A worldwide basketball tournament has started! The winning team will win fabulous prizes and awards. A bunch of teams will enter one will win. This tournament isn't exclusive to anyone so join now!

Anyone can come in this roleplay so feel free to join.


  • No extreme romance! (I think you know what I mean) Flirting, kissing and hugging is fine.
  • No God-modding. (Yes, I know it sounds weird on a roleplay like this but it bassicly means no cheating or keep making shots)
  • If you need to swear use these things rigfht here: ****************************
  • No killing.
  • No fighting in the game unless you really want to.
  • Have fun.




  • Lol-ASL the Bee (Sonicfan919)
  • Rachel The Goat (Sonicfan919)
  • Stephani Bell (Sonicfan919)
  • Axebox The Legend (Sonicfan919)
  • Jonik the GoaT (Sonicfan919)
  • Gurrahk Darkstorm(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)
  • Panrahk Darkstorm(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)
  • Shady (Darkness) The Hedgehog (Shady The Hedgehog)
  • Zephir (Scorpio) The Scorpion (Shady The Hedgehog)
  • Baby Chiack
  • Kurahk Darkstorm
  • Teniahk the Halfbreed lioness (Newborn Cub)
  • Russian Police
  • S.W.A.T team
  • FBI
  • DEA
  • CIA


  • The Grimwood Girls (Sonicfan919)
  • Predalien's Drones (DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)
  • Falconear the Hawk(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)
  • Flusher the Bald Eagle(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)
  • Beserker the Wolf(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)
  • Speicies Darkstorm(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)
  • Dark Dragon the demon dragon (DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)
  • Chimera Darkstorm(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)
  • Demon Darkstorm(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)

People in the audienceEdit

  • Mitsuki the Cat (Sahura)
  • Turbo(HS664)
  • Frost "Snap" Glacia (Numbuh)
  • Maddie Chao (Pumpituppartyzone)
  • Big Buela the Gorilla (Pumpituppartyzone)
  • Max Flippercorn (Pumpituppartyzone)
  • Sarah the Chao (Pumpituppartyzone)
  • Blaze the Hedgecat(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)
  • Link the Echidna (Numbuh)
  • Kaytlin Fence the fox(Aren't you so lucky?*yoshi blows up* 23:54, January 6, 2011 (UTC))
  • Darkstorms son(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)
  • (Evil/Good)Anjelous the vamphog
  • Vitani the lioness
  • Teniahk the halfbreed lioness (newborn cub)
  • CIA and DEA Agents
  • Bada the Gorilla (Spongebob100)
  • Bing the Gorilla (Spongebob100)



Add your teams here:

Team E-G-G-M-A-N!Edit

Team YunikuEdit

  • Lol-Asl the Bee
  • Zee the fox
  • Yin the wolf
  • Yang the wolf
  • Carol the Fox
  • Axebox the Legend

Team DivaEdit

  • Alex (From the Grimwood girls)
  • Sasha (From the Grimwood Girls)
  • Marissa (From the Grimwood Girls)
  • Maxie Flippercorn
  • Fifi the Bear
  • Rachel the Goat
  • Stephani Bell
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Mitsuki the Cat

Team DemonEdit

  • Hozukimaru the Hedgedrgon (Even though he's not a demon)
  • Turahk
  • Panrahk
  • Gurrahk
  • Anubis
  • Jonik the Goat (Not a demon)
  • Darkstorm the Halfbreed(Half demon)
  • Xenorahk(Halfhuman)
  • Blaze the Hedgecat

Team DreamEdit

  • Krinkinko the hedgehog
  • Fa-La-Stu The Echidna
  • Jack The Hedgehog
  • Droget The Frog
  • The Elder of Frog Village
  • Droget's brother ,Trops
  • Moe Flippercorn
  • Sonic The hedgehog

Team XenomorphEdit

  • Predalien
  • 2 Speed xeno's
  • Predalien's 7 drones
  • Xenomorph 43
  • Falconear the Hawk
  • Flusher the Bald Eagle
  • Beserker the Wolf

Team SwishEdit

  • Rapid The Hedgehog
  • Shine the Hedgehog
  • Joseph the Wolf
  • Brittney the Bat
  • Fetalia the Dark

Team FormationEdit


Game one: Team Diva Vs. Team DreamEdit

Jack: Alright Team, it's time to work together

Krinkinko:Got it!

(Team Diva Walks in)

Sasha:Not if we school you first!

Mitsuki: Is it too late to back out?

Fifi: Don't back out! We can totally win! Just try your hardest!

Krinkinko: Yeah then you'll stiffen up!

Announcer:Hush the trash talk for the game! Since I know you guys like hitting you can hurt eachother but you can't keep doing it. You all know how to play basketball right?

Jack: BINGO !

Maxie: Of course we do! Can we have a few minutes to discuss our srategy?

Mitsuki: Uh..I don't...

Announcer:Okay discuss!

(Team Diva)

Rouge:Can someone teach this girl how to play basketball?

Maxie: There's a video on how to play on my uPod. Here, take this. *hands Mitsuki the uPod* You watch that for a few minutes to get the hang of it.

Fifi: What we need to do is whenever they have the ball, knee them in the kiwis and steal the ball from them.

Rouge:Fa-La-Stu is a girl.

Mitsuki: Well, all the guys then...

Fifi: We can spit in her face!

(Team Dream)

Jack: Ok team here we go, one of you split right & the other curl on one with the old 38, 22, Skido

Moe: Anybody understand what he's saying?

Jack: I'm saying that's the code for the Zig Zag Play

Krinkinko:What's that?

Jack: You have to zig zag your way to Score a Point, it means left to right to left to right, like a Pattern

Announcer:Welcome to the first game in the MBT! TEAMS GET IN POSITIONS!

Jack: Ok team lets go

Mitsuki: (gulps)

Fifi: Everybody ready?


The grimwood girls:Yes!

