Ogre (From Tekken) is back for revenge on Jack for defeating him in Jack's 3rd Story: The Ogre Within. He makes a curse that turns all of the Mobians of Mobius into Monsters, but some of them like Sonic, Tails, Amy, Shock & Patricia are immune to the curse. Ogre's Plan is to Revive Azazel (From Tekken) in order to fuse with him & be forever changed. Only Jack & his friends can stop Ogre & Azazel from Destruction. Hades the God of Darkness has been Revived by Ogre to Aid him. Will They Suceed?


World Map

World Map

The World Map with Locations and Chapters


  • Spongebob100
  • Apallo The Hedgehog
  • Kaytlinfencethefox
  • ITH
  • Wolf9400
  • UnCrushedDreams
  • Scroundernuts
  • Sarahhalloween
  • Hudhouse
  • Fuchsia the Bakeneko(user)

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Mount Red

White Mountains


Sky Ruins Town

Ogre's Lair


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Main Villain

  • Ogre / True Ogre (From Tekken) (Spongebob100)
  • Azazel (From Tekken) (Spongebob100)
  • Hades The God of Darkness (Apallo The Hedgehog)

Villains that can help Ogre/True Ogre

  • Dr. Eggman (Spongebob100)
  • Dr. EggPlankton (Spongebob100)
  • Gus Chaos (Hud)
  • Nazo (hud)
  • Nus (Hud)
  • Kyrus (Hud)
  • Chaos (Hud)
  • Jared the unknown [does not help ogre, has plans for world domination] (Frozen scorpio)
  • Fifi Fox
  • Lulu the Fox

Chapter 1: The New Beggining

(Jack & Sonic are in the middle of the Battle against Eggman & EggPlankton on a Giant Warship)

Dr. Eggman: You'll never get away from us

Dr. EggPlankton: You shall perish

Jack: Never! You guys need to stop

Sonic: It's time for you to be crushed

(Jack & Sonic spindashes through a Giant Metal Pole & the Pole falls on the Eggbots & the Jack-4 Robots)

Dr. Eggman: Yikes!

Dr. EggPlankton: We're outta here

(Dr. Eggman & Dr. EggPlankton retreats from them)

Sonic: (appears in front of them) Your too slow!

Dr. EggPlankton: What the?!

Jack: (Appears behind Eggman & EggPlankton) Very slow indeed

Dr. Eggman: You can get away from me

Sonic: Oh yeah?

(Jack & Sonic uses the power of the 7 Chaos Emeralds to turn into their Super Forms)

Super Jack: Time for something new for a Change (turns into Ogre Jack in his Super Form which he is now Green)

Super Ogre Jack: SUPER OGRE JACK!

Dr. Eggman: WHAT THE HECK?!

(Tails & Amy are flying in the Tornado-1 & Patricia is flying on her Flying Broom)

Patricia: Did you see that?

Tails: Yeah, Jack combined his Ogre Form & his Super Form into 1

Amy: Wow, that's Powerful !

Super Ogre Jack & Super Sonic: (Chases after Eggman & EggPlankton & closing about 10 Metal Doors, but Super Ogre Jack & Super Sonic burst through all of them, the Eggbots & the Jack-4 Robots)

Dr. Eggman & Dr. EggPlankton: (Falls out of their Pods & crashes to the Ground) Ow!

Super Ogre Jack: (Turns into his Ultimate Form which is Golden)

Ultimate Ogre Jack: ULTIMATE OGRE JACK!!!

Super Sonic: Wow! He's learning something every time

Dr. Eggman: We give up

Dr. EggPlankton: We'll change into a new leaf, whatever you do, please don't hurt us

Super Sonic: Again? I'm not falling for that again

Ultimate Ogre Jack: Yeah, this trick will never ever....

???: STOP! (Electricutes Super Sonic & Ultimate Ogre Jack with his Electricity)


Ultimate Ogre Jack: (Didn't feel a thing) What do you call that? It kinda Tickled

Dr. Eggman: WHAT?!?!

Dr. EggPlankton: Who's that?

Ogre: I'm Ogre, I'm here to take revenge on Jack Hedgehog for destroying me

Ultimate Ogre Jack: (Giggling) Be careful Ogre, I'm ticklish

Super Sonic: I still don't get it, why are you ticklish because of the Electric surge by Ogre (Screaming in Pain & turns back to normal)

Sonic: No!

(The Chaos Emeralds' Energy goes inside Ultimate Ogre Jack, causing him to transform into his most powerful Ogre Form in the entire world of Mobius with Bigger Horns, Bigger & Sharper Claws, Larger Wings & Bigger Teeth)

Dr. Eggman & Dr. EggPlankton: (Looks at Jack's Final Ogre Form & Screams)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: MONSTROUS OGRE JACK !!!!!

Amy: Guys, look!

Patricia: (Gasps) It can't be

Tails: That form of Jack's is Super Impossible to transform into, how did he turn into....that?

Amy: Let's get a closer look

Dr. Eggman & Dr. EggPlankton: (Shivers in Fear)

Sonic: Whao, either I'm seeing things or is that the Largest, the Scariest & the most Ugliest Form I've ever seen

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (grabs Dr. Eggman, Dr. EggPlankton & Ogre) (Distorted Monster Voice) Never...mess with me....again....GOT IT!

Dr. Eggman & Dr. EggPlankton: (Nods yes)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Good

Sonic: Whao, great job big guy, we betta leave them. They done enough damage today

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Ok, let's get outta here (let go of the Villains) Here we go!

Sonic: Ok!

Monstrous Ogre Jack, Sonic, Patricia, Tails & Amy: (Heads back home on Planet Mobius)

Shock: Hey Jack my best friend ive been keeping your house clean and i got this weird Gem in the mail for you

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Ok, take a look at me. I'm a 25 FT Monster

Chapter 2: New Mystery

(At a grassy field)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Ok, I can change back now (tries to, but fails) I don't get it, why didn't it work?

Sonic: I know what's happening, it's beacause your Form is so powerful that you can't change back, I mean look at you & look at the Chaos Emeralds, they turned grey & now they're powerless, I wonder why?

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Because Ogre is planning something bigger than usual

Amy: What do you think it is

Patricia: Yeah, what is it?

Monstrous Ogre Jack: I don't know, but we have a Mystery in our hands

Shock: And look at the Gem it purple and some words are poping up

Monstrous Ogre Jack: It's Still Night Time, you know

Amy: Yeah

Sonic: It's looks like Ogre is the new Dark Gaia

Tails: You think so?

Sonic: Yeah, he must've mysteriously appears after Dark Gaia is been defeated & sinks into the Lava & took Dark Gaia's Powers

(The Flashback shows Ogre teleports to the Planet's Core & steals Dark Gaia's Powers & teleports back to his lair)

(End of Flashback)

Patricia: And the Devil Gene as well

Shock: Well the gem does say it must be with the seven emeralds and it looks like a map too

Monstrous Ogre Jack: But I've been turned into a Monster, does that what I look like this?

Amy: Look it's a Sunrise (points to the SunRise)

(When the Sun has risen up, Jack is turned back to normal)

Jack: Whao

Sonic: Hey, it just like the time when I was Werehog in Night & myself in the daytime

Patricia: Do you have any idea what Ogre is up too?

Shock: Woah look guys it's showing the green emerald in Plaindonia

Jack: What's Plaindonia?

Isaiah: Hmm?

Tails: Isaiah, what are you doing here?

Isaiah: You got a problem?

Amy: No, why did you asked?

Isaiah: Tails.

Shock: I know where it is it is north of here

Jack: Then how are we gonna get there?

Tails: No problem, my Tornado-1 can get us there in a flash, let's get going

Patricia: And my Flying Broom can get us there too

Jack: Alright, we have 2 Flyers, the Plane & the Broom, anyways let's go

Shock: And we have to visit the village

Isaiah: OR ME! I fly like Knuckles.

Shock: We will see if any of Ogre's minions are on the way

Sonic: Right, let's go

(So Jack, Sonic & the other fly up to the Sky to get to Plaindonia)

Chapter 3: Ogre's Lair (Villains Only)

Ogre: I need to figure out a plan to destroy those Rodents for good

Hades: Well if it isnt my goood friend Ogre

Ogre: Hades, it's good to see you again. Have you found Dr. Eggman & Dr. EggPlankton?

Hades: No no no they can find thier own way after all we are more dangerous thant thos EggHeads heh old chum

Ogre: That's right, I got an Idea, we'll turn all of the Mobians of Mobius into our Monster Minions

Hades: They are heading to Plaindaria i once sent out my Generals to each of the seven locations Ill make the Plandaria General. Tusk Warrior Go there to kill them all

Ogre: And it's time for my Minions to destroy those Rodents, Ogre Warriors, get out there & destroy those Rodents. Hades, I have Dark Gaia's Powers, right before he died

Hades: I still have the elemental powers from the Elemental Gods. A little bit before Apallo Defeated me.... but his friend will fall and then i will kill him too..

Ogre: Yes! Yes! They will suffer my New Curse: Turning everyone on Mobius into Giant Powerful Monsters (Uses his New Curse to turn those Mobians on Mobius into Giant Monsters)

Hades: NO Wait to rule the world first you need to have smaller minions and them THINK BIG after all when i tried to do that i nearly did it.

Hades: Ogre?

Ogre: Fine, but I'm in charge (shrinks the Giant Monsters to the Mobians normal size) There

(Im going to bed soon so il edit a couple more things k)

Hades: And Ill creat my minions to ruin the location

Ogre: Good those Mobians don't know who's they're messing with (Evil Laughter)

Chapter 4: The First Location: Plaindaria

Jack: We're here

(Our Heroes have landed on Plaindaria)

Plaindaria Is the greenist region on Mobius, But for Jack and His Friends This Beautiful Green Paridice will become a battle field

Sonic: Somehow your Monstrous Ogre Form have drain the Chaos Emeralds' Chaos Energy & make it your own

Amy: That's wierd even for me

Patricia: So what should we do?

Tails: Let's remember what Shock has said from before

Jack: Shock why did you bring us here in Plaindaria? We have all 7 Chaos Emeralds, but they are grey & powerless because of my Monstrous Ogre Form

Shock: Where is every body? WOAH JACK LOOK OUT!

Tusk Warrior's Voice: Hahahahahahahah! Shock It's been a while!

Shock: Tusk Warrior! I thought that Apallo, me, and the others Defeated you!

Tusk Warrior: It's not just me it's all Seven of us who are brought back!

Jack: It's time for battle

Sonic: Yeah

(Ogre's Minions appear)

Tails: What are they?

Jack: They're Ogre's Minions the 1st Batch are the Same size as the Mobians

Shock: But thier Green that must mean Hades is helping him (They dont know him)

Jack: Who's Hades?

Patricia: And do you know who Ogre is?

Sonic: He's must've been back for revenge

Tails: Um, Ogre's Minions are closing in on us

Amy: We must stop those Monsters at all costs

Shock: Hades is the villian that killed all the Mobi-Gods and took thier Elemental powers but me, Apallo and other people defeated him but Ogre must have revived him

Nature Minion: Kill Jack and Shock

Ogre Minion: Kill Jack & his Friends

Jack: Let's go stop those Minions

Sonic & Jack (Spindashes through Hades' & Ogre's Minions)

Tails: (Tail Swipes the Enemies)

Amy: (Smashes the Enemies with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Patricia: (Uses her magic to trap the Enemies) There

(Eggbots & Jack-4 Robots appears)

Jack: Looks like Eggman & EggPlankton has joined in to stop us

Sonic: This is gonna be fun

Shock: Jack Come on with me i know where he is

Jack: Ok, come on guys

(So Jack, Sonic, Tails, Amy & Patricia follows Shock)

Patricia: (Spots Eggman & EggPlankton) There they are

Amy: Time to give them the warm welcome

Shock: Jack and Sonic follow me i know where Tusk is

Jack & Sonic: Ok

Sonic: You guys take care of those Eggheads while we follow Shock

Tails: Be careful you two

Jack: We will

(Sonic & Jack follows Shock again)

Dr. Eggman: What the?

