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Lily and Friends are looking for something. but they just don't know where it is or what it is. and Eggman is up to no good again! but this time no one knows what! can any one stop him before something bad?


  1. Any one can join!
  2. NO I love you all the time.
  3. NO your Character is the big hero.
  4. Only 10 characters per user.
  5. NO cursing!
  6. Have fun!



  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Amyroselove)
  • Blaze the Cat (Amyroselove)
  • Silver the Hedgehog (Amyroselove)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Amyroselove)
  • Lily the Cat (Amyroselove)
  • Kaytlin Fence the fox(Kaytlinfencethefox)
  • Gale Fence the cat(Kaytlinfencethefox)
  • Palisa the dinosaur(Kaytlinfencethefox)
  • Twig Fence the turtle
  • Amy Rose (amyroselove)
  • Blaze the Hedgecat
  • Stardust the hedgehog
  • Van Helsing
  • Godzilla the hedgehog
  • Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  • Bada the Gorilla (Spongebob100)
  • Bing the Gorilla (Spongebob100)
  • Spongebob the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  • Patrick the Echidna (Spongebob100)
  • Squidward the Fox (Spongebob100)
  • Ed the Crocodile (Spongebob100)
  • Edd the Chameleon (Spongebob100)
  • Eddy the Bee (Spongebob100)
  • Blaze the Hedgecat
  • Stardust the Hedgehog
  • Road Runner the hedgehog (Sonicthehedgehog1515)
  • Rapid The Hedgehog
  • Fist the Echidna(RTH)
  • Kyros the Hedgehog (RTH)
  • Skate the Hedgehog(Tailsman67)
  • LT the Mouse(Tailsman67)
  • Devin the Fox (Ddevore2)
  • Muffin the Seedrian (EFL)
  • Radia the Cat (EFL)
  • Opal The Raccoon
  • CJ the Hedgecat (Scrounder)
  • Assassin the Hedgehog (Assassinhedgehog)
  • Isaiah The Red Wolf (Mr.Zaya)
  • Donovan The Cougar (Mr.Zaya)
  • Daniel The Armadillo (Mr.Zaya)
  • Jonathan The Alligator (Mr.Zaya)
  • Shred The Red Wolf (Mr.Zaya)

Anti Heroes

  • Haku the Hedgehog (RTH)


  • Eggman (Amyroselove)
  • Dead Elise (Amyroselove)
  • Darkness Fence the wolf(Kaytlinfencethefox)
  • Grace Fence the cat(Kaytlinfencethefox)
  • Tina the dinosuar(Kaytlinfenethefox)
  • Mephiles Darkstorm
  • Dark Teniahk
  • Dr EggPlankton (Spongebob100)
  • Exodus the Hedgehog (RTH)
  • Syythe the Hedgehog (RTH)
  • Ryddo the Hedgehog (RTH)
  • Lord Shado (RTH)
  • Kaa the Hyena (Scrounder)

Part 1

Amy: O.k so what are we looking for?

Lily: something.

Amy: what's something?

Lily: I don't know.

Amy: so we are looking for nothing? is that what your saying?

Sonic: can you two stop?

Amy: oh Sonic.

Lily: something in me is telling me that we need to look for something.

Amy: I don't get you.

Van Helsing: *Falls and lands on Amy* I think I landed on someone.

Lily: I think you did.

Amy: get off me! if you don't I'll crush you with my Piko-Piko Hammer!

Van Helsing: Whatever,(Gets up) sorry about that.

Amy: I forgive you..... but only this time!

Jack: Hey Guys

Lily: oh hi Jack!

Van Helsing: By the way has anyone seen a blue speed demon?

Blaze THC:Jacky.


Jack: Hi Blaze, Hi Stardust

Bada & Bing: Hey Guys

Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy: Hi Everybody

Stardust:(Gets scared of Squidward)

Squidward: What?

Jack: What's wrong Stardust?

Blaze the Hedgecat: I don't think she met Squidward yet.

Jack: Well Squidward doesn't like Spongebob & Patrick that much


Jack: Ok My little Daughter (Tickles Stardust) Coochy Coochy Coo Coo

Lily: have I seen a blue speed demon? no. why do you ask?

Jack: A Blue Speed demon, How?

Amy: alright this speed demon as you call it... your not talking about my Sonic now are you?

Jack: Well we betta figure out who is this Speed Demon is

Bada & Bing: Who is that?

Spongebob: Who is this Speed Demon is?

Patrick: I don't know

Ed: Speed Demon, Prepare to meet your Maker

Edd: Ed, stop please



???:Palisa,that not how we make entrance!

????:Gal,Leave Palisa alone.

Lily: what's that?

Jack: Who's there?

Palisa:Hi Little hedgehog!


Kaytlin:Hi Jack!

Jack: Hi Kaytlin, Gale & Palisa

Gale:Just don't make Palisa jump,Or We'll all die.

Lily: who are you guys?

Jack: Ok

Kaytlin:My name is Kaytlin Fence the fox!

Gale:I'm Gale Fence the cat.

Palisa:I'm Palisa the dinosaur!

Lily: well it's nice to meet all of you! oh right my name is Lily!


Godzilla:(Appears from underneath Gales Feet)


Godzilla:(Blushes in embarrassment) Sorry Miss?

Gale:It's ok for now.
Runner:*skids to a stop in front of them* well,guess im not the only one wondering around here

Kaytlin:I wish Shadow was here.

Godzilla: Has anyone seen Sharnin?, I dug a hole to china and got Chinese.

Kaytlin:Sharnin is with Zora & Zoro.

Godzilla: Where is their current position?

???:(Losing paicence)

Kaytlin:Huh?*To Godzilla*I don't know.

???:Where is my mother??!!

Mephiles Darkstorm: (Turns into Houndoom)

Rapid & Fist: *looking for a [[The Hedgehog Emeralds|"special rock"]

runner:hey,rapid,long time no see

Rapid: Hey runner! Where's Robbie?


runner:haven't seen him for a while

Rapid: Oh. Well, nice seeing you.

Fist: Rapid, I found one! *holds up a Hedgehog Emerald*

Dark Teniahk:(Growls)


???:Good job Tina!

????;Shut up Grace!

runner:ummm,whats going on here

Tina:Be quit puny Hedgehog!

Grace:Don't say that!

Dark Wolf:I told you to shut up!


Dark Teniahk: Mommy!

Rapid: What's goin' on?

runner:that's what id like to know

Dark Wolf:*To Teniahk* Where is your father?

Mephiles Darkstorm:(Muffled) On the Ceiling!

Dark Wolf:*Jumps on Tina*

Tina:*Flies to the Ceiling*

Mephiles Darkstorm:(Muffled) Xenomorph Silk, worth a fortune.

Dark Wolf:Not as much as the Diamonds & Perals on David & Palisa.

Mephiles Darkstorm:(Muffled) Man it is a good thing I married you.

Dark Wolf:*Kisses Mephiles*

Rouge Xeno: Oops Sorry there Mephiles didn't see you.


Rouge Xeno:(Cuts Mephiles Down and goes near Grace) And who are you?

Grace:My name is Grace Fence the cat!Or I am referred to Anti-Gale!

Rouge Xeno:(Circles Grace) Are currently dating someone?


Rouge Xeno:(Moves Colser to Grace) Wanna go out sometime.


Rouge Xeno: First things first, I must make sure your not afraid of my true self.

Grace: No, I'm not scared! As long as you don't hate my true form*Turns into a Meowth*

Rouge Xeno: Adorable.

Grace:*Kisses Xeno*


???2:Take it easy.

Rouge Xeno:(Kisses Grace)




Rouge Xeno:(Stops kissing Grace)

Grace:What's wrong?

Sonic: Man..... stop the kissing!

Rouge Xeno:(Growls)

Van Helsing: Die Speed Demon (Fires Arrows at Sonic)

Sonic: Man What What's going on?

runner:i honestly don't know

Van Helsing:(Shoots Sonic's leg)

Amy: why you! I'm going to CRUSH YOU!

runner:oh uh,shes getting mad,better stay back

Sonic: Amy!

Van Helsing:(Shoots Amy's Leg)


Amy: alright now you have made me MAD!

runner:i think you should calm her down sonic

Van Helsing:(Shoots more arrows at Amy's Legs)

Amy: alright Piko-Piko Hammer time!! (fires her hammer at Van)

Van Helsing:(Barely dodges)

runner:sonic,you should calm her down

Van Helsing:(Eyes turn Gold and Growls)

Amy: (runs to Sonic and starts hugging him) oh Sonic get that thing away from me!

Sonic: Amy...

Van Helsing:(Turns Werewolf and Grabs Amys Leg and Drags her off)

Sonic: Amy No! come back here! (starts running after van)

Lily: Sonic Stop!

Werewolf Van Helsing:(Holds a claw to Amy's throat)

Amy: Sonic please...

Sonic: let her go!

Werewolf Van Helsing:(Prepares to bite Amy if Sonic didn't back off)

Sonic: (thinking) what am I going to do?

Werewolf Van Helsing:(walks backward to make sure Sonic doesn't pull anything)

Sonic: (thinking) poor Amy. I can't do anything for her.

Underworld Werewolves:(Attack Werewolf Van Helsing to get to Amy)

Jack: I'll save you Amy

Underworld Werewolf:(Attacks Jack)

Amy: No Jack!

Devin: (looking from a distance) Oh!

Sonic: (thinking) I got to think of something! fast!