(The two teams go on their sides)


Rouge:(Catches the ball and passes it to Mitsuki)

MitsukiL >.> (passes it to Fifi)

Fifi: *dribbles and passes to Sasha*

Fa-La-Stu: (Uses Chaos freeze on Fifi)

Sasha:(She Dribble it between her legs then preforms a slam dunk)

Announcer:That's one to zero!

Krinkinko: (Tries to tackles her but hangs on to her feet)

Sasha:Let go!

Maxie: I'm on it! Over here!

(The other team gets the ball)

Droget: (Jumps up high and shoots for the basket)

Maxie: Oh no you don't! (head buts Droget in kiwis, takes ball, and passes to Marissa)

Marissa:(Takes the ball)

Elder: (steals the ball and he fakes the ball to the right so marissa goes there but he then throws it to to Krinkinko)

Krinkinko: ( jumps up high and shoots the ball)

Moe: Did it go in?

Krinkinko:Yeah! Now it's One to One.

Referee: (Gives the Ball to Maxie)

Maxie: *dribbles* Suki, heads up! (passes to Mitsuki)

Mitsuki: (passes to Marissa)

Maxie: *takes out lighter and thaws out Fifi*

Jack: (Grabs the Ball & passes to Krinkinko) CATCH!

Fifi: (knees Krinkinko in kiwis, steals ball, and passes to Sasha)

Krinkinko:(Catches it)Might hurt! Not that much though! Ouch!

Sasha: (Blows a kiss towards Krinkinko)

Krinkinko: (Gives the ball to Sasha)

Droegt: Oh brother! (Steals the ball and dribbles)

Sasha: Hey cutie! (Kisses him)

Droget: (Scores for her)

Fifi: Yay! We get another point!

Mitsuki: Yup! ^-^ We should have them flirt more often!

Maxie: Yeah, we should!

Jack: Let's try even Harder & have fun Elder:You should play with your skill. Not fake love ,young ones. The Referee: (Hands ball to Strops) Strops:(Slides Under Maxie and runs towards the Basket)

Maxie: Whoa! Sasha, keep them from scoring!

Sasha:(Steals the ball as Maxie talked and was about to make a slam Dunk)

Fa-La-Stu:(Uses Chaos Lightning on Sasha)

Alex:(Kicks Fa-la-Stu in the back as the ball rolls out of her hands and onto the floor)

Jack: I got it (Shoots the Ball into the Opponent's Team Basket) I SHOOT !

Moe: -_- Really?

Elder:He shot into the wrong basket.

Jack: I don't get it

(Now I get what you meant)

Elder:My bad you got us a point)

Fifi: He did? Aww!

Jack: Yahoo

Darkstorm: (Hands Elder a Basket ball and Teleports away).

Elder:(Runs foward dribbling)

Sasha: (Trips him)

Elder: (Flips up with the ball in his hand)

Fifi: *whacks Elder w/ a giant metal bat, steals, ball, and passes to Sasha*

Jack: (Catches the Ball) I got it, I got it

Moe: Over here!

Jack: (Passes the Ball to Moe) Catch & wacth out for the Kisses!

Moe: No worries; I got a girlfriend. *dribbles a while, shoots, but misses*

(It rolls to Jack)

Rachel: (Turns to Jack's age)Hey there!

Mitsuki: (steals the ball from Jack and tries to make a Slam Dunk)

(The ball goes in)

Referee:Okay what's the score agin?

Fa-La-Stu:Hey Droegt you still turn orange and black if frozen?

Droegt:Yeah, why?

Maxie: Nice shot, Suki! High 5!

Fa-La-Stu:I missed! Great now Droget's orange and black! (Holding an orange and Black ball)Sorry, Droget.

Krinkinko: (Dribbling the basketball towards the basket)

Fifi: (Steals ball, blows raspberry in Krinkinko's face, and dribbles other way)

Mitsuki: (high-fives Maxie, thens turns to the game) Go Fifi!


The Elder:Your not passing me! (Guarding the basket)

Fifi: *whacks Elder again* (shoots and scores) [In Krinkinko's face] What now, SON!

Jack: It's time for some Hair Raising Action

(As the ball went through the basket the ball uncurled into a orange and black Droget)

Droget:This now! You threw me in! Not the ball!

(As he said that Fa-La-Stu threw the real ball in the other basket)

Jack: That's 4 - 3, Prepare for Operation S.L.A.M.D.U.N.K

Fifi: Bring it, string bean! Let's see what you got!

Mitsuki: Yeah! Sasha: (Kicks Jack in the crotch) By the way, who's winning?

Jack: Ohhhhh Painful but Not good enough (Zig Zag Pass Team Diva) BANANA SLAMDUNKA (Shoots the Ball into the Basket & Scores) Your messing with the Wrong Dude

Fifi: Really now? We'll see about that, dude!

Krinkinko:Now it's tied!

Amy:(In the Crowd)Jack, I'm in trouble help me!

Jack: What the, What's That?

Amy:Help me Jack! I'm being robbed!

Jack: Oh Man Krinkinko go help Amy!

Fifi: Dude, she's talking to YOU! *throws Jack at Amy*

Jack: AHHHHHH (Crashed into the Wall) That could be...a Booby Trap, Good Night (Faints)

Mitsuki: Good! (takes the ball and passes it to Maxie) Catch!

Maxie: Got it! (catches, dribbles, and shoots but misses)

Jack: (Grabed the Ball thanks to Amy's Piko Hammer Attack) Got it

Maxie: *hits Jack with foghorn* Not for long! (passes to Alex)

Jack: (Gets up & Catches the Ball) Got it Again

Amy:Jack, I'm still being robbed!

Krinkinko:(Takes the ball)Help her out! (Holding the ball)Look if you girls forfeight I'll take one of you to dinner!

Jack: Got it (Went to Help Amy Rose)

Fifi: Maxie and I have boyfriends. Besides, you're not anybody's type! (steals ball and goes for slam dunk)

Jack: (Stops the Robber by Whacking him with a Hammer) Take That! (Looks at Amy) Are you ok?