Dr. EggPlankton: It's Tails, Amy & Patricia

Patricia: Stop right ther Eggman & EggPlankton

Amy: It's time to smash your robots

With the 3 Hedgehogs


It turns night

Jack: (Turns into Monstrous Ogre Jack again because it's NightTime)

Sonic: Your back to your Monstrous Ogre Form Jack

Monstrous Ogre Jack: So when the Sun goes down, I changed into...that?

Boss Battle #1: Mammoth Tusk

Mammoth Tusk

(You can be Tusk Spongebob)

Mammoth Tusk: Take This! (charges at the 3 Hedgehogs)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Look Out ! (Grabs Mammoth Tusk's Tusks, spins him around like in Hammer Throw & throws him away) I guess my Monstrous Ogre Form has Maximum Brute Strength

Sonic: I got an Idea, you grab the Mammoth's Tusk while we attack him directly

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Right !

Mammoth Tusk: (Gets up & charges at the 3 Hedgehogs)

Sonic: NOW!

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (Grabs the Mammoth's Tusks to stop him charging) Need a hand, I got 4 & 2 Snake ones, that make 6 Arms

Sonic: Ready Shock, let's do this (Spindashes at Mammoth Tusk) Take that. Ok Shock, your turn

Shock: I Got him

Mammoth Tusk: *goes wild and falls off the cliff*

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (Lets go of Mammoth Tusk making him fall) Whoops a daisy

Shock: And thats how we beat him before tsk what a loser but i gues the harder ones will be revived Jack use this Green Emerald and put it in that hole and the Gem should do the rest

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Don't you get it, I AM Jack the Hedgehog

Shock: O.O Just do it.

Jack: Ok, ok. Sheesh (puts a Green Chaos Emerald on the hole) There (The Chaos Emerald is revived) The Emeralds coming back to life !

(Tails, Amy & Patricia appears)

Amy: Hi, were back

Patricia: We've tooken care of the Robots

Tails: And Eggman & EggPlankton will be back later

Shock: Look at this the Gem it shows a map. It goes around Mobius

Sonic: Neo Mobius, I've never heard of this place before

Amy: Me neither

Tails: I don't know that place at all

Jack: Sorry, doesn't ring a bell. I thought we're back on Mobius

Tiki:Ugh..Chi-Chi,You Said They were introuble!

Chi-Chi:I didn't say that lassy,Barbara Did!

Barbara:Seems their not in trouble any longer.

Monstrous Ogre Jack: And things, just got uglier for me that is (turns to Tiki, Chi-Chi & Barbara)


Tiki:So this is the Thing we were going to Help ,Barbara?


Monstrous Ogre Jack: It's me, Jack the Hedgehog

TikI:How am I supose to know that if I never knew you acctualy exsited?

Shock: Look the Gem is point the way to Stonevania to the east

Patricia: You'll find out in the Day Time

Amy: Next we're going to Stonevania

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Since I'm still in my Ogre Form I can carry you guys to there

Sonic: Then let's get moving

Tails: Ok

(Tails & Amy hops on the Tornado-1, Jack carries the Heroes & Patricia hops on her Flying Broom & they started flying to Stonevania)

Chapter 5: The Second Location: Stonevania

Shock: To The Capatial City!

Genome: Shock it's been too long

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Who's that?

Amy: And what is he doing here?

Shock: It's my friend Genome he and i along with apallo defeated hades!

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Well please to meet you.

Shock: Well has he come back

Genome: You mean Stone Titan?

Patricia: Who's the Stone Titan

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Let's land

(Our Heroes have landed on Stonevania)

Tails: (Turns off the Enginges & hops off) Here we are

Monstrous Ogre Jack: I wonder why I've been turned into...that?

Shock: Looks like he made us a little running way but im weak against his element and he has good gefence so (looks at the sun)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (turns back to normal because of the Sun)

Jack: I'm back

Amy: Jack, we we're worry about you, but now your back to normal

Sonic: When the Sun is in the Sky

Tails: Maybe we need some more help

Shock: Do you guys even know who Apallo is? (Reemember from Chaos Quest)

(some one take over as Shock Spongebob old buddy)

(Spongebob100: Sure)

Jack: Oh yeah, I remember him, we need to find him & fast

Patricia: He could be anywhere in Stonevania

Amy: Wait a minute. I think I hear something (hears Eggman & EggPlankton laughing) It's Dr. Eggman & Dr. EggPlankton

Sonic: I wonder why their laughing about?

Jack: I don't know, but I'm not waiting around to find out

(im back)

Shock: Jack and I can do this Sonic go attack the deoctor

Sonic: You got it (Zooms off)

Amy: What about, Tails, Patricia & me?

Jack: Come on

Shock: The Titan is a Giant MOnster You guys need to kick some Doctor Butt

Amy: Ok

Patricia: Let's go!

(Tails, Amy & Patricia follows Sonic)

Jack: Where are you taking me?

Shock: The last time he was here we had to go through some ruinning acts (sponge bob make the running stages and ill do the bosses)

Jack: Got it, I hope the Others are ok? (Zoomes off)

(Spongebob100: But I don't know how to make Running Acts)

After The Stage

Dr. EggPlankton: I can't believe they defeated our Robots Eggman

Dr. Eggman: I should've known your back you stubbon little Hedgehogs

Jack: It's time for you to be stoped

Amy: (Whispers to Shock) Why do we have to put one of the Chaos Emeralds back at Plaindaria?

Shock: Because the Gem just told me to do it like it wispered to me Put the Green Emerald in the Hole

Patricia: We gotta stop Eggman & EggPlankton before it's too late

Dr. Eggman: Oh yeah, allow me to introduce to the Titan

Dr. EggPlankton: Titan Attack!

Earth Titan: *stomps on The Eggs* Shock it's been a while

Dr. Eggman & Dr. EggPlankton: Ouch!

Jack: Stop right there

Sonic: The Titan stops here

Amy: (Pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer) Your Dead Meat Titan

Shock: Amy get back he is a gigantiac beast!

Titan: Shock You Will pay for what you and apallo did to me, Dexter, Lighten, and the others!

Boss Battle #2: The Earth Titan

Earth Titan

Patricia: We'll take that Titan down together

Jack: Right, alright Earth Titan, it's time for your beat down

Shock: He has 3 Parts. Legs Torso and Head

Jack: There's 6 of us, so let's partner up

Shock: You and i Are enough see look at his body there are cracks

Sonic: Your making us miss out on all of the action

Patricia: We would like to join in too

Jack: Oh my, Sonic, Patricia & Amy wants to join in too

Apallo: No i got him. *does a might comet punch on Titan and it goes down in one hit*

Jack: Apallo, where'd you come from? Never mind that the Titan's Coming back up (Spindashes through the Titan)

Apallo: I thought you guys neeed som WAAAA*a whiter hand sends apallo through a portal and it goes away*

Sonic: Apallo, where'd he go?

Amy: If Ogre's Plan is to turn all of the Mobians into Monsters, then that means...(Gasps) Apallo might be in danger as well

Tails: Oh dear, how can Ogre be that Cruel?

Hades' Voice: Oh how revenge is sweet as Patricia's Farts

Ogre's Voice: You know she's a Skunk. Hades

Patricia: Who said that?

Amy: Patricia are you feeling ok?

Patricia: I hear 2 Voices, one is Ogre & the other is mysteriously Evil

Jack: Hades

Sonic: Ok Shock, what should we do next? (notices Shock was gone) Where'd he go?

Tails: He must've gone after Apallo

Amy: But could he be?

Jack: I don't know, he could in trouble as well (Notices a Hole) There's another hole

Sonic: So Shock is trying to revive the Chaos Emeralds all along

Patricia: Let me try it (grabs the Red Chaos Emerald & puts it on a Hole) There we go (The Chaos Emerald is revived)

Jack: We revived 2 Chaos Emeralds, we need 5 more Emeralds to revive

Tails: (Notices the Gem is pointing the Direction to their next Destination) Look, it's pointing the way

Amy: Where is the Gem pointing now?

Shock: It's showing a map now and it shows two Blue and Red dots showing on the map and i know these places! The Blue dot is on Tropi and the Red one is on Mount Red. Tropi is a tropical resourt and is made out of two cities one on top of water and one under water and if memory serves Apallo told me that he and Diana along with Lunas Fought a monster named the Aqua Knight. It's Day Time on this side of the planet while it's night time on the other side.

Genome: Red Mountian is one of Eggman's Bases where Apallo found and Befrended E-1,000,000 Hotshot. Now The MOuntian is a Resort Place and his Base is a Hotel that all i know now.

Jack: Ok then, where should we go next?

Shock: Tropi

Patricia: Where's that?

Tails: It must be pointed to South

Sonic: We betta find Ogre & make him fix this mess & fast

Amy: Let's get going (hugging Sonic)

Sonic: Amy, let me go please?

Amy: Sorry, I'm just cuddling you for love

Sonic: (Sighs)

Jack: Come on let's go

(So they head out to Tropi in Tails' Tornado-1)

Chapter 6: Eggman's Base (Villains only)

Dr. Eggman: We've been smashed by those Rodents

Dr. EggPlankton: I know, but we need more power over those Mobians, but how? Yes, I got it !

Dr. Eggman: What is it?

Dr. EggPlankton: That Creature we saw before turns out to be Ogre, the God of Fighting

Dr. Eggman: Along with Hades, if we can control their Minds, we can stop that Hedgehog for good

Dr. EggPlankton: That's it we need Mind controling devices

Hades: I dont think so Doctors. *traps both of them*

Dr. Eggman: Hey, what's going on here?

Ogre: I don't think you need us

Dr. EggPlankton: Your goona regret it, when Eggman & I get out of here. Now let us out !

Hades: Then Get Your Minions to Our Lair

Apallo: Ohhhh where am!!!! HADES!

Ogre: Hello Apallo, you & the 2 Doctors are coming with us

(Ogre takes Dr. Eggman, Dr. EggPlankton & Apallo away back to Ogre's Lair)

Apallo: What are you going to do to me AAAAA!

Ogre: You'll see. By the Powers of the Afterlife, the Curse of Ogre will rise! (turns Apallo into a Monster thanks to his New Curse) Whoever gets turned into Monsters by my Curse, shall be my servants of Darkness

Dark Apallo: Yes Master. If I may shal i wait to destroy the Jack Rodent?

Ogre: You will wait until the time is right. In the mean time, I must make my Minions stronger & more powerful than before

Dark Apallo: Yes master and may i say that Master Hades is going to back you up no matter what

Ogre: Yes...for now

Hades: Yes Azael Must be Reborn

Ogre: Yes & when the time has come, I'll fuse with Azazel & I will rule the WORLD! (Evil Laughter)

Chapter 7: The Third Location: Tropi

Jack: We're here & we need some more help & I know who can help us, her name is Sakura the Hedgehog

Amy: Let's go find her

Shock: Yeah. Weeeeee. *the gem starts to glow* We dont need it im going to scout on ahead

Amy: Ok, we betta find anyone who knows about the Monstrous Ogre Transformation

Sonic: Yeah, but who?

Shock: Your stupid Amy Rose! *runs*

???: (Blocks his way)

Amy: Hey! Shock don't call me Stupid !

Tails: Someone's in the way

Patricia: Let's find out who?

???: Tell me where the Iblis triger is then i'll let you Go!

Sonic: (Facepalm) Not the Iblis Trigger thing again

Jack: Who?

Shock: *Azazel Voice* STEP ASIDE MORTAL

Jack: What the? Who are you & what have you done with Shock?

???: I have done nothing to him! Do you evevn remember me? (Shows that he is CJ in the Future)

Patricia: It's CJ

Amy: Hi CJ

Sonic: What are you doing out here?

CJ: I am now 14 & looking for iblis. who has killed my parents.

Jack: Iblis?

CJ: The Iblis trigger is a monster that wants to destory mobius.

