Mazda, the Seed of Chaos is an rp by Wh!te$tar. It centers around Mazda, Alice, and Ray's pasts being revealed



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Only about ten characters per player. Edit conflicts and such.



  • Torran the Rouge DragonFox (SHADOW)
  • Dalton the Cat (Hunter1034)
  • Wolfgang the Cat (Hunter1034)
  • Hunter the Fox (Hunter1034)
  • Taylor the Chimp (Draon029)
  • John the Runewolf (nuetral thrid of Gregoroth) (Gale)
  • Gregoroth (Gale)


  • Ookamoni the Wolf (Wh!te)
  • Tyrofiend the DemonDrake (SHADOW)
  • Pralon the Demon TigerDrake (SHADOW)
  • Onorc the Blackblood (Memphis the light)
  • Cutlass the Hedgefox (Draon029)
  • Venom the Drakohog (Evil thrid of Gregoroth) (once Ookamoni's adopted son) (Gale)
  • Gregoroth (Gale)


Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - Super Scription of Data AMV MAD ひぐらしのなく頃に00:00

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - Super Scription of Data AMV MAD ひぐらしのなく頃に

This world is dying. Chaos users and energy needs suck so much from this Earth, it's just given up. Now a crack in the Temple of the Chaos Emeralds is a sign of the Apocalypse. I must fold up this disaster while it still wiggles and squirms. For such is my job as an Angel. ~Mazda

My family, taken from me. Ookamoni I will tear you to pieces! The fingers you used to kill them will be taken from you just like you took their lives! This demon, craving revenge and murder is growing inside me. My sixteenth birthday is almost here and Ookamoni will be looking for the Eternity Scrolls. But I'm ready for him. I'm ready to finish what was started so many years ago! ~Ray

I always wondered about my past, my family. I was always protecting Ray and Mazda. I've always been protecting. But am I trully helpless now? No, I musn't forget my true quest. Show me the past and future that lay before and behind me! ~Alice

Part 1: An Empty Emerald

(Mazda is at the Temple of the Chaos Emeralds with Knuckles)

Mazda: It's disturbing indeed.

Knuckles: I just felt an earthquake and it was broken.

Mazda: (investigates a giant cracks, tearing the shrine in two)

Knuckles: What do you think?

Mazda: This dying.


Mazda: Our world depends on Chaos. It gives us life, magic, powers. But excessive use has drained this planet along with polution. I'm assuming Earth just...gave up.

(another earthquake runs through the island. Mazda know that these quakes aren't from shifting plates, but from ripples through the Chaos energy keeping everything together)

Knuckles: (opens his eyes) What!?!

Mazda: (sees the Master Emerald broken in two, just like the shrine) God help us all.

(In Apotos, Ray is celebrating his sixteenth birthday with all his friends)

Alice: Congrats sweetie!

Ray: Thanks everyone.

Selenia: *puts the cake in front of Ray* Make a wish!

Ray: (smiles, blows them out, and thinks to himself) My only wish can never come true. I wish for my family. I wish Ookamoni was dead. I wish for my old life. Ookamoni, you stay the heck away from me. Because I'm ready for you!

Alice: Are you okay Ray?

Mazda: (comes in with a present) Sorry I'm late.

Selenia: *worried a bit* [thoughts] I wonder about Ray's past...*looks at Mazda* it's alright, at least you came for your friend's birthday, that's what matters ^_^

Mazda: (hands Ray the present with a sad look)

Alice: Auuuu! Mazda, I know that face! We're not going on another adventure are we!?!

Mazda: Not you, me.

Ray: Mazda, if you go we're going too.

Mazda: No. Not this time. It's too dangerous!

Selenia: *giggles* since when was that a problem for us?

Rapid: *panting heavily* Sorry i'm late...

Alice: No prob. ^^

Mazda: Neither can you Selenia.

Alice: What kind of adventure is too dangerous after everything else we've been through?

Mazda:............................................The world is dying.

Ray: What? How?

Mazda: Chaos users. They took too much power from the planet and now it can't sustain itself.

Selenia: *freezes* D-Does that involve me as well? *takes out a Crystaline emerald and a Chaos Emerald*...

Mazda: Relax. There's no way you could've stopped it. Everyone who used Chaos contributed. (takes and examines Emerald) But even the Chaos Emeralds will loose their power soon.

Alice: Well we don't care what you say! We're going with you!

Mazda:............Alice I-

Ray: Me too! Just tell us what to do!

Mazda: We need to destroy the seals at three temples. I'll take us to them.

Alice: Sounds like a plan!

Ray: (takes out keys) And I got my liscence this morning, so just tell me where to go!

  • overhead Endac and Andrion fly over*

Endac: what do you think about the damage

Andrion: no clue

Selenia: Count me in! I'm comin along too!

Mazda: Alright.

Alice: Endac! Somebody get their attention!

(suddenly the patio blows up and that whole wall slides into the water.)Alright.

Rapid: Ugh...OW!!!

Selenia: Where's our first stop anyway's? *puts ear piece on*

(Endac and Andrion stop)

Endac: what the hell was that

Andrion: your friends

Endac: *sees alice and the others* oh yeah (cups hands around mouth) YOU COULD HAVE CALLED ME YA KNOW............I HAVE A CELL PHONE

Andrion: i'll go get Shadow and Dusk *keeps flying*

Ookamoni: Where's my scroll Sharyar!?!

Mazda: You freak!

Alice: My patio! You're dead!

Ray: (Charges at Ookamoni with his sword and shield) Shi ne`! (?die in Japanese. I don't know how to spell those. XD)

Rapid: *falls to the ground grabbing his chest*

Endac: hmmm easy *pulls out bow* chaos Arrow *fires arrow*

Selenia: *breaks necklace, then turns into Rainspark*

Mazda: No! Not more Chaos attacks!

(Ray and Ookamoni have a massive battle, jumping from rock to rock and clashing in midair)

Ookamoni: I should've killed you with the rest of your street-rat family!

Ray: How about....(lunges at him, rady to stab him).....YOU ROLL OVER AND DIE!!!

(suddenly another earthquake comes and they need to escape.)

Rainspark: Everyone! Hop on my back now!

Endac: *takes to the skies*

(everyone leaves as the city crumbles and Ray leaves Ookamoni)

Ookamoni: Hmph, fine. I'll get those scrolls soon enough. (vanishes)

Rapid: *gets up and presses a button on a controller* ... *an airplane comes* ... *gets in and takes off* Wait...I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE AN AIRPLANE!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *about to crash*

Rainspark: *everyone on her* I just don't get it...

Mazda: Get what?