Fifi: (scores) Yay!

Krinkinko:What do you mean I'm no one's type?!

Amy:Thanks Jack! Want to kiss?

Jack: Ok, but you gotta find Sonic o

Fifi: (to Krinkinko) Neevermiind.... :3

Amy: (Kisses him anyway and when she finished she turned to Malissa)

Malissa:Thanks for stalling!

Krinkimko: (Gets the ball and runs to the basket)

Maxie: (knocks over) Sorry, dude. (passes to Alex)

Sonic:Sorry I'm late! (Catches the ball, zooms to the basket and makes the shot)

Fifi: Oh, pooh! The bumbling blue blur is back.

Jack: And I'm back too

Fifi: Nobody cares.

Sonic: Jack!, Long time no see!

Jack: Hi Sonic, So how's your day going?

Mitsuki: (runs toward the basket with the ball)

Fa-La-Stu:CHAOS FREEZE! (Uses Chaos freeze on Mitsuki as the ball rolls out of her hands)

Mitsuki: You forgot something! (uses Fire Claw to escape)

Maxie: (picks up ball and scores a slam dunk)

Jack: Come on lets keep our guard up!

Mitsuki: Don't we get halftime?

Rouge: Thank goodness. I need to take a break.

Jack: Oh Yeah

Mitsuki: (whispering to the team) I have an idea. If we put the other team with a grilfriend/boyfriend, they'll be too busy to notice us! You get it?

Referee:Oh. I can't beleive I forgot that. HALFTIME BREAK!

Krinkinko:So what's the score? Who's winning?

Maxie: Hey, is that Maddie in the audience?

Jack: I don't know whats the Score is

Mitsuki: I think I see Amy...She's REALLY lonely and wants your company Jack.

Sasha:Let's also trick Droget and Krinkinko but one of us will have to pretend we like them!

Jack: Aha, I knew it you guys we're stalling!

Mitsuki: What are you talking about?!

Maxie: I'm gonna take a nap.

Amy:(Sigh) I wonder why Sonic and Jack haven't noticed me!

Fifi: Maybe it's because you're not in the game. Wanna join our team?

Amy: I guess I'll just cheer! (Jumps down) Yoohooo? Sonic Jack!

Sonic:I WANT MY MOMMY! (Runs)

Jack: Oh My!

Fifi: *chuckles* Nice

Amy:What's wrong Jack? (Walks toward him)

Krinkinko:Yeah Jack whats wrong? Your new girlfriend too cute for ya!?

Jack: Ok I've Ammitted I'm in Love with you Amy so there, are you Happy now?

Fifi: That's so sweet! I wish Razz would admit that to me.

Jack: Hardy Har Har

Fifi: Let's just hope he doesn't take it back!

Mitsuki: (baby barf) Ya know Kink, I always thought you were kinda cute....(thinking) Aw, yuck! I hope this works...

Jack: What are you thinking about?

Mitsuki: I'm telling Krinkinko how cute he is. (baby barf)

Moe: Mitsuki, are you okay? You look like you're about to puke. Krinkinko:Really? Let's go to the movies...wait! I have to see if Mint has feelings for me first! Amy:(Thinking:I can make Sonic jealous)So what's happening lately, Jack?

Sasha: (passes the ball to Fifi quietly)


Fifi: [whispering] What's this for?

Jack: Well (Steals the Ball from Fifi) All I remember is to save you all Day long (Shoots the Ball into the Basket & Scores) All I know is you

Fa-La-Stu: (Lauging)...and all you don't know is it's still half time!

Fifi: Which means that doesn't count. Suckas!! (blows raspberry)

Jack: Sorry

Mitsuki: (To Kink) She doesn't. She told me over the phone. (lying)

Krinkinko: (On his phone) Yo Mint, do you have feelings for me?

Jack: Would someone tell Mitsuki to stop Lying?

(Sonicfan919-How would Jack know?)

Jack: I don't know what's going on but sometimes I get Confused

Mint: Of course! ^_^

(Sahura-I gtg, bye.)

Jack: Anyways Amy hows it going? Did you know that I'm good at BasketBall?

Amy:Yes, your great! So Jack want to show me how to play?

(Pumpituppartyzone - I gots to go, too. Cya 2morrow, ppl!)

Krinkinko: (Hangs up phone)She was SO lying!

Jack: Ok, Let me show you how to play. All you have to do is to bounce the Basketball & pass to your Teammate & to score is to shoot the Ball into the Basket that makes 2 points & if you shoot the ball into the Basket outside the scoring circle that's 3 points & the team with the most points wins

Amy:Thanks Jack. Who's winning?

Sonic:Good thing Jack has Amy for now!

Jack: I'm not sure, Amy

Rouge: I think we're winning.

Announcer:Team Diva's score is four and team Dream's score is four.

Krinkinko:The score is four to four.

Mitsuki: We're still gonna beat you guys!

Maxie: Yeah we will!

Jack: Do you think that would be easy to beat us?

Mitsuki: Yup.

Fifi: Hey, Mr. Ref? Can you make a rule so that they can't freeze us? :3

Jack: I had a bad feeling about this

Mitsuki: Hehehheh. >:)

Jack: Have you get the feeling that Team Diva went a little bit too far?

Mitsuki: No we haven't!

Jack: Ok maybe we can do it, without freeze ray

Mitsuki: Kewl. ^^

Jack: I guess so

Mitsuki: (sips water)

Fifi: Yay! Thankzies! 83

Speed Xeno: (punches Fifi in the face)(snickers)

MItsuki: (punches Speed Xeno in the face) :/

Speed Xeno:(hiss) How can you see me?

Mitsuki: I can sense you.

Speed Xeno: you still can't catch me (gains speed and scratches Fifi)

MItsuki: (hits him with a wrench)

Speed Xeno: (amazed) I stand corrected, your quite cute for a hero.