Jack: Ouch, I gotta save you Amy because your my Bestest Best Friend

runner:do i have to do everything myself,sonic,do you have a chaos emerald

Jack: Huh?

runner:nevermind *runs off and comes back with a chaos emerald*

Bada: Ok

Bing: Alright

runner:chaos control *grabs amy from behind him and hands her to sonic*

Jack: Here's Amy, Sonic

runner:happy now sonic

Jack: Sonic is too Shy, when he is around with Amy

runner:yea,and i know you like amy jack,but with sonic,you don't have much of a chance

Jack: That's ok, because I'm already Married to Blaze the Hedgecat & Amy & I were just Friends

runner:seems like your going to stay that way too

Jack: Stay what way?

runner:if you'll excuse me i think i might find some more chaos emeralds

Jack: Remember in Total Drama Chaos?

runner: that show was canceled,we didn't even get to the first challenge

Jack: Oh yeah

Kaytlin:What' going on?


Kaytlin:Is Shadow in the middle of nowhere!

runner:maybe,but he might be in a different middle of nowhere

Bada & Bing: Huh?

runner:ok, so, I'm going to look for more chaos emeralds

Rutt & Tuke: Ok

runner:*goes off*

Spongebob & Patrick: Ok, Bye

Amy: Oh I did not get to say thanks to Runner....

Sonic: don't worry Amy! maybe next time you see him you can.

Amy: your right Sonic! oh I need to thank you for trying your best to save me! thanks! (starts hugging Sonic)

Sonic: your welcome.

Amy: (stops hugging Sonic) oh you to Jack! thanks for trying to save me!

Jack: Your Welcome, Amy after all, were Bestest Best Friends

Bada & Bing: Wow

Van Helsing:(Muffled by blood) Help Me!!

Spongebob & Patrick: (Helps Van Helsing up)

Jack: Hold on Van Helsing


???2/LT:Stop SKATE!

Jack: Skate, LT, what are you guys doing here?

Kat:(Gets taken hostage by the Werewolves) Skate!!!

Jack: Kat has been Captured, we gotta go after her

Ed: Mutant Space Werewolves are attacking

Edd: I had a bad feeling about this


(The Lead Werewolf, William, Growls at Ed)


Skate:(Not worried)I will get her(disappears).

LT:You guys forgot Skate moves the speed of sound.:)

Ed: ATTACK THE WEREWOLF (Tackles the Werewolf)

Jack: Ed Wait

William:(Claws Ed)

Ed: Ouch

Jack: Ed are you ok?

Ed: I'm fine, I didn't feel a thing

Kat: Let them take me!

Jack: (Wraps Ed's Arm with a Long Bandage) There

Edd: Perfect

Eddy: Great what now?

Bada & Bing: Huh?

Skate:(Chases the wolf)

Jack: Skate

Kat: Skate no please let them take me!!!

Jack: Kat, do you have any Ideas?

Kat: No, but just let them.

runner:*come back juggling 4 emeralds*

Jack: Come on, let's get going

William:(Opens a portal to Transylvania and he, Kat and his brethren go into it)

Jack: Where is Kat going?

Bada: Whao

Bing; Yeah

Spongebob: We gotta go after Kat

William:(Closes the portal)

Patrick: Uh Oh

Squidward: Now what


Ed: Hello?

Edd: Oh my

Eddy: Who's there?

runner:*walks to the person crying*

Jack: Who are you?

(The being that was crying looked human but it is actually a baby Lycan)

Jack: Oh dear

runner:come here,we wont hurt you

Jack: Don't be scared

Mother Werewolf: (Breathes her last breath)

runner:oh no

Baby Lycan:(Crys even worse)

runner:*gently picks the baby lycan up*

Jack: Oh Man

Baby Lycan:(Crys even more worse)

runner:please don't cry little fella,I'll just keep you with me,is that ok

Patrick: Do something

Spongebob: (Making Funny Faces)

runner:you honestly thinks that's going to help

Darkstorm:(Makes a scary face)

Baby Lycan:(See's the scary face and smiles)

Spongebob: That's all I can think of

Jack: Sorry

runner:well that worked, I'll protect this little guy,or gal

Jack: Are you sure, it's a boy or girl?

runner:which ever it is, I'm taking it with me

Darkstorm: It is a female, Lycans are the only type of werewolf that can turn back to human form.

runner:ok,so what do we do now

Jack: I don't know

runner:well, I'll go find this kid some food *walks off*

Bada & Bing: Awwwww

Spongebob: How about some Milk?

Baby Lycan:(Has gotten used to wolf milk)

Jack: We need to give her some Milk

Squidward: Oh Brother

Skate:Stop being a big baby Squid!

Squidward: Hey, what did you call me, you Big Palooka?

Darkstorm:Kat's Gonna be okay Skate.

Jack: She gonna be ok?

Darkstorm: Aye, they won't harm her.

Jack: Ok

Baby Lycan:(Cries from hunger)

Jack: Quick, we need to give her some Milk

Grey wolf Female:(Still a nurser)

Jack: Is that a Female Grey Wolf?

Baby Lycan:(Struggles to get to the nursing female)

Jack: I'll take that as a Yes

Baby Lycan:(Teleports to the female and starts suckling)

Jack: Oh wow

Baby Lycan:(Stops suckling after eating her fill and goes to sleep)

Jack: Awww she's so cute

Bada: She's so adorable over here

Bing: She is Adorable

Spongebob & Patrick: Awww

Baby Lycan:(Sniffs, Sneezes loudly and turns to her Werewolf form then turns to her human form)

Ed: Cool

Edd & Eddy: Wow

Rapid: ...

Jack: Rapid are you ok?

Baby Lycan:(Opens her eyes to reveal that her eye color is violet)

Jack: Wow


Jack: Huh?

Squidward: Oh Brother

Darkstorm: She is Tetrahks daughter.

Jack: Wow

Baby Lycan:(Shivers from the cold)

Lily: oh are you o.k?

Jack: Baby Lycan is Freezing

Lily: maybe we can make a fire.

Jack: Ok, let's gather up the Sticks & make a Campfire

Amy: great thinking you two!

Darkstorm:(Pulls out Energy Sword and chops tree branches)

Jack: (Rub two Sticks fast enough to get a Spark & made Fire) There

Darkstorm:(Picks the Baby Lycan)

Jack: Just in time, it's getting Dark, let's camp here for the Night

Female Grew Wolf:(Curls up in a cave)

Jack: Let's go to sleep

Darkstorm:(Turns Dragon and falls asleep)

Jack: (Sleeps)

Baby Lycan:(Is hungry again)

runner:*comes back* well i guess this is where everyone's sleeping tonight

Baby Lycan:(Starts Suckling on the female grey wolfs milk)

runner:well,at least they found something for it to eat,guess I'll sleep here too

Female grey wolf:(Notices that is running low on her milk reserves)

runner:*lays down*

Baby Lycan:(Starts Crying from the lack of milk)

Female Grey wolf:(Goes out to hunt to make more milk)

runner:aww man,*picks the baby lycan up* please don't cry,we'll find you something to eat

Darkstorm:(Wakes Up) Ok who the hell just woke me up.

runner:this kid is hungry again

Darkstorm: I guess the Female ran out of milk, she is gonna go feed and come back.

runner:guess we've got to wait then

Baby Lycan:(Sucks on Runner's Finger)

runner:hey that tickles,that female grey wolf should be back soon

Darkstorm:(Puts a Freddy Krueger Mask on Runner) Your Gonna take care of her until the Female Grey wolf returns.

runner:fine,*takes off the mask* but please,i don't like masks

Darkstorm:(Makes Runner's face like Freddy Kruegers)

runner:will you stop that,I'd like to be normal

Baby Lycan:(Likes the face and Giggles)

runner:you'd better fix make face or I'll mess up yours

Darkstorm: If you want the Baby Lycan to start crying when the Krueger face is gone then sure (Turns Runners face to Normal)

runner:now if you don't mind,i have my own method *turns into a werehog* that any better

Coconuts: How did this baby get Here?

Darkstorm: Mother was Killed.

runner:you might want to read the whole roleplay

Coconuts: But what About the Dad?

runner:who knows (you do know that was a 4th wall break right)

Darkstorm: Tetrahx is her father an he has been dead before she was born.

runner:now were taking care of her

Coconuts: Can i Help?

Darkstorm:How much experience do you and Crystal have?

runner:do you have any idea when that female grey wolf will get back so i can get back to a normal hedgehog again

Coconuts: Me and crystal Were once Babysitters and I'm not Joking.

Darkstorm:(Takes the Baby Lycan and Hands it to Coconuts)

runner:*turns back to hedgehog* much better,i hate becoming a werehog

Female Grey wolf:(Returns from hunting)

runner:just in time *takes the lycan and sets it near the female grey wolf

Baby Lycan:( goes to suckle on the milk the Female has produced)

runner:well,that should be good,at least its not hungry any more

Darkstorm: The it is a she.

runner:well sorry,at least she's not hungry any more

Darkstorm: That's better.

runner:good,now time for some sleep *lays down*

Coconuts: *Falls asleep*

Baby Lycan:(Finishes suckling and Goes to Coconuts)

runner:*goes to sleep*

Baby lycan:(Cuddles Coconuts and Falls asleep)

Jack: (Goes to Sleep)

Amy: I think I'm going to sleep too. (goes to sleep)

Bada, Bing, Rutt, Tuke, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy : (Goes to sleep)

Lily: (thinking) I can't go to sleep.

Jack: What's wrong Lily?

Lily: oh nothing...

Fist: You seem troubled.

Jack: Ok (Goes back to sleep)

Lily: (thinking) what are we looking for any way?