Alice: Ray, what was Ookamoni talking about your family before?

Rainspark: Hm? Oh..nevermind...*senses something* Not again! Guys! I need you all to hang on as tight as you can!

Rapid: HELP!!! *crashes in front off Rainspark* Ugh... *blood all over him*

Endac: *Facepalm*

Andrion: i'm back and what the hell happened to Ray

Shadow: looks like he crashed a plane

Dusk: looks like it, i can tell by the still flying Airplane parts up there

Endac: *looks up and sees a wing fly over there head and land with a thud*


Rainspark: *some blood comes up, as her left wing is damaged* *screeches in pain*


Shadow: NO *runs over to Rainspark*

Rainspark: *falls, but lets everyone off of her safely* *lays on the ground*

(A flute is being heard nearby, it is Crono trying to relax)

Crono:... I know I can handle this... but why did the girls have to leave me alone again *sighs* I just can't go to school without them ditching me... *continues playing the flute*

Rapid: *bleeding all over with his plane on fire about to explode in 5 minz!*

Mazda: Let me handle this. Girls, come!

(the Fangirls save everyone from everything and bring them to Rainspark)

Lucifer: That was close!

Beelzebub: Too close!

Ray: May I go on?

Endac: Dusk you and Shadow go help Selenia

Rainspark: *gets her balance again* Im fine...Just watch my back while flying...I wasn't paying attention to my brother's crash...*lowers head*

Endac: right

Pyro: well that was rather exciting..........probably not for you selenia but rather exciting

Folin: totally narly dude

Darvonis: dam he's becoming white suburrban trash again

Pyro: i got it *conks Folin on the head knocking him unconcious*

Ray: Everyone shut up for a minute!

Alice: Ray.......

Ray: Three years aho, Ookamoni killed everyone in my family searching for the Eternity Scrolls, a powerful artifact that can change reality. He couldn't crack the safe and warned me that if I didn't open it before my sixteenth birthday, he'd kill me too.

Rainspark: *crystal on her cloak glows blood red* How dare he?!?! Then I'll kill him with my bare teeth if I have to! It is what I swore to protect this planet "Mobius"! *angered at the thought of Ooka*

Ray: Don't even think of it....(clenches fists) He's mine!

Mazda: I'm sorry Ray, but right now everyone, including Ookamoni, will die if we don't fix the planet.

Alice: Or first seal is in Westopolis!

Ray: Then let's go.......for Diera and Morgiana.

Isaih: *Walks over to them* Hey guys, whats up? Haven't seen ya'll in a while.

Mazda: Saving the world again. Wanna help?

Rainspark: Just get on me and let's go! We don't have no time to waste! *crystal returns to normal, which heals her wounds also* Cmon! *lowers head so they can get on her*

Isaih: I'm in.

(several hours and a dozen earthquakes later, they're in Westopolis, but it's in ruins by the quakes)

Mazda: To think, this was once a peaceful city.

Rainspark: *lands softly, then lets everyone down* Oh my god...

Isaih: OOOOOOOH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! This place is a wreck.

Alice: I guess we should start looking.

Mazda: I'll sense it once we're near.

Rapid: *starts glowing* SHIT NO!!!!! *turns into Chaos Rapid*

Mazda: WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?! (another earthquake)

Alice: No chaos powers! You're literally gonna destroy everything!

Ray: (checks Selenia's Chaos emeralfd) Even the Emeralds are growing dull.

Selenia: *returns to Normal* Crystaline Emerald! Redirect! *crystaline emerald sucks away the chaos energy from him*

(I'm dropping out RapidTheHedgehog 00:38, October 6, 2010 (UTC))

(??? ooookay.)

Mazda: (wandering the streets.)

Gale: (in a plain far off) Well this is odd? but my Wang Chi is not powered by Chaos energy so I can help but can't use Chaos Attacks. ...................Fun I=( oh well (=) *runs torward a cliff and jumps off to get their att*ension Selenia: *follows a bit, but looking around to see if anyone's hurt*

Girl: Help!

Selenia: Hm? *runs to the noise* Hello?

Girl: Miss! Please help me! *stuck under rocks*

Selenia: *sees her stuck* Don't worry sweetie, I'll help you

Leviathan: We'll help too!

(the girls start moving rocks as Mazda starts sensing the seal)

Girl: Thank you miss's!

Selenia: It's the least we can do, Now go find your mommy and daddy!

Girl: Okay! Thank you very much guys! *runs off*

Selenia: *looks at the girl, which reminds her of the time she first found Luvenia* *sigh*

Alice: Hey Selenia, what happened to Luvenia?

Selenia: She...grew too fast for me...She's 15 now, and She's already living a world with her friends and boyfriend...*weak smile* She just grew too fast for me...More fast then I could run...*continues to follow Mazda*

Alice: Hmmmmmm, weird.

Ray: I remember Diera and Morgiana would say the same things about me. Then they were silenced....

Mazda: Ray, you've gotta-

Ray: S-So much blood. They were bathed in it! (gets down and clenches his head) I heard their screaming! Those screams! And they looked right with me with those dead eyes!

Alice: Ray please!

Selenia: *freezes, clenching her fists in anger* I know how you feel, Ray...I know...Or knew a person who had the same problem...And I'm gonna tell you right now, that person is the same person your talking to right now...*fights back those old memories, as she gives Ray comfort and a hug*

Isaih: *walks up to meet the rest* ........uh Did I miss something?

Ray: Let's just go....(wiping tears)

(in the park, Mazda finds the seal in the middle of a fountain)

Alice: Is that it?

Mazda: Yep. (walks in the pool to get it)

Selenia: [thoughts] I guess we both have some things in common...I just hope revenge doesn't get to him...*sighs, as she watches from a point of view* Tell me when it's time to go, So then I can be ready...*breaks her necklace*

Ookamoni: (comes as Mazda's about to reach the seal) Now is that anyway a couple should be acting? I thought it was more lovey-dovey than "Tell me when it's time to go, So then I can be ready".

Alice: You!!!

Ray: I swaer Ookamoni, you've got some nerve!!!

Ookamoni: I'm not interested in the scrolls right now....(points to Mazda) Because I just found a better way ofr going back home!

Selenia: *Growls* Eh! I don't need no dating tips from a dumb@$$ low life from you! *takes out a Crystaline Emerald*

Ookamoni: (laughs maniacally) You're still stupid enough to use a Chaos driven device! You idiots are priceless!

Mazda: (breaks seal, releasing a beam of light) Get out of my sight demon!

