Drakon the Halfbreed

It is 30 years later on Mobius and Sonic and Sally have married, but you already know this from the comics so I'll cut to the chase. The 5 year peace has take a hold and Darkstorm has become top soldier in the Yautjan military. But ther is some thing new Darkstorm has a son that he never knew of ever since Whitelight had passed and the childs name is Drakon.

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  • King Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Queen Sally Acorn
  • Lord Darkstorm the Halfbreed
  • Mina Prower
  • Miles Prower
  • Melody Prower
  • Skye Prower
  • Blaze THC
  • Drakon the Halfbreed
  • Stardust the Hedgehog
  • Godzilla jr.
  • Bakuustorm the two Tailed cat Halfbreed
  • Prince Manic Acorn
  • Princess Sonia Acorn
  • Kaytlin Fence the Fox
  • Rosa Fence the leporad Gecko
  • Gale Fence the cat
  • Chip
  • Southwestern Freedom Fighters
  • Lucas the hedgefox
  • Chlole the chiuhuahua gecko
  • Red the Cat
  • Cro the Bat
  • Jack the Hedgehog/Armor Jack (Spongebob100)
  • Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)
  • Speedy the Porcupine (Scroundernuts)
  • Ruby the Porcupine (Scroundernuts)
  • Speedy Jr. the Porcupine (Scroundernuts)
  • Mary the Porcupine (Scroundernuts)
  • Jim the Doggaby (Scroundernuts)
  • Thomas the Racoonaby (Scroundernuts)
  • Tonya the Dogcoon (Scroundernuts)
  • Edward The Artificial Robloxian Hedgehog
  • Lara-Su
  • Espiata, Nina, Zeenahk, Darkness, Tikala (EAJ)
  • Shadow the Wolf (Shadowthewolf)
  • Verona the cheeta
  • Cycona the Wind cheeta
  • Katie Rose (BunnieRabbot123) (Changes to Villans side later on)
  • Reshiram
  • Zekrom
  • Darien the Hedgehog
  • Pulse the Electrohog
  • Electron the Hedgehog
  • Proton the Electrohawk
  • Jewel the Bat (Scroundernuts) (Villian at first)



  • Dr. Finitevus
  • Mephiles Darkstorm
  • King Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Lein-Da the Echidna
  • the Dark Presance
  • Dark Teniahk
  • Predalien
  • BlackSkull the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  • Lord Gym (Scroundernuts)
  • Valorie Igunus
  • Lurax Darkstorm (Since being the daughter of Mephiles Darkstorm)
  • Dark Wolf Fence the wolf
  • Billy the Demon
  • Daleks Supreme
  • Cyber Men
  • Rouge Xenomorphs
  • Kai the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  • Layla the FoxSkunk (Spongebob100)


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At Castle Mobius

Darkstorm: (Reading his Grimwor)

Blaze THC and Stardust:(Practicing chaos spear)

Darkstorm:Brisinger (A small flame appears)

(Manic, and Sonia Acorn Jumps Darkstorm)


Chlole:*Flies toward The Castle of Mobius*

Stardust: Momy look!!

Blaze THC:Huh

Jack: Hi Honey

Blaze THC:Jacky (Blow kisses)

Manic Acorn: Hi

Sonia Acorn: Hi

Jack: Hello, Kiddies. Here's Uncle Jacky visiting my Cousin King Sonic

Patricia: Hello my friends

Queen Sally: Hey Jack.

Jack: It's nice to meet oh great Queen Sally (Bows)

Chlole:*Knocks on the Window*

Darkstorm:Openick (Window opens)

Jack: Who can that be?

Darkstorm:(Falls to the ground in a vision)

Chlole:Huh?What happened to him?

Jack: I don't know

Speedy: (Knocks on door)

Jack: I'll get it (Opens the Door) Hi Speedy

Speedy Jr.: Hi Jack!

Speedy: He's my son.

Jack: Hello Speedy Jr.

Patricia: Hello Little one

Chlole:Umm...............We shouldn't be worrying about vistors..................

Darkstorm:(Teleports to Delta Quaderent)

Speedy: What happened to Darkstorm?

Jack: I don't know, can someone help him up

Mary: But he's gone..

Jack: Yeah I wonder why?

Bakuu: He sensed a robbery.

Patricia: Oh right, don't worry. I'm sure he'll be back

Chlole:Not...............again..*Prepares to Fly off again*

Darkstorm:(Teleports back)*Yawns* Man the job is gettin old

Chlole:*Falls back onto the floor*..............................................

Jack: Chlole?

Jim: She's okay.

Patricia: By the way, I have 3 Children, name Patty, Pat & Patricia Jr.

Patty, Pat & Patricia Jr.: Hi

Jim: Mine are Thomas & Tonya!

Thomas: Hey!

Jack: It's nice to meet you all

Speedy: So how old are you now Jack? Still 15 from that Dragon core that makes you ageless?

Jack: Yes, I still look 15

Patricia: I've learn Magic Spells

Jim: I joined G.U.N. when i was 21, & i still work for them.