Amy: Oh dear, that's bad

Tails: If you think that's bad, just wait when the Sun goes down

CJ: Hmph. I turn into a Werehogcat then I can't turn into an Ogre!

Jack: How did you know about my Ogre Form?

CJ: The World wide web. :3

Jack: (Facepalm)

Amy: When then, who is the Iblis Trigger? It couldn't be Sonic

CJ: That guy that looks like Shadow and he's a er Dark.

Amy: Who can that be?

Tails: Looks like Shadow & he's dark

Sonic: Who could it be?

CJ: Oh yeah! It's Mephiles the Dark!

Shock: Uggghhh.

CJ: Something wrong?

Shock: You are

CJ: Stand still so i can Use a faLCON PUNCH on you.

Jack: Guys, please. Let's just revive the next Chaos Emerald

Shock: Well This place had the Aqua Knight apallo hada rough time here

Patricia: Then it's time to take that Knight down Big Time

Shock: AQUA KNIGHT. Some of us cant swim

Amy: But Jack, Patricia & I can

Sonic: I don't like water, it's wet, it's deep & I can't swim

Shcok: Whatch this *puts finger in water*

Aqua Knight: AAAAAAAAAA!

Tails: You made him angry

Jack: Amy, Patricia & I have to stop the Aqua Knight, because the 3 of us are the only ones who can swim

Gus: *apears with evil grin*

Sonic: What now?

(Spongebob100: We should wait for UnCrushedDreams & Wolf9400)

(i got 19 mins)

Gus: sonic you dont remember me? Remember the sonic doll amy gave you that burned in the fire?

Shock: No need look at him he's dead

Gus: i was the doll smart one.

Aqua Knight is dead

Shock: get outta here Gus!

Sonic: Looks like you've been tricked

Jack: Never mind all that, let's get ready to Rumble

Boss Battle #3: Gus Doll

Gus Doll

Shock: I had enough of you it's time you dissappear!

Jack: And fast (Spindashes at Gus Chaos)

Sonic: (Spindashes at Gus Chaos) Nice try though

Patricia & Amy: (Kicks Gus Chaos at his Head)

Gus: blocks all 3 hits*

?????: (from far away)......

Tails: Gus Chaos isn't giving up, but we got him

Jack: Yeah!

?????: (to himself) Fools. They think that is strong? They haven't seen anything yet.

Sonic: I got him (spindashes at Gus Chaos causing to be blown away by the Blast)

Jack: That was easy

?????: (To himself) They have a long way to go if they want to save the world.

Shock: That's what i said

Amy: Ok then. Let me revive the next Emerald, please?

Sonic: Ok

Amy: Thanks (puts the Blue Chaos Emerald on the Hole & the Blue Chaos Emerald is revived) There we go

?????: Little do they know I have some things of importance. (walks away)

Shock: They are so silly and kinda childish but there firends

?????: Hmph. (runs off)

Tails: Who is this guy anyway?

Jack: I don't know, but where is Jesse the Echidna, he's with us before & now he's gone

Sonic: Well we betta find both Jesse & Sakura

?????: (echoes) There are many others you need to rescue. (fades away)

Amy: Other who need to be rescued. Then that means Sakura & Jesse must be kiddnapped

Jack: Maybe we can ask someone if they know where Sakura & Jesse are

Shock: Well were on a roll so lets go to Red Mountian they might be there and it has Patrica mabye *blushes* (take over as shock for me ok)

(Frozen scorp: Sorry, but I can't do that. I only play characters I've created.)

Patricia: (Giggles) I am Super Cute

Jack: Yeah

Sonic: I hope we find Sakura & Jesse soon, let's get moving

Shock: Ok let's *faints*

Patricia: Is Shock ok?

Amy: Oh dear

Jack: I'll carry him (Carries Shock) Let's go

Patricia: (hops on her Flying Broom) Ok then (starts the Engines like she's starting a MotorCycle) There we go, my Broom is ready to go

Tails: (Hops on the Tornado-1 & Starts the Engines) Then let's get moving guys

(So Our Heroes must find Sakura & Jesse in Red Mountain on the Tornado-1 while Patricia is Riding on her Flying Broom)

?????: (watching them go by, then speaks into a walkie-talkie) They are in range. I repeat, they are in range. Prepare to fire.

Ogre Minion: Yes sir (aims his Cannon at the Tornado-1) Target locked

?????: Wait, who are you? What did you do with my Shotzo?

Ogre Minion: (Grabs ?????) Your coming with me to visit Ogre (Drags ????? to Ogre's Lair)

?????: (bites Ogre minion) NO! (bites harder, causing ogre minion to bleed)

Ogre Minion: (His marks regenerates) You cannot fight the Curse! Get them!

(25 Ogre Minions attacks ????? making him knocked out cold)

?????: (before passing out) I can see.....darkness. (faints)

Ogre Minion: (Carries ?????) We have another one on our side, it's time to show him the Dark Side of Ogre

(26 Ogre Minions returns to Ogre's Lair)

(At Ogre's Lair)

Ogre: What is it, my Minion?

Ogre Minion: We've captured another one who is about to target the Tornado-1

Ogre: Excellent. Send him in

Ogre Minion: Yes sir (25 more Ogre Minions bring in ?????)

Ogre: Who is he?

Ogre Minion: His name is Jared the Unknown.

Ogre: Throw him in the Cage with the rest of them

Ogre Minion: Yes sir (Throws Jared inside a Cage)

Dr. EggPlankton: Another one has bite the dust

Dr. Eggman: Do you think he's alive?

Jared: (wakes up) Uhh, my aching spine. Where am I?

Dr. EggPlankton: Your inside a Cage, Jared

Jared:..... Who are you, and why are you so boring?

Dr. EggPlankton: Have you even seen a 1 Eyed Plankton with the Body of Dr. Eggman & my Head

Dr. Eggman: His name is Dr. EggPlankton & I'm Dr. Eggman

Jared: Oh, ya' mean the two who are dumber than a sack full of sacks full of sacks full of sacks of air.

Gus: *apears* sorry i was evan there for the boss battle i just put a doll there what did i miss?

Jared: Hmm. How about letting me out, or I'll fource my way out.

Gus: if you dont shut up ill make you shut up... *fists are on fire*

Gus: *telaports and switches 1 emerald with fake and comes back*

(Spongebob100: Hey, that's G-Modding! And by the way, it's called the Tornado-1, not the X-Tornado)

(Hudhouse: im sorry and i thoguht it was fair i wasnt evan here for the boss battle!)

Jared: It seems there is another fire wielder in this universe.

Gus: Im also a omega and chaos wielder...


(The Figure charged in & grabs the 1 Real Emerald & makes his escape & it was Spongebob the Hedgehog)

Ogre: He got away

(With Spongebob)

Spongebob: (found Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd, Eddy & the Piraka) I got the Real Emerald

Patricia: Whoo Hoo

Squidward: Whoopie

Eddy: I wonder why they switch the Emerald with a Fake

Edd: It must be a Stradegy

Ed: Ding Dong!

Zaktan: Then let's get outta here

Reidak: Right

Hakann: I'm with you

Vezok: Alright

Avak: Ok

Thok: Let's get moving

(So Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, the Eds & the Piraka goes to Red Mountain as well)

Gus: apears in spongbob's way* HEY GUYS!! HOWS IT GOING?!?!?!?!? *takes chaos emerald and kicks spongbob into a wall*

Spongebob: Then give this Emerald back (Snatches Emerald Back)

(Spongebob100: LET ME EDIT THIS TIME !!!)

(Spongebob & his Friends knocks out Gus & scrams outta here)

Gus: youll see me next times spongbob! *telaports to red moutain temple*

Ogre: (Teleports Gus back in his Temple) No! Let them go

Sarah (get hurts by the Ogre) owwwww uhh

Sonic:sarah are you ok (carries sarah)

Jack: Let's get outta here

(Our Heroes leave as Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok heads to Red Mountain already)

Chapter 8: The Fourth Location: Red Mountain

Spongebob: That was close

Patrick: Yeah

Squidward: Phew

Ed: Boy, that was close

Edd: What a strange day we're having

Eddy: I got a Cramp listining to you

Zaktan: (Facepalms) Oh brother

Reidak: Ok, what should we do?

Hakann: We have the 4th Emerald, but I don't think it should be Grey

Vezok: Now what?

Avak: I guess we should revive it

Thok: But how?

Metal overlord: *rises and roars*

Spongebob, Patrick, Edd & Eddy: What is that?

Ed: It's a Robot Boy, I forgot where it started, well that's a keeper

Reidak: We gotta stop him

Zaktan: Right

Hakann: It's really Large

Vezok: Yep

Avak: Uh Huh

Thok: How do we defeat that thing?

(Suddenly Monstrous Ogre Jack, Sonic, Patricia, Amy & Tails appears & attacks Metal Overlord)

Spongebob: You've made it

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Hey Spongebob

Sonic: How's it going?

Spongebob: We got something to tell you, that 1 Emerald you have is a fake, here is the real one (shows them the Real Dead Emerald)

Amy: (Grabs the Fake Dead Emerald) You mean this is only a Decoy?

Patrick: What Decoy?

Squidward: (Notices Sakura & Jesse) Look!

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Sakura & Jesse

Susie:*Standing atop of a Mountain*

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Well Shock said that Red Mountain is in Night Time

Susie:Why are they here this Late?

Spongebob & Patrick: AHHH! Monster!

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Relax guys, it's me Jack

Squidward: Whao, your larger, scarer & dummber & Uglier

Monstrous Ogre Jack: You know me, I'm never a dull moment

Ed: Whao, It's a Giant Monster

Edd: Oh my, he is huge

Eddy: Man he's a Giant

Reidak: What happen?

Monstrous Ogre Jack: We'll explain when we defeat Metal Sonic

Zaktan: Right

Susie:Hmm?*Jumps Down*

Metal overlord: *falls down and explodes and Gus Chaos comes out of wrek*

Fifi: Lulu! You said it would work!

Gus: revenge...... *becomes mass chaos form and metal overlord husk becomes spare parts from power*

Mass Chaos Gus: *fires extremly over charge chaos shells at heros*

Lulu: The boss paying us extra for this!

Monstrous Ogre Jack: What's going on here?

Mass Chaos Gus; *eeys are glowing red* DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!

Fifi: Chaos Gus looks like he needs help!

Lulu: *Fires rocket launcher at Zaktan*

Zaktan: (Dodges & attacks Lulu)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (Roars in Rage & attacks Mass Chaos Gus)

Fifi: *Kicks Zaktan*

Gus: *goes ultiamte suepr shadow feaver*

Monstrous Ogre Jack: That doesn't effect me (Slams Gus to the Ground)

Gus: *in ground fires massive laser into jack* CHAOS NUKER!


Monstrous Ogre Jack: (Dodges, Grabs our Heroes & teleports somewhere safe)

Spongebob: That was a close call

Patrick: Yeah

Amy: Is everyone ok?

Sonic: Yep

Tails: We're ok

Patricia: I suppose

Fifi: How did we get here?

Avak: Gus has gone out of control


Gus: *is charging power* YOULL ALL PAY!!!!!!

back at heros* {C Hakann: I think they're gone

Vezok: Good, now to deal with you 2.

Thok: Who are you two?

Lulu: Um gotta go bye!

Fifi: Lulu! *Grabs her* Im Fifi Fox future daguhter of Fiona Fox

Monstrous Ogre Jack: I'm Jack, Jack the Hedgehog & who's your friend here? (points to Lulu)

Fifi: That's Lulu. She's Tails's cousin.

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Then we must keep on moving

Sonic: Right, let's get moving

Amy: Ok then

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (Notices a Giant Jack-4 Robot) This is gonna be fun

Boss Battle #4: Giant Jack-4 Robot

Giant Jack-4 Robot

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Let's do this

(Spongebob100: Hey Hudhouse, were only half way there, your G-Modding again)

(Hud: sorry but im going to do it atleast some part in the story)

(Spongebob100: You just have to wait, let the Heroes revive the 7 Chaos Emeralds, please?)