Ookamoni: (mutters) One step closer.(disappears)

Gale: (in a plain far off) Well this is odd? but my Wang Chi is not powered by Chaos energy so I can help but can't use Chaos Attacks. ...................Fun I=( oh well (=) *runs torward a cliff and jumps off to hit Ookamoni*

Selenia: *growls* dang it...He reminds me so much of my father....*tries to calm down* Let's get outta here...I don't wanna see this place anymore...too much sympathy for me...*fighting a bit of tears as she breaks her necklace again*

Part 2: The worst of times

Mazda: Our next seal should be in..........Babylon Garden? (right now, it isn't destroyed, but still a garden)

Rainspark: *lets everyone get on* R-Right....Everyone on?

Everyone: Yeah!

Rainspark: Alright...*opens wings wide, then she flies immediately off the ground*

(as they fly)

Alice: So Mazda, you got any skeletons in you closet?

Mazda: What?

Ray: She means I revealed my secret, you should reveal yours.

Gale: (still diving down the cliff) Ugh (glows white) Jenjukilamo (teleports onto Rainsparks back) you left me falling down a cliff

Alice: Sorry......

Rainspark: *listening to their conversation*

Gale: It's okay. It wasn't the first time anyway

Mazda: If you must know, I was a guardian angel two thousand years ago. But then the person I was meant to guard died, so I was banished here until I protected his reincarnation. But, I'll one day return, once I protect the reincarnation 'til dfeath. That's you Ray.

Ray: (more cheerfully) Heh, thanks.

Mazda: I'll return someday, but until then, I'm here protecting you. I've seen alot though. I fought in the crusades, sank warships in the Napoleanic Wars, made it to Berlin in WWII. I even captained a ship for Queen Elizabeth I against the Spanish Armada. Alot of stuff.

Rainspark:....[thoughts] Well..that was an interesting secrets...too bad I don't wanna say anything...

Alice: I think we're here! (points to Babylon)

Mazda: Lets find that seal and get out of here

Ray: (looks in the distance and sees Eggman's base from Zero Gravity being built) Weird. Heh, I'll have to pay Eggman a visit after this!

(A small silhoutte is seen from a distance, trying to climb out of fissure from an earthquake)

(on babylon garden)

???: hmph where is that babalonian treasure

Tyrofiend: Torran where is the corpse of Endac

Torran: sir you told me to look in babylon garden

Tyrofiend yes i did so pay attension *turns to walk away* oh yeah and look to your 6:00 *walks away*

Torran: *turns around and sees Ray and the Others* Endac........good i found you now i need to get you out of here before Tyrofiend finds you and the Dragon-Heart

???: are you sure about that Torran

Torran: Pralon

  • a demonic tiger walks up*

Pralon: you are me and i am you just as we are both can't go on like this brother

Torran: we need to help Sonic not Tyrofiend

Pralon: i thought Cedric was the Good guy

Torran: and i'm slowly joining his side Pralon but i'm neutral not good i'll follow my own path

Pralon: fine but all i know is that if Tyrofiend finds the Dragon-Heart then Endac and his Dragon Friends......including that dragon Rainspark who is a girl named Selenia.................are going to be robbed and defeated badly

Alice: (in the garden) Can you feel the seal Mazda?

Mazda: It's somewhere in the main building.......

Ray: Then let's go! (runs off)

(M azda and Alice chase him to the building)

Mazda: Here it is....(in the middle of the floor, he stomps on it and breaks it)

Ookamoni: Well done........

Ray: What now you leech!

Ookamoni: (frowns) How insolent........I just wanted to show you my pet....

(a giant fire dragon comes.)

Ookamoni: Everyone, Angra Mainyu. You two play nice now. (disappears)

Rainspark: *appears, But in her demonized form*Selenia demonized 2Firget about the dragon, you guys go on ahead! *screeches*

Mazda: Right...(everyone leaves, until Mazda sees the girls staying)

Lucifer: Our job is to protect you master!

Belphegor: So go on without us!

All seven: Now show us what you got Ookamni!

Ray: (nods) C'mon!

(also, check out Mazda, Ray, and Alice's histories to see how the story will turn out in a bit)

Rainspark: *screeches angrily* Ookamoni! You gotta lot of nerve bothering my friends! *growls at the fire Dragon*

(the seven Fangirls surround the dragon as Rainspark stays in front)

Mammon: Rainspark, you'll have to fight it yourself.

Satan: We'll put up a shield and give you cover!

Asmodeus: After all, that's what friends are for right?

(all seven put up their shields, trapping the dragon)

All seven: Now show us what you got!!!

Rainspark: *smiles a bit, then screeches *thanks guys!* *Spikes on tail grow bigger, as she swings them at the dragon*

Angra: (takes hit, tries firing a dragon breath at her)

Leviathan: Oh no you don't!

(Leviathan jumps up and hits the dragon before it can hurt them)

Angra: (does another breath)

Rainspark: *charges up a huge beam made out of her own energy*

(the attacks colide, but Angra is stronger and rears up to claw at Rainspark)

Beelzebub: Defensive positions!

(Six of the sisters blocks each of the six claws. Asmodeus comes, ready to attack)

Asmodeus: (takes the blade) Rainspark, get me closer!

Rainspark: *crystal glows in anger, as she still throwing her energy beam at Angra, but her tails helps Asmodeus*

Ookamoni: (on Agra's head as it keeps firing) Ha! You think you can possibly--

Asmodeus: (using her blade to break through the attack)

Ookamoni: How!?! You were never this strong with me! WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU!?!

Lucifer: (slices the talon she was blocking as the other sisters do the same) We are the Seven Fangirls From Hell......

All seven: And we're here to destroy you, "Master"!

(all seven start swarming around Agra as Ookamoni watches and dowges)

Ookamoni: I see. Then I'll be ready for you next time, Furniture! (disappears)

Angra: (turns into flames sand disappears as all eight strike at the same time)

Rainspark: *sucks back her Energy blast after they all strike together, then screeches in anger*

Lucifer: Uh, what's wrong?

Satan: Yeah, we all beat him. Doesn't that make you feel better?

(was I playing too much? Like you didn't get a chance to do anything? Sorry. Really, I didn't mean to)

(It's alright ^_^ no need to be sorry)

Rainspark: *crystal turns to normal, as she becomes her normal self again*

Selenia: Something...Just doesn't feel right at all..

Beelzebub: What do you mean?

(also, how were those backstories? Were they good?)

(Yeah, But it made me wonder if Mazda is gonna die for real! D:)

Selenia: To tell you the truth, I don't even know myself...

(relax, I won't kill my main character. :D)

Belphegor: Come to think of it, shouldn't we see some improvement in the condition of the planet?

Lucifer: Maybe we won't until the last seal is broken.

