth, My name is Jack the Hedgehog & this is Bada & Bing my Two Gorilla Bodyguards

Bada & Bing: Hi

Growth: sup? two friends of mine should be here shortly. might wanna watch out for them.

Ryan the Supervisor: Camp starting. Campfire. Now.

Rapid: All the tents are full!


Kaytlin:Dumb six year old sister!

Rapid: *puts hand in the fire*

Snap: (grinds over on a rail of ice)

Storm: (grinds over on a rail of lightning)

Rosa:Lighting and Ice!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack: Lets gather up some Sticks (Gather Sticks)

Bada & Bing: (Gather Sticks)

Kaytlin:*Picks up a tree*

Growth: (two trees grow on either side of him. he picks them both up)

Jack, Bada & Bing: (Puts the Sticks down on the Campfire) Yeah (Hi Fives)

Gale:Well its night!

Jack: Lets start a Campfire

Kaytlin:Let's sing K.K.Slider songs!

Jack: What Song?

Kaytlin:Go K.K.Rider!

Jack: Oh ok

Rapid: *hand still in the fire*

Jack: If you play with fire, you might get Burn

Gale:*Sleeping in her tent*

Jack, Bada & Bing: Good night (Goes into the Tent & goes to Sleep)

Rapid: I have gloves that absorb fi- *looks at his hand* Where's mah gluv?! *hand on fire* AHHHH! *running all over the place*

Kaytlin:*Throws water on it*

Rapid: Thanks. I only had my regular gloves on. *glove is burnt*

Rosa:Sonic?Do you have a girlfriend?

Honeydew: Chao!

Raven: Really? She's here?

Cream: Who is here?

Raven: Snap Glacia. She's a makor chao legend. Apparently, she helped save some chao named Maddie from a bunch of halfbreeds.

Jack: I see you guys are having Fun (Yawns)

Rapid: Sonic doesn't have a real girlfriend. Sonic just acts like it.

Sonic: *punches Rapid in the stomach* Shut it!

Jack: Harsh

Rapid: *spits out blood* Yup...

Sonic: Rapid, you truly are a wimp.

Rapid: *kicks Sonic in the nuts* Say it again. I dare you.

Sonic: OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack: Guys Stop, Can't we just get along? First Rapid is Upset, then Sonic is Upset, I can't take it anymore

Tails: It's rivalry.

Jack: Huh? Oh yeah

Duan: What is this junk about being upset and whatnot?

Duan's friend no. 1: Can't we all just get along?

Duan's friend no. 4: Peacemaker.

Rutt & Tuke: Hi Guys

Part 2-Camp Activities

Rapid: I'm so bored.

Tails: Hey look! Swordplay!

Rapid: *mouth opens wide* AWESOME!!!!!

Jack: Bada & Bing Wakes up

Bada & Bing: (Wakes up) (Yawns) Good Morning (Eats Bananas) MMMMM Bananas

Rapid: ...

Jack: Bada & Bing just Love Bananas for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Rapid: I don't like bananas...

Jack: Those Bananas are very high on Patasium


Rapid: I don't like potassium. Or magnesium...

Kaytlin:*gets telepathic message*Twig what is it know!

Twig:Do you know how to contact mom!

Kaytlin:Not in front of the mobians!

Raven: Soooooo bored. Can we play Little Sally Walker?

Rosa:Let's play hide and go seek!

  • Vegas runs into the camp entance with Lunar flying behind her, they both were panting hard.*

Vegas:Are *gasp* we too *gasp* late?

Lunar: Cha..Cha..Cha...

Vegas: Aw man I think we are! Nngh! I really wanted to join here!

Gale:Yes you are!

Rosa:One of you can sleep in my bed!

Vegas:*growls* Id rather not *still gasping* Is there anyway I can get a tent next door to Sonics or Tails? Or at least have a seperate tent, me and Lunar *breathing* need somewhere to say since we ran all this way.

Kaytlin:*Builds a tent for her and her friend next to Sonic's tent*

  • Sonic still cringing from the kick*

Sonic: Hey, what are you doin- oh no...

Vegas: Hi Sonic!

Lunar: Chao!Chao!

Sonic: I thought I left you at your clubhouse for a reason.

Vegas: You should know by now I wont let you ditch me without a fight, and judging by your current condition youre gonna need some back up.

Sonic: I dont need back up, I can take care of myself.

Vegas: Oh really? Well your lucky, im too late anyways, I will be leaving tommorow, all the tent have been taken and it looks like this place is full.