Darkstorm:(Grinds Morvoto Root)

(Morvoto Root smells like coffee)

Jack: (Thinking) I wonder what's wrong with Lily

Sonic: do I smell coffee?

Darkstorm:(Hands the Coffee to Lily)

Lily: what is this?

Darkstorm: French Roast Coffee)

Jack: Ohh

Lily: thank you.

Sonic: can I have some?

Jack: I don't need it right now, good night (Goes back to sleep)

runner:*wakes up* whats going on

Jack: Never mind that please? Just go back to sleep please?

Sonic: hey Runner do you like coffee?

runner:its the middle of the night,i don't want any

Sonic: o.k...

Jack: Alright

Sonic: than good night!

runner:*goes back to sleep*

Jack: (Goes back to Sleep)

Coconuts: Did i hear something?.....Ah Neva


Jack: Ok

Rapid: *snoring with mouth wide open with drool coming out*

Coconuts: *Goes back to Sleep*

Jack: (Goes back to Sleep)

Darkstorm:(Gets started with breakfast)

Coconuts:(Wakes up) Something Smells good.

Darkstorm:(Finishes the gourmet breakfast and yawns)

runner:*wakes up and looks at the baby lycan*

Baby Lycan: (Cuddles Crystal in her sleep)

runner:ok,what do you have to eat

Crystal: (Wakes up)

Crystal: (Looks at The baby Lycan) Aww She likes Me.

Darkstorm:I have made every single Breakfast Item in the book.

runner:*gently pets the lycan without waking her*

Darkstorm:(Slices Oranges to Orange Juice)


runner:hey,you think i could take care of the lycan for a while

Darkstorm:Breakfast is ready (Falls down tired)

runner:uh oh.hey,you ok


Female Grey wolf:(Nuzzles Gale to wake up)

Gale:*Wakes up*

runner:so,can i take care of the lycan or not

Baby Lycan:(Wakes Up and goes to Suckle on the Grey Wolfs milk)

runner:am i the only one left that's at least half awake

Darkstorm: We'll take shifts on taking care of the baby lycan, It is Runners turn.

Coconuts: Jack wake up!

runner:alright *goes to the baby lycan*

Baby Lycan:*Still suckling*


(Another Female Grey wolf walks in and goes near Gale)

runner:maybe it would be better to be a werehog to take care of her *turns to werehog*

Baby Lycan:(Stop Suckling)

Gale:I'm a girl!

Kyros: *fighting a robot* Why do I keep having to fight robots?

Darkstorm:(Throws Emps)

runner:*picks up the baby lycan*

Baby Lycan:(Turns to her Werewolf form and giggles)

runner:heh,your pretty cute

Baby Lycan:(Sucks on Runners finger)

runner:heh,that tickles

Baby Lycan:(Stops and smile)


Baby Lycan:(Cuddles Runner)

runner:*keeps the lycan close to him* i think this lycan needs a name

Darkstorm: It is potential that a female name her

Palisa:How about Linda!

Dark Wolf:No linda*Slaps Palisa*

Coconuts: What about Maria?

Darkstorm:Seriously your going to name her after Shadows sister?

Dark Teniahk:(Cuddles Dark Wolf)

Dark Wolf:*Picks up Teniahk*


runner:maria is not shadows sister,shes his closest friend,or was


Kim:(Werewolf form fur turns pink)

Palisa:Don't worry Kaytlin,She probably dating your Husband!


runner:maria died 50 years ago

Kaytlin:My husband died 500 years ago!>:((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Kim:(Teleports to Kaytlin)

Coconuts: Well Molly can be her Nickname!

Kaytlin:It's already Kim!

Kim:(Cuddles her Guardian)

runner:ok,then,its kim then,*looks at kim who's in his arms*


Jack: Ok, so now what do we do?
Twig:*Sits down*

Darkstorm:(Passes out Plates) We eat.

Jack: Ok

runner:ok *gets food and eats with one hand holding kim in the other*

Kim:(Teleports to her guardian, Kaytlin)

runner:guess my turns over *turns back to a hedgehog*

Jack: Ok Guys, let's eat

Kaytlin:*Picks up Kim*

Kim:(Cuddles Kaytlin)

Jack: Awwww, That's Cute

runner:*finishes eating*

Darkstorm:(Grabs his food and starts eating)

Jack: (Grabs his food & starts eating)

Kaytlin:Do I own Kim?

runner:no,were all taking turns taking care of her,and its your turn

Jack: (Finishes Eating) I'm done

Kaytlin:Kim decide who your owner is!

Bada, Bing, Rutt, Tuke, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy: DONE!


Jack: Huh?

runner:you really want kim to decide who her owner is going to be


Jack: Ok?

runner:what if she doesn't want to choose

Kim:(Chooses with Kaytlin)

Jack: Lily, Amy, how's your day?

runner:....., i guess if that's who you want *pets kim*

Kaytlin:Sorry,That Kim didn't choose you!

runner:i guess she just likes you better, but i dont recall you taking care of her before

Kim:(Falls asleep)

Kaytlin:I named her.*To Road Runner*

runner:well, i guess thats that, i realy like this kid though, but its her choice

Kim:(Attempts to speak) novu goo

runner:huh,hey, shes trying to talk

Kim:(Cuddles her Guardian)

runner:well, now we're not going to take turns taking care of kim

Kim:(Cuddles Runner)

runner:heh, i wonder what she was trying to say

Kim:(Falls asleep on Runner)

runner:*smiles, gently pets her*

Kyros: *gets hit by Exodus*

Exodus: I shall destroy this planet! *throws a Shadow Shuriken at Kyros*

Kyros: *bleeding heavily* Take...this! *uses Powercharge Advantage on Exodus*

Exodus: *takes minor damage*

runner:*covers kim's ears so she doesnt hear the fight and wake up*

Kyros: What?! No effect?!

Rapid: *kicks Exodus out the way* Leave him alone!

Exodus: *stabs Rapid*

Rapid: Gah!

runner:*picks kim up and moves away from the fight*

Exodus: *attempts to blow everything up*

Kyros: *with all his strength, Kyros jumps up and uses Powercharge Advantage powered up*

Exodus: *takes major damage and teleports away*

runner:what was with that

Rapid: *stumbles and starts stand up*

Kyros: Exodus wants all 8 parts of this planet destroyed to take those eight parts to make his own planet. He wants all heroes dead.

runner:well,that was kind of random,where you came out of nowhere

Rapid: *sweatdrop*

Kyros: *patches up arm and stab wound*

Coconuts: I'm done Eating!

Crystal: Done!

runner:*looks at kim*

Coconuts: (Thinking) When is it My turn?

Crystal: Whats wrong Coconuts?

Coconuts: *Sighs* Nothing.

Crystal: Cheer Up. (Kisses Coconuts)

Coconuts: *Blushes*

Crystal: I love you Coconuts.

Coconuts: I-I-i Love Y-Y-You!

Kim:(Teleports to Coconuts and Crystal for their turn)

Coconuts: (Pets Kim Carefuly)

Kim:(Sucks on Coconuts Finger)

Coconuts: (Laughs) Hey that Tickles!

Kim:(Nuzzles Coconuts Fingers):)

Coconuts: (Giggles)

Kim:(Looks at Crystal and smiles)

Crystal: (Smiles Back)

Jack: Ok

Kim:(Teleports to the Female Grey wolf to suckle on its milk)

????: No one cares about me. *lays down on the ground* I'm just gonna lay down and die here. All alone...

Crystal: Don't say That whoever You Are.



????: I just want to die here alone...

Jack: Oh Dear

runner:so, who's turn is it after coconuts and crystal

Jack: Uh I don't know

runner:i think it might be my turn next,since last time i got a turn after those two

Jack: ok

runner:guess i could wait

Darkstorm: Skates if he wants to.


Darkstorm: It will be Skates turn if he wants to.

??????: Get up, Haku.

Haku: Why? I just want to die. Alone...Geez Static.

Static: Well, if I let you stay there, we would've had to fight Exodus and Syythe alone.

runner:but what if he doesnt want to

Amy: so why do you want to die? don't you know there is so much to live for!

runner:where is skates?

Kim:(See's Amy)

runner:so,who's tunr is it if skates doesnt want a turn

Darkstorm: Amy's.

runner:ok,so whats the order for this

Darkstorm: You'll have to find out my friend.


Amy: what do you want me to do?

Kim:(Teleports to Amy)

runner:amy,your next to take care of kim here,the baby lycan

Kyros: What's a lycan?

runner:a lycan is the only type of werewolf that can turn back to human form at any time

Kyros: Oh.

Haku: You stupid city boy...

Kyros: Shut up! Powercharge City was destroyed! I'm the only survivor.

Amy: O.k than Piko-Piko Hammer Time!

runner:uh oh,i think shes starting to get mad,better calm her down before its too late *pushes sonic up to her*

Kyros: Who's Sonic?

runner:...., can i see your hammer amy

Kim:(Cuddles Amy)

Kyros: What's a Piko-Piko Hammer?

runner:are you the idiot of the century or something

Kyros: No. I was born in a far off city.

runner:well please dont ask so many questions

Amy: O.k runner here you go my hammer...

runner:dont need it now,unless he asks too many questions,and by too many i mean one more

Amy: O.k.

runner:guess i'll have to wait for my turn to take care of kim

Jack: Ok, Amy, how are you today?

Kim:(Nuzzles Amy)

Jack: Ok, What does Nuzzle mean?

LT:I think it means I like you.

Jack: Oh

runner:no, i dont think it means i like you

Kim:(Nuzzles Amy)

Jack: Huh? Wakey Wakey Amy

runner:so whos turn is it next

Amy: Runner how about it be your turn!

