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Karina takes a trip to the Total Drama island and plans to make a neon party. There will be free food and drinks, a DJ, glowsticks, almost everything you need for this party!


Like in most of my roleplays theres only three rules.

  • No G-modding
  • No sexual content (kissing and hugging okay.)
  • No killing

I don't count this as a rule: Have fun!



These are the characters that are going to attened (or Karina invited) to the party.

Helping Out

These characters will help out with the party


Characters that are going to try and ruin ,or crash, the party

  • Scourge the Hedgehog-
  • Fiona Fox-
  • Annabelle Rich the Wolf (AnnabelleRich)
  • Kristy Summers the Dog (AnnabelleRich)
  • Christian Mitchel the Cat (AnnabelleRich)
  • Transford the Hedgehog (DoomDegree)

Pt.1: Island, here I come!!

Jack: Wow, what a day. 7 Missions & we've done them all

Patricia: Do you like to relax?

Jack: Yes why?

Patricia: We need to do something, but what?

Karina: A party thats what!

Halo: Cha chao!

Jack: Hi Karina

Patricia: That's a great idea, but where do we have a party?

Karina: I have a GREAT idea!! Its...that island or whatever.

??????:What Island!

Karina: That isla-wait..who the heck are you?

Kaytlin:I'm Kaytlin.

Karina: Oh.

Chip & Rosa:*Fall on to Kaytlin*

Chip:Don't Keep us in a tree that long Kaytlin.


Karina: What the-?!


Karina: Anaway! That island Total..somthin' whatever. Somthin' like that I don't know I forgot.

Halo: Chao.

Jack: Ok

Patricia: Then Let's go

Gale:*Falls on the Ground*

Jack: Are you ok, Gale?


Kaytlin:I thought Cat land on there feet.

Patricia: Oh well, let's go to the party

Karina: All we need is a plane..some epic party stuffz aanndd....some people and I think thats about it.

Jack: Ok, let's see who has a Plane?

Patricia: Tails has a plane, but I don't think it's big enough to fit us all in

Karina: Well before we go I can't party in this outfit *quickly leaves to chage her look then comes back* Tada!!

Now, should I keep my origanal or make it all scruffy?
Karina's Island Party Hairstyles and look

Karina as she will look in this RP

Jack: Very nice.

Patricia: Nice Hairsytle

Karina: Scruffy it is!

Halo: Chao chao chaoo!!

Jack: Ok, then how are we gonna get to the Island for the Party?

Karina: Hmm...*snap* I got it!! we'll go by moterboat but I'll redisign the motor to make it faster than it is! I am a machanic ,ya know?

Jack: Ok. Let's do it

Karina: *gets a motorboat, redisigns the motor to make it faster then gets un the motorboat (which is on shore* Come on! Lets go to the island I'm sure that those people are finished with it *thinking: Probably not*

Halo: Chao!

Jack: Ok

Patricia: Maybe we can ask them, if we can borrow the Motorboat

Karina:...Um yeahaha...I sortaa.."borrowed" this from em'...soooo.

Jack: Have you asked them to borrow the Boat?

Karina: Well not like that...I libriated the boat. (she stoled it)

Patricia: You stole the Boat?! That's not nice, maybe you should ask them for primission first

Karina: I did, they said no *puts her hands behind her head and closed her eyes* so I did it the hard way.

Chip:You Cracked their Necks!

Kaytlin:Now they really can't except the boat back.

Karina: *opens one eye and looks at Kaytlin* Why not? *then looks at Chip* And no I did not crack their necks! I know I was a G.U.N Agent for like a day but come on ,seriously?

Jack: Ok? Then we need to think of something else to get to that Island

Karina: I'd use the boat anyway.

Rosa:Snivly Cracks all the Time.:P

Chip:And there's a Reason.


Rosa:Snivly the Snivy.

Karina: a Snivy as in Pokemon Black in White, right?


Karina: I've beaten that game in a day. Anyway, *gets on the boat and mubbles: Not going to waste this piece of crap*

Jack: Ok Ok

Patricia: Coming

Jack & Patricia: (Hops on the MotorBoat)

Karina: Okay! *starts up the motor and it goes really fast* WHOOO!!!!!!

Jack: Whoo Hoo!

Patricia: It's like a Space Ship

Karina: *sees the island* And I see the island already!

Jack: Well that was easy, I hope the Boat doesn't go kaput

Karina: Well its no-*the boat stops at the shore, making it fling Patricia, Karina, and Jack off then they land in the sand, head first* Well that was some entrance.

Patricia: Ow, my head

Jack: You can say that again, we forget to slam the Breaks

Halo: *in the sand* Chao chao! Chao chaoo!!

Karina: Don't worry ,Halo! I'll get cha out! *pulls Halo out*

Halo: Chao

Karina: You weelcome, so wheres everybody at?

Jack: I don't know, have you invited them over?

Karina: Yeah, some are even attending.

Patricia: Ok, but where are they?

Jack: I don't know


Sha-Sha: SHAA!!!!

(both crash into the sand then get up)

Brittney: WHERE HEREZ!!!!

Sha-Sha: YEAH!!!!

Jack: Hi Brittney

Patricia: I guess it is her

Karina: Well, no duh.


Karina: Your standing on it we didn't start it yet...Or even build it yet.

Jack: Then let's get to work.

Patricia: Ok!

(A small boat is seen off the coast. It seems to have a couple of people on it, including three girls)

Annabelle: There it is ladies~! The new soon to be site of Island Heaven!

Kristy: (Scoffs) Who are those losers doing on our soon to be turf...?

Christian: Pfft, does it matter?

Annabelle: C-Cat is right. In a couple of hours we'll buy the island and build on it for ourselves. Only the best of the best, such as ourselves, will be able to get in~!(She smirks)

Kristy: Unless you're able to pay your way in! (They all giggle)

(Annabelle, Kristy, and Christian soon arrive and look the place over)

Kristy: Looks lame...for NOW at least.

Transford: (wearing a black trenchcoat, red  contacts, normal shoes, and a fedora)(alright, who owns this place, I want to talk to them NOW! 

Annabelle: Um...Soon to be us...If we can find the right price...

Kristy: And YOU are...?

Transford: I'm James, I'm with the bank that contributed to this bloody island and if the owner doesn't give me the $50,000,000 we need within 5 hours, this island will be shut down and destroyed.

Annabelle: Oh please. I'm ANNABELLE RICH. World famous ACTRESS, SINGER, and MODEL. I could pay you 5 times that much so I can build my new island paradise club and resort on this rock.

Christian: With full gym-

Kristy: -And concert area~

Transford: no one is buying this island until the current owner pays me the 50 million they owe, and even if you do buy this place out and make it a hotel, you'll be in more dept than these people are 100 times over.

Annabelle: Do I have to explain to you who I am all OVER again~? After this is all said and done I'll make SURE that I can make major money off of this island for the Rich Industry. If you haven't noticed, it's like the NEW Hilton HOTEL for GODSAKE. (Scoffs) Just remember, I WILL have this island. Maybe not today, tomorrow, or a year from now, but it WILL be MINE to build on. Ladies, lets scope this place out~ (She does a hair toss as her posse of followers fall in line

Transford: (thinking) hmm, she'll never own this h&llh*le because in 5 hours, this island won't exsist anymore.

Annabelle: (As she walks with the others) That IDIOT thinks that money is an issue with US...

Kristy: What an a**...~ (The others giggle and grin to each other)

Annabelle: Lets see what this place has to offer...and where we can put the hotel at... (The girls wondered off)

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