  • sigh fakingly depressingly*

Vegas: Oh, if only someone could bend the rules and let me join, *sigh* but alas! My luck has been destroyed by this turn of events.I! was too late.

Cream: *walks in* Hey, are you guys gonna play hide and seek with us? We're about to see who's counting.

Rosa:*Turns into treecko and runs up a tree*

  • Vegas hops up*

Vegas:Yes! Yes! Thatll be fun!

Lunar: Chao!

Sonic: Again, another attitude change,make up you mind!

Vegas:Sonic would LOVE to count!

Sonic: What, No I wouldnt!

Vegas:Dont be shy! Cmon just count!

Raven: Yay!! We're finally doing something! *jumps up and down*

Sonic: I am NOT counting!

Vegas: Aw cmon, and its unfair if you dont count anyways, knowing you, the miniute someone finds you, you would run straight to base without an issue.

Sonic:Why are you dragging me into this game anyways! Arent we all a little old for Hide and Seek

Vegas: Youre never to old to have fun Sonic!

Sonic:This doesnt seem like much fun.

Batterina: *blink* I had no Idea Sonic was such a party pooper in person.

*Lunar, who had gotten bored, climbed onto Batterinas head*

Lunar: Chao!Chao!

Vegas: Oh my goodness! *Vegas grabbed Lunar off* Im so sorry! My chao does that sometimes but never to strangers! Say your sorry Lunar!

  • Lunar ignored Vegas disipline*


Batterina: *blink* Oh, that's alright. I just hope he doesn't bite me, because I might hurt him. I'm sort of high voltage.
Vegas:*laugh* shes a girl, Lunar is a girl

Batternia: *sweat drop, blink* I knew that. I was just testing you.

Jack: Well I guess we get some Activites to play

Bada & Bing: Yeah

Jack: Come on Bada & Bing we got some Canoing to do

Bada: Uh we're too big for Canoing

Bing: Yeah We'll sink over here

Jack: Ok, so what are we gonna do now?

Bada: Well we're gonna go Eat some more Banana

Bing: I'm with you over here

Bada: Yeah

Bing: Thanks

Jack: While you are going to eat Bananas, I'm going Canoing

Bada: How about we take Raven with us

Bing: She likes the Jungle over here

Jack: ok, but be carful with her ok

Bada & Bing: Ok

Rapid: I'm goin' to the musical session. *takes out his drum sticks*

Bada: Raven

Bing: We're going on a Jungle Hike

Rapid: *playing the drums* Gotta keep my focus... *starts playing awesomly*

Jack: Bada, Bing are you sure?

Bada: Me & Bing have found like 10,000 Bananas

Bing: Yeah, we just like bananas over here

Jack: Ok (Eats the Banana)

Bada & Bing: (Eats the Banana)

Rapid: *focuses harder and his teacher rewards him as the new teacher*

Jack: Would you like a Banana, Rapid?

Rapid: I hate bananas. They taste horrible.

Jack: But they're good for you

Rapid: I know. I eat any healthy thing 'cept for bananas.

Jack: Oh ok

Rapid: I want to do something outrageous, but I'm only 16...

(a small 5 year old girl is seen coming from the woods with bags bigger than her in her arms)

Espiata: i hope im not late!

Rapid: Hello! I'm Rapid. You can call me anything you'd like!

Ryan: Lunch. Now. No late!

Espiata: *runs faster after hearing lunch from the supervisor* yey! food!

Rapid: All right! Wonder what the lunchroom looks li-*the lunchroom is just like Hometown Buffet* I think I'm in heaven!

(Espiata goes to her tent and puts her stuff there and comes back out of breath)

Espiata: now i kinda feel what dad does during his chases....

Rapid: *gets 5 plates full of food* Yum! *eats it almost instantly*

Espiata: and i thought dad was bad. *she grabs a plate of her favorite foods that they have and she goes and sits at a nearby table*

Rapid: *gets more food* Oh yeah! *eats it instantly again*

Espiata: how much are we allowed?

Rapid: As much as you want, thankfully.

Espiata: you sure? because i dont want to get in trouble from eating to much.

Rapid: I'm sure.

Ryan. Eat all want. Clean after self.

Raven: *runs in* WHAT DID WE MISS?!

Rapid: Part one of lunch.