Kaytlin:I thought I owned Kim?

Jack: Huh?

Darkstorm: We are taking turns taking care of Kim.

Jack: Ok

runner:well,amy just said it could be my tunr next

Jack: I think it's my turn

Amy: but I said....

Jack: Sorry, Amy, alright it's Runners Turn

runner:and now you changed your mind,why

Jack: Sorry, I didn't mean to, I'm just Curious

runner:fine, but you guys know soon,we might start fighting over who gets to take care of kim next

Jack: Runner you take care of him & I'm Sorry

runner:are you sure jack

Static: Haku, do you want to find your symbol or not?!

Skate:Lets go.

LT:(@Static)Yes we all do!

Coconuts: So whos gonna Take care Of Kim?

Darkstorm: Kat was kidnapped by werewolves remember Skate?

runner:no ones even listening

Kim:(Teleports to Runner)

runner:oh,looks like its my turn *picks kim up*

Kim:(Nuzzles Runner)

runner:*pets kim*

Kim:(Falls asleep and sucks her thumb)

runner:heh, shes pretty cute when shes sleeping

Haku: Let's go get our symbols. *runs off*

Static: Alright! *follows*

runner:i'll stay here until kim wakes up

Darkstorm: You with the Yautjan Corps.?


Darkstorm:(Shows his Yautjan Warrior Mask that has his clan symbol)

Kyros: A warrior mask?

runner:oh,well i'll still take here till kim wakes up,and its not my turn anymorre

Darkstorm:Why do you need symbols?

runner:*waches kim sleeping*

Kim:(Sleeps very deep)

runner:*smiles* *pets her,not waking her up*

Kim:(Tears form cause of her mother death)

runner:awww,*wipes the tears from her eyes*

Kim:(Starts crying in her sleep)

runner:poor thing,she must be very sad

Kim:(Shivers in fear)

runner:*holds kim close up to him* it'll be alright

Darkstorm:(Plays recording of Karl Bishop Weyland)

Weyland:"You heard me correct I want you to destroy all the werewolves and lycans in the world!!!"

runner:*covers her ears* are you trying to make her cry worse*


Jack: I'm sorry

runner:i wish i could do something for her

Palisa:I'll get my Ex-Boyfriend to undo Time!

runner:i dont realy think so

Jack: Come on Guys, let's go

runner:like i said im staying with kim

Jack: Ok, you stay here while we look for something we're looking for

runner:maybe we're suppose to be looking for chaos emeralds,ive already got 4,just i case look for the other 3

Jack: Ok Runner, come on guys

Godzilla (In hedgehog form):(Calls Palsia)

runner:*looks at kim,pets her*

Lily: so Runner you said you have 4 chaos emeralds?

(4 Xeno-Drones runn for their life)

Jack: It's true Lily, we need to find 3 more Chaos Emeralds & fast

Drones:(Screeching frantically)

runner:yea,i just looked around and found some,im not sure if we do need them but,you never know

Jack: How are we gonna find 3 more Chaos Emeralds?

runner:i dunno, maybe Baldy McNosehair has them

Jack: Who is Badly Mcnosehair?

runner:*facepalm* you didnt click the link did you

Twig:It's Eggman!

Jack: Eggman?!


Jack: And he's with Dr. EggPlankton


Jack: You know, my Arch Enemy



Jack: He wants to Steal the Chaos Emeralds & The Krabby Patty Formula

Palisa & Twig:O.O

Jack: He is a Brother of Dr. Eggman



Jack: Oh for the Loves of Hedgehogs, It's Dr. EggPlankton

Palisa:Hedgehogs?Do you mean Shaymins?

runner:baldy mcnosehair is eggmans nickname in sonic colors

Jack: Oh Ok, Dr. Eggman is with Dr. EggPlankton

LT:Than just say so.

Twig:*Jumps on a tree and reads a book*

Jack: Ok


Jack: We need to Split up into 3 Groups so we can find the remaining 3 Chaos Emeralds, Bada ,Bing ,Spongebob ,Patrick ,Squidward ,Lily & Amy you guys come with me

Darkstorm:It is hedgehogs Miss Palsia

runner:ok,you guys go on

Jack: Runner you'll be in Charge in Group #2 & Darkstorm you'll be in charge in Group #3, got it?

runner:.........,guess i'll have to take kim with me then,unless its someone else's turn

Jack: Ok,you'll be with Sonic, Rutt & Tuke & Darkstorm you'll be with Ed, Edd & Eddy, got it?

Darkstorm: Oh No!!

runner:guess theres no other choice *looks at kim still sleeping*

Darkstorm: If I am going to work with the Eds then they must have combat exp.

Ed: (About to Sneeze)

Jack: Uh Oh

Ed: (Sneezes a Fire Ball out of his Mouth)

Jack: Sorry, every time he sneezes, he shoots out a Fireball out of his Mouth

Edd: Oh My

Eddy: I guess I need to sharpen my Stinger

Darkstorm: (To Edd) How much Exp. do you have on the feild.

Edd: Well, Chameleons can turn Invisible

Ed: I Sneezed

Eddy: Sheesh,what's with you

Spongebob: Ed sneezed a Fireball

Darkstorm:(To Eddy and Eyes turn Red) How bout you?

Eddy: What, I'm a Bee, Bees Sting with their Stingers

Darkstorm: You'll have to do.

runner:alright i'll just go now *goes off with kim and the rest of the team*

Darkstorm:(Runs at high speeds)

Ed, Edd & Eddy: (Went with Darkstorm)

Jack: Come on Guys (Goes off with Bada, Bing, Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward)

runner:*looks at kim* dont worry, i'll protect you

Twig:*Jumps off the tree*

Jack: Who are you?

Twig:My name Is Twig Fence the turtle.

(Rocko the Wallaby,Heffer The Steer And Filburt The Turtle Appear)

Filburt: Hey guys.

Jack: Hello

runner:*pets kim* now, where could we find another chaos emerald

Darkstorm:(Goes to his flight form)

runner:*looks at kim still sleeping* i wonder when she'll wake up

Kim:(Yawns and wonders where she is)

runner:oh, well goodmorning, did you have a nice nap

Kim:???(Nodds but still doesn't know where she is)

runner:good, and were looking for some chaos emeralds, and i had to take you with me

Kim:(Fur turns into a hot pink color)

runner:*pets kim*

Kim:(Sucks on Runners finger)

runner:heh *lets her suck on his finger*

Kim:(Nuzzles Runner)

runner:*pets kim*


runner:so, are you going to help me find a chaos emerald


runner:oh nevermind, i'll just keep you with me while we look

Kim:(Falls asleep)

runner:she fell asleep again *looks around*

Kim:(Hugs Runner in her sleep)

runner:awww,*hugs kim*


Kim:(Grabs Runners Finger with her furry hand)

runner:heh,i think she realy likes me

Kim:(Wakes Up and wants to play)

runner:oh,you wanna play

Kim:(Disappears and reappears)

runner:i'll take that as a yes,so,what do you want to play

Kyros: *comes back* I found a Chaos Emerald!

Rapid: *runs towards Kyros* I have all 5 of these!

runner:that means only two more chaos emeralds,i guess i'll continue looking after kim's done playing

Kyros: *hears screaming* Crud! The 4 evil guys are coming! You gotta hide Kim! They will destroy her!

runner:i'll just go somehwere else to play with her *picks kim up and goes somewhere else*

Ryddo: *spin dashes into Kyros*

Exodus: *throws Rapid at a tree*

Lord Shado: Shh...calm down. *sends Kyros into a black hole*

Rapid: Darn it... *blacks out*

Filburt: What are Chaos Emeralds?! I'm new to This Planet.

Twig:Chaos Emralds are powerful rocks on this planet.

Filburt: (Sees that Twig is a Turtle) Hey your a Turtle i'm a turtle Too.

Rapid: *gets stabbed and beat up by Syythe, Ryddo, Exodus, and Lord Shado*

Twig:*To Filburt*If you are trying to get me to date you,I'm already dating Espio!

Filburt: No i'm not. Plus i'm Already dating a Cat.
Twig:My sister's a cat.

runner:ok kim, we should be far enough from that fight, so what do you want to play?

Kim:(Disappear and reappears to indicate Peek a boo)

runner:ok then, *starts playing peek a boo with her*

Filburt: Who's this?

Coconuts: Thats Kim.

Kim:(Everytime Runner cover his eyes she disappeared and when uncovered them she reappeared)

runner:you like playing dont you

Kim:(Giggles and claps)

runner:*smiles and plays some more*

Kim:(Go and plays hide n seek)

runner:ok then *counts then goes to find her*


runner:huh *goes to where he heard her giggle*

Kim:(Appears and looks like she just turn 3)

runner:found ya *picks her up*

Kim:Uncle Wunner

runner:hey, you talked,and called me uncle,thats so sweet

Filburt: I didin't get One single Turn. *Sighs*

Jack: So what should we do?

Bada & Bing: We don't know

Filburt: *Sighs* I should die I'm gonna cut my Head off (is about To cut His head Off)

Rutt: No Don't do it

Tuke: Don't do it, eh?

Darkstorm:(Bites Filburts arm with the blade)

Jack: Oh No

runner:*looks at kim*

Filburt: (Thinking) Wait.....................I got the 7 Chaos emeralds in the Palm of my Hands!



Chaos Emeralds: (Floats)

Filburt: What the Heck?! (Turns into Super Filburt)

Darkstorm:(Pulls out the Apocalypes Emeralds) Death is my servent, Fear is my Follower, I intend to controll the Apocalypse, give me the strength to SLAUGHTER ALL (Turns into his Apocalypse form)'!!!