Selenia: I don't know about this "Seal" Mazda's been looking for, But I promised I had to do the most I can to help. But Cmon, Let's meet up with the others...

All seven: Okay!!!

(outside with Mazda)

Mazda: Hey, you guys okay?

Selenia: I guess so..I only feel a bit dizzy from that battle, But I think everyone's alright...

Mazda: Okay. (worried for her a bit) Our last stop is at the top of Green Hill Zone.

Alice: Then let's go!

Seven girls: Right!

Selenia: R-Right! *turns into a dragon* hop on!

(everyone goes to Green Hill Zone)

Mazda: Okay, let's start looking.

Seven Girls: Right!

Selenia: Hm, Where to Mazda?

Mazda: It's right over there.....(sees Ookamoni holding the plate)

Ookamoni: Looking for something?!? You idiots were too easy to find.

Selenia: [facepalm] sheesh...Can't this guy get a life already?! I'm done with fighting! with violence!

Ookamoni: Heh, fine! (hold the plate up) Then I'll make this nice and quick! (throws it like a frisbee to Mazda)

Mazda: (gets hit and starts to glow)

Mammon: Master!

Lucifer: What did you do Ookamoni!?!

Ookamoni: With the last plate broken, the Chaos Seed can begin to germinate! Roots filled with chaos will cover the Earth and I will harness the power! Then, I'll be strong enough to return home! I'll become Death again! NO! I'LL BECOME THE DEVIL HIMSELF!!!

Alice: (takes fans)( Like I'd let that happen!

Ray: You belong in a mental hospital!

Seven girls: Prepare for your demise!

Selenia: *grabs Mazda, then turns to Ookamoni* Let's see if that will ever happen! Because I know one day God will kill you himself with his bare hands! Se if you can beat him!*to Mazda* You alright??
Tales of Symphonia- The Giant Kharlan Tree00:00

Tales of Symphonia- The Giant Kharlan Tree

what happens to Mazda

Mazda: *unresponsive, starts to glow*

Alice: What the?!?

Mazda: *hundreds of branches start growing around him, and a beam of light is shot up*

Fangirls: Look out! (create a giant shield to protect everyone)

Mazda: (more branches come, throwing them around like a bouncing ball)

Ookamoni: Sweet Chaos.........wait.

Mazda: (the branches stretch across the Earth, destroying everything)

Ookamoni: This sprout...corrupted!?!

(the tree stabalizes, everyone lands in Central City, andv Mazda is trapped at the core of the Corrupted Chaos Tree)

Selenia: Mazda!!!

(where Gale was)

Gale: (looking into an Orb at the chaotic scene) Ah Sh*t just great *starts to get angry and squeezes the orb* No Gale it is not time yet. Hold your Anger till Ookamoni really messes with them (runs to go find them)

(selenia, we're all the way in what's left of Central City)

(Oh, Im dumb [sweatdrop])

Rsay: Ookamoni....can you sink any lower?

Lucifer: I can't believe I called the scumbag master!

Beelzebub: I want to brush my teeth just thinking about it.

Alice: Everyone, I think we should check the Eternity scrolls.

Ray: There might be a way to defeat Ookamoni and save Mazda in them.

Selenia: *looks angrily* I knew it! I had a feeling all this was gonna happen! And I could always tell this day would happen! Ookamoni should be ashamed! *growls angrily*

Ray: (takes out a piece of paper, hidden in a tiny box in his pocket) Shall we?

Alice: (nods) Maria Rosa.

Ray: Diera Morgiana...

( a door of light opens)

Lucifer: Wow!

Leviathan: You don't see something like that everyday.

Selenia: *froozen from the sight, shudders as well*

Ray: C'mon.

(everyone steps into the door)

Part 3: Lacrose's Library

(they step out into a giant library, holding records of ever man, woman, child every born, that has been born, or will be born. It holds the secrets and knowlege of everything.)

Selenia: this is...amazing...[thoughts] Maybe I can figure out what happened to my generations...

Ray: Alright, let's move out. Divide and conquer. We should start onb everyone connected to this, so keep looking for Mazda, Ookamoni, you girls, Alice, me, Selenia, everyone.

Alice: It appears to be in chronological and alphabetical order.

Lucifer: Then let's get going!

Everyone: Right!

Selenia: *To herself* Okay...All I remember is that Mazda said he was 2000 years old...or about...I might find him in the 2000 years ago section...

(lightning, find Mazda's book and read about the seed)


Selenia: *spots something quickly that say's "Mazda"* Yes! *grabs the book, then flips the pages and see's "Chaos Seed"

Mammon: Did you find something?

Selenia: Yes, I found Mazda's book. And apparently, I found what says here "Chaos Seed"...*starts to read*

Alice: What does it say?

Selenia: *read loud enough to hear* Mazda holds inside him the Chaos Seed, which will grom into the Chaos Tree. The seed was placed inside him by God, who thousands of years ago foresaw how chaotic our world would become. Thousands of Chaos users, the excessive use of Chaos by abilities such as Super Form and Chaos Control, and polution of the planet, kept taking away from natural Chaos little by little until now the planet is on the brink of dying. Because Chaos is crucial to all life on the planet, more important than water, he was given it to use when this time came. But after his memories were lost, he forgot about the Seed sand his important task. He still carries the seed to this day.

Asmodeus: According to this, the Seed was corrupted by negative feelings: Selenia and Ray hating Ookamoni, Ray's memories of his family, Ookamoni trying to destroy everything, and Mazda worried aboiut Selenia.

Lucifer: But a burst of Chaos can put the tree back to normal.

Alice: But we don't have enough Chaos.....What now?

Ray: I thinik I may have the answer!

Selenia: *takes out a Crystaline Emerald* This could work...

Alice: I doubt any of the Emeralds can stop the Tree.

Ray: But they might get us to another world!


Ray: Alice, you're not from this world, it says you're from Exstasia!

Alice: Ooooooookay.

Ray: I looked it up, and this world is a technologically advanced place! Apparently, they used to be a dual planet with Earth, but then the meteor that created the Mobians hit and they ran for fear it'd happen to them too. We can get there and use their technology to stop the Tree!

Selenia: Awesome! We can use Crystaline Control! It doesn't take energy from the earth!

Ray: It says here that you can't use any Controls to get there. However the energy will summon a tower to take you there.

Se;enia: So, I should use my energy?

Isaih: *Sharp whistle from behind everybody* Nice place.

Selenia: *looks at her suspiciously* Where'd you come from?

Isaih: *looks around* Me?.....If so then 1) I'M A BOY and 2) Hello, Angel, Wings, Ability to fly?