Raven: I'm starving! *takes out gamebo and gives it to Batterina, takes tray, and zooms thru lunch line getting almost everyhting*

Espiata: okay! *goes up for seconds and thirds and fourths and fiths*

Raven: *stuffs face*

Rapid: *gets twentyiths*

Espiata: *spreads her vampire wings which are bigger than her*

Rapid: *looks at Espiata* Whoa! That's awesome!!!!!!

Espiata: i know. thank you. *she fly's up to the celing touches the roof and comes back down*

Cream: Aren't you guys going to save some food for other people?

Rapid: I'm only psychic. I'm able to read minds too.

Espiata: there's plenty of food here for everybody so no need to worry.

Rapid: Yeah. Want me to read your mind, Cream?

Cream: Okay! Gumdrops, gumdrops! I wonder if chao have pets!

Espiata: hmmmmmmm i wonder..... can i go outside Mr.... ummm *dosent know the supervisors name*

Rapid: You're thinking, Gumdrops gumdrops! I wonder if chao have pets. Am I right.

Cream: U-huh! That's so neat! Do you think that chao have pets?

Rapid: Maybe. Want to learn to read minds?

cream: *gasps eagerly and nods*

Espiata: ummm mr? *she taps Ryans shirt* i dont know your name. can you tell me please?

Ryan: *smiles* Me Ryan. Me supervisor

Jack: Yummy Lunch Time (Eats his Lunch)

Rapid: Hey Jack! Think about something! I read minds. I'm psychic too, so I can see into the future.

Jack: Really?

Rapid: Yep! I even did it with Cream!

Jack: Wow

Rapid: Okay. So think about something.

Jack: I'm thinking of having a Banana

Rapid: Think hard in your mind. Not outloud. "Man I think Desiree is hot..." Ready?

Raven: No! Do me first! Me! Me! I wonder if the Candy Pirate is made of candy. Maybe that's why he always keeps it to himself. Ooh, maybe I can hit him with a bat and the candy will fall out!

Jack: Ok (Thinking)

Espiata: okay Mr. Ryan il be outside waiting and practicing with my wings.

Rapid: You're thinking about if you hit the Candy Pirate with a bat, candy will come out. Am I right Raven?

Raven: Uh-huh! That's so awesome!! How do you do it? Huh? Huh?

Batterina: *blink blink* I'd like to learn aswell.

Rapid: I went through hard times to do it. My friend learned it the easy way. I'll teach you too Batterina. I just read your mind. *swats fly*

Batterina: Blink* That's it? Boy, this was a rip off.

Rapid: I haven't even taught you! It wasn't a rip off! I just hit a fly. All you need to do is speak with your inner aura. I'm able to take mine out, but he's a womanizer. Don't know why...

Snap: (sarcastic) mmmm....pleasant.

Raven: But Batty is a battery. She doesn't have an inner aura-ma-whoosit.

Rapid: She has an energy core. *inner self summons itself out of Rapid*

Inner Rapid: Sup

Rapid: Get in me! NOW!

Inner Rapid: Nah! *runs off randomly*

Growth: (vines come out of the ground and wrap around Inner Rapid)

Inner Rapid: Darn...

Rapid: *absorbs Inner Rapid* Ok. Back to normal.

Cream: Well, if that's not the oddest thing I've ever seen....

Batterina: *blink* I agree.

Rapid: ...

Jack: Are you sure?

Rapid: Huh?

Knuckles: Hey guys, archery is starting.

Jack: Ok

Rapid: *picks up his archery set*

Jack: (Picks up the Archery Set) Ready?

Rapid: You bet! *aims at target* Ready...steady...FIRE! *shoots arrow and bets a bull's eye* All right!

Espiata: *flying around the camp with her wings*

Jack: (Shoots at the Target) I got it

Rapid: *shoots at target* All right.

Gale:*Shoots the target ,too*Hmph!

  • Vegas, whom had stayed silent the whole time finally spoke up*

Vegas: Woot Archery!

Sonic: Yes! Something actually worth my time!

  • Vegas pushed an arrow toward Sonic*

Vegas: Ha, Shut it and shoot.

  • Sonic starts to aim*

Sonic: >>>>>>>>>>>

  • Soinc shoots but the arrown went to quick and made a hole on the target*

Vegas: O.o SONIC!

Sonic: What? Its not my fault the target cant withstand my shots.

Vegas: O.e Well thank for ruining my chance of getting a perfect shot.

Sonic: pfft. As if youd ever get a perfect shot.

Rapid: 0_o Uh...Sonic? You look strong. Later, wanna spar?

ooc: Whats Sparing O.o thats like fighting right?