Hud: Fine. but youll see a bigger fight at the end plot he he)

(Spongebob100: Ok then, but next time, Control yourself. Like they say: "With Great Power comes in Great Responsibility". That means no letting the Villains win, got it?)

(Hud: i got it but im still going to go all out at the end)

(Spongebob100: Ok, but remember Ogre is the Main Villain, NOT Gus Chaos)

Giant Jack-4 Robot: (Tries to swat our Heroes but their too fast for them)

Amy: Whao! (Dodges)

Patricia: (Dodges) Yipe!

3 sword knights, 3 javelin knights, and 3 ax knights surround the giant Jack-4 mech.

Sonic: Whao, what are they?

Monstrous Ogre Jack: I don't know, but I'm not waiting around to find out

Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd, Eddy & the Piraka: Neither are we

(Frozen scorp: This was an accident, but I'll keep it going)

The sword knights starts firing beams of light from their swords.

Sarah:hi my name sarah the hedgehog

Monstrous Ogre Jack: I'm Jack the Hedgehog

Sonic: We can really need more help here

One sword knight, with a scar over it's right eye, walks up to them.

Gus: *goes thorugh secret portal and adds 2 giant laser cannons onto the jack-4 mech then dissapears*

Jack: What's that?

Jack-4 Robot: (Prepares to fire the Giant Laser Cannons, but it was been interupted by the 6 Piraka)

Zaktan: We got him

Gus: *apears and stops pirakas) FIRE!

Jack-4 Robot: (Tries to fire at the Heroes but it's been reflected by the Mirror made by Patricia & ends up hitting itself & Gus as well)

(Spongebob100: HEY! Stop Controling the Jack-4 Robots, they're Mine!)

?????: (the scarred sword knight): (Starts slashing at the Jack-4 mech.)

(The Jack-4 Robot explodes along with Gus because of it's own Blast reflected back at him & Gus by Patricia)

Patricia: Done & Dusted

?????: Another one down.

Patrick: Who are you guys?

Squidward: And why did you save us?

Gus: *falls down alive on ground* error error error...

???: Well,Well,well if it isn't Sonic!

Sonic: Hey Jim, what's up?

Ed: (Slams his Head on Gus shutting him down completly) Problem Solved. Gus has been Terminated

Gus: *out of me apears note "me and the ogre shall stop you and send in the biggest rock we got"*

(loads of meteors attack the heros*

???: The Hell?

?????: (walks off)

(Our Heroes dodges out of the way)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: That was close

Eddy: Is that a frog or a boot?

Ed: A boot?

Eddy: "There, see it? What is it?

Ed: "Kind of looks like Abraham Lincoln, Eddy.

Eddy: "What are you talking about?

Gus: *statue of liberaty lands on the eds*

???: My name is Flame the Eagle. The nesest Babylon Rouge!

A loud roar is heard, causing the statue to break

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Are you alright?

Eddy: I'm hurt

Edd: Me too

Ed: Ed is Scratched

Thok: No time now, come on

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (Puts the Purple Chaos Emerald on the Hole & the 4th Emerald is Revived) There

Flame: Hmph!

Patricia: We gotta get outta here now, we need 3 More Emeralds to Revive

Reidak: Ok then, let's go

A giant, cyborg lizard lands right in front of them.

Sarah:Jack ive been hurt help me up

Jack: Ok (Helps Sarah get up) There we go

(Spongebob100: Excuse me, give the Heroes a chance to know eachother for about 20 minutes)

(Frozen Scorp.: Okay.)

Patricia: Are you alright?

Amy: Nothing broken?

?????: It seems there's no way out for now.

Sarah:I:ve broke my ankle will some one carrie me

Flame: I will.

Sonic: Who's there now?

Tails: Do you think the right time to get outta here & go to the New Location

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Right (Carries Sarah) Let's get moving

(Spongebob100: We betta wait for Apallo The Hedgehog to come back)

Sarah:sonic take this

Sonic: What is it?

Sarah:chaos emerald (goes into labour) oww

Monstrous Ogre Jack: I've already put the 4th one in, we have only 3 more to go

?????: ......

Sarah:Jack i went into labour

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Labour, what kind of Labour?

Sarah:i think my baby coming oww help me

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Don't worry, we'll get you to a safe place

Spongebob: Ok then Let's get moving

(So Jack, Sonic, Tails, Amy, Patricia & the other Heroes goes find a safe Place for Sarah)

Sarah:aghhhh it hurt aghhhhhhhhhhhh

Chapter 9: The Grassy Fields (Heroes only)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: A nice Grassy field shall relax us

Amy: Here's a nice soft blanket (puts a White Blanket on Sarah) There

Monstrous Ogre Jack: I'll take Sarah to the hospital (Carries Sarah to the Hospital)

(At the Hospital)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Doctor, it's Sarah

Doctor: (Scared of Monstrous Ogre Jack) (Gulps) Come this way Sarah

Sarah:aghhhhhhhhh it hurts aghhhh jack hold my hand aghhhhhhhhhhh

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Ok

Doctor: Ok, I'll see what I can do

(Back with the Other Heroes)

Amy: When is Jack gonna come back?

Sonic: I don't know

Patricia: (Notices her Phone is ringing) I got a call (answers the Phone) Hello, Patricia the Skunk speaking? Hi Jack, how's Sarah? She what? Don't worry, we'll be right there (hungs up the Phone) Jack wants to see us

Hakann: For what?

Vezok: I don't know

Avak: But let's find out

Edd: Ok, how do we get there without Jack's Ogre Form

Tails: Maybe my Tornado-1 can get us there

Patricia: Let's go

(So the Other Heroes flies to the Hospital on the Tornado-1)

Sarah:Jack Hi there

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Hello there, I called the others to come here

Patricia: (Appears with the Other Heroes) We're here

Monstrous Ogre Jack: And just in time to. Look

Sarah:hi all of guys

Amy: We've made it, is something wrong?

Doctor: Nope, everything's fine. Sarah is 100% ok

Sarah:where my baby

Spongebob: Baby?

Doctor: (Gives Sarah her Baby) Here it is, your Healthy Baby

Sarah:awwww it so cute awwww

Monstrous Ogre Jack: No wonder you feel any pain Sarah, your giving birth to a Baby

Sarah:i felt pain after we defeated thoose back there

Monstrous Ogre Jack: By the way, you should know about my Original Form when it's the Day Time

CJ: (In his Werehogcat form) Hm.

Patricia: I wonder if it's Day Time now?

Sarah:I think My Baby Crying

CJ: Is it me or Jack?

Patricia: I don't know. What do you think?

CJ: ...

Sarah:(holding her baby in her arms) im gonna Name it and i think eggman is gonna steal my baby

Monstrous Ogre Jack (Looks at the Sunrise) (Turns back into Jack because of the Sun) I'm back to normal again

?????: (Dissapears)

Sonic:Sarah Eggman is not gonna take him or her if he does ill get him or her back for you

Jack: Don't forget me, my duty is to help anyone in need, no matter how small their problems are

Patricia: Don't worry, we'll protect your baby from Eggman & EggPlankton

Jack: Or Ogre, Hades & Azazel

Spongebob: Well, we should keep on moving & revive the last 3 Emeralds

Patrick: I used to be dumb (Dumb Laughing)

Squidward: Would you two cut that out?

Spongebob & Patrick: Sorry

Edd: Then we should keep on moving

Eddy: Next Stop: The White Mountains

Ed: White Time for Ed, good I will be

Reidak: The White Mountains is cold, so we betta put on our Snow Clothes to keep warm

Thok: Don't worry, I can handle the Cold, because I'm the Piraka of Ice

Avak: Alright then

Zaktan: Shall we get going to the White Mountains

Amy: Ok, let's go

Patricia: Yeah!

Tails: But what about Sarah & the Baby?

Sonic: She'll be safe in the Hospital

Tails: Are you sure?

Sonic: I think so

Jack: And Jesse & Sakura are still asleep, so we betta take them just in case we have to wake them up

Sonic: Ok then, let's go!

Susie:I can't Beleive I Followed them.

Sarah:am i gonna be ok

Tails:Eggman & EggPlankton Are Coming This Way To Take Sarah Baby

Patricia: You betta take care of the Baby from those two Doctors

Amy: Don't worry, we won't let you down

Jack: Where is Shock anyway?

Sonic: Shock?

Tails: Shock?

Amy: Shock is gone

Patricia: But where is he?

?????: Maybe we should worry about that later.

Spongebob: Huh? Who said that?

Patrick: Hello is someone there

?????: You guys didn't notice I've been here the whole time?

Edd: Quite, but who are you?

Eddy: And what are you doing here?

Ed: Gravy

?????: My name is Blade, and I cannot tell you what I am doing.

Reidak: Why not?

Susie:That guys possibly a spy for an enemy.

Hakann: Are you sure?

Blade: I have been ordered to protect you.

Vezok: Protect us?

Zaktan: I guess we need more pretection here

Avak: Yeah, protection from Ogre

Thok: Uh Huh

Susie;*to Blade* That could be a lie.

Blade: Anything could be a lie.

Jack: I don't know if we can trust Blade or not, he needs our help

Sarah:Im Pregnant Again i just already had a baby girl

Jack: You should stay here, just in case your getting another baby

Doctor: Don't worry, I'll take care of Sarah for you

Jack: Thanks, anyways, let's go to the White Mountains

Blade: Okay.

Sarah:Doctor will i be ok'

Doctor: Don't worry, you'll be out in the Hospital when your done being Pregnant


Patricia: Don't worry, we'll stop Ogre from taking over Mobius

Sonic: Yeah & besides, Ogre has the Fake Emerald because we have the real one right here (shows them the REAL Chaos Emerald)

Tails: Right, it's time to get to White Mountains

Jack: Ok then, The 1st & 4th is in the Night, while the 2nd & 3rd destination is in the Day, so our next Location could be Night again

Amy: Let's go

(So our Heroes sets out to find the White Mountain

Chapter 10: The Fifth Location: White Mountains

(In Night Time)

Spongebob: Wow, it's freezing up here

Patrick: Yeah

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Good thing I'm in m Mostrous Ogre Forn, anyways the Next Temple should be over there (points to the Temple on top of the Snowy Mountain)

Amy: Brrr, it's cold out here, it's a good thing I wore my Snow Clothes

Patricia: Yeah, I wore my Snow Clothes as well

Squidward: Huh?

Ed: YETI !

Eddy: Very funny Ed

Edd: Ed's right, it's a Yeti

Giant Yeti: (been controlled by Ogre) (Roars)

Reidak, Zaktan & Avak: Whao

Hakann, Vezok & Thok: Cool !

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Seriously Not Cool

Amy: He's been possessed by Ogre, we gotta free that Yeti

Sonic: Right, let's go

Sarah: (get hurt by ogre) aghhh i been hurt

Tails: Sarah, what's wrong with you?

Jack: We'll tell about it later, right now we've got a Possessed Yeti here & he's a Big one

Boss Battle #5: Giant Yeti

Giant Yeti

Giant Yeti: (Roars Loudly)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Let's do it, to it


Giant Yeti: (Roars & charges at Jack)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (Punches Giant Yeti)

Giant Yeti & Monstrous Ogre Jack: (fighting each other)

Amy: Whao, Jack's getting Stronger

Sonic: Wait, I saw a Control device on the Yeti's Head

Tails: Someone's controling the Yeti, but who?

????: That would be me

(It was Dr. EggPlankton)

Dr. EggPlankton: I'm back

Monstrous Ogre Jack: You'd betta fix this mess & fast !

Dr. EggPlankton: Giant Yeti, destroy that Orange Hedgehog!

Giant Yeti: (Roars)

Spongebob: That's it, quick destroy the Mind Control Device & he'll be free

Patrick: It's just like the time when we have the Ice Age

Squidward: It's bad enough we have an Ice Age, but a Giant Yeti, sheeesh

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (Tackles the Giant Yeti)

Sarah:sonic jack are we gonna be alright

Sonic:(holding Sarah) yeah sarah

The ground trembled....