Ray: This is a dimensionless place locked between worlds. Only me and specified guests may enter. (takes sword) Pretty suspicious.

Isaih: *Drops head* [sweat drop] *lifts head again* Ok 1) AN-GEL; I can move between time zones and dimensions with ease, and 2) Izzy called me here so don't get me started with the swordfighting, considering I own an angelic weapon. Hey, does anybody see that black thing?

Alice: Black thing?

  • a fox wth Drgon wings walks in*

DragonFox: hello Isaih

  • Torran and Prlon follow behind*

Torran: where is Endac, HalfBreed

Pralon: yes where is he

DragonFox: forgive my friends Isaih my name is Cedric the TriForm DragonFox. i'm a triform like your friends Luke John and Venom

Ray: I can still kick your butt all over the place if I wanted to....

(A small black silhoutte was up on one of the library bookcases)

Black Figure: *Jumps off bookcase and runs off*

Alice: Follow them!

Girls: Right!

(follow him.....)

Shadow Figure: *Panics and runs faster; turns a corner into a dead end; turns around to run back from the dead end*

(famngirls use their sheilds to stop it from leaving

Shadow Figure: *Suddenly panics, hits the floor wailing, then starts to morph into some werewolf creature; black cloak gets ripped off to show the face of Shadow Beast Taylor*

Shadow Beast Taylor: *Loud Ape yell* RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH

Cedric: look like we have some trouble

Endac: *jumps from wall* yes we do i'll deal with you later (pointing at Pralon)

Torran: i'm trying to help you

Endac: then shut your trap and release your blade but don't hurt him

Selenia: We were on a mission! We can't let any of these things and people get in our way!

Isaih: *Runs up to Selenia* By the look on Taylors face, I'd say he wanted to help out in the first place. We're gonna need all the help we can get.

Taylor: *Changes back* Isaih's right, plus I found a few caged up Mobians in a different part of Mobius. I've lived here for a few years and know most of the books in this library. Just let me help out.

Endac: sounds logical

Cedric: yeah i guess

Torran: i don't trust him

Ray: According to this, the tower will appear somewhere on the Soleana coastline.

Leviathan: Then let's go!

Other six: Yeah!

Endac: hold it Soleana............isn't that where Elise lives...............\=/

Torran: uuuuuuhhhhh who is Elise

Cedric: you'll find me you'll know when you see her

Selenia: *Transforms into a dragon* If you wanna go, hop on!

Endac: its ok we all have wings

  • all four unfurl hidden wings on their backs*

Cedric: and this way wecan be a body guard team for you

(they go to the Soleana coast)

Part 4: The Tower of Dimension

(on the Soleana coast, Ray takes them to a grassy plain)

Ray: Land here!

Rainspark: *lands the specific spot ray told her to* There *lets everyone off and reverts back to normal*

Alice: Now, Selenia, may I have the Chaos Emeralds?

Selenia: Sure *gives Chaos Emeralds to Alice* Now what?

Alice: There's not much Chaos I better hurry! (the Emeralds start to glow as she does too)

Ray: I think we should step back.

(everyone backs off as a ring of light surrounds around Alice and the hills)

Selenia: *gazes at her*

(soon a giant tower appears from a ray of light. It's so tall, it's top cannot be seen from the ground.)

Alice: (opens her eyes) Wow!

Mammon: I guess it's up from here.

Leviathan: I suppose...

Selenia: Let's see...Dragon form, or Ressurección?

Lucifer: C) Magic Elevator....

(Ray goes in and finds an elevator....)

Selenia: [facepalm] of course...We could use that...

(they go up, and once in they can see the world outside, like glass)

Lucifer: Wooooooooow!

Selenia: *remembers when she was with shadow (younger) both looking at the world* It's a beautiful site, isn't it?

Alice: Yeah, it is...

Ray: And that's why we're saving it.

(as clouds rush in front of then, the sky glows white, then yellow as it turns to sunset in less than a second)

Selenia: *weak smile* It was nice...50 years ago back at the ARK...Me, Shadow and Maria always wondered what it looked like...Once I regained my memories...I saw everything more beautiful then the last time I saw it...*Stops smiling* But we have a mission to do...I can't go on blabbing about my memories.

Beelzebub: *sadly* Oooooooh.

Alice: ...Wait....are we going-?

Ray: Down?

(also, 'm about to make a blog contest! Please enter. ^^)

(Okayz! Sure! ^_^)

Selenia: *notices as well* Should I stop this?

Alice: No....I think we're here.

(they stop and land in a giant city in Exstasia)

Ray: Wow! (looking at strange building made with stone and old technology combined.)

Satan: I could get used to this place.

Selenia: Alice, Is this where you are from? *hiding her smile*

Alice: I....I'm not sure.

(people staring at them because they've never seen Mobians. Plus the Tower appeared out of nowhere)

???: (comes up on a horse) Who are you? State your buisness?

Alice: Ohh, I'm sorry.

Selenia: *surprised, hides her sword in her father's (still wearing his long cape) cape/cloak) Hmmm...

Ray: I'm Ray Takiyama....the Librarian of Lacrose's Library........(whispers) These are Mobians.

???: (surprised) I see. Follow me then.

(they follow him)

Selenia: *keeping an eye on ??? curiously*

Lucifer: So, who are you supposed to be?

???: I'm Lloyd, captain of the guard.

Alice: And where are you taking us?

Lloyd: The city hall.......How did you find us?

Alice: Uhh, the Lacrose Library said I was from here...

Lloyd: So you are the child...

Selenia: Child?

Lloyd: I could tell by those blue eyes. Here we've evolved to only have brown eyes except a few. Alice was born here with blue eyes.

Alice: But what happened to me? How did I leave here?

Lloyd: They sent you away, to Earth.

Selenia: Interesting...

Belphegor: That doesn't sound very nice. Why would you just dump Alice someplace?

Lloyd: Because she would destroy everything!

Alice: *gasp*


Selenia: *withdraws sword* I don't like it when people say offly rude comments on my friends!

Belphegor: Everyone calm down! Why was she such a threat?

Lloyd: Alice is a special girl. While other being must take Chaos from their planet, Alice can generate her own, limitless supply of it. However, being human she couldn't use it herself.

Ray: If she couldn't use it, what made her such a threat?

Lloyd: Anyone else can use her power. Imagine having limitless Chaos! Infinite Super Forms, Hyper Forms, Dark Forms! She's more powerful than the Chaos Emeralds! (calms down) Such power would create wars, battles, struggles to take that power. We worked hard for our society, and we didn't want it ruined.

Selenia: *returns sword* hmm...I see...