Darkstorm:(Tosses Patrictia his Grimwor)

Jim: ???

Patricia: Thanks Darkstorm

Darkstorm:Openick:(Grimwor opens)

Tonya: Huh?

Bakuu: My father is the master of all Dark Magic and Dark energy

Patricia: Wow

Thomas: He's very strong..

Bakuu:(In his mind) I wonder where Espiata, Nina, and Zeenahk are?

Darkstorm:(Summons a sphere of dark energy)

Tonya: Wow!

Patricia: I'm maybe 51 Years old, but I'm still young, I've become Ageless too

Mary: How?

Patricia: I've learn so much about Magic when I was 21 Years Old, that I felt the Witch Orb inside of me.

Ruby: So how come we're not Ageless at all?

Darkstorm:(Eyes change color)

Jim: ???

Darkstorm:Brisinger (Congers a small flame)

Patricia: I don't know why?

Darkstorm:Paticia what magic are you a master in?

Edward:*comes in* Hello Dark .We meet Again.

Patricia: I've mastered, Levatation, making into something Useful & Flying on my Flying Broom

Darkstorm:(Having another vision)

Patricia: Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: (Roaring)

(A shadow is seen)

Jack: Who's there?

???:(Runs for it)

Jack: Hey, where ya going? Hey! Come back

???:(Still running)

Edward:*runs after shadow*

Patricia: Where are you going?


???: (Stops at a ledge of Angel island) At least no one followed me (Pulls out switch blade)

Jack: Who's that?

???:(Hisses a warning at Jack)

Jack: Ahh! Who's there?

Patricia: Uh, hello?

???:Blackus Lightlus (Black Lightning strikes next to Patricia)

Jack: LOOK OUT! (Carries Patricia & dodges the Black Lighting) Run for it (Runs while carrying Patricia)

???: (hisses and runns)

Jack: I gotta get back to King Sonic & Queen Sally

Patricia: We're under attack!

(as the figure runs away he is tripped by Darkness who catches him and puts ability disruptors on the figure to stop his attacking)

Darkness: and you are?

Jack: Phew that was a close one

Patricia: Yeah

Edward:Nice job.

Darkness: thanks but back to interagation. Whats your reason for attacking my friends here and why are you doing this?

">???: I am Drakon the Halfbreed (Punches Darkness and tries to escape but his left wings bones begin snapping)

Darkness: *heals the wings but keeps putting pressure on him* not so fast.

Drakon:(Hisses at sunlight and Darkness)

Darkness: *uses his shadow to grab onto everyone and they all teleport back to the castle* Now then explain yourself and you will be relased. if failure to comply then well Darkstorm will get to have a new test subject.

Drakon:(Eyes widen)

Darkness: im going to take the armlets i put on you off. you attack any of us they go on full power till you drop dead. Understand?

(Darkness=Darkstorm right?)

(no eaj = i control Darkness no one ever controls my charecter EVER!!!)

Jack: What's going on here?

????:Why,that their is a Fight!I pretty sure anyone now'd that!

Patricia: Who's there?

Red:Why My names Red,Red the Kitty!

Jack: Red Kitty, what are you doing here?

Chlole:*Flies Back*His name Red the cat,But he uses kitty instead of Cat*Flies off Again*It HURTS.

Red:(To Jack)Cuze I heard theres Trouble here.

Patricia: Oh thank you, Red. We've been attacked by Black Lighting

Red:How'd that Happen?

Jack: I don't know. It's like someone is watching us

Red:Well I Got into anough stuff,I'm Off!*Runs Off*

Jack: Bye

Patricia: We gotta get back to Castle Mobius

Jack: Ok, let's go

(Jack & Patricia head back to Castle Mobius)

Patricia: That's strange, I wonder why that Black Lighting almost hit us for?

Jack: I don't know Patricia, but we betta head back

Drakon: (Trying to free himself)

Darkstorm: It is no use!

Darkness: head back to where Jack? i teleported us all back! (Seriously Spongebob read the god dang roleplay! i said Darkness teleported them back after catching Drakon!)

Drakon:(Hisses at Darkness) Vampires are inferior speices!!

Darkness: yeah well here's news for you. *he thrusts his fist halfway through Drakons chest not ripping it open or anything just a strong impact punch* im not just a vampire.

Drakon:(Coughing) Your no better than the person that killed my mother!!

Darkstorm: Who was your mother Darkling.

Drakon: Half Darkling, my mother was Whitelight the Halfbreed!!!

Darkstorm: (Has a heart attack)

Darkness: and let me guess Darkstorm she was a person who either mated with or married?

Drakon: In a guess, yes, holy crud that ryhmed!!

???: Well if it isn't my old friend Darkstorm

Drakon:(Growls) who are you?

Darkstorm: Shadow the wolf

Shadow The Wolf: Correct.


Shadow the Wolf: *Takes out sword of souls and starts growling*

Darkstorm: Shads don't remember kill a soul won't solve anything

Shadow the Wolf: *Stops growling* Your right Darkstorm *Puts sword away*

Darkstorm:(Regains strength) Good (Notices a locket around Drakon's neck)

Shadow the Wolf: *Takes the hood of her cloak down* Who is this guy Darkstorm?

