Many years ago, Adam the Hedgehog use the Master Emeralds power to create a dark storm then sent the Mystical Sub Crystal to the DARKEST PART OF THE STORM. Now It brings us to the present day 5 day after The Battle for Ultimate Soul Caliber where are friends, Cold, Ashura, Skate, Honey, Xestep, Espio, Vector, Tails, Goku, Trunk, Ruts, Ruller, Flame the Hedgehog, K’nuckles the Cat, Black the Cat, Blaze the Cat, Marine, and other friends join to find the Mystical Sub Crystal in the DARKEST PART OF THE STORM.:)


Cold the Hedgehog (played by Tailsman67)

Ashura the Hedgehog (played by Tailsman67)

Skate the Hedgehog (played by Tailsman67)

Honey the Cat (played by Tailsman67)

Xestep the Hedgehog Halfbred (played by Tailsman67)

Espio the Chameleon (played by Tailsman67)

Vector the Crocodile (played by Tailsman67)

Miles”Tails”Power (played by Tailsman67)

Goku (played by Tailsman67)

Shadic the Hedgehog(played by Tailsman67)

LT the Mouse(played by Tailsman67)

Trunks (played by Tailsman67)

Vegeta (played by Tailsmam67)


Ruts the Hedgehog (played by sonic1000)

Dr. Eggman (Tailsman67)

Princess Lisa (Tailsman67)

Sai the Fox (Tailsman67)

Fin the Fox(Tailsman67)

Metal Espio(By Tailsman67)

Eggman Nega(Tailsman67)

Vee Eggman (Tailsman67)

Ruller the Hedgehog (played by sonic1000)

Flame the Hedgehog (played by sonic1000)

K’nuckles the Cat (played by sonic1000)

Shadow the Hedgehog (played by Tailsman67)

Black the Cat (played by sonic1000)

Blaze the Cat (played by Tailsman67)

Marine the Raccoon (played by Tailsman67)

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)




Thrash the Hedgehog(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)

Anjelous the Vamphog(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)

Yautja Warriors

Mephiles the Dark(Tailsman67)

Darkstorm the Halfbreed(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)

Metal Sonic(Tailman67)


Teniahk the halfbreed lioness (newborn cub) (DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)

The Red Baron(by Tailsman67)

Endac Dragonbane the Hedgehog (SHADOW THE HEDGHOG)

Shadow the Hedgehog (SHADOW THE HEDGHOG)

Mighty the Armadillo(Anybody who's willing)

Charmy Bee(Tailsman67)

Bada the Gorilla (Spongebob100)

Bing the Gorilla (Spongebob100)

Dr. EggPlankton (Spongebob100)

Shadow clone(played by Tailsman67)

Star the Wallaby(played by Aerith&cloud14)


  • Darkstorms yautjan dreadnought The Black Scorpion
  • The Tails tornado battle ship
  • Allied drej stingers
  • Vitani's Yautja Fleet

Part 1: in the battle ship

Goku: Cold are you sure where there, cause I want to stop.

Cold: Why do you want to stop?

Goku: Because I’m hungry.

Xestep: Fool, can’t you think of something else other than your stomach?


Shadow: Why did we bring him?

Ruts: Cause Sonic wanted him to come instead of Amy.

Goku: (runs in circles)MUST HAVE FOOD

Marine : (Rides on Goku’s back ) I like him, he be full of juice!


Jack: Wait what are we doing again?

Trunks: We are trying to find the Mystical Sub Crystal that Colds dad put in this storm to protect it,Cold said who ever touched it will get awesome power,my dad didn't come because Goku wanted this to be a secret.

Jack: Ohhh, I'm sure everything will be fine, Amy Rose have done us a favor to guard Station Square while we're gone & besides she can handle on her own because she is a Hammer Expert, she can protect the Chaos Emeralds too & she had smashed more than 10,000 Robots, Eggman would be scared of her now


Honey:Come and get it!


Cold:Hey where all the food go?

Black:That fool Goku ate it all!

Goku:(With food stuffed in his mouth)No I didn't.

Jack: Hardy Har Har

Tails: What going on?

Goku:(With food stuffed in his mouth)Nothing.

Cold: Why do you keep looking out the window Skate?

Skate: I just realized that there are floating rocks outside.

Jack: What Floating Rock?

Lisa:Tails I fixed the engine.:)


Skate: my guess those rocks crash into the engine.

Goku: Thank for bringing out the bad new.

Skate: Said the guy who ate the food.


Tails:Where going down,I'm landing this puppy!

Ruller:HOLD ON!


Jack: Whao did not see that coming, ok I'm going to lose my Mind now ok? Ok (Screaming Maniacally)

Tails: This rock is big am landing it here.

Jack: Ok land it now

???: (Starts cawing)

Tails: Shadow turn hyper and use Super Control to slow down the ship.

Shadow:Damn always me.

Cold:Do it!

Shadow:Fine,(turns hyper)Super Control!

(The ship stops)

Blaze: Good Shadow now put the ship on that rock over there.

Shadow: (Puts the ship on the rock)okay.

Blaze: That wasn't so hard.:)

Sonic: Zzzzzzzz.

Skate:He's a heavy sleeper. ._.

Jack: Ok can someone carry the sleepy head?

Darkstorm's son: (Bites Sonic's ear)

Part 2 define life

Jack: What happen?

???: Fire Ball!!!

Jack: Ahh much better

Baze the Hedgecat:(Sharpens claws ad charges at Jack) Claws of Flames!!!

Jack: Holy cow (Dodges the claws of flames) What are you doing & where are the others?

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Grabs Jack by the throat) Where is Shadow the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat?

Jack: (Choking) I don't know, where they are & I've searched everywhere & most of all, I don't know where the heck are we?

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Claws ignite with flame) then you will direct me around this ship and then you will help me find my Father and mother.

Jack: Xenorahk your ok!

Xenorahk: Of course I'm ok what do you think I was, dead (Laughs)

Jack: Great , it's just the 3 of us, you me & Blaze the Hedgecat until we find the others

Xenorahk: I'll head to the bridge.

Blaze the hedgecat: You'll come with me to the cargo bay and don't try to escape.

Jack: She's right, me & Blaze are keeping an eye on you

Xenorahk: I think she meant you Jack.

Blaze the Hedgecat: He is right Jack, I'd rather keep my eye on you than Xenorahk.

Jack: What?! Why?

Blaze the Hedgecat: why would my mother, Blaze the Cat, turst you?

Jack: I don't know, you tell me

Blaze the hedgecat: Because she needs your help on the feild.

Jack: Alright alright, I can help you, as long as you wont kill me or my name isn't Great Scott & it's not

Blaze the Hedgecat:(giggles) no wonder you weren't in the great war of Eggmans destruction.

Jack: Ok so what's should we do?

Blaze the Hedgecat: Simple we spread out and search the area for my Father and Mother.

Jack: Ok & don't forget the other too

Blaze the Hedgecat: Than here (Gives Jack a Beretta Black).

Jack: Ok (Wears the Beretta Black) Let's do this!

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Pulls out Energy Wip) I'll go this way, you go that way.

Xenorahk:(Hacks the Bridges central computer so that he can locate Shadow and the others) Amazing this is like trying to hack the entire Pentagon in one night!

Jack: Ok if you found anyone we betta call in with Walky Talkies

Xenorahk:(Turns on the com. system) The com-link is online people.

Jack: Ok lets go find our friends

Xenorahk:Sonic is in Hospital bay 12 with a young halfbreed.

Jack: Come on, let's go

Blaze the Hedgecat: I am 5 kliks away form said postition I'll see you there Jack.