Super Filburt: (Drains too much Power from the Chaos emeralds)

Crazy Super Filburt: NOW DARKSTORM IS GONNA DIE!! (Laughs Evily)

Apocalypse Darkstorm:(Static goes everywhere)

Rocko: Don't even THINK about Hurting one of My Friends!

runner:yikes *gets away from the fight with kim in his arms*

Dark Apocalypse Darkstorm:(Dark Energy surrounds him)

Crazy Super Filburt: (Turns into Dark Crazy Super Filburt [Dcsf])

runner:you ok kim

Dcsf: (Grins with lots of blood coming out of his Mouth)

Dark Apocalypse Darkstorm:(Makes the sky black)

Dcsf: (Kills all of the Flowers on Mobius)

Dark Apocalypse Darkstorm:(Rage Builds) Die Mortal!!!

Dcsf: (Removes his Filburt Costome) It's me METAL SONIC THE REAL SONIC!!!

Filburt: And i'm the REAL Filburt!

Dark Apocalypse Darkstorm:Then I am not gonna feel sorry!

Filburt: (Attacks Metal Sonic)

runner:*pets kim* it'll be alright

Filburt: (Pulls metal sonic's Head off And gives it To Runner)


runner:*throws it away* well, thats over,so what do you want to do kim

Kim:(Hugs Runner)

runner:*hugs kim* you're a sweet little girl kim

Jack: What should we do?

Kim: Kimyko is my ture name Uncle Runner, I had a name before my mother died.

Bada, Bing, Rutt & Tuke: (Eats Bananas)

runner:oh,well,its still pretty close to kim,so you dont mind if i keep calling you kim

Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy: Let's go

Rocko,Heffer,Filburt And Edward: Can we go With you Too?

Jack: Ok

Bada, Bing, Rutt & Tuke: Let's go

Tails: (Puts metal sonic's head on the tails doll's Body) It's the Sonic Doll!

runner:*looks at kim* so,you dont mind if i keep calling you kim

Kimyko: It is ok with me.

runner:ok,so,why do you call me uncle,i mean i dont have a problem with it,but why

Kimyko: My father knew you.

Jack: I don't get it

runner:but,i dont remember knowing your father,are you sure about that

Spongebob & Patrick: We don't know

runner:so,how could your dad know me but i didnt know him

Squidward: Huh, wait I'm not doing it

runner:can you please stop interupting @kim: i realy dont get it

Jack: Sorry

runner:so, how did your dad know me, kim

Kimyko: My dad told me that he would talk to you in your dreams.

runner:hmmm, well i guess thats a good enough reason,but i dont realy remember most of my dreams

Darkstorm: Were you taking Hyponocil?

runner:i dont even know what that is @kim: but you know im not realy your uncle,but its nice that you call me uncle

CJ: Hey guys whats Up?


CJ: I'm CJ the Hedgecat.

">Kimyko: I am Kimyko the Lycan.

runner:kim,you can call me uncle all you want,so,what about everyone taking turns to take care of you

Darkstorm: That is over.

runner:so, she stays with me now

Darkstorm: For the time being.

runner:thats good to know @kim: looks like you stay with me, uncle runner *smiles*

CJ: Runner? RUNNER?!

Kimyko:(Falls asleep)

runner:*hugs kim* you can be sure i'll keep her safe, i'll take good care fo her

CJ: Does anyone Remember me from sonic's Party?


Cj: Well i'm 8 Years old I can turn into a Werehogcat at Any time i Look like my Grandpa Silver Except my muzzle is White and my eyes are Green my Tail is a Cat's tail and thats All.

Stardust:(Play tackles Her cousin CJ)

runner:*looks at kim* i think she might be old enough for solid foods now,i'll ask her when she wakes up

Kimyko:(Yawns in her sleep and reveals her baby teeth)

CJ: (Purrs)

runner:hey,you think you're ready for solid food kim?

Kimyko: At my age for Lycans yes.

Stardust: I am Stardust the Hedgehog Daughter of Jack the hedgehog and Blaze the Hedgecat.

CJ: I'm the Son of Wind the Hedgecat and Sonia the Hedgehog (Turns into Werehogcat CJ) Well i'm off To Hunt.

runner:ok,so what do you want to eat

Kim: Lycans prefer fresh meat.

Darkstorm:(Goes after CJ) Hold up youngling.

Werehogcat CJ: Why?

Darkstorm: Did you just hunting?

Werehogcat CJ: Yeah and what About It?

runner:ok then kim *goes out to find food and comes back with some*

Skate:Hey why am I just siting here?!

Darkstorm:(Pats CJ's shoulder) I like this kid (To Skate) Hey Skate.

Blaze THC:(Waves at Skate)

Skate:Now you guys recognize me.


Skate Jr.:(Gets curious of LT)

runner:i got you some food kim

Ice: (To CJ) So hows my Favorite grandson Doing?

CJ: Great!

runner:here *gives the food to kim* i got you some fresh meat,cause you said thats what lycans eat

Kimyko:(Begins Feasting on the meat)

runner:im glad i get to take care of you from now on,you're a nice kid

CJ: (Turns into a Werehogcat) I'm glad i got this Form.

Darkstorm:(Turns Dragon)

runner:so,after your done eating what do you want to do kim

Kimyko:(Finishes and conjures water to wash her face)

runner:so,what do you want to do now

Kimyko:Do you know how to swim.

runner:sure,so you wanna swim,we can do that

CJ: I wanna Swim.

Kimyko:(Blushes at CJ)

runner:*picks kim up and goes to the nearest place to swim*

Darkstorm:(Grabs CJ and follows Runner)

runner:here we go *sets kim down* now,just dont go too far,remember you're still young

Darkstorm:(Sets CJ down and jumps in the deep part of the lake and turns aquatic)

CJ: *Dives into the Water*

Darkstorm:(Swims behind CJ) Boo!

CJ: *Spots a Mermaid* A Mermaid?!

Aquatic Darkstorm: Where!?

Mermaid: *Goes to Darkstorm*

Aquatic Darkstorm: Don't come any closer I am a married man.

Mermaid: I'm married too. It's just that i wanted to Show you that mermaids Are Real.

Aquatic Darkstorm:(Swims away) Never was a believer!

Jack: Huh?

Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward: Wow

runner:*gets in the water*

Ed: Buttered Toast

Edd: Oh my

Eddy: Come on guys, what can go wrong?

runner:having fun kim?

Kimyko: Mhm

runner:good, now, you can swim all you want,just tell me when your done

CJ: The iblis Trigger..

runner:when your finished swimming just tell me

Kimyko: Ok Uncle Runner

runner:*starts swimming around*

Kyros: *gets some materials and makes a diving board* This should come in handy.

Rapid: AH!!!! WATER!!! *hides behind a tree*

Kyros: *backflips off of diving board and goes in water*

CJ: *Swims some More*

Darkstorm:(Stays underwater)

runner:*keeps a close eye on kim while swimming*

Rapid: I hate water...

Fist: *pushes Rapid in the water*

Rapid: *panicing*

Fist: ...It's 3 feet deep.

runner:man,your just like sonic

CJ: I wonder wheres Grandpa Silver.

Darkstorm:(Begins digging a deeper end)

runner:*keeps watching kim to make sure shes safe*

CJ: Haven't Heard from knuckles Maybe hes a GHOST.

Darkstorm:(Continues digging and at high speeds)

runner:*gets out of the water,still watching kim* i wonder what she'll be like when she gets even older

CJ: *Plays with Kimyko*

runner:im glad i get to keep her,shes a realy nice girl

Kimyko:(Swims and laughs)

runner:*smiles* shes realy having fun

CJ: (Swims backwards)

Kimyko:(Jumps out of the water and spin)


CJ: *Uses his physic Powers to pick up a Coconut*

Kimyko:(Her age accelerates and stops at the age of 6)

runner:*goes over to kim* hey what just happened

Cream: Hello.

Jack: I'm gonna dive in (Dives in) Come on

Tails & Cream: (Dives In the Water)

Kimyko: I don't know.

runner:you look like your six now kim


Kimyko: Whats wrong?

runner:i dont knnow kim, but do you feel any different

Kimyko: I have the strange ruge to go hunting.

runner:hmmm,i think some how your age accelatrated

CJ: Runner i like you. Your like a Older brother to Me.

Kimyko:(Cuddles CJ)

runner:well,you two look like youv'e become good friends

CJ: (Purrs)

Kimyko:(Nuzzles CJ)

runner:so, how old are you cj

Cj: I'm 8 Years old and whats Your Age?


Skate:This is boring,give me Skate Jr.!

Skate Jr.:(Nuzzles his father)

Cj: Runner whats your Age?

runner:im exactly sonic's age

Skate:Hey BlazeTHC come here for a minute.

Blaze THC:(Smiles) What ya need?

Kimyko:(Turns to her werewolf form but she has controll)

Cj: (Turns into Werehogcat Cj)

runner:you both have a werewolf type form *turns into werehog*

Skate:(Wispier to BlazeTHC)Did you Tell Jack or Kat about that kiss?

Blaze THC: No

Werewolf Kimyko:(Goes hunting)

Werehogcat Cj: (Hunts for deer)

werehog runner:*follows kim*

Werewolf Kimyko:(Follows CJ)

Jack: Come on, the Water is fine

LT:If you say so.

Deer: (Runs)

CJ: (Pounces on the deer before it runs off)

Jack: Looks like were in a Forest

Werehogcat CJ: (Kills the deer)

Kaytlin:That poor Deerling!