Darkstorm:(Grabs the Locket which says Darkstorm X Whitelight) I am guessing he is my son (Turns wolf in front of Shadow the Wolf)

Shadow the Wolf: Jerry,Jerry,Jerry

Darkstorm:(Bites himself and his blood drops into a DNA test)

Drakon: (Does the same)

Shadow the Wolf: Well time to find out if Drakon is Darkstorm's son

(The DNA test confirms that Drakon is Darkstorms Son)

Katie: *hiding* Hmmmm i wonder if Manik is here.....

Espiata: *sneaks up on Bakuu and wraps her arms around him as Nina and Zeenahk grab onto his legs* Hey Bakuu~ we missed you.

Katie: Maybe his in the castle... *Runs at super sonic speed towards the castle*

Jim: Hm..

Katie: *enters castle* Manik!

Darkness: well that settles it

Bakuu: Easy there (Kisses Espiata)

Jack: Sorry about that, we're back

Patricia: Sorry


Darkstorm:(Roars at Drakon in dibeleif that Drakon is his son)

Jack: Who's that?

Darkness: *sword drawn steps inbetween them* there are many explinations for this Darkstorm. I can help determine those things.

Drakon: A vamp. helping me out, I'll pass!!

Darkness: you know the power disruptors arnt going to come off anytime soon with that attidtude.

Godzilla Jr.:(Teleports in dizzy)

Bakuu:(Shoulder is still sore from working out with his father)

Nina: *the vibes she's getting from her dad tells her she can try out her healing powers* Daddy can you pick me up and let me sit on your shoulder?

Zeenahk: *climbs up Espiata and purrs happily*

Godzilla Jr.:(Sneeks up behind Nina)

Bakuu:(Picks up his daughter)

Nina: hold on G.Jr. okay papa just stand still please. *she places her hands over his sore shoulder and energy flows into them healing the soreness and taking it away*

Bakuu:Thanks Nina (Purrs)

Godzilla Jr.:Nice.

Nina: *purrs and climbs down into his arms and hugs Bakuu* i love you daddy.

Bakuu: I love ya to Nina.

Nina: *after hugging her father she slides down into G.Jr's arms* hey.

Godzilla Jr.:(Blushing) Hey.

Nina: *kisses him on the cheek*

Godzilla jr.:(Blushes Brighter)

Nina: *giggles and hugs G. Jr*

Godzilla Jr.:(Laughs Weakly) What would ya like to do, NERF, Lazer tag, Gutar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution?

Nina: umm it dont matter just hanging out with you is fine.

Miles and Mina:(Walks in with Melody and Skye Power)

Skye: H-Hi

Melody:(Looks at Darkness in awe)

Darkstorm: Miles, Mina think fast (Teleports)

Mina:(Speed Kicks Darkstorm)

Darkstorm: I'll have to look out for that.

Darkness: hmm i thought about something.... but i just need that little bit of blood to tell whats happened Drakon you can give it willlingly or nuwillingly because i will find out this mess but it will take time.

Drakon: If I refuse what the heck your gonna do call yo vamp of a wife.

Darkness: i take this. *cuts Drakon's arm and drinks some blood* alright i have your memories now i must go put my magic to use and figure this out. Also all you had to say to get those disruptors off was "yes take a bit" geez your stupid sometimes.

Drakon: Your Vamp of a Wife (Sunlight hits him and begins smoking) *Hiss*

Darkness: *drags Drakon into a cold dark basement to keep the sun away from him* happy?

Drakon: Keep your Vamp hands off of me, But thanks.

(With Shadow Wolf and Darkstorm in Holo-training program)

Darkstorm:(On the defensive) What ya waiting for Shads?

Shadow the Wolf: Waiting for you to make the first move

Darkstorm: Dark blast

Shadow the Wolf: Dark chaos lance

Darkstorm:(Charges with a poorly charged Chaos Sphere)

Shadow the Wolf: *Strikes with a full shadow claw*

Darkstorm:(Extends claws, digs them in his skin) Blood clones!!!

Shadow the Wolf: *Jumps into the shadows* Shadow clones!!

Darkstorm:(Charges an Chaos Sphere)

Shadow the Wolf: *Charging up for a lighting blade*

Darkstorm:Chaos... SPHERE!!

Shadow the Wolf: *Dodges it* Try this Lighting blade!

(guys i made a roleplay check the talkpage for a link One more soul to collect. EternalAbyssJustice 22:32, June 6, 2011 (UTC))

Katie: *Runs up and down the stairs* Manik!!!

Jack: What happen?

Patricia: What's going on here?

?????:A Fights whats happening,Besides I shouldn't be around here,I look to much like my father.

Patricia: Huh? Who's there?

?????:Can't tell you.

Jack: Ok, whoever you are, come on out right now. Someone attacked me & Patricia from before & we have no idea who0 he or she is

?????:I'm sorry I can't reveil myself to the Public,anymore.