Jack: Ok Bye, but be careful

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Giggles) You act like my cousin Thrash the Hedgehog.

Jack: Oh thank you

Blaze the Hedgecat: Alright I am here, I will wait for Jack!

Jack: Ok

Darkstorms Son:(Lets go of Sonic Ear)(In mind:"How can you sleep at a time like this?")

Jack: Guys I wonder where can they be?

Blaze the Hedgecat:Well Sonic is behind this door.

Xenorahk: I am unlocking it now.

Jack: Ok let's do it

Xenorahk:Its unlocked your good to go.

Blaze the Hedgecat: Lets go in.

Jack: Ok

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Uses energy whip to open the door and enters first)

Jack: Very Clever (Enters next)

Darkstorms Son:(Heres door open)Blase and Jack?

Jack: That's us

Darkstorms Son: (Jumps on Jack's head and purrs)

Blaze the Hedgecat:*sighs*

Jack: Ok, but why is Sonic still sleeping?

Blaze the Hedgecat: Don't know, but I can see that Darkstorms Son biten his ear.

Jack: We have found Darkstorm's Son & Sonic, now we need to find the others

Xenorahk: They aren't on the ship guys.

Jack: Wait a minute, if they are not on the ship then where are they?

Darkstorms son:(Tries to get their attention)

Jack: What is it, little guy?

Darkstorms Son: (Motions Jack and Blaze the Hedgecat towards the secruity cam. room).

Jack: The Secruity Cam Room, maybe we should look over there

Darkstorms son: (Tries to get to the door handle)

Jack: Let me help you, little fella (Grabs the Door Handle & Opens the Door) here you go

Darkstorms Son:(Purrs at Jacks leg and then runs towards the Computer system where he started typing and got the footage they needed)

Jack: He is typing something useful, can you read the infomation Blaze the Hedgecat?

Blaze the Hedgecat: He is typing up recent footage on the ship.

Jack: Really, let me see

Darkstorms Son: (Jumps on Jacks head and purrs)

Jack: That Tickles, we need to know where are the others are & we need this footage to help

Darkstorms Son: (Selects the right footage and the footage begins rolling)

Jack: Good work boy, now lets go find our friends & your Family, Blaze the Hedgecat

Blaze the Hedgecat: okay.

Darkstorms Son:(Purrs)

Jack: Come on Xenorahk, we need you too

Darkstorms Son:(Does puppy dog eyes)

Xenorahk: Alright.

Jack: Ok guys, lets grab Sonic & lets go

Xenorahk: (Grabs Sonic) Lets go.

Jack: Come on, Blaze the Hedgecat, lets go

Blaze the Hedgecat: Please just call me Blaze and I am coming.

Shadow:Guys Grab me!


Cold:Darkstorms son tell me where your Father is!

Shadow:Don't start!

Tails:My SHIP!

Shadow:What Did I just said?!


Flame:Got her,she was under rocks,we need to take her back to the ship!

Shadow:Stay in the circle.

Goku:I'll use Instant Transmission to take half.

Shadow:Everybody in the circle!

Goku:Everybody touching my shoulder!


Skate:Come on dude o_o!


Blaze the Hedgecat: The kid doesn't speak english well.

Xenorahk: I think i am gonna lose it

Darkstorms Son:(Hisses)

Xenorahk: Seriously guys we need to land or someones body is going to smell like Xenomorph Puke.

Jack: Well sonic is still sleeping

Xenorahk:(Vomits on Sonic) UHH Discusting.

Jack: We need to find the others & fast

Xenorahk:(Vomits on Jack)

Jack: Hey! What was that for?

Xenorahk: Air Sickness.

Jack: Oh my when we reach our Destination, Blaze

Blaze the Hedgecat: Yeah.

Jack: When is our Destination to the Mystical Sub Crystal?

Blaze the Hedgecat: 5 kliks by river, but I hate water.

Jack: Maybe I can carry you while we cross the river

Blaze the Hedgecat: Fine.

Darkstorms Son: (Jumps towards the river)

Jack: (Carries Blaze the Hedgecat) Hold on! (Jumps towards the River) Let's go

Thrash the Hedgehog: Hey Blaze!

Jack: Who's there?

Blaze the Hedgecat: It is my cousin Thrash the Hedgehog.

Jack: Hello Thrash, my name is Jack the Hedgehog

Thrash: Hi Jacky, hows my Dad Sonic the hedgehog.

Jack: Oh He's still sleeping and.... Wait a minute did you say that Sonic is your Dad?

Thrash: And my mother is Amy Rose, my fur color is black and orange which you can already see.

Jack: And your Mother is Amy Rose, then that means Sonic has finally married Amy Rose! (Faints)

Thrash: (Lights Jack's shoe on fire)

Jack: Yeow! (Put out the fire) What was that for?

Thrash: So you can wake up.

Jack: I never know that Sonic has already Ammitting that he does Love her, but I won't mind

Blaze the Hedgecat: (In the river screaming) The hell you don't

Jack: Oh Sorry (Grabs Blaze the Hedgecat) Didn't know, I got distracticed by Thrash

Skate: Hey Blaze the Hedgecat are you from the future?

Blaze the hedgecat: Who the hell are you?

Jack: Um he is Skate the Hedgehog

Blaze the Hedgecat: Ask him if he knows my father Shadow the Hedgehog.

Jack: Ok (Turns to Skate) Do you know about Blaze the Hedgecat's Father Shadow the Hedgehog?

Skate:Yeah,where jet rivals,because of his Jet Boots and my jet roller blades.

Jack: Oh that makes sence

Blaze the hedgecat: Can you teleport us to him?

Skate:Okay,did I mention that we are bought chaos hedgehogs,and are you from the future like Sliver.

Blaze the hedgecat: One possible future (Tears begin to form) Silver had died to send me here!

Skate: Oh I'm sorry to hear.

Skate: Are you single?

Black: Leave the girl alone Skate.


Blaze the Hedgecat: I am now!

Jack: Oh Ok

Darkstorms Son: (Jumps on Blacks Head and purrs)

Jack: We need to hurry & find the Mystical Sub Crystal before someone else does.

Xenorahk: I am gonna lose it.

Thrash: not on me or my father.

Jack: Please we must hurry

Black:Let go!


Blaze the Hedgecat: I am single by the way Skate.

Jack: That's ok Blaze, that's ok

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Starts Crying) No it ain't my last BF died in the time stream.

Jack: Ohhhh, Maybe I can be your Friend, if you want

Blaze the Hedgecat: You want to be my BF?

Jack: Sure, I may be a boy, but I can help anybody when they have Problems anytime, anywhere

Blaze the Hedgecat: I can't have two BF'S, could I?

Jack: Don't worry, everyone has Friends

Skate:YEAH DEATH DID SOMETHING RIGHT :D,0_0 oh I mean,that's so sad that your BF died and YES.

Black: How about Sally and Ruts?

Skate:Shut up!

Black: What you don't want her to know about Sally and Ruts?


Jack: Uh When?

Blaze the Hedgecat:(To Skate) If you want to be my BF all you have to do is ask me, (To Jack) Never heard of Friendship, I spent most of my life training.

Jack: Oh Right, Uh aren't we going somewhere?

Darkstorms Son:(Tries to their attention)

Jack: What is it, Darkstorm Son?

Skate: Guys where here.

Jack: (To Darkstorm Son) Is that what your trying to tell me, little guy?

Darkstorms Son:(Shakes head no and Recites Line From Predator) Out there past them trees, you see it, I see you!
Wolf Predator

Yautja Warrior:(Heard Darkstorms son)

Jack: What's that?!