Amy: It's an AVALANCH!

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (Destroys the Control Device on the Yeti) There you go Mr. Yeti, you are free

Tails: Now what, the ground is trembling

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (Carries the Heroes on his back) Hang Tight ! (flies up to Dr. EggPlankton)

Eddy: Wow, that was awesome. Maybe we can use you for a Scam

Edd: Eddy!

Eddy: Just kidding!

Ed: Wow it's like the time when a Monster from X27-9, sprout his wings of a bat and stomp like a zombie while whistling 'Row, Row, Row your Boat' through a car wash

Zaktan: Uh say what?

Reidak: Um, we have a bigger problem here

Dr. EggPlankton: You may have freed my Yeti, but it's not over yet, that's just the Warm up, this is gonna be the Real Deal

Avak: What do you mean?

Dr. EggPlankton: Say hello to my new invention called the Egg-Spider!

A colossal, mechanical 4 legged spider lands right in front of everyone

Vezok: So this is the Egg-Spider right?

Dr. EggPlankton: Bingo, I've copied Eggman's Creations & make it my own to be bigger, faster & stronger

Boss Battle #6: Egg-Spider


Monstrous Ogre Jack: It's time to splater that Spider

Hakann & Thok: Right !

Jared: Actually, this is where you're all WRONG!

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Then bring when you pop up the volume! (Spindashes through the Egg-Spider)

Dr. EggPlankton: Ow! Why you little...!

Egg-Spider: (Tries to crush the Heroes but they missed)

Dr. EggPlankton: Come back here

Spongebob: Ok then (spindashes through the Egg-Spider)

Dr. EggPlankton: GRR AHHH! Why you...! You little...! Take this!

Egg-Spider: (Fires his Metal Spider Web made out of Metal Rope)

(Everyone dodges out of the way)

Sonic: (Spindashes through the Egg-Spider)

Dr. EggPlankton: AHHHHHHH! Your making me mad!

Jared: That is not the Egg-spider.

Dr, EggPlankton: It IS the EGG-SPIDER YOU NIT WIT !

Jared: That's the egg spider. (points to a pile of broken parts, then points to robot spider) That, though, is something I made.

Dr. EggPlankton: What in the Barnicles is that?


Monstrous Ogre Jack: Uh Come again?

Jared: The man-at-legs, or project 032.

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Aw forget it (Grabs The Man-At-Legs & crushes it into a Ball & throws it at the Egg-Spider) "The Man-At-Legs"? That's the Most Stupidest Name I've ever heard

Amy: Sheesh, you should work harder on the name like EggPlankton's Creation the "Egg-Spider"

Jared: Maybe, but if I wanted to name a robot after food, I would've named everything "Bagel."

Sonic: Anyways time for you to go back where you came from (Spindashes at Jared, making Jared been blasted far far away)

Tails: Whao

Patricia: And Dr. EggPlankton, your next !

Jared: (Far away) (Flying) Why does everyone think I'm a villain?

Dr. EggPlankton: You may have won the battle, but you haven't won the war yet. Farwell ! (Flys away on his Bucket Pod)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: That was close. All those Chambers we've been are the Temples of Ogre!

Amy: So this must be the 5th Temple of Ogre

Patricia: Right, so let's revive another Chaos Emerald

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Right !

Spongebob: Let me try this time (puts the White Chaos Emerald on the Hole & the Emerald is revived)

Patrick: Preatty Lights

Squidward: So that's 5 down & 2 to go

Edd: We've done very well

Eddy: Yeah Yeah, BORING!

Ed: I hope we revive the next 2 Chaos Emeralds

Reidak: Ok then where do we go next?

Zaktan: And where is Shock?

Vezok: I don't know & we're going to Brighton next

Avak: Why did the people of Brighton call that?

Thok: It's because of the Brightness

Hakann: The Brightness, I see what you mean

Patricia: Anyways let's get going

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Alright, there's no time to lose. Let's get moving to Brighton

(So Monstrous Ogre Jack & his friends flys to the Skies to find the place called Brighton)

Chapter 11: Dr. EggPlankton's Base (Spongebob100 Only)

(Dr. EggPlankton is sitting on his chair)

Jack-4 Commander: Your Lunch Master (holds a Plate with a Healthy Submarine Sandwich)

Dr. EggPlankton: Ah, thank you (grabs the Sandwich) What's the Status report of the Evil God powered EggPlankton Land Construction System? (Eats his Sandwich)

Jack-4 Commander: It's only 27% Complete, we've been behind timeline & the cause of Delays is Ogre, Hades & Azazel dispersion across the globe

Dr. EggPlankton: Of all the Stupid, Lazy, Good for I am waking that Ogre, Hades & Azazel things up & those Evil Gods cost me nothing but delays

Jack-4 Commander: Ogre had survived from being Crushed by his Own Temple, Ergo, he went into the Planet's Core & stolen Dark Gaia's Power & makes it his own, Ergo, he uses Dark Gaia's Powers to revive Hades, Ergo, Azazel had yet to reach maturity within the planets core, Ergo, it was still incomplete apon his awakening, Ergo, it was unable to sustain it's own weight upon it's release along with Ogre & Hades, Ergo, it scattered, around the world.

Dr. EggPlankton: (Growls) I don't want to hear about their weight issues, so what if I gave Ogre a sudden awakening along with Hades, Azazel & the other Evil Gods from the Underworld, this is Super Unacceptable!

Jack-4 Commander: Ergo, this is the repercussion of your & Eggman's hasty actions-!

Dr. EggPlankton: What was that?! (Growls) I have bad enough days as it is, first off Jack turns into his Monstrous Ogre Form, also known as the 4th Form of Ogre Jack, then he & his Friends have run off with the Ogre Manuscripts & now the Planet's coming back together (Breathing Heavily)

Jack-4 Commander: That, master is the result of the power of the Chaos Emeralds, which Jack have gained Chaos Energy that has turned into his Monstrous Ogre Form, Ergo, he & his friends have returned back along with the 7 Drained Chaos Emeralds, Ergo, another repercussion of your hasty actions!

the flashback plays of Jack & his Friends flew away with the Emeralds, and Dr. EggPlankton banging the wall

Dr. EggPlankton: Would you be quiet you piece of junk, I'm thinking & it was all part of my plan, part of the big picture! Where's the fun in having my plans succeed without any challenge?

Jack-4 Commander: Uhhh?

Dr. EggPlankton: (Facepalms) Never mind ! (clears his throat) Anyway, what's the status of the remaining temples of Ogre?

Jack-4 Commander: Jack-4 forces have currently secured all locations! Defensive preparations are nearly complete!

Dr. EggPlankton: That'll take care of Jack for now! Which leaves the problem of Ogre! I'd be difficult to collect every piece scattered all across the world.

Jack-4 Commander: Searching conventional wisdom files for topical advice! "The journey with a thousand miles begins with a single step." "Slow and steady wins the race!" "Nobody likes a whiner!"

Dr. EggPlankton: I heard that! Isn't there a more easier way? Some way to, oh, I don't know, gather them al up at once? Wait, that's it! Of course! Why didn't I think of that before?

he flies down to his computer.

Dr. EggPlankton: (laughs) With this, this! All of my plans will be realised!

Chapter 12: The Sixth Location: Brighton

(Our Heroes have landed)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: We're here (notices the Sun & Turns back to Normal)

Jack: Phew, I'm back to normal


Patricia: Look, it's the Angels

Jack: Hello there

Jared: (underground, watching this on a moniter) Did they say, "Angels?"

Amy: It's very nice to meet you

Sonic: Yeah, welcome

Tails: We have something to tell you

Jack: You see, when the Sun goes down, I've changed into Mostrous Ogre Jack

Jared: (underground) (eyes widen)

Sarah:Tails Hi

Angels: What did we miss?

Tails: Sarah, how did you get here?

Jack: Never mind that now. Um Sarah, I want you to introduce you to the Angels: Fuchsia, Rika, Hana & Blaze

Angels: Konichiwa!

Jared: (underground) (looks at Blaze) Ничего себе, не она довольно. (wow, isn't she pretty)

Blaze: What do we do now?

Jack: Angels, I have a confession to make, when the sun goes down I've changed into Monstrous Ogre Jack

Jared: (undergound) The moon is supposed to turn people into wolves, or demons, not ogres! Hmph, logic.

Jack: Acculty the same form as True Ogre

Jared: (underground) (Laughs) It seems I'm not the only one, in a way.

Patricia: We should properly get going & put the 6th Emerald inside the next Temple of Ogre

Spongebob: Yeah, let's go

Patrick: Okey dokey

Squidward: Whatever

Edd: Let's go shall we?

Eddy: Alright then

Ed: I'm a Noodlehead & your not !

Blade: I don't take that as an insult.

Rika and Blaze:^^()

Blade: Why are you looking at me like that?

Hana: What's a noodlehead

Blade: I have no idea.

Reidak: Anyways, let's keep on moving

Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: Right !

Jared: (underground) They'll be in for a surprise soon.

Sonic: Let's go Fast then, it'll be quicker

Jack: Ok then

(Our Heroes runs fast like Jack & Sonic)

Angels: Speep Fly

Patricia: I've never run as fast as Sonic before

Amy: Me neither

Jared: (behind a tree) (laughs, then pushes a button that caused a huge chunk of the ground to explode)

Jack: Stop!

(Everyone skids to a Stop just in Time)

Patricia: Whao, what's that?

Dr. EggPlankton: Hello again Jack

Jack: You again

Jared: (walks up to behind Eggplankton, then walks him with an iron baseball bat)

Blaze: We were flying so we didnt fall into the trap

Jared: (continues whacking Eggplankton with a baseball bat) Really?

Gus and nazo: *in distance fuses into nus and flys at heros*

Nus: IM BACK!!!!!!

Nus: *goes into the warp*

Jared: (pulls out flamethrower, and a gallon of gasoline) Stop moving so I can burn you!

Fuchsia: I'll handel this, Wind Fly *her wings expand and create small razor like twisters*

Jared: Cool.

Rika: Check this out, Leaf Fly *her wings expand and create a Leaf Storm*

Jared: What would happen if you added fire to the mix?

Jack: We'll take Nus together !

Patricia: Let's do it, to it !

Boss Battle #7: Nus


Dr. EggPlankton: There's no way, I'm not letting Gus & Nazo take all the credit ! TAKE THIS ! (captures Nus & starts electricutes him causing him to lose Power)

Sonic: Wait a minute, that's the same Electric Powers as Ogre has !

Amy: This is getting kinda scary

Jack: What is EggPlankton doing? Of Course! He needs more Power than Ogre, that's it!

Dr. EggPlankton: (Notices Nus is weakening) Yes! Yes! Yes! I have their Powers for my moment of Victory !

Patricia: (Reheals Jack's Arm already) There

Jack: And as for you Nus, YOUR DEAD MEAT ! (Drains Nus' Power causing Nus to defuse & be knocked out) Now your gone (Throws Gus & Nazo far away)

(At Ogre's Lair)

(Ogre steals Gus' & Nazo's Powers & gets stronger)

Ogre: Yes! I can feel Gus' & Nazo's Energy flowing through me

(Back with the Heroes)

Jack: Thanks Dr. EggPlankton

Dr. EggPlankton: Did I do something wrong? Oh well. Farewell ! (goes back to Ogre's Lair)

(Spongebob100: Hudhouse, don't go just break Jack's Arm all willy nilly, GOT IT !)

Angels: Dang it! We keep missing all the action

Jared: Trust me, sometimes that's a good thing.

Blaze: I guess so

Jack: (Notices 100 Jack-4 Robots) But the action just keeps better & better

Jared: Yeah, but half the time, you get beaten till you bleed, and sent flying, which sucks.