Patricia: Oh alright, come on Jack

Jack: Ok

(They both walk away)

Patricia: This is very strange

Jack: Yeah, something seems different

Katie: *Runs out of castle and aiccdantly hits Jack*

Jack: Ouch! Katie, watch where your going & why are you in a rush?

Bakuu: Ok.

Katie: Im looking for Manik

Patricia: Ok, but why?

Katie: I have a date with him

Drakon: Well better reschedual

Jack: Anyways good luck on your date Katie

Drakon:Pfft, Wow just wow, she like Amy but worse

Katie: Thats just mean, Drakon

Patricia: You should say sorry, by the way where is Amy?

Jack: I don't know maybe she is on Vaccation or something

Red:It's quite likely she had robotocized along time ago,either that or somewhere around here.

Jack: Amy is my bestest best friend you know that

Red:How am I supose to know that?

Patricia: Well Amy is outside still looking normal see? (Shows Red, Amy still looking normal, mowing the Lawn)


Katie: Hmmph.... but you know doesnt Melody and Mystery have a child now?

Drakon:(Tries to claw at Katie)

Katie: *Dodges* Anyway her name is Lilly and she likes Drakon

Drakon: Your yahking me

Darkness: *elbows Drakon hard to send him to the floor from his neck* i thought it was clear to not start a fight

Katie: No Lilly really likes you

Drakon: (Growls)

Lilly: Oh hi Katie hi Drakon!

Drakon:(Tries to find an escape without being touched by sunlight)

?????:That girl freaking you out.She's to Much of a Sissy,She needs to toughen up.

Drakon: Who are you.

Blast:The Names Blast the Muskkat.Yours is?

Drakon: Names Drakonstorm, but I know as Drakon

Blast:Its a Pleasure to meet you.

Drakon: Get me outta here

Blast:Sure,By looks of it Your Not Fond of Sunlight,But you no need to worry,We'll go Underground.

Darkstorm: Drakon goes nowhere!!!

Darkness: *smacks Blast hard* he leaves never!

Skye: (Is really neverous)Me

Melody:(Tags Nina)

Nina: *tags Melody back*

Godzilla Jr.: Should've called no tag backs (Silent laughing)

Drakon:(Breaks free and Grabs Nina)

Jack: What is he doing?

Patricia: I don't know

Drakon: (Jumps through a window an escapes)

Espiata: *drops down on top of Drakon* leave my daughter out of this!

Drakon:(Kicks Espiata off of him)

Darkness: *comes up out of the ground and puts more power disruptors and drain him dry and takes his granddaughter out of his hands* dont ever touch my family if you do next time il kill you.

Drakon:(Tries to remove the Distruptors forcfully) *Growls*

Darkness: painful not being free eh? well next time dont try killing or stealing my family and i wouldnt have them set to drain bits of your life away as well.

Drakon:(A dark aura surrounds him)

Darkness: *open palm strikes Drakon in a upper body sensative area and knocks him out* get him back inside.

Drakon:(Body starts glowing attracting the attention of rouge Xenomorphs)

Jack: This is not good

Tikihoas:(Tikal part) Hi Jack.

Jack: Hi Tikal

Patricia: How's it going?

Tikhoas: The Scred scrolls are missing from the temple.

Jack: By who?

Tikhoas: It happened incredably fast and the attack was swift

Patricia: Oh my, he's really fast

Thrash:(2 years old) Hey uncle Jack!!

Tikhoas:(Giggles) Hey Amy

Jack: Hi Thrash

(Spongebob100: Maybe I can roleplay as Amy)


Thrash: Mommy has been teaching me how to knit.

Amy: (Knitting) Hi Jack, how are you, you still look the Same, especially you Patricia

Patricia: Thanks

Jack: Me & Patricia are still ageless, one day you'll be Ageless too

Amy: I hope so

Sonic: Hey Amy.

Sally: Hey Amy.

Amy: Hi Sonic, Hi Sally. How are you two?

Sonic: Happily married


Sally: Hey Thrash

Thrash: Hey Step Mom

Amy: (Sighs) You'd still be my Boyfriend Sonic

Manic Acorn: Hey Step mom

Sonia Acorn: Hey Step Mom

Amy: Hello there little ones

Jack: With Amy & Sally married to Sonic, I guess they are my New Cousins

Thrash:(Pulls out his Sketch book)

Patricia: It's really nice to meet you

Thrash: Nice to meet you aunty Patricia (Begins drawing) Wanna help me draw?

Patricia: Ok (Begins drawing with her Sketch book)

Jack: Aunty Patricia?

Thrash: Mommy has been her friend and she told she was my aunt.

With the Villians (Villians Only)

Mephiles Darkstorm:Where is Dark Wolf?

Dark Wolf:I am here Mephiles.

Mephiles Darkstorm:(Hugs his wife and his metalic right arm is noticed)

Dark Wolf:So you've one,too.

Mephiles Darkstorm: Yeah

Dark Teniahk:Mommy :D

Dark Wolf:*Picks up Dark Teniahk*

Dark Teniahk:(Eyes change to match her mothers)

Mephiles Darkstorm: How are ya feeling Dark Wolf?