Yautja Warrior:(Mimiks Jacks voice) What's that?!

Jack: Hardy Har Har

Yautja Warrior:(Mimiks Jacks voice) Hardy Har Har.

Jack: Quit it, it's not funny

Yautja Warrior:(Removes mask and shows ture face)

Jack: AHHH!! What's that Blaze?!

Blaze the Hedgecat: Yautja.

Jack: No wonder he keeps Copying me what I said

Darkstorms Son:(Walks over to the Yautja)

Jack: Be careful

Yautja Warrior:(Picks up Darkstorms Son by the Tail) Bakuub?

Jack: I can't understand what your saying, but put Darkstorm Son down NOW !!!

Darkstorms Son: Dachande?

Dachande: (Puts Darktorms Son down)

Jack: Blaze what does "Dachande" means?

Blaze the hedgecat: Different Knife.

Jack: Different Knife? What does that mean?

Dachande: Who are you?

Jack: (Introduces) My name is Jack the Hedgehog and this is Blaze the Hedgecat

Black: This is strange.

Skate: I'm Skate. (Back on the peak with Ashura,Blaze,and Shadow) Ashura: Guys look out here.

Shadow:Wow looks like it's rock jumping in a dark thunderstorm.

Blaze:I'm up to it.

Shadow:Blaze no!

Blaze: Shadow yes!

Shadow: Blaze I love you and

Blaze:What happens if the rock breaks than are Blaze won't be born.

Ashura: She's coming Shadow.

Shadow: Shut up I will protect her,I AM THE ULTIMATE LIFE FORM!

Ashura: I fail to see that your THE ULTIMATE LIFE FORM,that is so dumb!

Shadow: Shut up,how would you like it if I said Honey would die soon?

Ashura: Don't you ever say THAT!

Yautja Warrior:(Fires Plasma Claster)

Jack: Guys, We need to get to the Mystical Sub Crystal & we betta Hurry & Stay Focused

Dachande: We need to find Shadow and Blaze!

Blaze the Hedgecat: I'll go with Dachande.

Jack: Great, were gonna find your Family Blaze the Hedgecat

Skate:Their over there,but where's Tails and the rest?

Black:Their already gone looking for the it.

Jack: Oh right, who's going with me?

Goku: There you guys are.

Jack: Goku, there you are, who else is missing?

Goku:Trunks,Sai,Tails,K'nuckles,Lisa,and everyone else,my gust they went to look for the MSC.

Jack: Ok lets go set up a Search Party, to find the others & if we found someone, call in with these Walkie Talkies, Good Luck

Dachande: Agreed, Have you been attacked Goku?

Badblood Yautja:(Aims Plasma Claster at Blaze the Hedgecat)

Jack: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! (Protects Blaze the Hedgecat) (To Blaze the Hedgecat) Don't worry I'll save you

Dachande: Badbloods take cover(Pulls out Plasma Burner)

Jack: (To Blaze the Hedgecat) Take Cover, Blaze

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Takes cover and pulls out Pistol)

Badblood Yautja:(Fires at Dachande)

Jack: Look Out Dachande!

Thrash:Fire Shield!!!

Jack: How did he do that?

Blaze the hedgecat: He is one of the children of the sacred inferno.

Jack: Oh I get it now

Badblood Yautja:(Tosses gun and charges with spear)

Jack: Look Out (Dodges the Gun & Spear)

Dachande:(Kills badblood and rips off Badblood head)

Jack: That was close

Dachande:(Hands Jack the still bleeding head) Makes a nice sovennear

Jack: Eww!

Blaze the Hedgecat: Everyone ok!

Jack: We're Ok !

Dachande:(Picks up dead Badblood arm and puts up middle finger on Jack)

Jack: What is the rest for?

Dachande: Dunno.

Darkstorms Son:(Burrows into the body and feeds off of it)

Jack: We need to find the Others & Quick

Dachande:(Throws badblood Yautja blood on Jack) Agreed.

Jack: (Cleans his face with a Towel) And Dachande would you stop giving me Blood & some other Body Parts of Yautja already !

Dachande:(Kicks Jack in the Grind)

Jack: And stop that too !

Darkstorms Son:(Comes through the Bodies chest and lands on Jacks head)

Jack: Well come on guys we need to find the Others & find the Mystical Sub Crystal

Dachande: Agreed

Blaze the Hedgecat: Skate, Black you comin'?

Jack: Yeah we need your Help

Darkstorms Son: (Jumps on Skate's head and purs)

Jack: So what do you say?

Skate: Hey :D,I'll go I'll go:)!

Black: Agreed.

Goku:Then lets go rock jumping guys:).

Darkstorms Son: (Jumps on Goku's head and Flaps his baby wings)

Jack: Come on, let's go

Dachande:(Yelling from on top of the peak) I don't know you guys but I got a head start, I'll race you!!

Jack: I think I'm fast

Dachande: Then start climbing!!!!

Jack: Ready Go! (Starts Climbing) Come on Blaze, it'll be fun

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Jumps from rock to rock) Beat this)

Dachande:(Climbs Upsidedown) Just did suckers.

Jack: How about this? (Runs up the Mountain in Super Speed to the Top) What do you think of that?

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Jumps and Lands on top of Jack accidentally Kissing him)(BLUSHES)I am so sorry Jack.

Jack: That's ok

Goku: Okay lets go!

Badblood:(Fires Plasma Claster at energy grind rails)

Part2B The World in the Storm

(Somewhere in the storm with Trunks and the rest.)

Trunk: Damn, are you close Lisa ?

Lisa: No where not,where very far.

Cold: Damn we got to move faster.

NIGHTS: Yeah lets keep moving.

(BACK With the others.)

Jack: I wonder where the others are?

Blaze the Hedgecat: Your not reacting to the kiss I accidentally gave you.

Jack: Huh? Who me? No, because I never had a Kiss before

Blaze the hedgecat: than here (Kisses Jack).

Jack: (Dazed) Grandad (Faints)

Thrash: (Lights Jacks shoe on fire)

Jack: YEOW (Put out the Fire) Seriously Thrash, Stop that!

Thrash: It's either that or your hand in hot water.

Jack: Never Mind, Just keep puting my Shoe on Fire every Time I faint, ok

Tharsh: (Crosses heart) I swear.

Jack: Thank you

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Blushes) you ok

Jack: I'm Ok

Dachande: Can we skip the love feast(Fake barfs)

Xenorahk:( Vomits on Blaze)

Blaze the hedgecat: Grosssss!!

Jack: What did you do that to Blaze for?

Xenorahk:Side effects.

Jack: Side Effect, what Side Effect?

Xenorahk: Airsickness (Vomits on Darkstorms Son)

Darkstorms Son: (Attacks Xenorahk)

Xenorahk: Help me!

Jack: Airsickness Again? Oh Brother

Darkstorms Son:(Jumps on Jacks head and hisses at Xenorahk)

Jack: We must get going

Blaze the Hedgecat: Agreed.

Jack: And we betta Hurry before Eggman does

Dachande:(Cloacks himself)

Jack: Where did Dachande learn to do that?

Blaze the hedgecat: Yautja's wrist computer is a cloakinc deivice, Tracking device, and a Necluar bomb, they set the bomb on a time limit if they want to die as a hero.

Xenorahk:(Sneezes and teleports to Shadows postion)

(With Shadow and the others)

Shadow: (Talks to Blaze.)

Skate: I wish this ship could go faster.

Goku: Well the engine got smashed.

Sonic: (Wakes up)I had this great dream that Amy became a lesbian.:D


Sonic: What.

Goku: You slept for 4 hours.

Blaze: Sonic where did you put the Sol Emeralds?