Sonic: Heh, Sure lets do it.


  • The Fans of Insanity come by*

Duan: Hey, guys, it's us.

Duan's friend no. 1: We had to pack a large tent...

Duan's friend no. 2: I don't see why though.

Duan's friend no. 3: *Smacks Duan's friend no. 2 across the face*

Duan's friend no. 4: Hater.

Com: Oh my god Kom, it's a camp! With hot boys! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Kom: Oh my god Com, there are! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!

Duan: THAT'S gonna get annoying.

Batterina: *blink* It's like Sadie and Katie all over again.

Gale:Good bye,insane fangirls!*Shots them with sleepy darts*

Storm: great. now Tsunami's friends are here.

OOC: Yeah sparring is like a short fight with gear and helmets and stuff so you don't get too hurt.

Jack: Wow

Espiata: *she creates a fake image of herself and fights it*

Jack: Ok

Espiata: *wins the sparring match against her shadow and they continue to spar and they have it fluxaite between which wins and loses*

Rapid: Let's do something crazy.

Jack: Like what, going on a Canoe Trip?

Rapid: No. Like this. *throws a rock at a bull* Like that. *starts running*

Bull: *roars*

Jack: Uh Oh (Screams & starts running) AHHHHHHHH!

Growth: (vines grow out of the ground and wrap around the bull)

Snap: (freezes the bull's feet to the ground)

Storm: (grabs the bull by the horns. sends an electric current through them, electricuting it)

Bull: *explodes*

Rapid: Flying hamburgers!

Snap: your welcome.

Raven: *gasp* Flying hamburgers?! Hams are pigs!!

Growth: sooooo........why did you throw a rock at a bull?

Rapid: *shrugs*

Jack: Oh right uh thank you

Rapid: *gets a rock and throws it at a bee's nest* ...

Over 9000 Bees: *charging at Rapid, Jack, and everyone else* RUN!!!!!!!


Rapid: I know!

Jack: Rapid No, oh ouch ow oww

Rapid: *gets stung everywhere possible* OW!

Jack: It's so painful, never do crazy stuff like that again

Rapid: Must do crazy stuff! *takes a lion cub away from it's den* I'm gonna name you...Haystack.

Lioness: *roars and chases Rapid*

Rapid: HOLY CRAP!!!!!!

Jack: Oh No, you never take away the Babies from their Mothers, they get Mad

Rapid: I think I know that now! *starts running* Jack! Help! AH!!!!!!!

Lioness: *tackles Rapid and starts scratching his face*

Jack: (Grabs his Steak) Here boy Here boy (Throws the Steak) Fetch !

Lion Cub: *runs off to get the steak*

Lioness: *follows*


Tails: *puts Rapid in a straight jacket and ties him to a tree* Stay there!

Jack: Thanks Tails

Tails: No problem. He needed it.

Rapid: Get me outta h- *Tails puts tape over his mouth*

Jack: What should we do?

Tails: I dunno.

Rapid: *struggling to get out*

Jack: How about fishing?

Tails: Okay! *laughs*

Rapid: *still trying to get up*

Jack: Then lets go

Bada & Bing: Ok

Rapid: *gives up*

Tails: All right. (gotta go to bed. I'll be on at 10:00 am what time will you be online?-RTH)

Jack, Bada & Bing: (Grabs their Fishing poles & Goes to the Dock to go Fishing) (I've gotta get to school tomorrow, so i'll be Online in 3:30 - User:Spongebob100)

Jack: I wonder what am I gonna catch

(The Fans of Insanity woke up)

Duan: Mornin' guys.

Duan's friend no. 1: I don't like camping. Why'd you have to drag me here?

Duan's friend no. 2: I dunno.

Duan's friend no. 3: Maybe this is another character-building session.

Duan's friend no. 4: Grandpa.

Com: What are we doing today?

Kom: I dunno. What do you think?

Com: I dunno. What do you think?

Kom: I dunno. What do you think?

Duan: ...This is why we're the Fans of Insanity. I'm going to practice my guitar. I'm sure after a long day today, we're gonna need some campfire songs!

Duan's friend no. 1: We're gonna go for a swim.

Duan's friend no. 2: Whoo-hoo! I'm gonna dive in! (Dove in on the cold side)

Duan: ...You can get hypothermia from that side.

Jack: (Got a Bite) I got a Bite, I got it (Fish pulling him back) Wait he got me

Espiata: *she goes into a bathroom and changes into a swimsuit and jumps into the water and comes back up with some fish in her hands* i caught some!