Predalien: (Appears with Dromeo)

Dromeo: How your sister Dark Wolf (Coughs up blood)

BlackSkull: (Appears with a Long White Beard) Argh!

Dark Wolf:My a Meer Old man have,Here.

BlackSkull: It is I BlackSkull the Hedgehog (Evil Pirate Laughing)

Lurax:Mom,That Man is old and Creepy.

Dark Wolf:I know honey.'

BlackSkull: I am Jack the Hedgehog's True Enemy!

Lurax & Dark Wollf:>.<

BlackSkull: It means my last battle with Jack is about 35 Years ago

Lurax:Mom he still is creepy.

BlackSkull: So when's it time to invade?

Lurax:Invade?No one said Invade.

BlackSkull: (Evil Laughter) When the time is right to Invade

Mephiles Darkstorm: (Grabs Blackskull by the throat) The order will come from me.

?????: *clapping is heard* and good thing to.. you may need help hitting them hard.

Mephiles Darkstorm:(Arm is noticed to be a Cylon model) Who died and made you top demon!?

BlackSkull: (Grabs Mephiles Darkstorm by the Throat) You dare challenge me?!

Dark Wolf:*Jumps on BlackSkull and Claws in the Face*Let my Husband Go!

Mephiles Darkstorm: Predalien, Dromeo Restrain BlackSkull!!

?????: Chains of inferno. *black and red chains wrap themselves around BlackSkull and force him to let go of Mephiles Darkstorm and they chain him to the floor* Quite frankly Black Skull.... you are NOT in charge of this. Mephiles is. He DID summon us did he not?

Mephiles Darsktorm: Now theres a demon with the right attitude.

?????: father was strict with his rules and they were never to piss off future allies and friends when wars break out. That and working with you guys will give me a chance to get revenge against that girl.

Mephiles Darkstorm: Espiata ain't it her weakness is her own kids.

?????: yes.. and that husband of hers will have to be dealt with as well

Mephiles Darkstorm: He is harder to defeat unlike the vampire I have hunted in the past Bakuu is tougher, but there is something he hides, the inner evil.

Predalien: But his father can be killed by me.

Rouge Captian: We found Drakon.

Mephiles Darkstorm:(Coughs badly)

BlackSkull: You darn tootin we have


BlackSkull: I'm filled with Rage that is about to burst

Predalien: Dark Wolf!!!

Dromeo:(Holding Dark Teniahk and Lurax)

Dark Wolf:*Jumps off of Blackskull*

Mephiles Darkstorm:(Coughing worse)

BlackSkull: What is wrong with Mephiles?

Dromeo: I got the same cough (Coughing more blood)

Mephiles Darkstorm:(Coughing more Intense) Lurax come here.

BlackSkull: (Growls grows into Anger) ARGH!!

Lurax:*Gos to Mephiles*

Mephiles Darkstorm:(Hugs his daughter)

Lurax:*Hugs her Father*

Mephiles Darkstorm:(Turns away from Lurax to Cough and coughs up blood)

Predalien:(Pulls Lurax away from Mephiles Darkstorm)

BlackSkull: They look very sick, we can't attack with the others looking Sick

Mephiles Darkstorm and Dromeo:(Bites themselves and a thick grey ooz leaks out)

BlackSkull: Ah I see, your much better now

Mephiles Darkstorm:(Looks at himself) I look like my Master, Mephiles the Dark.

???:(Laughs) Of course.

BlackSkull: Our master has returned

Dark Wolf:*To ???*Who are you?

Dr. Finitevus : I am what you call me The Doctor

Dark Wolf:*Blushes*Doctor?

Dr. Finitevus: Non other.

Mephiles Darkstorm: Hey Finitevus.

Dr. Finitevus: Who are you and where is Mephiles Darkstorm.

BlackSkull: I don't know where ye gone to?

Mephiles Darkstorm:Crystaline SPEAR!!!

Dr. Finitevus:Your screwed BlackSkull, Dark Wolf seriously How do we know it is Mephiles Darkstorm

Dark Wolf:The real Mephiles the dark is dead,also Mephiles Darkstorm and Dromeo I beleive were inffaected by a virus so they bit theirsevles and that probably how Mephiles Darkstorm looks diffrent now.

BlackSkull: Your telling me that this Mephiles the Dark is FAKE?!

Dark Wolf:No,He was never a fake of Mephiles the Dark in the first place.

BlackSkull: Oh right & don't ever call me screwed ever again

Dromeo: Dark Wolf how is your sister?

BlackSkull: (Drinking Salt Water) Ahhhh, delicious!

Dark Teniahk:(Discusted and Cuddles her sister)

Mephiles Darkstorm:(Turns into a Weavile)

BlackSkull: (Evil Pirate Laughter)

Mephiles Darkstorm/Weavile:(Prepares a Shadow Ball)

Lureax:*Uses Curse on BlackSkull*

Mephiles Darkstorm: Thats my girl.