Jack: Does someone answer your Question

Mitsuki: Heh heh heh.

Jack: Maybe I didn't know that Amy is kinda nice, anyways Is it time for the Second Half?

Mitsuki: (checks watch) Eh, we only have 10 minutes left.

Jack: Oh right


Mitsuki: Bad! (hits him with a wrench)

Speed Xeno: (Shivers) OHHHH, man you are way to cute to be a hero!

Jack: Ow my Eye (Wears a Eye Patch) I guess I need an Eye Patch

Mitsuki: (hits him again) Now he has to wear an eye patch!

Predalien:(Scratches Speed Xeno-Xenorahk hard enough make him bleed on the floor and melt it) You should've killed him you weakling.

Xenorahk:(Cower's toward Mitsuki) Forgive me you Highness.

Jack: Hardy Har Har

(Pumpituppartyzone - Srry my internet got messed up, but I'm back!)

(Sahura-Great! ^_^)

Mitsuki: ?

Predalien: Killl Mitsuki now Xenorahk.

Mitsuki: Say what?!

Xenorahk:N-n-n-no, I refuse.

Mitsuki: (nervously checks watch) Would you look ay that? Halftimes over!

Fifi: Finally! I was so bored! *stretches*

Predalien: Chestbuster Claws (heads streight for Mitsuki)

Xenorahk: Sheild Claws.

(Sahura-Speaking of that, where's everybody else?)

(Pumpituppartyzone - IDK, but we should probably wait at least until that SonicFan dude gets here; he has most of the characters.)

(Sahura-Yeah, I guess halftime is still on then.)

Mitsuki:I can handle him myself, Xenorahk. I'll kill him if I have to.

Xenorahk: Predalien's hardly a guy he's mostly a girl, plus He/she is immortal.

Maxie: Guys, you're forgetting the rules of the basketball game. Whether it's in session or not, no killing.

Mitsuki: Right. (sweatdrop)

Maxie: You're welcome.

Predalien: Your dead to me Xenorahk you are no longer part of the hive.

Mitsuki: (growls) Don't blame him! I outta claw your eye out! Fifi: Hive? Like, Beehive? Is there honey inside?

Mitsuki: Probably not, but I wish there was!

Predalien:(To Mitsuki) Minus the fact he loves you,(to Fifi) If you mean blood and death instead of honey than yes.

Fifi: That's disgusting! *baby barf* why would you name something gross and sad after something that holds sweet, sugary goodness? You sicken me.

Xenorahk: My speicies kill at birh.

Fifi: I reiterate; You sicken me. At least Grolar bears are left handed.

Mitsuki: This is one CRAZY halftime show isn't it?

Xenorahk:I guess I'll leave now and if you see Jack has his eye back.

Fifi: No way! Put it on the ground and stomp on it!

Xenorahk:As you wish my lady.

Mitsuki: 0.e Jack is not gonna be happy about this. >.>

Xenorahk:Then take it Mitsuki and give to him from me.

Fifi: So close!

Xenorahk: (Lies down on the ground buries himself alive)

Mitsuki (To Fifi) Wanna feel the eyeball? It's so squishy! DUN'T step on it though. -w- (To Xenorahnk) ?

Xenorahk:(muffled) Don't Ask Miss Mitsuki.

Fifi: [covering eyes] Gross! Man, I wish I had gloves!

Xenorahk:(Muffled) Take mine.

Fifi: [still eyes closed] That's so nice! Thanks! *feels around for gloves*


Fifi: [eyes still closed] Are you okay, mister?

Xenorahk:(sobbing)No I've lost everything, and now I'll lose my life if I'm found by Predalien.

Fifi: (whipes candy bar under nose) Okay, I'm back. I know a place that alien dude won't find you.

Xenorahk:Really, (comes out of the ground, crying, and pulling $300 each and shoving it in Fifi's and Mitsuki's hands).

Fifi: I'll tell you after the game. In the mean time, killing isn't aloud, so you're safe. *looks at 300 rings* Wow, I could buy a chao egg with this!

Xenorahk: Predalien fears the stink of skunk thinks it bad for the environment for global conquest.

Mitsuki: Cool, thanks for the money!

Fifi: Yeah, thanks!

Xenorahk: Nothing better than these for the girl I L-L-L-oh I cant say it(hands over chao eggs) found them abbandond.

Fifi: Chao eggs!! That is so awesome! I'll name one BJ and one Bitsy! Oh, I can't wait to hatch them!

Xenorahk: Take these Incubators.

Fifi: Incubators? Gee, where do you keep all of this?

Darkstorm: (Decloacking) I helped him out he is a traitor to the hive now.

Fifi: (baby barfs) Oh man, I need a bathroom. *runs toward a porta-potty*

MItsuki: >.>

(Pumpituppartyzone: I gotta go. Cya 2morrow, everybody!)

(Sahura-Okay, cya! I gtg too.)

Jack: (Tooks his Eye Patch off) My eye is much better now

Xenorahk: Forgive my Rash action's it was instincts to nearly kill you on sight.

Fifi: Sorry about that. Just the thought of that place makes me sick. Oh, Jack's back. [disappointed] And he has his eye back.

Xenorahk:(hands Jack a Predator Cerimonial Dagger) Lets call it even, Jab my right eye out!

Fifi: o_O >.>

Xenorahk: I insist Jack.

Xenorahk: What are you waiting from jab out my eye and make it even.

Maxie: Yeah, I doubt Jack is the type to jab somebody else's eye ou.

Turahk:(Appears right behind Maxie)BOOO.

Maxie: *turns and look at Turahk in confusion*

Turahk: What, your not scared of me?

Maxie: I've seen my birth grandfather in a string bikini. NOTHING scares me anymore.

Turahk:(in rage kicks a chao egg)

Xenorahk:Shouldn't have done that.

Jack: Why should I ?