Sonic: In the back.

(Black Scorpion Decloaks in front of Shadow and the others and Darkstorm walks out)

Darkstorm:(To Shadow) General Shadow the Hedgehog!!?

Shadow: Hello Darkstorm.

Xestep: You the halfbreed my brother has bin talking about.

Skate: Blaze!:D

Blaze: What?

Skate: Not you,your daughter.
Wolf Predator

Shadow: (grab Skate)You touch my little girl I will rip your head off and eat it.

Skate: Yes sir.

Darkstorm: Blaze isn't with me, get in the ship we will find her, hurry, hut, hut,hut.

Ashura: Halfbreeds,I'm much stronger than a halfbreed,not you Xestep.

Xestep: You messed with my brother Darkstorm.

Honey: Goku can't we just fly,some people can jump.

Darkstorm: Get in my ship now people unless you don't want to find Blaze the Hedgecat and the MSC!?

Dachande:(Decloaks and Greets Darkstorm) Nice to see you brother.

Darkstorm: Back at you.

Dachande:(Grabs Xestep and Punches him in the face) How do you like it Badblod?

Xestep: Keep your know good under two tail f*cking hands off me.

Xestep: I'm the Ultimate Half-breed!

Dachande:(Takes off mask and shows ture face) I am a Yautja you Badblood scum

Darkstorm: He isn't badblood, he is brother Dachande.

(Back with Jack the Hedgehog, Blaze the Hedgecat & the others)

Jack: Hello, I wonder where are they?

Blaze the Hedgecat:(See's the Black Scorpion) Jack, Darkstorms here and Dachande's with him and so are the others (Pops Flare).

Darkstorms Son:(Caws Loudly to his father)

Darkstorm:(See's Blazes flare) Shadow, Blaze they are here and your daughter is on her way.

Darkstorms Son:(Tries flying to his father but just glided to him)

Black: I'll get them.

Shadow: Go.

Black: (warps to the others) Come on grab me.

Darkstorm:(Grabs his son in mid-air) Thats my boy.

Thrash:(Grinds his way down)

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Grabs on Blacks arm) Got you.

Jack: Come on lets go

Blaze the Hedgecat: Grab my hand Jack, hurry!

Jack: Ok (Grabs Blaze the Hedgecat's Hand) I got it

Xenorahk:(Runs at top speed of 999 mph and runs off the cliff)This feels familarrrrrr (falls and nearly lands o Blaze the cat) ouch!

Jack: Quick Blaze pull me up

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Tries but begins to slip from Black's grasp)I am sliping, I can't pull you up or we'll fall.

Jack: We have to do something, we can't be stuck like this forever

Blaze the Hedgecat: How well can you grind?

Jack: I'm Very Good at it, why?

Blaze the hedgecat: Chaos Grind Rails (Grind rails of chaos energy appear and lets go of Black) Because we are going to grind our way to Darkstorm!

Jack: Ok Let's do it (Grinding his way to Darkstorm with Blaze the Hedgecat) Whaa Hoo

Blaze the Hedgecat: (Does 360 spin)

Jack: Nice Trick, Blaze

Blaze the hedgecat: If you liked that watch this ( Does 360 spin with her fire powers)

Jack: Wow Preaty

Black: Lets go

BadBloods:(Shoot at Black) (wAR Cries)

Jack: Look out Black!

Darkstorm: (Puts in Thunderhorse by dethklok)

Jack: What is he doing?

Darkstorm:(Pulls out Death Guitar)

Blaze the Hedgecat: plug your ears it is gonna get brutal in here.

Jack: (Puts Plugs in his Ears) Ok Ready

Darkstorm:(plays Death Guitar hard core aand kills the badbloods) Take that!

Jack: I guess no one notices the Pie

Black: (Blast BadBlood)Try that again low life I will rip your head off.

Yaujta soldier:We have to go now sir.

Black:Come on guys.

Blaze the Hedgecat:We'll see you on the way down(New grind rails appear going toward Darkstorm).

Jack: (Grind on New Rails toward Darkstorm) Whaa Hoo

Blaze the hedgecat:(Laughs) I hadn't had this much fun since graduation!

Black: (Glides down)Good for you now we must go faster.

???:(grinds down)Hey guys

Black:Skate how did you?

Skate\???: Super speed.

Skate: Now let get grinding.

Blaze the Hedegcat:(Eats helios crystal to go faster) later boys!

(Song playing:Metallic Madness bad future)

Black: Come on move faster!

Skate: (Zooms past Blaze)See ya(Unleashed a Burst of speed which takes him a mile down)Kick it!

Darkstorm:Hurry the ship takes off in 2 mins.!!!

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Skate-grinds and makes it first)

Xenorahk: Move your tails fleshlings!

Skate: Hey.

Black: What are you doing?

Skate (Lifts up Blaze)can't leave here without you,your father would kill me.:|

Jack: (Skate-grings & Makes it next) Blaze, are you ok, are you hurt?

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Flips Skate on his back) I am now (Purrs to Jack)

Darkstorm: Move it lovebirds the ship leaves in One minute.

Jack: Ok come on guys, we got work to do

Darkstorm: everone in the ship?

Jack: Yes, were in so...(Puts on a Pirate's hat) full speed ahead!

Yautja's:(All pull out plasma Burners)

Darkstorm: I give the orders on my ship, (To Shadow) Shadow chart a course for the storms eye.

Jack: Sorry

Darkstorm: Jack, you, Blaze the cat and Blaze the Hedgecat are on wepons duty

Jack: Aye Aye, Captain

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Picks up Box of gun ammo)

Jack: (Picks up a Box of Guns & Swords) We'll handle them with care

Blaze the hedgecat: I can't beleive we are working together, this is so...

Darkstorm: Metal.

Jack: Aw come on guys, it can't be that bad

Blaze the hedgecat: I meant it in a good way.

Darkstorm:(Puts in Skillet)

Jack: What are these for?

Blaze the hedgecat: Its all of his stuff of Dethklok.

Jack: Well are you thinking about flying on an Airplane, Because I don't know how to fly a plane?

Darkstorm: This is a Yautja dreadnought class ship the Black Scorpion and we are on autopilet.

Jack: Oh right, sorry

Blaze the Hedgecat: the gun turrents are loaded.

Jack: And I place the Swords & Guns in the Weapon Armory inside the Ship

Blaze the hedgecat: (To Jack) Be prepared any second now he is going to say...

Darkstorm: Get to the armory and get your armor on.

Blaze the Hedgecat:that.

Jack: Oh ok (Went inside the Armory & put on Heavy Armor on) Ok I'm ready, What do you think?

Blaze the hedgecat:(Walks out with her Female Yautja on) good and how bout me Jack.

Jack: It looks Incredible on you

Dachande: That is because it is the armor she graduated in from Yautja training.

Jack: Wow, I've never knew that before

Blaze the hedgecat:(Blushes and Giggles)

Jack: Aw, did I make you blush?

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Huggs Jack)

Thrash:(Comes out in Heavy Yautja Armor) Oh boy

Jack: (Blushes) Oh my

Thrash:Save it for the parent, yeesh.

Jack: Sorry but Blaze the Hedgecat is making me the Happiest Hedgehog ever!

Xenorahk:(Comes out with blades on face)

Jack: Whaa! What happen to you Xenorahk?

Xenorahk: Seeing if my old xenomorph slave armor still fits and it does (Goes back to put on the chest plate)

Jack: Anyways, When we reach our Destination?

Darkstorm:(Comes out with Ultimate Yautja Armor) We grab the MSC and get outta here

Jack: What does MSC stands for?