Jack: I guess we're safe here, but we shall Camp here for the Night

werehog runner:i guess i'll stay in my werehog form as long as kim is in her werewolf form

Bada, Bing: Ok

Werehogcat CJ: (Builds a campfire)

Jack: Anybody got some Marshmellows?

Werehogcat CJ: (Pulls out a bag of marshmallows)

Jack: Yummy

Tina:*Circling above their heads*

Werehogcat CJ: (Feeds on the deer meat)

Dr. EggPlankton: (Hides behind the Bushes)

Jack: Guys have you ever get the feeling you are being watched?

Palisa:Yeah,By Tina!

Jack: And Dr. EggPlankton



Werehogcat CJ: (Gives the rest of The deer meat To Runner) you Can have it If you Want.

Werewolf Kimyko:(Rests her head next to CJ)

Werehogcat CJ: (Rests for a while)

Werewolf Kimyko:(Nuzzles CJ)

werehog runner:*lays next to them*

Werewolf Kimyko:(Falls asleep)

werehog runner:*falls asleep*

Werewolf Kimyko:(Stays close to CJ and Runner)

werehog runner:*stays near kim and cj*

Jack: What are we doing?

werehog runner:*sleeping*

Werewolf Kimyko:(Ears twitch)

werehog runner:*protecting them like a pack leader*

Werehogcat CJ: (Stays near Runner and Kimyko)

Diana the Grey wolf:Whoa

werehog runner:*yawns and looks at diana*

Diana: *Still changing out of her battle outfit*

werehog runner:Who are you?

Diana: Names Diana.

werehog runner:well,what are you doing here

Diana: Donno.

werehog runner:*goes back to sleep*

Diana:(See's Kim) Who's child is this?

werehog runner:*gets back up* her father was teniahk,and both him and her mother died,i'm like an uncle to her,but not realy her uncle

Darkstorm: Teniahk is my daughter, Tetrahx is Kimyko's father.

werehog runner:oh sorry,i got confused,their names sound somewhat alike

Teniahk: No they don't, I am a 1 year old girl.

werehog runner:sorry,i'll just go back to sleep now

Teniahk:(Cuddles CJ)

werehog runner:*falls asleep next to kim*

Kimyko:(Wakes up slowly)

werehog runner:*looks at kim* hey, your awake

Werehogcat CJ: (Wakes up and yawns)

Teniahk:(Nuzzles CJ)

werehog runner:*hugs kim*

Werewolf Kimyko:(Nuzzles Runner)

werehog runner:*smiles*

Teniahk:(Purrs to CJ)

werehog runner:what do you want to do now kim

Kimyko: Whatcha mean?

runner:i dunno,are you hungry,we still have some of the deer meat cj got

Kimyko: I am sort of (Goes to feed)

runner:ok then

Werehogcat CJ: (Goes to feed on the carcass)

Teniahk:(Follows CJ)


Teniahk:(Chews on a rid)

runner:*fineshes eating*

Werehogcat CJ: (Finshes eating)

Teniahk:(Eats the reamaining meat)

Kimyko:(Finishes Eating)

runner:ok,now what

CJ: I don't know.... maybe we can play a game.

runner:thats a good idea

Kimyko:(Tags Runner) Tag your it.

runner:heh,*tags cj*

CJ: (Tags teniahk) Tag your It!

Teniahk:(Chases Runner)

runner:*starts running away from her*

Teniahk:(Tag Runner)

runner:*stretches his arm all the way over to kim and tags her*

Kimyko:(Goes and chases Teniahk)

Jack: Ok, what should we do?

Bada & Bing: We don't get it

Spongebob: Me neither

Patrick: Nope

Kimyko:(Tags Spongebob)

runner:are you telling me you've never played tag

CJ: Pffb, everybody knows how to play Tag!

Kimyko:(Hugs CJ)

runner:you know cj,i think kim realy likes you


runner:sleepy kim?


CJ: (Yawns) I'm tired, too....

Teniahk:(Sticks to runner)

runner:*looks at teniahk*


runner:looks like shes tired too

Teniahk:(Falls asleep)

runner:heh *yawns and falls asleep*

Teniahk:(Cuddles Runner)

runner:*puts his arm around her while hes asleep*


Tina:*Picks up Teniahk*

CJ: (Growls at Tina)

Teniahk:(Wakes up and defends Tina)

Tina:*Hugs Teniahk*


Dark Teniahk:(Attacks her hero Counter part)

CJ: (Attacks Dark Teniahk)

Dark Teniahk:(Caws for her mother)

Jack: Whao wait, whao whao

CJ: Are you ok, Teniahk?

Jack: Your acting kinda wierd today

CJ: What do you mean?

Jack: Well when Teniahk has turned 1, she's gone Evil

Teniahk:I am right here, and the girl your talking to is my darker half.

Jack: Your darker Half, how do you get a darker half?

Teniahk: Remember my dad seperated me and Dark Me.

Jack: Oh, I get it now

runner:*wakes up and growls at dark teniahk*

Dark Teniahk:(Caws For help for her mother and Father)


Jack: What should we do now, Amy?

Dark Teniahk:(Hides in the brush)

Jack: Dark Teniahk is hiding in the Bushes

Darkstorm: Leave her.

Jack: Ok, so now what?

runner:*picks up kim*

Jack: (Picks up Amy) We need to get going & fast, I hope Dr. EggPlankton isn't watching us

Darkstorm:(Starts digging)

Jack: Great Idea, Darkstorm, let's go underground

runner:you ok kim

Jack: Come on guys

runner:*looks at kim* what do we do now

Jack: Runner we had to follow Darkstorm Underground

Darkstorm: (Laughs)

runner:fine *takes kim and follows*

Jack: (Takes Amy & Follows Darkstorm)

Bada, Bing, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy: (Follows Darkstorm)

Darkstorm:(Strength Runs low)

Jack: Are you ok Darkstorm?

runner:*sets kim down and turns back into a hedgehog*

(Random Bell Rings)


runner:*starts digging by spin dashing*

Darkstorm:(Regains Strength and begins claw digging)

runner:*stops digging and goes to kim*

Jack: Let me help you (Helps Runner Dig)

CJ: (Digging)

Kimyko and Teniahk:(Drill Kicks)

Coconuts: (Brings out his Sovel Claw and Digs)

Darkstorm:(Hears something snap in his hand)

Jack: Amy & Sonic are still Sleeping, we need to wake them up

runner:*looks at darkstorm* something wrong?

Tina:**Puts Teniahk down*What did Dark Wolf want me to do again?

Teniahk:(Backs away for Tina)

Tina:*Flies away*

Dark Teniahk:(Jumps on Tina)

Kaytlin:Tina is Giratina.

Mephiles Darkstorm:(Jumps on Tina)

runner:*goes to kim* you ok

Kimyko:Mhmm, and legally I belong to Kaytlin, but while we are here I belong to you.

runner:oh,i see,but,who would you acualy rather belong to

Kimyko: More or less, both.

runner:so,at what times to you belong to kaytlin

Kimyko: IDK.

runner:so,for now you belong to me,thats good to know

Kimyko: I think I am in love with CJ.

runner:realy, it does look like it

Kimyko:(Blushes Deeply) Please don't tell him.

runner:dont worry,i'll keep it a secret

Kimyko: (Hugs Runner)

runner:*hugs kim*

Teniahk:(Drill Kicks)

runner:you know, it would be nice if i could legally own you,but you chose kaytlin

Kimyko:(Goes into a Drill Kick)

runner:*spin dashes*

Darkstorm:*Left Hand reheals and continues clawing*

(a yellow wisp come into the tunnel)

runner:well that was convinient *uses drill power*

Darkstorm:*Keeps clawing the dirt*

runner:*keeps drilling until the power wears down*

Darkstorm:(Hits something solid)

runner:*stops and wisp flies away*

Darkstorm:That was convinent.

runner:*knocks on the solid object*

Darkstorm:Its brass.

runner:we'll have to dig around,but theres no telling how long it would take to get around, if we had two more wisps we could use a double drill to break through

Darkstorm:(Punches the Brass and it bends)

runner:*runs off and comes back with two more yellow wisps* here, now lets use the double wisp power

Darkstorm:(Backs away)

runner:you do know we need two people for this *ones wisp goes to darkstorm*

Darkstorm:(Takes it)

runner:alright *uses double drill with darkstorm*

Jack: Ok, so what's going on here? Sonic & Amy are still sleeping

runner:its a double drill power from sonic colors

Jack: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Spongebob & Patrick: Wow, that's cool

runner:ugh,im getting dizzy @_@

Jack & Spongebob: Oh Dear

Patrick: Ed it's your turn

Ed: (Digging) Dig a hole, Dig a hole, Dig a hole

runner:ugh,why does the double drill spin around and around and ar..... ugh i think im going to be sick

Edd: Let me help you

Eddy: (To Ed) Go Baby Go

Ed: Dig a hole, Dig a hole, Dig a hole

Darkstorm:(Sets a Demolition Charge) Fire in a hole!!!!!

Edd & Eddy: Run

runner:*runs out of the hole*

Jack, Bada, Bing, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy: (Runs out of the Hole)

Darkstorm:(Detnates charge)

runner:ugh,i dont feel so good,*goes to a bush and pukes*

Jack: (Still Carrying Sonic & Amy) Runner, Sonic & Amy are still sleeping

Lily: than let's get Sonic & Amy up!

Jack: Ok, (To Sonic & Amy) Wakey Wakey

Sonic: ........ whrere am I?

Lily: no where

Sonic: what?!