Blaze: I got this, Sear Fly!*her wings exapand and glow a bright red as the robots are engulfed in flames*

Jack: Whao, now that's awesome

Patricia: Yeah

Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd, Eddy & The Piraka: Yeah, Awesome

Jared: (eyes start flashing, then replicates Blazes attack)

Rika: Cool

Jack: (Spindashes through the Jack-4 Robots)

Jared: (mimics Jack's attack)

Fuchsia: My turn, Thunder Fly! *her wings expand and multiple thunerbolts strike the Jack-4 Robots*

Sonic: Alright then

Amy: (Smashes the Jack-4 Robots with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Sonic: (Spindashes through the Jack-4 Robots)

Patricia: My turn this time (Uses her Magic Powers to crush the Jack-4 Robots into Pieces)

Jared: (blows a huge gust of cold air, causing a few Jack-4 bots to freeze)

Rika: Me next, Quake Fly!*her wings expand and create small fissures*

Tails: Wow, you guys are strong!

Jack: Thanks (notices the Sun is going down) And it's time to tell the Angels about my Monstrous Ogre Form (goes up to the Angels) Angels, there's something I gotta tell you, it's about my Monstrous Ogre Form

Fuchsia: Oh my God!

Gus: orge.... *gets up* thank you

Nazo and Gus: *lifts up ultiamte emerald* CHAOS FUSION!!!

Nus: *flys at extreme speed and lands* im back!

Nus: damn it! i gotta pull out! your lucky.. *flys into portal*

Jack: He'll be back & the Evil Gods are going down (Looks at the Sunset & the sun has gone down & turns into Monstrous Ogre Jack)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (To Angels) You see? When the sun goes down, I've changed into...that

Jared: (spider legs sprout fro his back) And this is what happens to me.

Fuchsia:WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!*she flies away*

Hana:*does the same*

Blaze: Come back girls, sorry about them, Fuchsia is terrified of aliens and Hana's just plain stupid*she flies after Fuchsia and Hana*


Jared: Who said that?

???: *apears and is kyrus one of the chaos space marines* hello.

Jared: Hello.

Kyrus: *is in lava pit and melts into it*

Jared: Strange..

Kyrus: *comes out of giant lava pool as a gaint demon* BOW BEFORE THE EMPOROR OR I SHALL DESTROY YOU!!!!

Jared: No.

Kyrus: *summons chaos heratics,space marines and giant unclean ones to help him* FOR THE GOD OF DESTRUCTION!

Kyrus: *swings fist down in an attempt to crush Jared*

Blaze: Oh My God!

Krus* uses both fists and jared dosnt notice because hes fighting 5 demons*

Jared: (gets crushed, then pops back up) Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, OW!

kyrus* ??? *fires massive wave of flames like godzilla at jared*

Jared: (Fires massive wave of ice sickles at Kyrus) I shall never concede.

Kyrus:*isnt affected* Bow down before Gus!

Chaos space marines: *chant* DESSTROY! CHAOS! EMPOREOR!!!!

Jared: NEVER!!! (it started to hail)

Nus: *as spirit fires beam into kyrus and he becomes a demon lord*

Jared: (makes hail turn into giant ice spears)

Kyrus: *lowers and dissapears with chaos and shrine is seen*

Blaze and Fuchsia: Shine Fly*their wings expand and glow as the hail stops falling*

Jared: Thanks.

Blaze and Fuchsia: Dou Itashimasite^^

Jared: Eh?

Rika: Thats japanese for your welcome

Jared: Oh.

Monstrous Ogre Jack (Protects the Angels) Be careful there Girls & I'm sorry (Crushes Nus to the Ground) NUS, STAY OUT OF IT ! (Throws Nus far away & they're gone with a Twinkle in the Sky) Are you Girls alright?

Angels: Hai (yes)

(Nus is already gone*

Patricia: No time for that now, we have to defeat them

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (Crushes Kyrus) There, now let's get outta here (Teleports the Heroes & himself to the Temple of Ogre)

(Spongebob100: This part of the Temple of Ogre is Heroes Only)

Sonic: We're here

Tails: It's the 6th Temple

Amy: It's the Temple of Ogre in Brighton

Spongebob: Well we should find another hole

Patrick: Hey isn't that the Hole here (points to the Hole)

Squidward: Oh that figures

Eddy: Well we should put the 6th Emerald on the Hole & get this over with

Edd: Be Paicent Eddy

Eddy: Alright

Ed: It's a Hole

Zaktan: We know Ed

Reidak: Let's revivie the Next Emerald

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (Puts the Yellow Chaos Emerald on the Hole & the Chaos Emerald is revived) 6 down, only 1 more to go

Amy: We've gone a long way (Holds the Last Dead Chaos Emerald) The Last one is the Cyan Emerald & our final Location is at Sky Ruins Tower

Patricia: Sky Ruins Tower, we have to fly all the way over there to revive the Last Chaos Emerald

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Arlight then, let's get going, oh & Angels, when the sun goes down I've changed into my Monstrous Ogre Form & by the way, it's a Monster, not alien, ok?

Angels: Ok!

Jared: I'm coming too.

Shock: Uggggggggg No....... Stopp... He wants you to so that.

Jared: Huh?

(he's been here btw)

Shock: P- Patrica.....

Patricia: Yes, Shock?

Shock: If i suddenly turn evil i just want you to know that i like you

Patricia: Aww thanks Shock (Hugs Shock) I maybe a Skunk, but I have a Heart of Gold

Sarah:Hi Fuchsia, Rika, Hana & Blaze

Angels: Koninchiwa!

Shock: *Sitting Patrica Beside him* Thanks Trisha Any way the reason i was knocked out was because i am to be the host body for Azael. When A Emerald is restored it sends dark energy to the Gem that i have here *holds it out* And when it's full it has to be in the chamber so it can become his soul an dgo inside my body

Patricia: Oh my, so that's why the Chaos Emeralds' Chaos Energy have gone inside Jack's Body all of the Sudden, the Chaos Emeralds are trying to make Jack more powerful than Ogre, Hades, Azazel & the other Evil Gods from the Underworld

Shock: *placing hand on Patricia's* Yeah. I Guess.

Amy: Shock, are you alright?

Shock: Amy you didnt hear what i just said didnt you. Just go. *holds Patricia's hand without noticing*

Sonic: What's up with Shock?

Monstrous Ogre Jack: I don't know, but let's go to Sky Ruins Tower to revive the Last Chaos Emerald

Patricia: Ok & uh Shock Hedgehog, your still holding my hand

Shock: *Let's Go of her hand and blushes* Sorry but *makes out with patricia and turns around*

Isaiah: *rolls eyes*

Jared: (eyes widen)

Genome: Awwwwwww

Jared: Ooooookay, then. That was unexpected.

Blaze: Jesus Christ!

Hana: Where? *looks around*


Jared: (laughs) How crass.

Hana:@Jared Are you Jesus?

Jared: NO!

Genome: Uhhhhh no you dont know me

Hana:@Genome Are you Jesus?

Jared: Again, how crass.

Fuchsia: Hana, no one here is Jesus, do you understand?

Hana:......understand what?

Fuchsia:*facepalm* She is a blonde after all

Jared: And a stereotypical one at that.

Genome: No im a genetic creation made fromm Hades and Eggman but i turned good

Jared: Not you. Doesn't anyone know what a stereotype is?

Hana: I don't.

Genome: I do

Jared: Okay, then. Nevermind.

Sarah:sonic are we ok

Sonic:(holding Sarah and the baby)yeah sarah

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Let's get to the 7th & Final Location before EggPlankton's Robots or Ogre's Minions shows up

Chapter 13: The Seventh & Final Location: The Sky Ruins

Shock: Be careful Guys one bad step and *drops rock down a crack.

Jared: In that case, I'll just fly then.

Jack: This is super high & very dangerous

Sonic: We'll be fine

Tails: Really?

Sonic: Really Really

Patricia: Ok then, what ever you do, be careful of the Cracks & don't look down in the Cracks

Amy: Ok then

Spongebob: (Gulps) This is kinda scary

Patrick: Yeah

Squidward: Oh brother, it's like someone would have to say "Don't step on a crack or you'll break somebody's back"

Ed: And it Rymes too

Edd: Oh dear, we should be careful, cracks could be very dangerous & unsafe to say the least

Eddy: Don't worry, it'll be a since. Come on Guys, we got a Chaos Emerald to revive

Zaktan: Ok then

Reidak: Right then

Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: Alright !

Shock: Ed Boys, Spongebob Patrick Squidword, and you others stay here. I sence that Hades Sent his most powerful General To Take over the place

Squidward: That's Squidward !

Jack: Do you think, Patricia, Amy, Sonic & I come with you

Shock: No Only Jack And Patricia You guys need to go to the Tornado. NOW

Tails: Oh ok then

(Everyone else hops in the Tornado-1, while Amy hops on Patricia' Flying Broom)

Patricia: Be careful with my Broom ok Amy?

Amy: Sure, I'm needing your room because there isn't enough room in the Plane

Zaktan: Oh tell me about it

Jack: Come on Patricia

Patricia: Ok then

Jack & Patricia: (Goes with Shock)

The Tower

Shock: Well here we are.

Angels: Sugoi! sorry we're late

Shock: Good we have our bait

Blaze: What?

Shocker Wing: *graabs angels*

Fuchsia: What the Hell?


Fuchsia: Weathter Ball!*her wings expand and she shoots a fireball at Wing*

Jack: What are you doing Shock?

Patricia: We should revive the Last Emerald

Rika: What about us?

Jared: (Flies toward shocker wing) ON IT! (rams into Shocker wing)

Boss Battle #8: Jared


Jack: (Grabs Jared) It's game over for you Jared (Slams Jared to the ground)

Jared: (creates huge ice ball, then throws it at Jack) That sir, is where you are wrong. (puts on magician hat)

Jack: CHAOS DRAGON (Orage Aura surrounds Jack & turns into a Full Grown Orange Dragon & breathes Fire at the Ice Ball, causing it to Melt & then rams into Jared)

Jared: MAGIC THUNDER!! (Fires electricity from the hat)

Jack: (Dodges) CHAOS ZAP ! (Electricutes Jared)

Blaze: Rose Fly! *her wings expand and thorny rose vines constrict Jack*

Jared: MAGIC CARDS! (Sharp cards fly out of hat, then cut Jack and Shock)

Shock: THAT's NOT ME!

Jared: Huh?

Wing: DIE! *gets zaped and blows up*

Shock: *Evil Look* Come on

Rika: Leaf Fly!*her wings expand and create a Leaf Storm*

Jared: (puts hat away)

Hana: This awsome!

Fuchsia: Hana, you havent done anything to help

Hana: Is that bad?

Shock: Finally

Jared: Finally what?

Shock: *restores the emerald*

Shock/Azael: Now I my soul is alive

Jack: Shock, what have you done to yourself

Patricia: It's Azazel, he's controlling him

Jared: Seriously?

Blaze: Oh my God!

Shock: P-patricia... i lo.... you. *kills jared*

Patricia: Huh?

(The Sun has gone down & Jack turns into Monstrous Ogre Jack)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: We gotta save Shock & fast

Jared: Oh, so the head stays alive after deca- (dies)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Jared is now Gone.

Patricia: Shock, what is it, you we're trying to tell me?

Azazel (Tekken 6): He Loved you and now i will go to ogre and Hades.

Shock: *the soul goes out of him and he falls to Patricaia glowing

Patricia: (Catches Shock) Guys, Shock is down

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Shock, are you alright?

Jin: Shock is no more

Patricia: Oh no


Monstrous Ogre Jack: Who are you?

Jin: I Am Jin I was inside of Shock this entire time

Monstrous Ogre Jack: But why?

Jin: Becaus I wanted to prevent this from happening and ill give him back now after all Patricia he loves you

Patricia: Thanks, but there's one problem: I'm already Married to Anu, but Shock & I can still be friends

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Ok then, why didn't you tell him that

Patricia: I don't want to dissapoint him

Monstrous Ogre Jack: How are we ever gonna revive Shock?