Darkstorm: It is that crystal your looking for.

Jack: Oh right

Thrash: (To Shadow) Have you seen Sonic, Uncle Shadow?

Darkstorms Son:(Jumps on Blaze the cat's head and purrs)

Jack: (To Blaze the Hedgecat) So I guess we have found your family, huh?

Blaze the Hedgecat: Yeah (Kisses Jack on the cheek).

Jack: (Blushes) If we have found the Mystical Sub Crystal, I guess we can meet each other again, maybe on our Date

Blaze the Hedgecat: Sure Jack, Heres my number (Hands Jack here cell phone #).

Jack: Oh, Thank You

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Kisses Jacks cheek) See you!

Jack: (Blushes) See you there (Faints)

Yauja:(Throws ice cold water on Jack)

Jack: Aiiieeeeee, (Turns to Yauja) I thought your Thrash that put my shoe on fire

Yautja:(High 5's and Laughs)

Skate: Who's that?

???: Fools you think I will sit around and let you all get power beyond dreams.

Black: What?

Skate: It can't be.

Vegeta: Now where is Kakarot?

Black: Vegeta how did you get here.

Vegeta: I had my space pod.

Jack: Say what?! (To Blaze the Hedgecat) Do you know Vegeta? Because I've never heard of him before

Blaze the Hedgecat:No.

Xenorahk:(Charges at Vegeta) ARRRRRRRRGH.

Jack: What is he doing now?

Blaze the Hedgecat: I am guessing he is attacking Vegeta.

Jack: Oh my, do you think we should help?

Xenorahk:(Grabs Chain saw)

Danchande: Nah, we think he can handle Vegeta.

Jack: I hope so

Xenorahk: Eat chain saw sucker.

Jack: Oh my

Skate: No Xenorahk he has a tail.

Vegeta: (turns Saiyan 4)bring it.

Jack: Wait, Xenorahk stop

Darkstorm Energy blast(Throws sphere of energy at Vegeta).

Jack: Whao

Darkstorm: Energy Fist(Energy feild of dark electrisity sarrounds entire arm and punches Vegeta in the face) Death Metal.

Jack: I think this is getting out of hand

Darkstorm: That felt good (Walks off)

Jack: Are you sure, it is over?

Vegeta: (takes the punch like it was nothing)ha fools.

Jack: Darkstorm! Are you ok?

Thrash:(Lites Vegeta's tail on fire)

Darkstorm:(Laughs at Vegeta)

Jack: I'll take that as a yes

Dachande: Vegeta's tail is on fire.

Jack: Zaa!

Blaze the hedgecat:(Laughs a little)

Skate: What do yo want man.

Vegeta: (puts his tail out) One, power, two, Kakarot to see my tail which is longer than his.

Black: ...

Skate: Thats all!0_0

Vegeta: Yes!

Skate: Fine!

Vegeta: Okay!

Skate: Alright!

Vegeta: Don't you talk back.

Skate: Yes sir.0_0

Darkstorms Son:(Hisses at Vegeta)


Blaze the Hedgecat: I am on Jacks side.

Jack: Now Look here, Vegeta, you betta stop interupting up, we had to reach our Goal before Eggman does

Blaze the Hedgecat: Agreed.

Jack: So what do you say?

Vegeta: Saiyan don't listing to fools.

Skate: :D

The Sins of our fathers

Lisa: Something on the raydar.

Sonic: A cave.

Sai: That's okay just turn on the lights.

Lisa: Lights are not working.

Vegeta: What!

NIGHTS: (Had a flash back)ow!

Shadow:(Also had a flash back)Ahhh.

Goku: What happen?

Shadow: Noting.

Goku: Nights how about you?


Skate: Hey BlazeTHC.

Jack: Are you sure we can do this?

Cold: Guys where Blaze and the Sol Emeralds.

Jack: Um I...oh never mind

Cold: What's with the diamond?

Skate: It's for Blaze,I found it.

Cold: Which?

Skate: future daughter Blaze.

Jack: I wonder, maybe we need the Extra Help

K'nuckles: What are you worried about?

Jack: I had a feeling that Eggman is right on our Trail

K'nuckles: Can't be,he don't know where we are at.

Jack: Oh right

Blaze the hedgecat::(Meditating)

Darkstorm:(On the Black Scorpion's Bridge) Shadow to the Bridge.

Shadow: Yes Darkstorm.

Darkstorm:(Turns around eyes are blood red) Prepare for ground assult.

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Awakens from meditation screaming for Jack)

Jack: What is it, Blaze the Hedgecat?

Blaze the hedgecat: Darkstorms eyes are blood red he is consumed by the crystal, he plans to destroy it, this is Chimera's doing.

Jack: Say What (To Darkstorm) Darkstorm, You wouldn't dare

Darkstorm/Chimera:(Tazes Jack) I would, and it is Chimera.

Jack: Chimera?! What brings you all the way here to the Darkest Part of the Storm?

Darkstorm/Chimera:Isn't it obvious, I am here to destroy the Crystal and Take it's power, power feeds me.

Jack: Then I won't let you do this to us (Tackles Darkstorm/Chimera)

Darkstorm/Chimera:(Grabs Jack and starts draining him of energy)

Jack: Ahhhhhhhhhh, Help Me!

Blaze the hedgecat:(Turns on the red alert alarm to signal the others and attacks Darkstorm/Chimera) let Him go.

Jack: (Dizzy/Slurry) I need some more time to sleep, thank you

Blaze the hedgecat:Foregive me Jack (Lites Jacks shoe on fire)

Jack: YEOW (Lands on the Ground) Oh Oh Oh Oh Hot Hot Hot (Put out the Fire)

Thrash: Chimera!!

Jack: Thank you Blaze the Hedgecat, you save my life

Chimera: Die fools, Death Blast!!!

Jack: Look Out !!!

Thrash: (Takes blast head on) (Labored breathing)

Chimera: Outta here, but I'll be back.

Darkstorm:(Falls down unconscience)

Jack: That was Close, He Nearly Drained my Energy


Jack: Quick do something

Blaze the hedgecat: There isn't anything I can do, I'll try this, Flames of Healing!!

Jack: My Energy is almost Drained

Thrash:(Tosses Jack a energy fruit) Eat it, I won't need it.

Jack:(Eats the Energy Fruit) Mmmm I'm getting stronger already

Thrash:(Gets up and croutches appear) That's a close one.

Jack: I'm ok

Thrash:(Smiles)I'll be ok a little sore but ok.

Jack: So what should we do now?

Thrash: lets chart a course for extraction of the MSC.

Jack: Ok, lets go guys


Jack: What's wrong?

Darkstorm: I Feel like someone caved my ribs in.

Jack: And who might that be?

Darkstorm: Like you.

Jack: Me?

Darkstorm:(Whacks Thrash in the grind)


Jack: Ohhhh That's nasty


Jack: Darkstorm please stop this madness

Blaze the hedgecat:(Smashes root beer bottle on the back of Darkstorms Head)

Jack: Thank you Blaze the Hedgecat

Blaze the hedgecat: No problem (Restores Jacks energy)

Jack: I feeling Stronger than ever

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Kisses Jack) See you in the Armory.

Jack: (Blushes) Ok see you later

Blaze the hedgecat:Chaos Controll(Teleports to the Armory)

Thrash:Lucky dog man

Jack: Ok I betta head to the Armory to suit up, see you there (Heads to the Armory)

Thrash:(Grbs Croutches and Fallows Jack to the armory)

Jack: I guess we'll keep looking for the Mystical Sub Crystal

Thrash: I thought we were going to extract the crystal.