Dark Teniahk:(Aids her sister and turns into Sneasle)

BlackSkull: What kind of curse did ye call that?

Lurax:One to make you faint.

BlackSkull: Don't ye get it, the reason they call me BlackSkull because I DO have a Black Skull, see? (Shows them his Black Skull)

Lurax:Well I have a Gastly.

BlackSkull: What's a Gastly?

Luraxc A Gastly.A Ghost Like Pokemon.

BlackSkull: Har Har, Hardy Har Har, you want a Showdown? Your on!

Mephiles Darkstorm:Any harm that comes to my daughters (Eyes turn Dark Red to represent that is will to use Hell form) I will skeleton from your body!!!

Dark Teniahk:Daddy?

?????: *sticks a sword onto a chain and slices open Black Skull's chest not killing him but does it to show its his time to back off or die* Your pick Black Skull. continue this pointless argument and die or back off and take orders. your choice.

BlackSkull: Fine, I'll listen to every order they say

Mephiles Darkstorm:(Looks at his Eldest Daughter Dark Teniahk) Yes?

?????: I havent even gotten to introduce myself how absurd of me. My name is Billy. You may call me Bill or Billy it dosent matter.

Mephiles Darkstorm: We strike now then and remeber the traget is Nina and Zeenahk and I want them alive, and get Drakon.

The First strike

Drakon: Ok I can live with being cuffed and chained but... LEAVING ME WITH LILLY IS MEAR TORTURE, HELP ME!!!

Darkness: *senses something and cuts off his power diruptors and Drakon* make a move to help the enemies and you will die. ya hear?!

Drakon: Sure man

Darkness: good.

Espiata: *with Bakuu*

Bakuu:(Furr get Spiky) That is odd

Nina: papa? you okay?

Bakuu: Get inside (Screeches an alarm)

Nina: *runs inside*

Zeenahk: *runs inside holding Balthornahk*

Espiata: *goes with them*

The Guards: Rouges!!!

Rouge Xeno's:(Screeching a war call)

Jack: Patricia?

Patricia: I know, let's get them

Jack: Let's keep the Children Safe

Patricia: Ok, but someone has to watch the Kids

Royal Xenomorph Guards:Sir Jack we will take the younglings to Espiata!

Darien: I wonder where Cro is?

Cro:Here I am.

Darien: Cro how are ya?

Cro;Good,How are you?

Jack: We'll take care of those Rouge Xeno's

Darien: Persian come on out (Throws out Pokeball)


Patricia: Come on, we got Rouge Xeno's to defeat

Cro:*Hugs the Persian*

Darkness: *after changing his body by ativating Accelerator he heads off and starts slashing madly at the rouge Xeno's*

Jack: (Kicks an Rouge Xeno out of the way)

Patricia: (Uses her Magic wand to cast a Spell on the Rouge Xeno's by making a Cage around the Rouge Xeno's) There

Darien: Persian use Fury Swips.

Persian: (Fury swips 2 Rouges)

Jack: (Pulls out his Piko Piko Hammer & Smashes 5 Rouge Xeno's) I still got it

Darien:(His Eevee comes out) Eve what are you doing?

Eve: Evee

Patricia: We need the extra help

Cro:*To Darien*You're not the only one with Pokemon*Whistles*

Chatot:*Lands on her Shoulder*

Reshiram and Zekrom:(Appears)

Zekrom: Where is KAYTLIN!!!!

Jack: I don't know, but why are those Rouge Xeno's here for anyway?

(they see 3 running away carring what can be seen is 2 small figures and Espiata chasing them)

Espiata: NINA!!! ZEENAHK!!!

Both: Mommy!!!!

Predalien:(Punches Espiata knocking her out cold)

Jack: Who are they chasing with Espiata?

Darkness: NO! *his voice became extremely demented and red energy flowed out of him and then physcotic laughter* OH BOY ITS GREAT TO BE OUT AGAIN! *black flames surround Predalien, Espiata and himself* Now preda**f**k time to meet your end! Darkness isnt as evil as i am!

Jack: Watch your language, your setting a bad example

Predalien:(Cackles and teleports)

Teniahk:(Growls, and caws for help)

Kravein: *picks jack up by the throat* dont tell me what to do boy! 10,000 years of being trapped in the s**t heap and you tell me your not ready to kill the next thing standing to you. A little bad language can sufice. *teleports after Predalien*

Bakuu:(Head locks Kravein)

Darkness: *his energy that caused the leaking of Kravein starts dissappating and so does Kravien*


Darkstorm:(Eyes turn Reptilian and Yellow)


Jack: (smashes Kravien with his Piko Piko Hammer)

Darkness: *stops it and punches Jack 20 ft back* DUMB A**!!!! KRAVEIN AND I ARE THE SAME... ATTACKING WILL ONLY GIVE HIM MORE D**N CONTROL!!!

Darkstorm:Need some help

Shadow the Wolf: We will glad to be of some help

Drakon: Hi

Bakuu: Espiata!


Bakuu:(Known the possibility that Espiata will be in a rage, he keeps his distance) Espiata, you ok?