Jin: He is already dead Patricia. Im sorry

Patricia: (Sighs in depression) He's like the Brother I've never had

Monstrous Ogre Jack: It's ok, he sacrifice his life to save us. It's now time to move on to Ogre's Lair & stop Ogre's Wrong Doing & save the Planet !

Patricia: (Hugging Monstrous Ogre Jack) There's gotta be a way to save Shock

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Maybe there is, remember the Temples of Gaia that turns into a Giant

Patricia: Oh yeah, I remember, what's your point?

Monstrous Ogre Jack: I have a plan, but it takes the right ammount of Timing

Jared (soul): (comes out of body, then starts floating upwards) I hate all of you! Except you. (points to Blaze)

Jin: Well We better get going My Grandfather and father Kasyua are already there

A huge hole in the clouds forms, and light shines through it

Jared (Soul): Is that... the way to heaven?

Amy: (Appears with Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd, Eddy & the Piraka) We're back & here you go Patricia (gives Patricia back her Broom)

Patricia: Thanks Amy, where are the others?

Jared (soul): I'm not sure if I want to leave yet. (floats down)

Jin: Shock's Soul is dead

Jared soul: (floats away)

Fuchsia and Blaze: Oh my God!

Jared soul: (turns around) What?

Jin: I am Shock Well Jin is my name

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Then my name is Jack, Jack the Hedgehog & this is Patricia the Skunk, Amy Rose, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Fuchsia, Hana, Rika & Blaze

Jin: I know where the base is it's under water *pulls out Mishima Cyber Map* See

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Yes, I can see it. Where is Sonic & Tails, they should be back by now

Patricia: We should contact Sonic & Tails, just to be sure they're safe

Chapter 14: Jin The Hedgehog

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (Looks at Shock) I hope we save Shock's Life

(only patrica can hear him)

Shock: Patrica... I love you. *kisses her*

Patricia: (Blushes) Shock is that you?

Shock: I have bad news your husband is dead Ogre is killing our loved ones im sorry ill leave you alone now

Patricia: (Sobbing) Anu, I'll find a way to revive you someday!

Amy: Aww Patricia why are you crying?

Patricia: Ogre is killing our loved ones

Spongebob: Uh Oh!

Patrick: This is bad !

Squidward: Tell me about it

Ed: The Curse of Ogre is Back again !

Edd: We're soo doomed

Eddy: Don't worry, sockhead. We'll find a way to stop Ogre

Zaktan: If we're going anywhere, we'll have to defeat Ogre as a team

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: Right !

(The Total Drama Characters, Mung, Schnitzel & the Mobian Monsters have appeared)

Owen: Then count us in !

Jin: No it's to dangerous

Duncan: Save it, we can handle them ourselves

Xplode: Right now, we have to stop Ogre & his Minions from Destruction

Harold: When we work...

All: AS A TEAM !

Jin: Fine well the base is in hell

LeShawna: Don't worry, we'll take care of Ogre's Minions

DJ: (Gulps)

Gwen: We'll smash up those Minions

Heather: Fine, we'll stop Ogre's Minions

Geoff: We'll work as a team to stop Ogre from causing too much Heinous Descrution Dude!

Izzy: Those Ogre Minions we'll be defeated by us

Lindsay: Yeah, I hope they are easy to defeat

Beth: They are, sweetie

Bridgette: You can count on us

Trent: We'll defeat them for sure

Eva: Ogre should pay, so does those Evil Gods from the Underworld !

Katie & Sadie: We'll stop them together

Courtney: This could be easy as 1, 2, 3

Cody: They maybe tough, but we'll have a chance to defeat them

Tyler: Yeah, they're going down, we're bring the dinner to the table & then we're gonna eat it

(Everyone looks at Tyler very arkward)

Tyler: What?

Justin: Ogre thinks he's tough, but we'll stop them we have a long way to go to save the world

Noah: Yeah, whatever

Ezekiel: This is gonna be fun eh?

Alejandro: Yeah, super fun

Sierra: Alrighty then, let's go!

Chris & Chef: (Gulps) Oh dear

Mobian Monsters: (To Sierra) Right !

Jin: Fine but when Things get bad go away

Monstrous Ogre Jack: They are my Friends

Patricia: And no one is gonna be left behind

Amy: And we'll never run from a Battle!

Jin: Your Friends can fight the little army while the orgiuonal team will fight Hades and Ogre

Mung: Ok then, come on Schnitzel, we got work to do

Schnitzel: Rada Rada

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Ok then

Sonic & Tails: (Appears) Count us in too

Sonic: Don't forget about me

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Since the Gang is all here, let's get moving !

(Everyone hopped on Mostrous Ogre Jack, while Sonic & Tails hops on the Tornado-1 & Patricia & Amy hops on Patricia's Flying Broom)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: I can handle all that weight !

Jin: *grows Black Wings and Horns and spines grow*


Jin: There's the army drop them off there

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Right ! Hang on Tight ! (Lands)

(Everyone hopped off)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Ok everyone's off of me

Sonic & Tails: (Lands Tails' Tornado-1)

Amy & Patricia: (Lands Patricia's Flying Broom)

Patricia: We're here

Chapter 15: Shock The Light Gaia

Jin: Ok You New people can fight the weaklings outside while we handel the bigger guys. (I wonder if i should tell her)``

Spongebob: Ok, let's go!

(While the Total Drama Characters, Mung, Schnitzel & the Mobian Monsters handle the Minions of Ogre. while Jack, Jin, Patricia, Amy, Sonic, Tails, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd, Eddy, the Piraka & the others go battle the Bigger Minions)

Owen: Let's do this !

(With Jack, Jin & the Others)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (notices EggPlankton Land) Look!

Dr. EggPlankton: (Overspeaker) (Laughing) Welcome to EggPlankton Land. (the GIant Statue of Dr. EggPlankton rises) This is my New Gigantic Empire, made possibly by my Genius, the power of Ogre, Hades, Azazel & the other Evil Gods.

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Oh brother, I'll never underestimate his tastes

Patricia: Neither will I

Dr. EggPlankton: Surprised Jack? Yes of course you are! If you have any complaints, come deliever them to me in person! If you can that is! (starts laughing then he chokes) I swallowed a bug again

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Oh great. He's enjoying this too much

Amy: Ogres' Lair is somewhere near here & it's in the Centre of EggPlankton Land

Sonic: EggPlankton Land? Seems kinda Familliar with Eggman Land

Tails: Oh my, Dr. EggPlankton & Dr. Eggman are both alike each other

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Come on, let's go defeat Ogre

Spongebob: Can do

Patricia: Yes I do

Squidward: Alright

Ed: Ding Dong!

Edd: Let's go indeed

Eddy: Alright

Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak & Thok: Right !

Jared (soul): As you wish.

Silver: HELLO!

Jared: (angry frown) I HATE YOU SO MUCH!'

(Spongebob100: THAT's It, New Rule: No Saying "Noobs", no exceptions)

Silver: I Hate You All I never join you guys TRANSFORM!

Boss Battle #9: Devil Silver

Devil Silver

Jared (soul): (Puts on mask, which makes him into a physical form again)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: You guys stand back while Jin & I took care of Silver

Patricia: I'm gonna help to

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Ok then, but be careful

Patricia: I've learn my Fighting Skills

Jin: No We dont have time for this I know YOu three *the Edd's*can fight him he's didnt power up that much

Jared: Even though I hate him, I'm not fighting hm.

Angels:*arive* What happened?

Edd: Oh dear, I guess it's us

Eddy: Oh man


Reidak: Ok then, we'll catch up with you guys later

Edd: Ok but be careful gentleman

(As the Heroes leave, Ed, Edd & Eddy are ready to battle Devil Silver)

Jared: Does anyone really think they'll live?

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Don't worry, they will

(Ed, Edd & Eddy starts battling out Devil Silver)

Boss Battle #10: The Ice Withc And Thundaris

The Ice Witch & Tundaris

Zaktan: Don't worry the Piraka will take them both on

Ice Witch: Il take all of you On with my Lobie Dobie Poo Thundaris

Thundaris: Uhhhhg. DIE

(The 6 Piraka starts battling out against the Ice Witch & Thundaris)

Boss Battle #11: Robo Spongebob and E- 1Million

Robo SpongeBob & E-1,000,000

Spongebob: Patrick, Squidward & I can take care of those Giants

Patrick: Yeah !

Squidward: Ok

Spongebob: Let's do it, to it

Robo Sponge: Dont forget Doodle Bob

Spongebob: Ok then, let's stop them !

(So Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward battled it out against Robo SpongeBob, E-1,000,000 & DoodleBob)

Chapter 16: Jack The Hedgehog Vs Apallo The Hedgehog: Battle Of Brothers

Jin: I Sence Something Ahead It's Good Energy mixed with some dark

(Jack turns back to normal)

Jack: I'm back, it's must be morning

Patricia: Yeah, but it's so Cloudy, I can't really tell if it's Day Time or Night Time

???: hello My Step Brother. *fires a black fire ball at Patricia*

Patricia: (Dodges) Whao, what the heck is going on?

Jack: I know that voice, it's Apallo !

Apallo has a mask on and is wearing a battle suit with small dark gaia blood and Azazel energy in his body throigh some tubes

Apallo: I dont want to kill you go away now hwil im in controll

Jack: I'm not letting Ogre, Hades & Azazel controlling you, so put up your dukes I'm ready for them


Jack: Look we're here to resuce you from Ogre, Hades & Azazel

Amy: (Gulps) That can't be good

Tails: Your telling me Apallo is swelled up with Darkness

Sonic: Man, Apallo means bussiness

Shock's Sprit: * talking through patricia* Come one now lets go

Jared: Uh, sure.


Patricia: (To Shock's Spirit) Ok then Shock.

Jack: I won't let you die, but ok then ! (goes inside Ogre's Lair)

Patricia, Amy, Sonic & Tails: (Goes inside)

Jared: (goes inside)

Jin: Hey Jack Do youknow the Mishima Family

(U can be the other two)

Jack: Acculty, no

Genome: I Have to say Jin your cool

Jin: Thanks but anyway they are through here Amy Patrica Stay Here and If Apallo Comes Here. Use this one hin

Amy & Patricia: Ok then

Sonic: Ok then, let's go in

Tails: Be careful Girls

Patricia: We will. By the way what is this?

Jin: It's A Light Bomb Feed it to him you you are close to dieing

Patricia: DOn't say that "D" word please? Anyway...(puts a Light Bomb into Apallo's Mouth, making him swallow the Light Bomb) Down the Hatch !

Amy: How does it feel?

Apallo:*Dark Voice* Sorry *stabs amy with hand 50 times* Apallo is Gone

Amy: (Dodges the Stabs) Hey! What's the Big Ideas?

Patricia: The Light Bomb is about to go off shortly

Dark Apallo: Your Fast. Hummmm I Like Tha---0 Aaaaaaaaaaa *Throws Up darknes and glows and then turns back to normal* D-umb Bi....

Jin: Girls Stay With him Sonic Defend them Jack Comeon

Jack: Got it

Sonic: No problem. Amy, Patricia & Tails, your coming with me

Jack: See ya (goes with Jin)

Jared: (follows)

Chapter 17: Sub-Boss: Giant ChumDragoon

Giant ChumDragoon

Jin, Jack, And Jared Approach The Final Door Worring about thier Friends and thier battles.

(Dr. EggPlankton appears inside the ChumDragoon [Similar to the EggDragoon])

Dr. EggPlankton: (Evil Laughter) Your not going anywhere!

Jack: Dr. EggPlankton, what are you doing here?

Dr. EggPlankton: It's time for our new Battle, ChumDragoon GO!

(The Chum Dragoon is ready for battle)

Jack: Jared stay back.

Dr. EggPlankton: (Notices Jin) You must be new here, but no Matter, your going down!

Jack: We'll see about that

Devil Jin: *fires his lazer* Dont F with us weakling

The Dragoon is destroied

Chapter 18: Shock: Awakening

  • the final room in the cavern where the metal is gone and rock and lava replace it only Jack and Jin Are here on the walls the temples of the world are shining different colors matching the emeralds with them leading into a egg where Azazel's soul is asorbing the energy.