Jack: Look, no one is gonna Destroy the Crystal

Darkstorm:(Telepathicly) extract means to move, I am planning to move the crystal.

Jack: I hopes there are no Emergencies

Darkstorm: Beam Shadow and the others back aboard this ship.

Jack: Ok let's go

Blaze the hedgecat: I'll beam my father and the other aboard, man I wish uncle Tails was here.

Jack: Oh, Tails is a Flying Expert

Blaze the Hedgecat: I got my pilites license because of him, in the future Tails is a flying professor.

Jack: Wow, but I don't know how to fly a plane

Blaze the hedgecat:Take the second piolet seat, you do know how to drive a car right?

Jack: Uh No

Blaze the hedgecat: Put both hands on the pioliting moduals and I'll talk you through the rest and target the transporter beam aimer and press the green and blue button at the same time.

Jack: Ok (Does what Blaze the Hedgecat says)

Blaze the Hedgecat:Alright, is the aimer in place?

Jack: Yes, the Aimer is in place & it's ready as ever

Blaze the hedgecat: Ok lock on their position and Press the green and blue buttons agian.

Darkstorms Son:(Walks in on all fours in Bone Armor and starts doing Jacks job faster.)

Blaze the hedgecat: Alright beaming My Father and the others on the ship in 5,4,3,2,1(Pulls red trigger)

NIGHTS: Lets go!

Vegeta: (grabs Cold) I'll be right back.

Cold: Me to, chaos control(wraps).

Thrash: We lost them.

(On the rock covered in grass)

Vegeta: Do you feel it?

Cold: Yes.

Skate: COLD!

Cold: Skate!

Skate: Give me the emeralds.

Cold: Okay.


Cold: What Vegeta?

Skate:(Skin peels)GIVE ME THE CHAOS Emeralds!


Vegeta: What is this a robot Sonic!?

(The Black Scorpion opens fire on Metal sonic)

Metal Sonic: (Does a overdrive chest blast a the ships engine).

Vegeta: Gal-a-gun (hits Metal Sonic)!

Yautja Soliders:(Opens fire on Metal Sonic)

Metal Sonic: DARK MATER OVERDRIVE!(clears the area).

(Song playing: Bloodroucuted)

Yautja Trooper;(Fires EMP) (Battlecries)

M.Sonic: (Flies away)

Cold: Damn.

Yautja Warriors:(Opens fire on the fleeing Metal Sonic)(Battlecries)

Jack: Oh Man, what now?

Thrash: Ships sheilds have been breeched, Engines 3 and 4 are gone.

Jack: We betta get in to our Battlestations & defeat these Yautja Warriors & Fast

Thrash: those yautja are on our side, Metal Sonic took out our engines.

Jack: Sorry, I'm getting confused (To Metal Sonic) Alright, it's time for YOU to be in the Scrap Heap

Blaze the Hedgecat: Plasma Missles are locked on!

Jack: Then fire when ready

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Fires all Plasma Missles)

Jack: Did we hit it?

Blaze the hedgecat: All direct hits Jack and no one on the surface was struck the missles.

Skate: Damn Metal Sonic is get away,CHAOS BLAST!

Metal Sonic: Fools(Warps away)!

Skate: Damn got away, hey Blaze.

Blaze the hedgecat:(Beams Skate onboard the Ship)

Jack: Are you ok?

Blaze the hedgecat: This brings me back when I was once part of a band.

Jack: What kind of band?

Blaze the hedgecat: At first hard rock, and right now Death Metal.

Jack: Wow, it's like you are a Rock Star

Blaze the hedgecat: I am now with Darkstorms Band: DARKSTORM AND THE WINGS OF DEATH.

Jack: Wow

Skate: Yeah!

Jack: (To Blaze the Hedgecat) Anyways I guess we know each other for a very long time & I reliese that you are the Most Beautiful Women I've ever seen in my whole life

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Blushes) I'll be in my room if you need me.

Jack: Ok see you later

Blaze the hedgecat:(Runs back and kisses Jack on the cheek and gives him her room key)

Jack: (Blushes) Oh my (Grabs the Key)

Skate: (Waits until they leave)Damn single again.

Shadow: Ha.

Skate: Shut it black!

Shadow:(Laughs)It's just funny to see you in pain.

Skate: Wow that made me feel better.

Shadow: Ha!

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Prepares to Fight her father)Magma Blast, leave him alone father, (to Skate) Just because I am defending you doesn't mean I love you Skate.

Jack: What is going on here?

Blaze the hedgecat: Me and my father were just settling an old score.

Shadow: Blaze can't you enjoy a good soul being ripped(laughs).

Skate:(Gets angry)SHUT UP(punch Shadow)!

Skate: (Kicks Shadow in the gut)

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Summons her drum set) No one messes with the Ultimate Life form (Playes her durms at high speed)

Shadow:(Speed Kicks Skate)lets go Blaze.


Sai: Dude your just going to sit there.


Sai:Get up now Skate!


Sai: Damn it say something!

Skate:(bleeds)I have noting to say.

Sai:(Lifts Skate)I'm taking you Blaze.

Blaze: What happen to him!

Sai: Shadow speed kick him in the chest!

Skate:(Has a flash back)AHHHH!

Blaze the hedgecat: This is brutal.

Darkstorm:(Strums his Guitar) No it is metal.

Darkstorms Son:(Summons his guitar)

Thrash:(Grabs his Guitar)

Jack: Shadow, what are you doing now?

Anjelous:(Turns vampire and attacks Shadow)

Jack: (To Shadow) Ah, forget it, I'm your rival Shadow so, come get some

Anjelous:(Attacks Blaze the hedgecat) I hope your blood has better flavor.

Jack: Watch out (Saves Blaze the Hedgecat) I got you


Jack: Hey, don't you hiss at me, I wonder what happens when I say "Abracadabra"!

Anjelous:(Laughs)Magic don't exist!

Darkstorm: no, but dark magic does, dark blast!!

Jack: Or maybe "Hocus Pocus"!

Anjelous: (Laughs at Jack) your magic is worthless!!

Jack: Maybe I should combined both of them together like "Abraca Pocus" or "Hocus Cadabra" or maybe "Go Go Gorilla" or "Wabba Wabba Washinton"

Anjelous:(Stabs Jack) Shut your (BAD GUITAR NOTE) mouth.

Blaze the hedgecat:(Runs to Jacks side)

Jack: Yeow, that's it, no more mister nice guy (Pulls out his Orange Piko Piko Hammer with Black Strips) You are gonna be Smashed (Smashes Anjelous)

Blaze the hedgecat:Prepare to be burned (Lites Anjelous on fire)

Jack: Yeah

Cold: (Has a flash back)AHHHH,uhhhh,AHHH(went into a coma)!

Vegeta: (Also has a flash back)AHHHHHHH(takes the pain)!

Tails: There is something wrong with this cave,ever since we went in this cave Vegeta,Skate,NIGHTS,Cold,and Shadow had has missive head aces.

Jack: We betta take them back to the Hospital

Darkstorm: There is a Hospital bay on the south west side of the ship, (Flashes back to his wifes death) NOOOOOO, KIRARA (Loses conscience)

Jack: Darkstorm! Are you ok?

Darkstorm:(Goes into a comma)

Jack: Oh my

Tails: DARKSTORM (Has a flash)AH,AhhhhHHH!



Jack: Oh for Pete Sake, Blaze the Hedgecat we have to bring Tails to the Hospital, now

Blaze the Hedgecat: Wait, Genku root can wake anyone up even in a comma.