(10 thousand chao sward and attack Turahk, temporarily paralyzing him/her/it)


(10,000 more chao, flickies, and kapukapus attack him, paralyzing him for 47 minutes)

Jack: What are you doing?

Xenorahk: I guess he hates Chao's.

Fifi: Aww, but how can you hate chao? Chao are sooo cute!

Jack: Amy how's it going?

Truahk:(angry) I'll show you how (Smashes Fifi's 2nd chao egg and spit on it).

(20,000 more chao, flickies, kapukapus, chuchus, and small animals attack and paralyze Turahk for 3 hours)

Turahk:(Uses His Jaws To SNAP AT A CHAOS LEG)

100,000 MORE chao, flickies, kapukapus, chuchus, small animals, and chao eggs attack and paralyze Turahk for 10 days, undodgable)

Jack: Well I guess you need is Respect Turahk

Maxie: I'm just glad the chao eggs are okay. When are the others getting back? I wanna start the game.

Turahk:Ell-sode' Pauk.

Fifi: o_O Okay, there's no way it's been 10 days. How on mobius are you back?

Falconear: (Spins Chaos Egg like a Basket ball)Hehehe.

(7 cement-filled safes and grand pianos fall on Turahk and Falconear)

Jack: I wish you haven't done that

Maxie: Done what?

Jack: Whatever you do, do not get crushed by Falling Pianos

Maxie: *giggles* I doubt that will happen. I have a piano, safe, weight, anvil, and ship shield that's always active.

Flusher:(Blast's pIANO'S WITH pLASMA cLASTER)

Maxie: [annoyed] Okay, what's with all the creepy, alien he-shes all over the place?

Flusher:I am a dude and I'm British you muppet.

Maxie: Well, excuuuuuuse me, princess!

Drone #46: (Grab Maxie from behind and Drools on her)

Maxie: *stabs Done #46 with tail and destroys*


Flusher:(Pulls out his wip and Wips Maxie) Hows blood taste Muppet?

Maxie: Man, I'm so glad I wore heavy duty swats today. Look, dude, how about you just stay off my back? Now, if you don't mind, I'm just gonna go to the fully-sheilded bathroom. *walks off*

Xenorahk: (Conjures Punching Bag) (Grunts)

Fifi: What's up, grumpy?

Xenorahk:Nothing (Punches Punching Bag HARD)

Fifi: It's not the... ivehay thing, is it?


Fifi: Oh my galoshes, deffinatley. But you're gonna have to stop yelling and punching that punching back.

Xenorahk: (Whispers) I love Mitsuki.

Fifi: Aww, that's so sweet! So, why are you punching that bag as if she just dumped you or something?

Xenorahk:I don't have the heart to tell her.

Fifi: Wait, just so we're on the same page, you do have a physical heart, right?


Fifi: Okay. So... do you want me to tell her or something?

Xenorahk: no,no,no,no,no,no!

Fifi: Fine, yeash! Well, what are ya gonna do?

Xenorahk:What time does her game end?

Fifi: Well, since a lot of the characters are, like, gone. I have no idea.

Moe: Fifi, Razz wants to talk to you.


Moe: I'm goin', I'm goin'.

Fifi: Gimme the phone. *takes phone* Hi, Razzie! What? What do you mean? Phoebe? Fine, whatever! *hangs up and has blank look*

Xenorahk:You ok?

Fifi: *turns slowly to Xenorahk, still with a blank look* Do-do you think I'm crazy?

Xenorahk:(Chuckles)Why no,I'd be lying if I said yes)

Flusher: Your insa.... (falls on ground in pain) My Balls Are Embweygo.

Fifi: *twitches* I'm fine. I'm totally fine! Great! Peachy! Nothing's wrong! Haha! *laughs creepily*

Moe: Fifi, I'm gonna need that phone back; It's my girlfriend's.

Fifi: *starts sobbing*

Jack: When are we playing the 2nd Half?

Xenorahk:(to Jack) Fif's having a moment here,(to Moe) Forgive the hiss I'm quick on defense, (To Fifi) need me to walk your to your.. whatever it is you call it here?

Jack: Sorry

Moe: Whatever. Just give me the phone back.

Fifi: *stops sobbing* Fine. *slams phone in Moe's hand* I'm fine. Just... fine. *takes deep breath* I need to go lie down.

Xenorahk: (To Jack) Do you still have the Dagger I gave you?

Jack: (Gives Xenorahk back his Dagger) Yes I do, Why?

Xenorahk:Keep it, it's worth alot of $$$$$.

Drone 33:(Scratches Fifi hard on the arm)

Fifi: Ow! *sobbing* WHAT WAS THAT FOR??

33:(Laughs out so loud that Fifi could find him)

Fifi: Why, you little... *Coco flies in, takes 33, flies up to mesosphere, and drops 33*

Jack: Uh Ok, but this is dangerous,this should be handle carefully (Puts the Dagger Down)

Xenorahk:(Picks Up Dagger, Puts it in sheath and hands it to Jack)(Heard Fifi's scream) Gotta run,(Finds Fifi) Whats wrong...(SEE'S Her bloody arm) SHOW YOUR SELF 33 OR ARE YOU A BIG FAT CHICKEN!!

Fifi: No worries; my flicky took care of that skeez. But do you, by chance, have any gauze on you? My arm's deffinatley gonna need it.

Jack: Uh Safety first

Fifi: Well, that's WHY I'd need gauze.

Xenorahk: Yeah, (takes out Gauze stim)here.

Fifi: Thank you. Gee, I hope I'll be able to finish the game.

Xenorahk:I'll make sure it happens (Puts a summoning watch on Fifi) If you need me activate the watch, oh and tell Mitsuki to meet me in front of your teams Lounge, I'll be hidden no one wil see me.

Fifi: Thanks. I will.

Chenzick:(Rams into Fifi) Better watch where going Missy.

Fifi: Ow! That was my bad arm! What do you mean? I'm sitting down! *summons 3 KapuKapus that chomp HARD on Cheznick's legs and right arm*

Chenick:You do know that my blood is acid right(points towards the KapuKapus smoking teeth).