(Lloyd takes them inside City Hall)

Alice: So......I'm that important?

Lloyd: Basically. Anyone around you can tap into that power and generate as much Chaos as they need.

(I bet you guys wish she was in every roleplay now! Bring on the Jesus Mode! XD)


Selenia: Interesting...*lights a small spark in her hand*

Lloyd: (takes them to the Mayor)

Mayor: Why hello? To who do I owe the honor?

Alice: Alice Maeda?

Mayor: So that's the name they gave you. Beautiful, simply beautiful! are things on our sister planet?

Ray: Sister planet?

Mayor: Why yes. It's well recorded thaty Earth and Exstasia were once Dual Planets, revolveing around eachother in the same orbit. However we fled agter the Meteor that created the Mobians impacted.

Lucifer: Why?

Mayor: We were afraid it would happen to us too. But, we have kept close ties. We have spies there hidden in plain sight!

Ray: Well your spies won't be there much longer. Tell 'em Selenia.

Selenia: The secret royal squad and SPOF Fighters were sencing your energy limits. we could feel you from the earth

Lucifer: That and we're here for help. You see, the Chaos in our planet was depleeting-

Mayor: We know about that already. You need a way to stabalize the Chaos Tree, don't you?

Endac: heh? chaos tree................never heard of it

Alice: That's the name of the tree that grew out of Mazda. Remember?

(look above, around the video)

Mayor: Indeed. If you wish to stop it, there is a weapon we left on Earth before we left.

(oh right that)

Endac: hmm what does this weapon look like

Mayor: It's in one of your oceans, locked withing= a lake. The Chaos Lens.

Alice: What do I need to do?

Mayor: The Tree must be stabalized with Chaos. The Lens can be powered by you, stabalizing the tree with a stream of Chaos.

Lloyd: And this stabalization should free your friend too.

Asmodeus: Master? He'll be free?

Mayor: (nods) However I'm not exactly sure where the Lens is. It's ancient technology even to our accurate historians...

  • in a flash of light Shadow and Dusk were next to Endac*

Dusk: we could probably help find it with our chaos sensibility

Torran: everyone here has chaos sense

Shadow: are you sure about that?

Cedric: he isn't even sure which side of the fight he's on

Shadow: *looks at Torran* well then shut it

Endac: so about this's on earth..............and it's ancient that all we need to know other than it being in the sea

Pralon: i'm not going

Shadow: then you can stay here like a good kitty cat

Pralon: *growl*

Alice: Please! We need everyone there to help........I can feel him wsiting for us. Ookamoni.

Ray: We might not be able to stop him. We need your help. Not just with the Lens but for the fights.

Satan: I got a better idea...(looks at Shadow) You realize the fact that the Tree is corrupted means the Chaos is still depleeting. Which means you can't use Chaos powers without Alice.

Shadow: you forgot. i'm my own chaos emerald. i can use chaos control whenever i want to

Pralon: then why don't you just chaos control yourself over a cliff

Shadow: *backfists Pralon* he's the enemy any way

Cedric: he is.

Dusk:..................*sigh* shadow you didn't have to knock him out

Shadow: we don't need him cause most likely when we get into a fight it'll probably turn into somthing like Mario and Luigi super star saga

Torran: now that would be weird


Shadow Dusk Pralon Cedric and Torran: sorry


Mammon: Let me try. Every Chaos user takes Chaos from the Earth. Every one. But if you have Alice, unlimited Chaos!

(I am too, but it was just a joke, sorry)

(............oh you are? it's ok.........i guess i'm just sensitive about my faith)

Shadow: ooooooooooohhhh

Isaih: *Falls out of sky* INCOMIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!! *hits ground* oof ow.

Ray: What the?!?

Lucifer: (angry eyes) I know you! Aren't you the one that broke my roof!

Asmodeus: I think he'll have to fix this roof too sis.&nbsp

Endac: oh come on..............Isaih get your floppy angel butt of the floor

Isaih: Well I can't help the devil's mistresses attacking me and locking me in some random room. Besides, I always end up having to brace myself when I angeliccly teleport.

Selenia: All of you! We all came here for a reason! No I sugguest we all work this out to save our friend and our planet! Capishe?!

Ray: Agree. Besides....why don't you just not teleport?

Alice: We can use the Tower to get back.

Mayor: Good luck.

(everyone, get ready for big Ookamoni battle. Wirth Hellfire Mode!)


Selenia: Thank you, We'll need all the luck we can get...*senses something weird* Huh? What is that?

Ray: I don't feel anything...

alice: Probably your imagination. ^^

(he attacks on Earth. I got something planned.)

Selenia: It's not from here...But I guess it is my imagination...But something isn't feeling right at all...

Alice: Then let's go back! There's no time to loose.

(You'll never guess what I'm doing....Watch Silver the Hedgehog in Japanese because I found out his voice actor also voiced one of my favorite anime characxters: Battler Ushiromiya from Umineko. There's a pic of him with Beatrice on my userpage)

Shadow: hello moon-light................oh and we have ANOTHER family anti-form (his sister Dawn the Hedgehog...............i think i made a page for her)

Dusk: come on bro stop whining atleast you know you have a family

Shadow: yeah and its getting to big for my tastes

Lucifer: Shouldn't we be talking about this on the way to the Tower?

(and Shadow, read the Girl's trivia. XD)

(um, trivia? don't blame me................blame Home-Schooling...............i'm home schooled so don't be surprised when i don't understand.....................and it's not becasue i'm to young becasue i'm 14.................i just don't understand some things still............embarrising)

(just read the section under "trivia" Also, trivia means "interesting facts")

(oh that trivia nvm)

Shadow: right lets go

Selenia: If I had more family members, then They'd come look for me! Now stop yapping and lets get back to the tower!

Alice: Right!

(they run to the Tower)

Selenia: *in the tower* This feel weird though...

(they're going down and see all the roots of the tree)

Alice: I feel weird too...

Selenia: I just hope Mazda's okay...

Ray: If the Mayor's right, he'll be just fine....

(they reach the bottom and see Ookamoni Hellfire mode)

Ookamoni: Good morning.

Selenia: Hm? *growls*

Alice: Why are you here!?!

Ookamoni: To reveal myself to the world! They should know who their new emperor is!

(the tower starts cracking and breaking because of Ookamoni )
ToS movie 09 - The Tower of Salvation Disintegrates (jap)00:47

ToS movie 09 - The Tower of Salvation Disintegrates (jap)

What happens to the Tower

Belphegor: You're insane!

Selenia: *tries to use Psychokinesis to stop some of the tower parts* Gah!!

Alice: *staring at Ookamoni* You went insane......the corruption of the Tree broke you.