Jack: Well then lets try it

Blaze the hedgecat: (Pulls out Genku root and places it in the middle of the floor)

Jack: I hope this Works


Jack: It's working


Jack: Sorry about that & Watch your Language it is very Rude


Jack: 3 Reasons for you. 1:Watch your Language, 2: Yes that's Genku Root & 3: There's a Fact & that is Everybody wants to get into the Act, Ha Cha Cha Cha

Xenorahk:(throws tomato in Jacks face)You suck.

Jack: (Taste the Tomato) Mmm Tomato! (To himself) Everyone's a Critic

Xenorahk: Gett off the stage Douchefag!!

Jack: What did you say?

Xenorahk:Get off the stage DOUCHEFAG!!!!

Jack: Alright that's it (Tackles Xenorahk)

Xenorahk:(Spits Bleach in Jack's eye)

Jack: Ow my Eye

Blaze the Hedgecat: DRAGON BREATH!!

Jack: Uh Oh


Jack: Double, Uh Oh

Xenorahk:Jack is a douchefag (Runs off)!!!

Jack: Would you stop calling me that (To Blaze the Hedgecat) What is he thinking?

Blaze the Hedgecat:He is thinking on calling you a winy (BAD GUITAR NOTE).

Jack: Ohhhh, that's nasty & the thing is I've NEVER speak Bad Language EVER !

Xenorahk:(Runs out screaming in pain) Get this (BAD GUITAR SOUND) off of me!!!

Jack: (To Blaze the Hedgecat) Ohhh I see your point

Darkstorms Son:(Bites down harder on Xenorahk's tail)

Jack: (To Blaze the Hedgecat) I guess Xenorahk is getting really Angry at me

Blaze the hedgecat: Don't count his sin's.

Jack: Oh Right, sorry (He Waited for a Moment) I wonder where is the Mystical Sub Crystal

(Radar gets a signal)

Jack: We got a Signal

Blaze the hedgecat: Oh got something alright and it is large

Jack: What is it?

Blaze the hedgecat: Some sort of cyrstaline structure!

Jack: Could it be the Mystical Sub Crystal?

Blaze the hedgecat: I can't tell the storm is interfearing with all types of visual.

Jack: We need a Closer look

Black Scorpion computer: there are two Drej stingers in the hanger bay

Jack: Two Drej Stingers? What are they?

Blaze the Hedgecat: Ship's that glow blue and fire plasma.

Jack: Oh right, do you think we're under attack, Blaze?

Blaze the Hedgecat: No, the ships were never used.

Jack: Huh? What do you mean, never used?

Black scorpion computer: the stingers have never left the hanger due to malfunction's

Jack: Oh my, we have betta be quiet & be careful because it maybe the Place for an Ambush

Blaze the hedgecat:Well comon then.

Jack: Ok, I'm coming my Little Love Muffin

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Gets into the first Stinger)

Jack: Ok, then that means I'll go in the 2nd one (Gets into the second Stinger)

Blaze the Hedgecat: Follow me Jack.

Jack: Oh ok (Follows Blaze the Hedgecat)

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Flies out of the hanger doors).

Jack: What is it?

Blaze the Hedgecat: I can't see the structure, there is too much interfearence!!!

Jack: Well what should we do?

Blaze the hedgecat:We'll have to return to the ship.

Eggman: Why leave when we can play a game of who killed who.

VeeEgg: Or a game of death.

NegaEggman:Or you can stay right there a die.


Lisa: Okay!

(A cloaked yautja crusier opens fire on VeeEgg)

Vitani: Or how about this, Back Off!!



Honey:Skate get back in side.

Blaze: I'll KILL YOU NEGA!

VEEEGG: Attack Metal Espio!

Skate: What!

Espio: I got him buddy,GO!

(Vitani's Fleet Decloacks and reveals 10,000 ship's)

Vitani: All ships open fire!!

Jack: Oh my, I guess we ran into Eggman's teritory, so Fire when Ready

Vitani:All scout class ship's attack.

Jack: Whao


(Eggman and the rest ran)

K'nuckles: I guest I was wrong Eggman is here and he is looking for MSC to.

Jack: I guess, I am Right after all

Vitani: I'll beeam you aboard.

Jack: You'll do that

Vitani:(Beams Jack, Blaze the hedgecat, and Darkstorm)

Jack: Going up

Darkstorm: Indeed

Jack: Isn't it fun Blaze the Hedgecat?

Blaze the hedgecat:(Surfs on the energy waves) Wahoo

Jack: Yeah, Whaaaaa Hoo!

Vitani:I see you two you are enjoying yourselves.

Jack: Yes, we are!

Darkstorm: Vitani

Vitani:Darkstorm, Teniahk has missed you.

Darkstorm:(Keels down to look at Teniahk) Awww, has my little girl been missing her father?

Jack: Oh Hi Vitani

Vitani:Hi Jack.

Teniahk:(Peaks behind Her mother and father's leg and cowars back)

Jack: How's your day going?

Teniahk:(Walks on all fours towards Jack curiously)???

Jack: Sorry about that, Who are you, little one?

Vitani: You remember, don't you, the child I gave birth to.

Jack: Oh Yeah, I remember now that was 5 days ago.

Teniahk:(Sniffs Jack)

Jack: Hey, that tickles

Teniahk:(Cowars away)

Jack: Wait come back, why are you scared little guy?

Teniahk:(Comes out of the corner with Dog tag necklace in her mouth and tries to give them to Jack)

Jack: Is that a Dog Tag Necklace around your neck?

Darkstorm:Those are my old dog tags!

Jack: Ohhhh

Teniahk:(Jumps in to Jacks arms and purrs)

Darskstorm: Thats my daughter.

Jack: That tickles, that feels nice

Teniahk:(Nuzzles Jack's arm)

Jack: I guess we need Extra Help after all

Teniahk:(Cuddles Jack)

Jack: We have betta hurry & stop Eggman from stealing the Mystical Sub Crystal before it's too late


Jack: What's so funny?

Vitani:This ship is a stealth mission ship.

Jack: Ohhhh, I get it, uh did I?

Teniahk:*Licks Jacks Fingers*

Jack: Awww, your soo cute

Teniahk:*Curls up in a ball and sleeps*

Jack: Anyways we need to get to the Mystical Sub Crystal before Eggman does

Shadow of death pilot: Target aquired.

Jack: Huh, what's that?

Darkstorm: What is the target!!

Shadow of death pilot: The MSC!!!

Jack: We're almost there, Blaze the Hedgecat



Cold: Jack your wrong the MSC isn't in this cave, my dads diary said that there is a FSC, a FSC is a False Sup Crystal.

Vitani: How did you get on my ship?

Cold: (Eye twitches) Isn't Chaos control great.

Flame: Cold what's with the eye?

Cold: Oh having a flash back like the other and I'm probably going to pass out(passes out).

Flame: 0_0.

Vitani:(Puts genku root to Colds nose)

(Genku root smells like rotting flesh)

Jack: Then where is the Mystical Sub Crystal?

Cold: That thing smells like Sonics cooking,and Jack the MSC is in the inner darkest part of the storm.

Jack: So does that mean we can go deeper in the Darkest Part of the Storm?

Tails: Yeah.

Fin:(To Tails)My love someone is here to see you.:D



Tails:The first part.0_o

Fin:(Blushes)Someone is here to see you.

Jack: Huh? What? I don't understand?


The Red Baron:Hello my love.


Tails: (Pulls out his sword)DIE

The Red Baron(Kisses Tails)

Tails:SON OF B%T*H!

Jack: The Red Baron? What are you doing here?

Darkstorm:(Grabs plasma rifle) Get off the ship or DIE!!!

Sonic: Wait if your The Red Baron, that Tails keeps get his butt kicked by a girl.:D


The Red Baron:I came here because I need help.