Fifi: *gasp* You poor creatures! You should be ashamed of yourself! Hurting poor, defensless creatures like these little guys. *stands up* I'm going to the washrooms. *walks into Team Diva only washroom*

Chenzick:(In Fifi's mind) My kind are born that way with acid blood it is our defensive protocall.

Fifi: Aah! Who said that?! *bangs head on bathroom roof and knocks self out*

Xenorahk:(Rushes to Fifi and preforms CPR)

Jack: Are you sure?

Fifi: Thank you! [breathing heavily] I heard a voice in my head that wasn't mine. Xenorahk, can Chezick control thoughts?

Xenorahk:Chenzick can talk in and out of thoughts.

Fifi: Oh. Well, just to make sure she doesn't do it again, I'm gonna stay away from her the most I can.

Maxie: Is it safe to come out of here yet?

Xenorahk: Aye!

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Punches Xenorahk and Grabs him by the throat) Where is my father Xeno.

Maxie: I'm guessing that's a no. Well, can you give me an estimated time that it will be safe?

Blaze: Fire Ball (Tosses it where Maxie once stood) Nobody goes any where till he talks.

Xenorahk:(Gasping for air) Their not part of this Blaze let them go.

Moe: What's going on here?

Xenorahk:(Yell to Moe) Run for Moe.

Blaze: Fire Ball (aims at Moe with a tear appearing in her eye).

Moe: [running] This is what I get for trying to get out of the house more?!

Xenorahk: (Tosses Moe a sleeping potion) Throw the potion underneath Blazes feet and hurry I think my exoskeleton is gonna reveal itself.

Moe: Alright!! *tosses potion underneath Blaze's feet and takes off*

Blaze:(falls to the ground asleep)

Xenorahk:(taking in a gulp of air) It is safe now!

Maxie: *walks out of bathroom* Is the eagle dude gone, too?

Xenorahk: Falconear is a coward if Beserker isn't around to keep him in line.

Maxie: *sigh of relief* Thank goodness. If only the others were here so we could finally start the game again.

Jack: Uh who?

Maxie: The Grimwood Girls, Mitsuki, and some other people.

Jack: Why?

Maxie: We can't start the game without them; We won't have enough players.

Jack: Don't forget Krinkinko & Amy Rose

Maxie: Yeah, I think they fall under 'some other people'.

Xenorahk: Oh Jesus, looks like Team Demon is going against Team Xenomorph, screwed man.

Fifi: [making an entrance] I'm back everybody! Notice my new sunglasses ang gloves! You like 'em?

(Pumpituppartyzone - I gtg)

Xenorahk:(Amazed) You look stunning Fifi.

Fifi: *giggles* No charge. Wait - I need 30 rings to give to Haydn.

Announcer:Kay' half time is over!

(Krinkinko dribbled to the ball and headed toward his basket)

Fifi: *takes ball and dribbles other way, then passes to Alex*

Alex:(Slams Dunk)Oh yeah! Now when does the game end?

Jack: Gee I don't know

Beserker: (Throws krata on Fifi)

(Pumpituppartyzone - What on Earth is a krata??)

(Infection spreading slugs)

Fifi: Aah! get it off me! Get it off me! *takes thing off and throws it at Fa-La-Stu*

Jack: Watch out!

Falconear: (TRANQULIZES Jack)

Maxie: Meep! *runs into shielded bathroom again*

Xenorahk: (Kicks Falconear to the snack bar)

Falconear: Hey are those chilly Dogs I'll take 20.

Jack: Not cool, Falconear, Good Night (Sleeps)

Xenorahk:(Puts Genko Root to Jack's Nose)

(Genko root has the sent of rotting flesh)

Jack: AHHHH, it's got me, get it off, get it off me (Pulls Genko Roots off of his nose)

Xenorahk:It is ok Jack, Genko root doesn't live anymore.

Jack: Why would you do that for?

Xenorahk: So you can focus on the game Monkey boy.

Jack: Would you stop calling me Monkey Boy!

Xenorahk:I just called you that and you might want to catch the ball right now (teleports to the stands).

Jack: Oh right, the Basketball tournament, Gotcha!

Beserker: (Throws a dagger at the ball and teleports away)

Fifi: Would you spazoids in the audience quit messing with the game? You either be a good sport, shut up, and watch, or you leave. *drinks potion 6 and is temporarily invincible*

Beserker:You have no yautjan honor!

Fif: ...? Ugh, leave me alone.

Xenorahk:(Punches Beserker in the Grind)

Beserker:AYE CHIUAUA MY BALLS ARE EMBWEGGO(Falls to the ground)

Moe: ...Are... you okay?

Beserker:Your skull will be mine Xenorahk.

Xenorahk: Too bad, because I called the Russian police that I found one of their escapies.

Fifi: IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME!?! *takes off sunglasses*

Xenorahk: They are coming after the tournament.

Maxie: Is the eagle dude gone yet?

Xenorahk: Why do you fear Falconear and yes he is gone, gone to the snack bar that is eating chili dogs.

Maxie: the dude whipped me. With an actual whip. And I'm not wearing my swats right now.

Jack: (Grabs the Ball) Anyways I still need to score for my team, FOR TEAM DREAM (Shoots the Ball into the Basket)

Xenorahk: Oh you mean Flusher he has a weakness, he hates every girl except Anti-Blaze the Cat.

Maxie: What a mean person. Anyways, Jack, I don't think that would count, since the ball is deflated.

Darkstorm:(Appears and hands Maxie a ball of pure energy).

Jack: Oh Fudge

Maxie: This is a really pretty orb! What's it for?

Darkstorm:(Turns ball of energy into a basket ball) Call me if you need another.

Jack: I didn't see that coming

Darkstorm:Were you expecting a explosion Jack?