Ookamoni: Heh, bingo!.....(points his claw at them) Now, bring the one that ruined it here to me so I can repay the favor!

Satan: Are you seriously that desperate?!?

Ookamoni: YOU BET I AM!!!! (fires a ball of flames at them) Bring Alice to me!!

Selenia: *stops the fire balls* Over my died, cold body! *takes out seven Crystaline Emeralds* I'll show you the power of the Crystaline emeralds!

Ookamoni: Gladly! (charges at her and fires hundreds of balls of fire)

Selenia: *dodges* Crystaline Emeralds...Give me negative! *starts to absorb all negative energy*

Ookamoni: Oh no you don't! (slashes at her)

Selenia: *starts to turn into Hell Hearted Helenia* Hahahah! Guess who's here?!?!

Ookamoni: A demon? Then shouldn't you be bowing to me!?! (shoots flames lika giant flamethrower!)

Helenia: This girl ain't gonna be your servant! *goes threw her like nothing*

Endac: *Transforms into Pitch Demon Endac and then becomes Endac Dragonbane making him Pitch Demon Endac Dragonbane* *evil laugh* hmph a demon Drakomancer........perfect Harmony CHAOS GIGA PITCH BLAST *blasts a giant black chaos blast*

(thw two attacks colide, Ookamoni and Endac are even)

Shadow: DragonBurst *in a blast of fire Shadow's chaos Spirit flies out of him and blasts at ookamoni in a wave of fire*

Dusk: Shadow beast summence...............Ferivo Shadow Dragon of Life i summon you *giant Black and Red Dragon appears Roars and blasts another jet of fire (to go along with shadow's chaos spirit's attack) at Ookamoni*

Ookamoni: (creates his own wave of fire, twice as big, and throws it at them) Wouldn't Maria be PROUD!?!

(SHADOW: hold on did you mean that against Shadow or somthing?)

(yeah....I'm abou to show how evil he can be, and insane. But I'd never talk like this in real life)

Helenia: *grabs Ookamoni by the arm, firmly* Your lookin at her as we fight! *wide, evil grin*

Ookamoni: (grabs her arm too, then kicks her in the stomach) Depends! (kicks her away) Who's she?!?

Helenia: *does a flip, then she falls on her feet perfectly* Too bad you ain't as powerful as you look! You fight like a toddler!

Ookamoni: You fight like a child on sugar! (creates giant waves of fire in an X shape like his claws) So much talk....(tears open the ground and starts controling the lava)....but no strategy!!!

Helenia: No strategy is my strategy! *charges at him while running over the crack (because she's stepping on darkness templates that allows her to run or walk on top)* And that's the best strategy! *hand morphs into water/blood sword*

Ookamoni: You call that a strategy? (blocks the sword with his claws) You'll never be on my league with an attitude like that!!! (tries stabbing her with the pointed sides of his wings)


Endac: O_O whoa..................he's more evil than me

Helenia: [thoughts] dang it...I don't have enough energy...*uses an opening to cut him*

Isaih: why do I miss some of the best stuff........

Ookamoni: (blocking every attack with his wings) Are you so angry about Maria's death? Death is a beautiful thing....In Hell, she does my bidding, walks the Hellhounds, and even gets up to get me sandwiches!

Helenia: *reverts beck to normal* She's only doing that because she doesn't have part of her soul! [thoughts] Which I have sealed in me...

(Lightning, it's a bluff. To make Shadow angry? Anger makes Ookamoni stronger.)

Endac: now where was i.................oh yeah *continues blast at Ookamoni*

Shadow: *jumps from where he stood does a full front flip and lands sword drawn bearing down on Ookamoni* prepare to wish you didn't say that.....demon

Ookamoni: (blocks with another wing) No attack you have can block all twelve of my lost before this fight began. Hehehehe....

Selenia: Shadow, Control your anger. It's making him stronger...*calmed voice* I can still beat you even without my hell hearted form.

Ookamoni: Oooooooh....I'm soooo scared..hehehehehe...

(remember, he's crazy now)

(SHADOW: hey white star you should probably my universe Maria Robotnik is alive and a Hedgehog so........oh i know you can make it to where Ookamoni doesn't know cause it happened fairly close to the time period they're in)


Shadow: Good beats evil Demon boy *starts hacking at wings*

Renegade: Incoming *lands on top of Ookamoni, trying to dissoreant him*

Isaih: Good *Changes into his Angelic form and pulls out his sword, Angelwing*

Ookamoni: (launches Renegade away with his wings.) Let me ask you you kids play alot of games? (traps them all on individual islands in a lake of lava) Have you ever played....Old Maid?

Renegade: Do you not see me on your BACK trying to knock you in?

Isaih: *Splits his wings into four and blasts Ookamoni with gusts of wind*

Endac: *returns to normal Endac Dragonbane* sigh now what do we do?

Shadow: i'm gonna hack his head off

Dusk: but shadow *whispers* maria's not dead

Shadow: *smiles* i know..........but he doesn't *jumps from island*

(I meant Renegade before)

Ookamoni: How rude......(protects himself with fire and magma dragons)........answer my question kiddies....hehehehehehe

(I'm going to bed. G'night everyone. "THE ANGELS LIVE ON" Isaih the Angelhedgefox 03:24, October 10, 2010 (UTC) )

Endac: Pyro, Folin, Darvonis, Hungara, go now. help Shadow.

Shadow: FORJIN NOW *an army of about 75 spirits appear with a Dragon spirit in front* this is the Chaos Spirit Armada *looks over at selenia* they are where i am drawing my chaos energy so i don't harm the planet


Selenia in bankai 1 form

  • they charge Okomamoni and his dragons*


(Okay, I'll pause it for ya. ^^ )

Selenia: Shadow get outta the way...*withdraws her sword*

Ookamoni: (blocks each attack with his dragons) Oh Selenia.............won't you do me the favor and let me melt you? Hehehehehe...............

Shadow: you won't touch her or any of my family you demonic jack A**

Selenia: Cruel Humor, Very funny...*points sword* Bankai...Dance, Silent Dream! *turns into Bankai 1 form*

Ookamoni: people are very rude. Why haven't you answered my question!?! (start using the magma like whips and still fighting with dragons) ANSWER ME SELENIA!!!

Bankai Selenia: *stiffs breathing a bit* The only person who can do that...*gets in the same position from the picture* Are My real friends and family!

Ookamoni: Really? What's so hard about that question? All I asked was if you kids played any games..........