Jack: Bada, Bing a little help please

Bada & Bing: Okey Dokey (Helps Jack pulls the Fish)

Jack, Bada & Bing: (Caught a Giant Fish)

Jack: Uh Oh (been crushed by a Giant Fish) This doesn't feel like good luck

Espiata: *lifts the enitre fish off of Jack Bada and Bing* hey.

Handy: *catches a guppie* ...

Jack: I caught a Giant Fish

Kaytlin:*Catches a Magikarp*Not this again,I had to put up with this on my own planet now here!When will I catch a goldeen?

Jack: What's a Golden?

Kaytlin:Never mind.And it's pronoced Goldeen.

Bada & Bing: Ok

Rosa:I caught a!What is it?A Feebas?

Jack: What's a Feebas?

Rosa:It evoeles intoto a Milotic!

Jack: Whao

Gale:Those are the "Animals" on Sasafrass,Our planet.

Rutt & Tuke arrived at Camp

Rutt: Hey Guys

Tuke: How's it going, eh?

Espiata: Jack... where do you want your fish.. its getting heavy....

Rosa:Yay,Kaytlin can I eveole it?


Jack: How about in the Cooler to keep it cold

Espiata: *goes over to the cooler* okay. *stuffs the entire fish into it* woo *grabs her arms* owww ow ow. ow... i dont ever want to hold a giant fish like tha for a long time like that again... *she continues rubbing her arms*


Jack: I guess I'm lucky

Rosa:Kaytlin is lucky,too.

Rutt & Tuke: Wow

Kaytlin:I'm not luckt til it grows!

Rutt & Tuke: Oh

Espiata: *grabbing untensils for later* im going to try and cook a fish my moms way. she makes wonderful fish.


Jack: Ok

Espiata: *clims the nearest tree in sudden fear* please dont do that.... *notices how high she is and she gets scared* oh no.. im not good at extreme hights like here... help...

Gale:*Jumps up on to the branch*Get onto my back!

Bing: What's wrong with Fish

Bada: I don't know

Rosa:There Scaley like me!

Espiata: *gets onto Gales back* o-okay.. im on......

Jack: Fish are Scaley?

Gale:*jumps back down*There now get of my back!

Rosa:Yes they are!*To Jack*

Espiata: *gets off quickly* no need to be mean... i just hate really high hights... *pointing to the tree to prove her point of a 7 story tall tree*

Kaytlin:Gale is just like that!

Handy: *takes straight jacket off Rapid* 1,2,3! *rips tape off Rapid*

Rapid: AGH!

Espiata: ouch that has to hurt Rapid.

Jack: Yep that's gotta hurt

Rapid: *rubbing his lips* Ow...

Rosa:That hurted you!

Espiata: another thing thats scaly Rosa are dragons. *her wings change and she spreads them to show the colorful scales on them*

Rosa:I'm scaly,too.

Jack: Oh yeah

Espiata: just fish are edible.

Jack: Ohhh

Espiata: and healthy when cooked right.

Jack: Mmmmm

Espiata: but can someone help me get a fire going? i can try cooking the fish like my mom but i need some help setting a fire.

Jack: (Grabs about 10 sticks) let's make a Campfire

Rapid: *shoots a blue energy blast out of his hands onto a pile of wood and catches on fire*

Jack: We need a Fire built by Hand

Rapid: That came out of my hand.

Jack: I mean By Ourselves without Powers

Espiata: and besides mom never used magic fire to make food. she said it sucks out all flavor and is life threatning.

Jack: I can build Campfires the Old fashion way

Espiata: i can to but i never had to til now.

Bada & Bing: (Eating Bananas) Yummy

Jack: (Makes a Campfire the old fashion way) There, what do you think?

Espiata: perfect! *she starts cooking the fish a little weirdly but when they are done its the best fish they have ever had* yes! i got it down!

Jack: Did you like it?

Espiata: thats my question! hahaha. anyway how was it guys?

Rapid: You done with the fire yet?

Jack: Ok everyone, dig in, Giant Cooked Fish on the Table

Espiata: enjoy guys! i did it my mothers way. *she pours water on the fire to put it out parialy* that way its controlled and so we dont have to be cold while we talk later.

Rapid: I'll go look for some more stuff to eat.

Jack: Ok Good Luck

Rapid: *laughs* Thanks. *comes back in a few minutes with scratches, cuts, and bruises* I got attacked by a bear...

Jack: A bear?

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