Jack: Amy is still sleeping

Spongebob: (Pulls out a Krabby Patty) Maybe nice hot Krabby Patty (Puts the Krabby Patty near Amy)

Amy: sonic.....

Sonic: she is sleeping like a baby!

Spongebob: I knew a Krabby Patty would help

Sonic: I don't think it's helping....

Spongebob: It's not

Patrick: Then what does?

Coconuts: YELLING!!

Sonic: don't YELL at me YELL at Amy!!

Jack: No one is Yelling (To Amy) Wakey Wakey Amy

Sonic: I hate doing this... GET UP AMY!

Jack: Ow, Sonic you don't have to yell at me

CJ: (Pulls out Wakeup Purfume and Opens It)

Jack: Wakeup Purfume, that'll do

runner:if this doesnt work,i think i know a way to wake her up

Jack: And what would that be?

runner:*looks at sonic* trust me,theres no way amy wouldnt wake up

Sonic: ......

Jack: I hope this works

Cream: (Crying) Amy please Wake Up!

Jack: Amy is in a deep sleep, we need to wake her up now

Ed: Yabba Dabba Cracka

Edd: Oh dear, I never know that Amy is in a Deep Sleep

Eddy: Who can it blame you Double D?

Ed: Ouch

runner:*wakes over to amy* hey amy,SONIC JUST SAID HE WANTS TO MARRY YOU!!

Jack: Did it work?

Cream: (Praying)

Jack: Aw Nuts, now what?

Amy: (gets up) SONIC JUST SAID WHAT?!

Jack: He said "He wants to marry you"

Cream: He also wants to date You.

Amy: no way! he does!

Sonic: oh boy!

Jack: Yes he does want to date with you

runner:i told you it was full proof

Jack: Ok we get the Picture, Runner

CJ: Mom.

Sonia: What is it CJ?

CJ: (Whispering) I have a Crush on Kimyko.

runner:well,she woke up didnt she

Jack: Yes she did, Runner

runner:now then,KEEP DIGGING *uses yellow drill*

Sonia: Really?

CJ: Yeah now don't Tell Her.

Sonia: Ok.

Jack: Come on

CJ: (Digs)

Jack, Bada, Bing, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy: (Digs)

runner:*goes over to CJ* you know,it looks like you like kim,a lot,you can tell me if you do,i wont tell her

Jack: Come let's keep digging

CJ: Yes i do Like her a Lot.

Amy: I don't get you guys! you lie!

Jack: I'm sorry, but it's the only way to wake you up from your Deep Sleep because you've been Sleeping for a long Time all day

Amy: o.k... but next time don't tell me Sonic wants to merry me.

Jack: Ok, Ok, we won't do that again, I swear

Amy: o.k.

Jack: Amy, I'm very sorry

runner:well CJ,what are you going to do now

Jack: Excuse me, we betta keep going before Dr. EggPlankton catches us

Darkstorm:(Set Demolition Charges) Fire in a hole!!!

Jack: Not again

Jack, Bada, Bing, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy: (Gets out of the Hole)

Darkstorm:(Detnates the charges and Makes a tunnle)

Jack, Bada, Bing, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy: (Get back in the Hole)

Darkstorm: Hey look I made tunnel!

Jack: Come on, let's go

Darkstorm:(Tosses Flare for Light)

Jack: Very Clever

Rocko: (Turns on Flashlight)

Spunky: (Digs)

Rocko: C'mon Mates!

Filburt: I'm Coming! (Gets in the Hole)

Heffer: (Gets in the Hole)

Rocko & Spunky: (Gets in the Hole)

Kaytlin:*Uses Dig*

runner:*uses yellow drill*

Filburt: I think i lost my Glasses.

Palisa,Gale,&Twig:*Follow Kaytlin*

Rocko: Well then lets Find Them. (Finds the Glasses) I found Them.

Filburt: (Puts his Glasses On)

Twig:*Uses Rollout on the ground*

Godzilla:(Appears next to Palsia)

Palisa:Hi Godzilla!

Godzilla:(Turns to his Hedgehog form)

Filburt: Ok this is getting Odd.

Kimyko:(Goes Near CJ)

CJ: (Goes near Kimyko)

runner:*watches them*

CJ: (Blushes at Kimyko)

Kimyko:(Blushes bright red)

Twig:It's so cute!:3

Rocko: Awww.

runner:*motions kim to tell CJ*

Sonia: (Motions CJ to Tell Kimyko)

runner:*sits down somewhere and watches*

Sonia: (Sits under a Tree and Watches)

Kimyko: CJ, I *Blushes Brighter*

CJ: I lov-(Blushes Deeply)

Kimyko:(Kisses CJ)

CJ: (Kisses Kimyko)

runner:well that worked out well

Kimyko:I love you CJ.

CJ: I love you Aswell Kimyko.

runner:*walks over to them*


runner:i think you two make a good couple *pats kim on the head*

CJ: Thank You.

Kimyko:(Kisses CJ and tags him)

CJ: (Tags Kimyko)

Amy: Sonic and I make a better couple!

runner:this is fun

Darkstorm:(To Amy)You and Sonic do get married and have a son.

Amy: do you know the Future?

Silver: I'm from the future and You and sonic have A son Named sonic Jr.

Darkstorm: From my veiwing it was a Black and orange child named Thrash.

runner:which ever you say it looks like you still get married

Sonic: NOWAY!

Amy: I know you loved me!

runner:better get use to the idea sonic

Silver: Do you know my Mom & Dad Darkstorm?!

Darkstorm:(Walks away slowly then runs at 999mph)

Silver: I think i Should go Now (Runs Away)

Darkstorm:(To Silver) I wasn't supposed to reveal your parents name.

runner:*smiles at kim* you're 6 and you already have a boyfriend

CJ:(Purrs at Kimyko)

runner:you two look like you'll be very happy

Jack: Come on were getting closer to....whatever are we going?

Bada & Bing: (Eats Bananas)

Spongebob: Wee what should we do?

Patrick: I don't get it

Darkstorm:(Throws another flare)



Jack: What's going on why did we stop?

Darkstorm:(Goes ahead)

Jack: Oh well

The Backstabbers: (Appear)

Clunk(Backstabbers leader): I told ya We'd be Back!

Nuthead(Backstabbers member):Yeah and now We backstab!

Clunk: (Slaps Nuthead) We already do Blotbrain!!....Uhhh i'm Clunk the Hedgehog.

Brians(Backstabbers member): I'm brains the Fox.

Nuthead: I'm nuthead the Echidna!

Bada & Bing: (Grabs the BackStabbers) And you guys get Bounced (Bounces the BackStabbers far away)

Clunck:(Turns into dark Clunk) And you guys get Killed!! (Punches bada & Bing as hard as he Can)

Bada & Bing: Ow (Punches Cluck super hard)

Coconuts: (Pulls out Gun)

Clunck:(Crying & Begging) Please don't hurt Me!!

Coconuts: Oh i won't hurt You(Puts in Bullets) I'll kill You.

Clunck:(Crys) I don't wanna Die!!

Brains:(Crying) We'll be good Guys!

Palisa:What's going on?

LT:Brains is crying.


Jack: Did you guys ever give up?

Bada & Bing: (Grabs the Backstabbers)

Bing: You know what happen to Bad Guys like you?

Clunck: We get shot.

Coconuts: Thats right!!

Sonic doll: (Attacks Coconuts)

Clunck: (Attacks The sonic doll & Rips his head Off)


Clunck: I just saved a Hero's life See?
Kaytlin:Your still not a Hero.

Lady: (Screams) I'm being Robbed!!

Clunck: Don't worry! (Attacks the Crook)

Crook: (Gives the lady her Purse and Runs away)

Lady: My hero! (Kisses clunck on The Cheek)

Bada: Ok, so tell me what's going on over here?

Kaytlin:*To Clunk*Your only a hero at the begin!

Lady: I'm Clarice the Hedgehog and you Are?

Clunck: I'm clunck the Hedehog.

Jack: Oh ok, I guess so

Darkstorm:(Pops another flare so he can see)

Jack: Another flare? Oh ok, I guess

Darkstorm:(Pulls out Flamethrower)

Jack: Wow

Eggman/Robotnik: HAHAHAHA!! see if you can Defeat this Sonic! Behold the Eggdestoryer!!

Jack: And let's see if we go Ultimate (Turns into Super, then Hyper & finally Ultimate Jack)

Ultimate Jack: ULTIMATE JACK!

Eggman/Robotnik: Not bad not Bad at All! (Fires rockets at Jack)

Ultimate Jack: (Grabs Rockets & Fires at the Eggdestroyer one at a time) You don't know the meaning of an Ultimate Form don't you?

Eggman: (Pushes the big Canon button and Aims at Jack)

Ultimate Jack: This is my Ultimate Form, CHAOS DRAGON (Green aura surrounds him & Turns into a Full grown Green Dragon & Breathes huge ammounts of fire at Eggman's Big Cannon making it Melt)

Eggman: (Pulls out the Laser Beam)

Ultimate Jack: (Turns back to Ultimate Jack) I'll show you, what I can do (Charges at the Laser Beam & Goes through it & the laser beam is been cut in half)

Eggdestoryer: (Transforms into a Huge robot)

Ultimate Jack: Whao it's gigantic, but I can't give up, I am Jack CHAOS BONE CRUSHER (Starts Crushing the EggDestroyer)

Eggman: Dragon Mode! (Pushes the dragon Button)

Ultimate Jack: CHAOS SPIDER (4 Spider legs cam out of his back & 4 more arms came out) That's an Ultimate Chaos Spider (Spits Think Webs that are sticky enough to stop the Machine)

(Inside the Machine)

Eggdestroyer: Warning Machine is Going to blow up In 5..