Shock as a yellow ball of light flies to the center: Jack i am the new Light Gaia. How i know this is from a dream in where Chip told me my duties. But i had so much fun with you guys fight ing Eggman and Plankton and spending time with patricia...... But i cant stay i have to go into that pod to distrub the dark energies from flowing please under stand and tell Patricia i love her.

Jack: Ok then

Dr. EggPlankton: Grrrrr, you thought you can get away with this nocence, your thought wrong ! I'll create the ChumDragoon Mark 2 &...huh? (Notices Ogre, Hades & Azazel coming this way)

Dr. Eggman: Yes! It's Ogre, Hades & Azazel !

(Dr. EggPlankton & Dr. Eggman hopped on their EggPods)

Dr. EggPlankton; Yes! Yes ! Destroy those Misrable Hedgehogs

Ogre: STAY OUT OF MY WAY ! (swats Dr. EggPlankton & Dr. Eggman away)

Dr. EggPlankton: WHY MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?! (dissapears with a Twinkle in the Sky with Eggman)

Jack: (Notices Kazuya & Heihachi) Jin, Look !

Heihachi: Well, Well, Well, What do we have here?

Kazuya: (To Jin) Hello Son

Jin: So you two have finally desided to work to get her huh well guess what it's shot lived *points to to Azazel's Pod pulling them both in

  • Shock cant withstand the massive amounts of dark energy from Heihachi and Kazuya and is ejected from the pod*

Hades: Muhahahahaah So much for you Light Gaian Shock! *is being pulled in with Ogre* Ogre!

Ogre: Why Azazel!

Azazel: Because you two were the final key

Jin: *noticing the floor is crumbling and breaking apart and jumps to Jack who is in his Night Form*

Apallo: *Jumping in* I've sent Sonic and the others to the surface and i helped beat those Generals to.... WOAH......

The Pipes lose color and Azazel 's Pod falls into the lava. and then he rises up in a monsterus form

Monstrous Ogre Jack: That's one big Monster

Ogre: Now then, the time has come for our revival

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Not if I have anything to say about it. Shock, NOW!

Shock: Sorry But I cant do any thing now.

(you know what will make this better if Ogre were betrayed by Azazeal and gets asorbs him)

Ogre: (Grabs Azazel by the neck & starts draining his powers)

Azazel: Ogre! What are you doing?!

Ogre: If I want to be the most Powerful Evil God of the Underworld, I must asorb you & the other Evil Gods from the Underworld

Azazel: That would make you powerful & the other Evil Gods not

Ogre: Exactly!

Azazel: NOOOOOOO!!!

Ogre: (Asorbs Azazel) (Purple & Blue aura surrounds him) Yes! I've asorb Azazel & now you'll be down in the count Jack

Monstrous Ogre Jack: Not if I can help it !

Suddenly Jack transform back into his hedgehog form

Shock: Jack!

Jack: Run Sh-Shock!

Patricia: JACK! (comes in riding on her Flying Broom with, Amy, Sonic & Tails)

Amy: Oh dear, Jack are you alright?

Sonic: It's really bad

Tails: What should we do?

Patricia: I have the feeling that not only Ogre is the God of Fighting, but also the New Dark Gaia. There's only 1 thing left to do

Sonic: Are you thinking what we are thinking Patricia?

Patricia: We think so. Shock, can you hear me?

Shock: No! Jack and I Are The Only One! *flies up to Jack on the floating piece of rock and sees him trembling* Seven Lights of the Earth Rekindled! All Temples of Gaia Become One And Come To ME!.

Amy: Don't you mean Temple of Ogre?

Everyone looks at amy

Amy: What?

Apallo: Come on guys lets leave this to them!

Chapter 19: Gaia Collossus Vs Ogre Gaia

Ogre Gaia

Ogre: What is this? No matter, I shall destroy you!

Jack: (Gets up) Hey Ogre, looks like we've got a battle in our hands

Ogre: Jack Hedgehog! I should've known you still have your Monstrous Ogre Form you Orange Pest!

Apallo, Jin, Patricia, Sonic, Tails & Amy: (Hops on a Floating Rock and leaves)

Shock: No*turns shock back to normal* You need to be in your normal form but let me do this.*Punches Ogre and smashes him*

Ogre: AHH! What Power, TAKE THIS ! (punches Shock)

Shock: *Grips Ogre's Sholders and Ogre Does the Same*

  • cutscene*

Chapter 20: Jack Vs Ogre Gaia

Shock:Jack.... Go Jack

Jack: Roger That Buddy *jumps off the walls and edges of Collossus* *running* Time For the Big Finale!

Patricia: Good Luck Jack

Amy: And be careful

Jack: I will, let's see which one should I attack hmmm? Ogre's Gaia Eyes should do the Trick! (Goes superfast & jumps up high & spindashes at Ogre's Right Gaia Eye) That's one

Shock: *wait.... Azazel isnt gone he's just using Ogre as a body he's sapping off of his power* There's one more Jack!

Jack: Ok then (goes super fast & does a spidash at Ogre's Left Gaia Eye) That's Two

Ogre: My Eyes! That's it no more Mr. Nice Guy Now let's see who has the Power now (Turns into True Ogre)

True Ogre: Now your mine !

Chapter 21: Perfect Azazel Gaia

Perfect Azazel Gaia

Azazel: You Fool I Am much mor powerfil than You *causes True Ogre to transform into him*And now Jack *blows the others away* Get Ready to DIE!

Jack: (Thought: I guess Azazel is the New Dark Gaia after all) Not Today Azazel

True Ogre: (His side) You dare challenge me Azazel?!

Patricia, Sonic, Tails & Amy: (Hops on patricia's Flying Broom with Sonic Standing on it)

Patricia: Whao that guy means bussiness

Jack: Time for you to be toast Azazel cause your going down

Azazel: No Because I WON! *wins over and transfor thurther

Jin: Woah Everyon our when he transform he sends out a wave that will turn anythin to his side execpt Jack and Shock. *teleports everyone execpt Patricia out who becomes a antena on Azazel's head this will become a key thing in the final boss bossbattle*

Shock: Jack It's Up To You..... *sends the emeralds out to Jack*

Chapter 22: Super Jack Vs Perfect Azazel

Jack: Let's do this ! (turns into his Super Form, then Hyper, then Ultimate & finally...)

Maxus Jack: MAXUS JACK ! (His appearance is White with Yellow Muzzle, Arms & Belly, with Platinum Bracelets & Socks, Golden Gloves & Golden Shoes with a Silver Stripe & his Aura is Rainbow)

Patricia: Wow this is a new form

Azazel: It Can't Be!

Maxus Jack: I'm now MAXUS JACK !

Shock: Jack He has a force field up (just likein sonic unleashed) *goes through*

Maxus Jack: Shock...oh... you were.... wow!

Shock:I'll distract him while you hit patricia and yank her off then go for the final strike!

Nus: *apears and seals nazo in azazel making him stronger and gaining nazos powers whiel i become Gus*

Gus: enjoy the carnage! *dissapears*

Shock:*swats Gus into the lava before he could do anything*

Maxus Jack: Got it ! (Flys up to Patricia faster) I'm Sorry Patricia, but it's the only way (Hits Patricia)

Patricia: Ow!

Maxus Jack: (Yanks Patricia off of Azazel) Are you alright?

Patricia: I am now, thanks to you

Maxus Jack: Your welcome. Let's do it, to it

Shock: *grabs Patricia* Do It Jack! His Weak Point Is The Eye On His Chest That's His Heart!

Maxus Jack: Got it. HERE WE GO! (charges at Azazel's Eye super fast & charges through Azazel's Eye)


Ending: I'll Always Be With You....

As Azazeal Dieswhile burning into the lava Jack loses power and falls down but the cave is gone and they are traped

Shock: *catches Jack and puts Patricia to sleep and puts her into his hand* Jack. You Must Live Jack.* Throws Them Both Up Into the air in a green aura*

Outside the curse has been lifted and the Purple Moon turns back into the sun

(With EggPlankton)

Dr. EggPlankton: (Feeling dazed)

Jack-4 Commander: Pleasant morning, wouldn't you say, Master?

Dr. EggPlankton: Yes it is a nice pleast morning, but....Rrr!

Jack-4 Commander: You can simply begin your plans anew. Even if all of your efforts this last time were utterly wasted. Even if it was a complete and utter humiliating loss. Even the most pathetic loser in all the world will surely have his chance to--

Dr. EggPlankton: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh shut up! (tries to kick it, but the Jack-4 Commander gets away)

Then Dr. EggPlankton ends up chasing his own Jack-4 Robot


(With the Other Heroes)

Jin: That's It They Done It *folds his shoulders*

Amy: I told you, didn't I? There's no way Jack & Patricia would let this happen!

Sonic: And he saved us from Darkness, but we need all some sleep didn't we. We need Light & Dark in the Balance

Tails: And the Balance is been restored

Spongebob: And Ogre is now turned Good

Ogre: Thank you for freeing my cursed evil, now I can finally be good (Dissapears into thin air)

Patrick: Who is this guy anyway?

Squidward: Oh brother

Ed: Bye Bye Ogre

Edd: Farewell Ogre

Eddy: See ya later

Zaktan: Jack & Patricia did it

Reidak: The 2 of them have saved the Planet

Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: Yeah!

Owen: Come on everybody, let's go have a "Welcome Home" Party for Jack & Patricia

All: Yeah!

(As they went back home)

(Far away from the others)

Jack and Patricia: (fall down into the ground) AHHHHHHHHH! (crashes to the Ground)

Patricia: Ouch! (gets up)

Jack: That had to hurt (gets up) And it did (Looks around and sees Shock Laying Down) Look!

Patricia: Shock? Are you alright?

Shock: *fades away* . I'll always love you Patricia. I'll always be with you apart of the earth you trend.

Patricia: (tears dripping out of her eyes) And I'll always love you Shock. Goodbye...friend

Jack: (Sighs) Patricia, you really missed your friend

Patricia: Yeah, with Anu gone, I'm all alone with my 2 Kids

????: Not even close (appears to be Ogre)

Jack: Ogre! What are you doing here?

Ogre: I came here to say thank you for all your help of freeing my cursed evil, now I've finally be good & by the way Patricia, I revive the Bodies of the Dead, even Anu back to life

Patricia: Thanks Ogre

Ogre: Your welcome, farewell my friends (fades away)

Jack: (Sighs) Ogre

Amy: Jack!

Jack & Patricia: (Turns to see Amy, Sonic & Tails)

Patricia: Hey Guys

Sonic: Welcome back

Tails: Let's go celebrate

Jack: Last one to the "Welcome Home" Party is a Monkey's Uncle, oh wait I'm already am a Monkey's Uncle

Patricia, Amy & Tails: (Laughing)

(Jack, Patricia, Sonic, Amy & Tails races back home)

Patricia: (Thought: Goodbye Shock, I always love you)

  • then a Ancient picture of Shock sleeping in the earth appears*
  • then a Picture of Patricia holding a new Baby looking Like Shock*

The End

After the Credits

(Back in the Earth's Core)

Heihachi & Kazuya: (been blasted out of the Lava & lands on the Floating Rock)

Heihachi: If they think they can get away with this, then they thought wrong, the Mishima's are Invincible

Kazuya: We will return (Turns into Devil Kazuya)

Devil Kazuya: (grabs Heihachi & flys up to the Surface)

(the 2 arrived at the Surface)

(Devil Kazuya turns back to normal)

Kazuya: Jin is still out there

Heihachi: We have finally returned (evil Laughter)

  • plane hits them*

Heihachi: (Destroys the Plane with one Punch before the plane hits them) Heh!

Kazuya: Hmm. Jin, we will meet again

Heihachi: I swear it. By the way, who's plane is it?

Kazuya: Never mind. (looks at the SunRise) Mark my words Jin Kazama. We will return

Kamakazie Plan Blows up in the background

Heihachi: (Evil Laughter)

The End

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