Maxie: *dribbles ball and passes to Fifi*

Fifi: *shoots and scores* Yes!

Jack: So that's 6 - 4

Xenorahk: I wonder where Mitsuki is?

Fifi: *giggles*

Maxie: Me too. You think Suki-senpai is okay?

Xenorahk:(blushes) Don't know.

Jack: Ok, we need to get back to basketball

Fifi: Right then. Who gets the ball?

Jack: I think it's my turn

Fifi: Of course it is. *steals ball and dribbles down court*

Moe: *steals ball and passes to Jack*

Xenorahk:(Standing in the sidelines while drinking a Dr. Pepper)

Jack: (Dribbles passes Team Diva & Shoots the Ball into the Basket)

Fifi: This is the thanks I get for suggesting I bring more with us to the tournament!

Jack: Where is Krinkinko?

Moe: I don't know. I haven't seen him since the game started again.

Jack: I guess i'm the only one left in Team Dream

Moe: Yeah, because I got turned into a chair and wobled into space, didn't I?

Xenorahk: Need some help?

Jack: Wait a minute, are you sure really want to help?

Fifi: No way! It'll be 2 against 3!

Chenzick: That won't be a problem I'll help as well.

Fifi: Why can't we just wait until they come back? I'm pretty tired.

Jack: That's 3 against 3, now were even!

Xenorahk: If I am going to work with my sister than I am going to nee a few Cola's in my system.

Fifi: Does that mean I can sleep?

Jack: Does that mean the game is already over?

Maxie: Does that mean we won?

Xenorahk: Any excuse to go and find Mitsuki than in my book Yes.

Jack: Ok, I think I made a Boo Boo

Fifi: Yes! We won! *flips hair* High 5, Maxie! *high 5s Maxie*

Maxie: *high 5s Fifi back* Hey, Xenorahk, are you going to look for Suki-senpai?

Jack: Congratulations, You've won, great game

Fifi: Thanks. You were good opponents.

Jack: Thank you, you two (Shakes Fifi's Hand)

Xenorahk: I am going to look for Mitsuki.

Jack: Ok good luck with that

Maxie: Can I help you look?

Xenorahk: Sure, here take these (Hands Maxie a pair of sneakers)

Maxie: What are these for? *takes sneakers*

Xenorahk: Darkstorm made those he programed them with Sonics and Shadows shoes when you tap them they turn into either one you want.

Jack: It's the Final score of 6 - 5

Maxie: Cool! As if it's such a hard decision. *puts on sneakers and they turn into Sonic's*

Xenorahk:Lets go find our friend (Blushes)

Fifi: *rolls eyes*

Maxie: Wait - where are we gonna start?

Xenorahk: Where's the last place we saw her?

Maixe: When Fifi ran off to puke at the thought of the Hive, cuz of all of the killing and blood and stuff. Should we check the bathrooms?

Xenorahk: I'll go with, but I am not going in with you.

Maxie: *scoffs* I wouldn't expect you to. You can stand outside in case any.. um... odd looking sausages come out and attack the bathroom.

Xenorahk: What?

Jack: It's a close game, but in the end Team Diva wins by 1 points & I don't mind

Fifi: Um... you already said that....

Jack: Sorry

Mitsuki: Wait, we won?

Xenorahk:(Hides in the darkness) (To Fifi) Would you mind telling her my feelings?

Fifi: I thought you told me not to.

Xenorahk: Changed my mind.

Fifi: Well, if you're sure. Hey, Mitsuki.

Xenorahk:(in mind:"I hope I did the right thing")

Jack: Bingo! It's Team Diva: 6, Team Dream: 5

Xenorahk: You said that already!

Maxie: Stop repeating yourself, man!

Xenorahk: Agreed.

Chenzick:(Drinks Coca Cola)

Jack: Oh Ok

Xenorahk: Chenzick Pass me a can.

Maxie: I wonder what Fifi and Mitsuki are doing. They haven't come back yet.


Maxie: Why do you keep blushing? What, do you like Mitsuki or something?

Xenorahk: Why do you ask.

Maxie: Every time somebody mentions or implies Mitsuki, you blush.

Xenorahk:I have no Idea what you are talking about.

Maxie: Hey, look! It's Suki-senpai!


Maxie: (Thinking) Hmm... I wonder... Hey, Suki! You should't walk in a bikini! cover yourself!

Xenorahk:(Grabs gun and points it at his head)

Maxie: What... are ya doin'?

Xenorahk: If your gonna torture me the Audious cruel world.

Maxie: Yeah... Lose the gun *takes gun and throws it behind her* and let's start looking for Suki again.

Xenorahk: Alright.

Maxie: So where could she have gone? She was just here.

Mitsuki: (hangs upside down) Hi.

Xenorahk: (Hides and Blushes)

Fifi: Oh yeah. Yo, Suki!

Panrahk:(Laughs at Xenorahk) Coward!

Fifi: SUKEH!

Mitsuki: ?

(Sahura-I gtg, bye.)


Xenorahk:(Shunns Panrahk out)

(Pumpituppartyzone: I gtg. BBL)

Mitsuki: (swings from her tail and whistles, bored)

Fifi: *teleports in* You're back! Listen. Are you listening?

Mitsuki: Yup!

Anjelous:(Smoking Ciggrett outside of Mitsuki's)

Fifi: I'm gonna be plain and simple. Xenorahk likes you. He likes you a lot.

Mitsuki: (has a serious face, then bursts into laughter so hard she falls to the ground) Woo, good one! (laughs)

Fifi: Okay, off to plan B. Xenorahk! Get out here!


Fifi: I said plan B! Flowers! Stat!

Mitsuki: What are you doing....?

Fifi: Oh, you see, we anticipated you wouldn't believe me, so he's gonna show up with flowers and chocolates.

Mitsuki: 0.e Alirght then....?

Fifi: Don't be freaked out. He's super nice! Trust me!

Mitsuki: It's not that, it's isn't really my thing.