Eggman: (Runs out)

Ultimate Jack: Wait for it...

Eggdestoryer: 4..

Ultimate Jack: I'm outta here (Goes back down to the Ground)

Eggdestoryer: 3..

Eggman: (Opens hatch)

Ultimate Jack: She's gonna Blow !

Eggdestroyer: 2..

Eggman: (Gets out)

Eggdestoryer: 1.. (BOOM!)

Ultimate Jack: What do you know, I did it again


Jack: (Turns back to normal) I've done it again

Bada & Bing: Wow

Clunck: (Kicks Eggman far away like a Football) Have a nice Trip!

Spongebob: Wow he's strong

CJ: Not as strong as Popeye!

Jack: Eggman is retreating for now

Darkstorm:(Not caring for the situation and pushes on)

Jack: We gotta keep moving

Bada, Bing, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy: (Follows Jack)

Darkstorm:(Pops another flare)

Jack: I wonder where are we going?

Eggman: (runs back)

Sonic: oh no...


Amy: don't you ever give up?

Eggman: NO! NEVER!

Sonic: so who want to play some more Eggman football?

Amy: not me!

Lily: no thanks Sonic.

runner:here,hold this *gives dynamite to eggman*

Eggman: what's this? IT"S DYNAMITE!!!!!

(the dynamite explodes in his face)



Kaytlin:Palisa stop!

Godzilla:(Catches Palsia)

Palisa:*Hugs Godzilla*


Skate Jr.: Uncle LT?

Dr. EggPlankton: (Appears & Talks to Eggman) CANT YOU DO ANYTHING RIGHT

Godzilla:(Gives Palsia a Hedgehog form)

Jack: EggPlankton?!

Palisa:I'm a Hedgehog!

Dr. EggPlankton: I asjed you one favor &...just forget it, I'll take care of them myself

Tina:*Circling in the air*

Jack: Oh no you don't EggPlankton

Eggman: You know EggPlankton... YOUR A FOOL! I can do a lot more right than you can!

Sonic: I think the two of you are Fools!

Amy: Sonic is so Right!

Eggman: Why you little!!

runner:*puts a clown outfit on eggman* he sure is a fool,he fits the fat clown image perfectly,only problem is i cant fit the red nose on his fat pointy nose

Dr. EggPlankton: Your the Fool here Eggman, let me see those Eggbots of yours & then mine


Sonic: you look like the fool Eggman look at your outfit!

Dr. EggPlankton: I don't see you in Action Eggman. Sure let me do all the work while you just sit back there LIKE THE FAT GORILLA YOU ARE!

Eggman: (takes off the clown outfit) this time your lucky! but the next time we meet your not going to be! (gos off)

Lily: (thinking) that's not the last of him! he wants us to think hes stupid... but he is not...

Amy: Bye stupid!

Jim: Well i'm going in my Dad's new Car!

Amy: your Dad has a new car?!

Dark Wolf:I'm a better villian than Eggman.

Jim: Yeah it's a Ford.


Dr. EggPlankton: (To Eggman) Fine! (Walks off)

Jack: Well that was easy

Kaytlin:The Fatman no beat Blondie Black Wolf!

Jack: Acculty Eggman & EggPlankton got up in a fight & they left


Lily: it's a little funny when bad guys fight!

Kaytlin:It's not funny when they marry cuze Dark wolf and Mephelis Darkstorm married!

Jack: We betta figure out what Eggman & EggPlankton is up to

Lily: I don't think the two are working with each other...


Jack: Then what should we do now?

Lily: I don't know...

Jack: It's a Tough one, what do you feel like to do?

Lily: let's see if my Psychic Powers can tell me. (uses her psychic powers)

Jack: What does it say?

Lily: (stops useing her psychic powers) nothing...

Jack: Do you think it's Sunset because it's time to camp here for the night

Lily: maybe... but may powers have never done this before...

Jack: We shall camp here for the Night, Lily

Darkstorm:(Doesn't care about the time of day and keeps walking)

Jack: We can get some sleep while we camp here


CJ: (Yawns)

Jack: CJ is getting sleepy, I guess we CAN camp here for the night

Skate:What ever.

Jack; Let's gather up some Sticks to make a camp fire

?????: & add some Veggies while your at it!

Jack: Huh, who said that?

Koopa: Do you know who Bowser is?

Jack: Not at all

Koopa: Well i'm the Guy who Said '& add some Veggies while your at it!'

Jack: Oh ok, who are you?

Koopa: I have know name so i Guess you can call me Koopa troopa or just Koopa for short!

Jack: Ok, Koopa, your right maybe we need Vegetables

Koopa: Well it may sound odd but my Famaliy thing is Called koopa! We are turtle like People & Bowser is a Huge Koopa!

Jack: I have no idea what you just said but, let's camp here for the night

Koopa: (Facepalm) My species is called Koopa!!!

Jack: Ok, Ok I understand ya, sheesh

Koopa: Good (Yawns) Now let's rest..

Jim: (Yawns) Yeah....

Jack: Ok

Spongebob & Patrick: Good night (Sleeps)

Squidward: Fine (Sleeps)

Ed: Nighty Night (Sleeps)

Edd: Goodnight everybody (Sleeps)

Eddy: Yeah, Yeah I get the picture (Sleeps)

Bada & Bing: (Sleeps)

Jim: (Sleeps)

Koopa: (Sleeps)

CJ: (Stays up)

(Loud stomping is Heard)

Jack: What's that?

???: (Roars)

Spongebob & Patrick: (Shivers in Fear)

Ed: MONSTER (Grab Edd & Eddy & hugs them in fear)

Koopa: It's...BOWSER!!

Bowser: That's right!!

Eddy: What are you doing here?

Bowser: Koopa needs to defeat the Mario bros.!

Koopa: Oh come on. Can't a Koopa get a Break?

Squidward: Your here to destroy the Mario Bros. Alright that's it, if you won't go then I will

Koopa: (To Bowser) Okay Bowser i'm Tired of getting hurted by the Mario's so if you don't pay me For all of that Work then i Quit!!

Eddy: Man he's good

Bowser: (Retreats)

Ed: He's gone away, we're saved

Koopa: Wow even i can Defeat Bowser.....Well not defeat Him.

Edd: This is very strange, Bowser could've defeated Koopa, but how did he retreat so fast

Koopa: I don't know Maybe it was my Rant?

Squidward: Are you sure?

Koopa: I'm sure.

Bada & Bing: Ok

Koopa: (Makes a tent for himself)

Opal:Huh where am i?

Koopa: The woods.

Jack: Let's go back to sleep

Koopa: Okay. GOOD NIGHT!!

(Everyone goes back to sleep, but they can't sleep because of Ed's Unforgetable Snoring)

Koopa: (Wakes up & Closes his Tent)

CJ: (Having a Nightmare)

Coconuts: (Sighs)

Crystal: (Begins to cry)

Coconuys: What's wrong?

LT:Don't cry Crystal.

Crystal: (Sings I will remember you By amy Grant)
I Will Remember You

I Will Remember You

Jack: Huh? What's going on here

Ed, Edd & Eddy: What was that?

Spongebob: I don't know

Patrick: Me neither

Squidward: Let's check it out

Crystal: Thomas my Brother...

Jack: Crystal, who's singing in here?

Crystal: Me,Why do you ask?

Jack: Just checking

Spongebob: I also heard your Singing

Patrick: Me too

Squidward: Me also

Ed: As do I

Edd: So did I

Eddy: Me too

Crystal: (Begins to Vanish)

Coconuts: Crystal?!

Jack: Where is she going?

Crystal: It's time for me to Leave....Forever.

Jack: Forever? Why?

Crystal: It's time for me to Go...

Coconuts: (Begins to Cry) Crystal don't go!!!

Crystal: I must go.. (Starts to Cry) But i don't wan't to Leave you!!!

Ed: (Voice Breaking) Now I'm all Emotional, can I have a hug Eddy?

Eddy: No thanks I'm good

Ed: (Stops Crying) Oh, ok then

Spongebob: I guess this is your Final Goodbye, huh Crystal?

Crystal: My brother is Waiting for me....But i shall Stay.

Patrick: Brother?

Crystal: Yes he is Dead now & he died From the N.I.D.S.

Jack: I guess you can stay

Ed: Come here guys (Gave Everyone including Crystal a great big hug & spins around in a Circle while holding everyone)

Eddy: Ed

Ed: Hello

Jack: Ed

Ed: Hello

Squidward: Ed

Ed: Hello

Spongebob: Can you put us down please?

Ed: Ok (Puts everyone down)


Ed: Your welcome Skate

Jack: Excuse me, but let's sleep for the night ok?

Bada: Ok then

Bing: Nighty night

Spongebob: Good Night Everybody

Patrick: Yeah, goodnight

Squidward: Whatever

Ed: Nighty night everyone

Edd: Sleep tight

Eddy: And don't let the bed bugs bite, blah blah blah

Jack: Good Night, sweet dreams

(Jack, Bada, Bing, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy went to sleep)

Kyros seemingly went to sleep. But a few minutes later he got up and walked around to scout and be a lookout for everyone. Rapid did the same.

CJ: (Wakes up, senses an enemy coming, hisses)

Isaiah:..What's the matter?

CJ: ......Someone's here.

Isaiah:..Hm. *ear twitches*

Kimyko: Hey Babe

CJ: Kimyko.... I .... I sense someone coming....

Jack: (wakes up) What's going on?


CJ: Hm... (Goes back to sleep)