Espiata: t-t-there gone... they took them... Nina... Zeenahk... they took our kids!!

Bakuu:No, Where did they take them

Espiata:i dont know... i just want our kids back...

Bakuu:(A dark Aura is seen)

Shadow the Wolf: I will glad to be of some help to getting your children back

Espiata: thank you...

Darkness: *finishes getting control again* might have been better to let him keep control.

Shadow the Wolf: *pulling out Sword of Souls* Thank god Darkstorm trained me

Darkstorm:Wait, Who is the one person that had tried take back Castle Mobius by unleashing Tikhoas, no offense Tikhoas.

Tikhaos: None taken, King Shadow.

Bakuu: Your not suggesting?

Darkstorm: I think it is time we had a talk with an old friend

?????:My Father?

Darkstorm:Yes Lucas

Lucas:Whatta Disgrace turning Evil.

Darkstorm: Where is your mother?

Lara Su: Hey Lucas

Lucas:Hey lara*To Darkstrom*Looking after one Of Her family Members,Probably Bunbuns since he's Old and Vunareable.

Darkstorm: Call her and tell her that I can help her out with yautjan medics

Lucas:*Takes Cellphone*Uh....Mom?

Kaytlin;What is it now Lucas?

Lucas:Darkstorm can Help you out with Yautjan and Also you have to get your but over here.

Kaytlin:Ok.*Prepares to Fly off*

Lucas:*To Darkstorm*She's coming.

Lara Su: I am sorry about your father honey.

(Two yautjan Medics appear)

Lucas:*to Lara-su*It's ok,Bubba Acts Sorta like a Father to me.

Jack: (To Darkness) Sorry

Patricia: I'm sorry

Darkness: just dont attack him next time... he is invanurable till he fully transforms me.. the voice is just partial.

Jack: Ok

Patricia: We'll remember next time

Darkstorm: People we are going to visit Shadow

Jack: Shadow, my Rival.

Patricia: You mean the "King Shadow", it's too dangerous

Darkstorm: He is in Maximum Security Prison Tango

Jack; Oh right.

Amy: I had a bad feeling about this

Jack: Don't worry Amy, as long as we're together

Thrash: Mommy?

Darkness: well then lets make haste. *summons his EX Gear Black Wings* im not waiting.

At Prison Tango

Gaurd: Shadow you have vistitors

King Shadow: Whatever

Jack: Shadow, my rival, so we've meet again

King Shadow: Oh goodie

Darkstorm:We just come to get some info

King Shadow: Let me guess, Bakuu and Espiatas weak younglings we're kidnapped?

Jack: Wait a minute, how did you...?

King Shadow: I have my sources

Darkness: big talk for someone locked up.

Patricia: Do you have some info about how did Bakuu & Espiatas has been captured?

King Shadow: Lets say that old Mephiles got himself busy.

Darkness: can i kill you yet?

Bakuu: First things first Shadow, Where is my Kids?

King Shadow: Watch your anger boy that is what they want

Darkness: im going to kill you soon

King Shadow: One more thing I have heard that they got a demon on their side, got a call from him, goes by the name of Billy, If you see Kaytlin tell her Audios for me

Jack: Hmm, interesting. A demon name Billy

Patricia: Billy?

Darkness: so Bane's son survived.

Bakuu: Impossible (Teleports to his wife)

Espiata: *at home crying*

Bakuu: Espiata, Billy survived!

Espiata: WHAT!?!?!?! *all the windows have broken from that sadly*.... opps?

Bakuu:(Rage is building to a rate the only Espiata can sense)

Espiata: Bakuu! Save it for when we need it!

Bakuu:(The Rage goes down but Espiata is the only one that can sense it) Fine I will try my love (His Dragon wings turn into Evil Angel Wings and feathers appears on wings)

At the Hideout (Villians and Captives only)

Mephiles Darkstorm:(Picks Up Lurax)

Lurax:*Hugs Her Father*

Rouge Xenomorph: (Bowing to Mephiles Darkstorm) King Shadow didn't blab us out but he blabed about Billy


Mephiles Darkstorm: Lurax go play with Mightyena for a while ok?

Lurax:Ok.*Goes to Play with Mightyaena*

Valorie:*Spying on the Villians*(She is a Villian,though)

billy: shall i do the honors of getting rid of the dead weight? (refering to King Shadow) i had nano's containing a virus put into him and when i flip the switch he will die in 5 minutes afterwards.

Mephiles Darkstorm: No, break him out of Prison, King Shadow is still usefull, What do you Dark Wolf?

Predalien: (Goes to find Woo)

Billy: what for? He will have given them everything they need without speaking if Darkness Mind Scry's King Shadow. refresher on Mind Scry its a forced mind read where he finds out EVERYTHING retaining to specific subjects. meaning where i am and how i survived and how we got his grand kids.

Mightyena:(Growling angerily at Billy)*Telepathy* Just go get King Shadow or I will bite you!!!

Billy: not so easy to hide this fact either... he met King Shadow so at any distantce he can Mind Scry him.