Fifi: I would say that I can relate, but... I can't. But... dating isn't really hard.

Mitsuki: It's not..?

Xenorahk: (Pulls out White Roses)


Xenorahk: Not my Idea Miss Mitsuki.

Fifi: Well, *scoffs twice* I hope *scoffs* I hope you're not blaming this on me! *scoffs*

Mitsuki: Well, you are the only one to blame...

Xenorahk: NO there is Anjelous Smoking right next to your home.

Anjelous:(Turns Vampire and threatens to bite Mitsuki)

Mitsuki: Heh, being a vampire seems cool! Go ahead, bite me!

Maxie: Are you insane?

MItsuki: Nope. Don't you think being a vampire would be pretty cool?

Maxie: No. Not really. I'm a nebelung cat, we bite already. Its hard enough not to bite, but being a vampire, I'd die if I didn't.

Mitsuki: Hmm.....

Xenorahk: Exoskeleton(Reveals ture xenomorph skin) leave Miss Mitsuki alone.

Anjelous: (Turns to Xenorahk and attacks)

Maxie: Manover 147 K! Go!

Fifi: *blows time-stopping kiss at Anjelous and freezes him in time*

Maxie: That was 139 H.

Fifi: It still worked.

Mitsuki: How'd you do that?

Fifi: Comes with the charm, the hair, but mostly the lipstick.

Mitsuki: Cool!

Anjelous:(Breaks free and attacks Fifi)

Xenorahk:Sheild Claws (Protects Fifi)

Fifi: *files nails* Oh, right. Thanks, Ahky.

Coco: Tweet! Tweet tweet tweet!(Phew! That was close!)

Arhk the Microraptor:(Glides down and Lands on Fifi's shouder)

Fifi: >.> Why... is there a dinosaur... on my shoulder?!

Arhk:(See's Beetle grub, Glides towards it and eats it)

Mitsuki: Where'd he come from?

Arhk:(Turns to Mitsuki and assumes she is Darkstorm and Climbs up her leg to her shoulder)

Fifi: I'm going to take advantage of this moment and run like Drumheller out of here. *runs*

Mitsuki: >.> Hi dino.

Maxie: You know it?

Mitsuki: Nope. I just don't want it to attack me.

Maxie: There's no way it'll attack me. I'm wearing a dinosaur repellent.

Arhk:(Jumps and transforms to walk upright) The names Arhk the microraptor my kind can glide and where the first to have four wings.

Mitsuki: Cool.

Maxie: So why did you land on Fifi's shoulder?

Arhk:I spotted a beetle grub.

Maxie: Yeah, if only I knew what that was....

Arhk: A bug.

Xenorahk: Thrash has crossed the time barriers again.

Arhk:I sensed it to.

Maxie: What do you mean? Did he come back from the future or something?

Arhk: Yes, he is a Black and orange hedgehog son of Amy and Sonic.

Maxie: Well, what's he trying to do?

Xenorahk: To make sure Sonic and Amy fall in love I think.

Maxie: Oh no. He must be after my brother! He has a sorta crush on Amy.

Xenorahk: Thrash is the Son of Amy and Sonic what happens in the future must here and Immedeately.

Maxie: ...and you lost me.

Mitsuki: I think I get it. So, if Sonic and Amy don't fall in love, Thrash will never be born.

Maxie: Thank goodness my brother isn't a ladies man. *isghs of relief*

Mitsuki: Heh.

Jack: I wonder what Sonic & Amy Rose are doing?

Mitsuki: Hopefully, on a date.

Thrash:(Teleports in) HELP ME (Falls in fromt of Mitsuki).

Mitsuki: Uh oh...what happend?

Maxie: >.>

Mitsuki: (pokes him)

(Sahura-I gtg.)

Xenorahk:(See's Thrashes blood) He's bleeding.

Mitsuki: What do we do?

Maxie: *cell phone goes off* Hello? W-WHAT? I'll be right there! *hangs up* I gotta run. Good luck! *runs off*

Mitsuki: (stares at Thrash) You okay...?

Fifi: No wonder the nurse hates her job; everybody is bleeding. And anyway, when's the next game gonna start? I wanna watch the action instead of be in it for once.

Mitsuki: (looks for Jack) As soon Jack gets here.

Jack: Guys what's going on here?

Xenorahk:(Appears) Miss Mitsuki, I wish to apologize for my behavior today.

Jack: Have I Miscounted Sonic's Score because I think it's most Likely 6 - 6 a Tie, is it a Tie?

Krinkinko:(Comes in with a wagon full of mcdonalds)What did I miss?

Xenorahk: We've been waitning on you man and waiting when Darkstorm's team vs. Predaliens team!

Announcer:Are both teams on the list?

Xenorahk: Yes.

Announcer:Okay, it's set up. Also is this game over yet?

Maxie: That game was over for a long time. Team Diva won!

(Team Diva cheers)

Announcer: Well, then it's settled! Darkstorm's and Predalien's team are up next!

Team Demon vs Team XenomorphEdit

Referee: Alright, teams. Tell me when ya ready.

Darkstorm: Aye

Ref: Did that mean you're ready?

Predalien: We're ready!

Ref: Team Demon? Are you ready?'

Vitani: We're Ready

Ref: Okay. It's Team Demon's ball. *blows wistle*


Flusher: *pecks on Vitani's eye and steals the ball* *dribbles the other way and passes to Predalien*

Darkstorm:(Punches Predalien)

Predalien: *about to stab Darkstorm*

Ref: Come on! You're already gonna start a street fight? It hasn't been 3 minutes yet!

Predalien: *stabs the ref*

Fifi: Hey! You can't hurt the ref!

Moe: Yeah! It's like shooting the messenger!

Predalien: Silence! Now we can really play the game my way!

Match upsEdit

Game one:Team Diva Vs. Team Dream

Darkstorm:(in mind) 'I wonder which team we're playing against?'

Game Two: Team Demon Vs. Team Xenomorph