Bankai Selenia: Cero...*a huge beam of her own energy shoots at unimaginable speeds ttowards Ookamoni, too fast to dodge*

Ookamoni: (falls back into the lava willingly) You see, my life is like a game of Old Maid.......everyone tried pushing their cards on me......and it cost me everything...........but now I'll push the Old Maid of my life on you, Selenia! (thousands of spears of Magma shoot up from the ground, aimed at her.)

Endac: Pyro, ariel manuver 56-C2. dive on him now

Pyro: *dives on Ookamoni blasting fire then he pulls up and goes over in a circle doing the same over and over*

Endac: alright Pyro................thats it, PYRO, TAKE ARMS

Pyro: *confused*

Endac: TO DRAGON-BANE *pulls out his sword*

Pyro: your wish is my command *uneasy flies into the blade and dissapears when he hits it*

Endac: Dragon-Bane's life is restored which means...............DRAGON THRUST *thrusts blade forward and when it's at full extent a flaming dragon flies out like a whip going to a full extent taking out one of the magma dragons* it has the ability of Dragon-Whip*

Bankai Swords: *makes tectonic plate for her to step on, absorbing the fiery fire attacks*

Bankai Selenia: Tu No saves cien soy....(spanish for "You don't know who I am...) *walks forward to him*

Ookamoni: (gets even more desperate and points a gun at her) Nobody move or I shoot........if I shoot in a hurry....who knows who I'll hit....hehehehe

Bankai Selenia: *grins* Do you think a bullet will stop me?

  • a gun is put to Ookamoni's temple*

Shadow: *from behind him* peek-a-boo

Ookamoni: You t5hink you can kill death.........I won't hesitate to pull this trigger.....but what would Maria say if she knew you were playing this game again? Hehehehehe.....

Shadow: well i'm pretty sure she wouldn't say anything cause she's the one holding the gun *shadow was in front of him*

Ray: (blocks Sekenia) Selenia....stay behind me!

Bankai Selenia: Ray, Please don't...I can handle it more then you know!

Ray: NO!!!

Ookamoni: brave of really think you can protect them?

Ray: That's right I'll protect them! I swore I'd protect them like the family I lost! So go ahead and shoot me! So you be darn sure you hit me! But you just try hitting one of my friends....AND I'LL MAKE YOU PRAY YOU WERE DEAD!!!!

Selenia: *returns to normal, her sword normal as well* Ray....

Ookamoni: Ooooooooooh. I'm sooooo scared. Enough of this foolishness! (aims gun at Ray) Goodnight! (gunshot echoes)

(everyone looks away, but Ray is fine, bleeding from his hand. He usedthe back of his hand to blosk the bullet! O.o)

Ray: You'll never defeat me.....with that arrogance! (pulls bullet out with his fingers) I win Ookamoni!

Selenia: Y-you okay...?

Cutlass: *Appears behind Selenia; Sword at her throat*

Selenia: What are you doing?!

Alice: (goes behing Cutlass and knocks him out with her fans)

Ookamoni:! NO! NO! (stares at Alice) My Chaos.....GIVE ME MY CHAOS!

Selenia: *glares at Ookamoni* That is what I will never allow! *withdraws her sword* Expand, Voice of Despair! *the area starts to become black and white, but every detail has disappeared, only letting everyone see each other*

Ookamopni: I..........whatever! (his sanity's back from the anger. He disappears into the lava)

Selenia: hmph...*returns her sword, as everything becomes color again, and everyone can see everything again*

Alice: Well that was.....weird.

(roots start growing around them too as the last pieces of the tower come down)

Ray: We should start looking for the Lens.

Part 5: the Chaos Lens

Selenia: This planet is starting to creep me out...

Ray: Then the sooner we find it, the better...

Alice: How are we supposed to find it again?

Selenia: I could use Psychokinesis...

Ray: Sounds like a plan. Go for it!

Selenia: Right! *uses her Gold-colored Psychokinesis* hmm...

Ray: See anything?

Selenia: Yes...*closes her eyes, visualizing everything* It's this way...*takes them the right direction*

(They follow her)

(They all walk to the right directions for a long time)

Selenia: *stops, as she falls on her knees* somethings....blocking me....

Shadow: huh.................who is that *points over on top of a hill where a yellowish Hedgehog in a blue dress layed*...............

Dusk: it looks like Maria..............but she was holding Ookamoni at gun point wasn't she?

Shadow: no that was just Forjin *starts walking towards hill*

Ray: I've got a bad feeling about this................

Selenia: *gets back up* Im sorry, but this is as far as I can track. something's blocking my Psychokinesis...

Alice: (looks to see they're at a lake) Could this be it?

Ray: I thought he said sea?

Alice: Well, he also said the Lens was ancient. So, given changing sea levels and plate tectonics...

Ray: English Alice, English.

Alice: Everything moved.

Shadow: *about 10 feet from the body*

  • all of a sudden the body springes up and transforms into a hedgehog form of Shiek from Super Smash Bros. Brawl (sorry, if you don't know who that is, it's Princess Zelda's other half....a ninja) with her Ears coming out of the hood and she held knives*

Maria: stay back before i--

Shadow: \=| nice reaction time hun

Maria: oh it's you shadow *kissses* where have you been

Shadow: with them *points over his shoulder at the others* trying to help the others bring back the chaos power

Maria: no wonder when i used Chaos Levitate the whole entire house shifted into the ocean

Shadow O_O HUH !?!

Maria: i got it back out with some help from Arsenal

Shadow: ok.......i guess. come on

Maria: ok *walks back to the group with him*

Selenia: So, what now?

Maria: i could probably break this barrier...........but i'd have to be able to concentrate on where it is which i can't tell if i don't have a person who can sense it *looks up at selenia*

Selenia: Ya know I never knew this, but I look like you a bit...*looks at Maria, then looks away* but anyway, I can sense it for you...

Ray: Actually, you two do look a little bit alike...

Alice: Please! They could be twins!

Shadow: oy *rubbing eyes*

Maria: calm down hun. let me see *steps forward towards where Selenia was standing* hmm *closes eyes* aha here it is now *pulls out a knife* Concentrate *knife becomes invisible in her hand* BARRIER BREAK *stabs knife through thin air but there is the sound of shattered glass*

Shadow:...............hmm like a window

Selenia: Before Maria was "dead" Gerald Robotnik put some of Maria's soul to preserve it...*looks at bit confused*

Maria: hmm that should take care of it.....................shall we continue?

???: Oh perfect Shadow is alive.

Shadow: oh hello tighty whitey...........and where is my pizza?

Alice: Let's just find the Lens.....

Ray: Right! (runs off but trips over something)

Alice: Huh?

Selenia: Allow me...*Uses Psychokinesis to lift the heavy object*

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