Predalien:No worries when he was captured Mephiles put a very strong spell on him and our base so we wouldn't be found and he won't be scryed

Billy:... fine but hopefully your right because Darkness HAS broken spells before. *leaves via black portal*

(The 3 rouges bring in Nina and Zeenahk)

Nina: *scared*

Zeenahk: *scared*

BlackSkull: (Evil Pirate Laughter) (Drinks more Salt Water)

Mephiles Darkstorm:Awww Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, Tsk separated from your parents huh

Billy: *comes back with King Shadow but bloody and holding his arm* .......... they scryed him as i got there.... they are preparing to come...

Mephiles Darkstorm: Looks like it is time to leave

Rouge Warriors:(Grabs Nina and Zeenahk)

BlackSkull: Right, we got work to do

Rouge Warriors: (Escapes through the Sewers)

Katie: *Hiding* So, time to switch!


Lord Gym: (Appears) Need any help?

Mephiles Darkstorm: Lord Gym!!

Lord Gym: Yes. I'm back.

Mephiles Darkstorm: Lets move, We will regroup at the old Legionare Base

Valorie:(Still hiding)So they are Regrouping,and Also have Creepy old guy that drinks salt water.

Billy: Leave King Shadow behind because now he's been scryed he can be scryed anywhere to retrive information. I tried warning your guys of this. *black portal opens up and he walks through*

Mephiles Darkstorm: If we do you'll be the first to regret we survived, King Shadow is the only being that can awaken Bakuustorms evil,The Evil Angel (Based off of the Song by Breaking Benjamin), Dark Wolf get Lurax and Dark Teniahk out of here

Dark Wolf:*Picks up Dark Teniahk and Lurax,then gets out*

Mephiles Darkstorm: (Teleports All the equipment, weapons, Dark Pokemon, Facehuggers, Lurax and Dark Teniahks stuff to the Base)

Predalien:(Burrowing underground)

At the Old Legionare Base (Villians and Captives)

(The Rouges arrive first and throw Nina and Zeenahk in a Prison cell)

Dark Teniahk:(Asleep and still holding her mother)

Predalien: We are in the Clear My lady

Dromeo: Ditto

BlackSkull: All Clear!

Dromeo: Hey BlackSkull wanna go play pocker?

Dark Teniahk:(Wants to play)

Mightyena: Mistris Dark Wolf are you alright?

Dark Wolf:Yes.

Dark Teniahk: Hey sis wanna play?

Lurax:Sure*Starts to play with Dark Teniahk*

(Dark Teniahks and Lurax's stuff appears)


Predalien: All of the weapons and equipment is here to, It seems that Mephiles has done it

Mephiles Darkstorm:(Teleports in)

Dark Teniahk:Daddy!!!

Lurax:Hi Dad!

Dark Wolf:Hello sweetie.*Kisses Mephiles*

Mephiles Darkstorm:(Falls to the ground unconscience due to him using up all of his power)

Dark Teniahk: DADDY!!!

Billy: over exertion. Understandable. For now i shall be a bother to those pathetic weaklings that believe they can stop us. *exits through black portal*

Predalien:(Grabs Nina)*Growling*

Mephiles Darkstorm:(Breathing is horse)

After Predalien grabbed Nina he felt a black lazer tear through him from a angered and half possessed Zeenahk

Darkness: *speaking and has control over Zeenahk* put her down or die.... and guess what... soon we will be there.... and soon my power will not be stopped... i have 12 god seals reducing my power dang near 10,000 fold.... no one has yet to best me when its unleashed...

Predalien: Kill him!!!!

Rouge Warriors: (Goes to Inviserate Zeenahk)

Darkness: just try it f**kers... were here..... *Zeenahk falls unconsious and Darkness emerges out of his shadow* told you we were coming. *opens his cloak and standing there is everyone right there*

Espiata: *mauls Predalien for touching her children*

Bakuu: (Appears in front of Espiata and Darkness in Black Robes)

BlackSkull: Well, Well. If it isn't Espiata & Darkness

Bakuu: (Eye had turned Dark Red)

BlackSkull: What's with you Bakuu?

Predalien: It is Evil Angel.

BlackSkull: I never seen anything more like with me own eye

Lord Gym: Same here.

Evil Angel Bakuu:(Voice is distorted)


Evil Angel Bakuu: HEH HEH HEH

BlackSkull: The Darkness of Evil shall be Awaken!

???: (Screw kicks Blackskull) Hmph!

BlackSkull: What did you do that for, that was a good line?

???: FinE I'll help you ONLY if you give me a Chaos Emerald!

BlackSkull: Alright, alright. I look for the Chaos Emerald for ye (Goes Outside & leaves)

???: Good!

Darkness: looks like its time then... *a black vortex opens up behind him* time to return to my master... *the vortex sucks up Darkness, Espiata, Zeenahk, Nina safely*

BlackSkull: (comes back) We betta destroy those Heroes, once & for all, like they say "Divide & Conquer" We'll divide the Heroes up, one by one & take them all out, one at a time

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