In a normal day in mobius tails has accidentally broken,A few of his experiments,It Made the growth machine,Heat ray,Ice maker,Teleporter,Ultra tesla,And a machine that had alot of electrons with it(Idk what to call it)Which made a deadly storm,However due to people being unlucky,and frequent lightning shots,A few unlucky heroes...Or villians idc.they wake up in the hospital..but something is very wrong with them..A serious and lighthearted


  1. No taking control of other characters 
  2. It is reccomended to have atleast 2-6 characters,However you may not have 16 characters. 
  3. No possesion powers 
  4. No sexual intercorse
  5. Flirting hugging Kissing etc is okay
  7. Do not change the plot drastically frequently
  8. no cuss words(crap piss damn etc are fine)


  • another one of those fans
  • Lunari64
  • Alphonse Uprising
  • TheReal-ChillPolecat83
  • Skyblade743


An intermission means something before a chapter,Like a mini chapter,A chapter is a full fledged chapter,An act is the part of the chapter youre in

Chapter 1 act 1:Experimentaion

Chapter 1 act 2:After

Involved Characters

  • Sonic the hedgehog(Another one of those fans)
  • Tails the fox(Another one of those fans)
  • Reddy the fox(Alt version)(Another one of those fans)
  • Pastry the fox(Alt version)(Another one of those fans)
  • any wisp(Anyone)
  • any human(Anyone)
  • Random enemys(Anoyne)
  • Lunari the Echidna (Lunari64)
  • Tesla The Hedgehog (Alphonse Uprising)
  • Noah the Wolf (NLG)
  • Alfonso Rising (NLG)
  • Io the Cat (Lunari64)
  • The ChillPolecat83(ChillPolecat83)
  • Silver the Hedgehog (Skyblade743)
  • Ice (Skyblade743)
  • Metal Sonic (Skyblade743)

Intermission 1

Intermission 1:

It was stormy,A bit too stormy,It was raining pretty hard too.The news told everyone to stay inside,However there may be several unlucky People who are outside,Electric controllers or anyone who would be able to have control or absorb electricity were told to stay inside too,Reddy was driving his van down a high way,He would sigh "Man i hate rainy days.."Reddy sighed.Pastry would look at reddy "So you want your van to be clean,but you hate it being cleant in the rain..?" Pastry would reply,Reddy would get on the traffic spot of the highway on purpose "You really dont get life do you Pastry?"Reddy said "Now im in traffic because of you." "I dont see the problem." Pastry replied.Reddy sighed "Lets get on with it."

Lunari, in the midst of her travels, got caught in the rainstorm. She started looking for a place to wait out the rain, but there wasn't any good options....

Lightning was striking frequently,it never seemed to go away,it hit multiple places,even the radio tower,"AW CRAP THE RADIOS BROKEN!"Reddy shouted,"Hold on."Pastry replied.He would look at the time,"Its okay." "Man and i thought i could at least listen to some music.."Reddy sighed.The rain was getting harsher,lightning started hitting people simultaneously,It was seldom but it was happening.There was a chance of hurricanes happening,Mini floods have been happening,One was near lunaris location

(Chaos with the 7 emeralds from sanic adventure omgeez!!!!!)

Lunari looked around, the water starting to rise around her feet. Crap. Bad memories. Anything was good now; at least higher ground. She quickly scampered up a hill, which definitely helped.

Luckily a huge tree was on the hill,There were vacant benches.Suddenly a blue streak speeds by.

Lunari took some cover from the rain under the tree, until she saw the blue blur. She smirked, figuring it was Sonic.

Lightning struck sonic.He was shown fainted,Tails has also been struck,They were both headed to the middle of mobius,However people noticed sonic and took him to the hospital,Same for tails(They were in diffrent time zones,But still struck at the same time tho.Also LET THE SWAPPING BEGIN.)

Reddy managed to make it in a motel,Him and pastry stayed there in the night,It smelled bad but it had aircon.(And thats important.)Pastry opened the door "I left my Game and watch man in the car can i go get it?"Asked pastry,"Sure." Reddy replied "Be safe okay?" Pastry proceeded to leave the room (Would be cool if someone just randomly joined and was like I LIVE IN THE MOTEL NEXT TOO REDDY HURRDURR.)

On the news 3 hurricanes have happened,People seem to have noted that the cloud is shaped like mobius,Some are questioning the cause,people are blaming eggman,However he is nowhere to be seen,Not even in the underground space sky or anywhere,A few people were blaming tails.The hospital is crowded,and people have became insane.

Lunari darted out intl the weather to check on Sonic when he passed out, but ended up meeting the same fate. Lightning struck her, and she passed out.

Lunari and sonic and tails were heading to the same hospital,It was a special one.The ones who found lunari were not sure if lunari had to stay in that hospital,However they decided to do it anyway.

Meanwhile pastry was getting something from his car,He forgot the keys though."DAMMIT!" pastry shouted,pastry would call reddy,reddy would come down the motel and hand the keys over,However a strike on the motel broke the motel and the underground parking zapping pastry and reddy,A tow truck driver found them.The driver brought them to the special hospital along with their car. Meanwhile,

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