Jack: About what?

Darkstorm:(Not lowering the rifle) If you needed help, then why didn't you use the com-link?

The Red Baron: Then I wouldn't be able to see Tails.


Jack: Tails, why would you kill the Red Baron?


Jack: Alright, alright, I get it, Sheesh, but why did she ever do that?


The Red Baron:He is just mad because I took his plane.

Sonic:THE TORNADO, oh that is it,I'm kicking this b*t#hes ass!

Cold:(Garbs Sonic)Hold on, hot shot.

Jack: Guys, can't we all just get along? First Tails is Upset, then The Red Baron is upset, then Sonic is upset & finally Cold is upset, I Can;t take it anymore !

The Red Baron:So handsome what do you say?

Jack: What do I what?

Tails: Fine you can join.

The Red Baron(Kisses Tails)

Tails:SON OF B%T*H!

Jack: Watch your Lanuage & I wonder what Amy is doing? (To Blaze the Hedgecat) Do you know what Amy is doing now?

Blaze the Hedgecat: At vegas spending Sonic's money.

Jack: Oooookay

Thrash: My mother used to gamble.

Jack: Now that's just wierd

Sonic: I don't need money

Cold: No money means chilly dogs.


Thrash: What if I were to say that I am yours and Amy's future son?

Jack: (To Sonic)Sonic, it's sounds like your Under Attack

Darkstorm: (To Sonic) Oh your about to get bombed!

Jack: Why him?

Darkstorm: I don't know.

Sonic:(Run to the bathroom and upchucks)SON OF B&T#H!

Trunks: Now that's sick.


Thrash: (Punches Goku in the face) It is the truth I am the child of Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose.

Jack: Sorry but it's True


Jack: Huh? Why? Are you sure?


Jack: But How? How am I suppose to be in 2 Places in once? I'm stuck in the Middle with my 2 Great Loves: Blaze the Hedgecat & Amy Rose

Thrash:(Leaves to his quarters (Room))

Skate(walk in with pain)ugh.

Trunks:Get back to bed Skate.

Skate(fall in with pain and bleeds)no I must protect Blaze the Hedgecat,from.

Trunks:From what?

(Lights went out)

Shadow:Lisa can you get the lights back on?


Shadow:What do you mean nope!?

Lisa:I can't because the lights are not broken and there on right now.

Cold: (Thinking)This is what my dad meant when he wrote"In the Cave your souls shale be in pain,the shadows are coming in to hurt somebody"Damn this storm.

Jack: I only like Amy Rose as my Best Friend & Blaze the Hedgecat is my new Lovelife & I can't break both of their Hearts

Black Scorpion computer: Back up generator are online, preparing to evacuate from the storm!!!

Jack: Evacuate?

Blaze the hedgecat: It means we are leaving the storm.

Jack: Why?

Black scorpion computer: Environment is unstable

Jack: Wait a Minute, we're giving up?

Darkstorm: Override code: 223451EBJK249, We aren't giving up.

Jack: Ok, But I'm getting Confused (Override the Code)

(If he over rides the override code than they will be evactuated)

Jack: I think I got it

Darkstorm:Jack, I want you and Blaze to take a break for 2hours

Jack: Which one do you mean? Blaze the Cat or Blaze the Hedgecat?

Darkstorm:Hedgecat Blaze of course.

Jack: Ohhhhh ok Darkstorm, you got it (To Blaze the Hedgecat) Come on, lets take a 2 Hour Break

Blaze the hedgecat: I'll see you in my room.

Jack: Ok see you later

Darkstorm: Smooth move Jack, you just won a all around trip to a date with Blaze the hedgecat.

Jack: Oh thank you

Darkstorm:Lets see if anny of my od tuxido's fit you.

Jack: Ok

Darkstorm:(Pulls out his old NCIS Uniform) Try this one.

Vector:Hey Darkstorm what with the lights going out?


Darkstorm:(Turns on the holographic blue print of the ship) Go to Generator room B on deck 12.

Skate:(In pain)I KNOW YOUR IN HERE!


Metal Sonic: Your a fool!

Metal Espio:After we kill you,where going to kill Blaze.

(Lights went out again)


Tails: What the,Lisa get us out this cave fast.

Lisa: Where kicking it to full speed!

Trunks:Bring up the speed!

Vegeta: (Thinking)Skates power level,it's gone.

Jack: Oh dear, something must be worng with the Lights

Darkstorm:Computer turn on the back generators!!!

Jack: Blaze the Hedgecat, are you sure there's something worng with the Lights?

Blaze the hedgecat: I beleive so.

Jack: I wonder what's going on outside

Darkstorm: I found the problem, It is a nanobot virus!

Jack: The Nanobot Virus? What's that?

Blaze the hedgecat: A robotic virus that shutsdow most of a systems main function, but they were outlawed by the Tribunal.

Jack: Whao, thaat sounds bad, we've better be careful

Blaze the Hedgecat: No worries, the debug program will turn on any minute now.

Jack: Ok

Blaze the hedgecat:(Pulls Jack into her room)

Jack: Wait for me

Blaze the Hedgecat: Come on Jack.

Jack: I'm coming, my Love (Follows Blaze the Hedgecat)

Blaze the hedgecat:(Puts on training Simulator armor)

Jack (Puts on his Training Simulater) So what are we doing today?

(Simulator Activates in a Samurri era)

Blaze the Hedgcat: We are gonna train, my sweet.

Jack: Ok, lets do it, my dear

Blaze the hedgecat: (Pulls out her Katanna) Draw your sword, my sweet.

Jack: (Pulls out his Katanna) Ok, I'll try to go easy on you

Blaze the hedgecat: (Strikes first)

Jack: (Blocks) How about this (Strikes Next)

Blaze the hedgecat: (Dodges and grabs her kuni) Not bad my sweet (Tosses her kuni at Jack).

Jack: (Dodges the Kuni) What's a Kuni?


These are Kuni and Shuriken

Blaze the hedgecat:(Throws Shuriken)

Jack: (Dodges the Shuriken) Whao, Nice Attack

Blaze the hedgecat:Your move.

Jack: Ok (Jumps & Spins & prepares to Strike)

Blaze the hedgecat:(Dodges and then Kisses Jack)

Jack: (Blushes) Oh My

(Simulator changes to Rifle practice)

Blaze the Hedgecat:Oh yeah this is my favorite simulator.

Jack: (Grabs his Rifle) Ok, let do it

Blaze the hedgecat: (Grabs her Sniper Rifle) Time to kill some Agents.

Jack: Ok, lets do it

(The first wave of agents starts coming and begins to shoot innocent people)

Jack: I can't shoot Innocent People, I can only take down someone that is Evil

Blaze the hedgecat: Shoot the agents!!!

Jack: Oh Yeah (Shoot the Agents) This is fun

(Rifels ar changed to 50 calibers and many agents areshooting them)

Jack: Whaa Hoo Hoo

Blaze the hedgecat:(Opens Fire) Suck my ammuntion agents.

Jack: Take this (Open Fire at the Agents)

(50 calibers are changed to pulse rifles and their clothes are changed to Colonial marines armor)

Jack: What are those?

Blaze the hedecat:Pulse Rilfes and I am guessing that this is a Evil Xenomorph killing round.

Jack: Gotcha

Cold:Guy where is Skate?

Blaze the Hedgecat:Simulator off, (To Cold) How did you get in?

Cold: Isn't Chaos control great?

Jack: Well I guess we've Done our Training, so it's time to get back to finding that Mystical Sub Crystal

Cold:That's what I mean,we can't find The Mystical Sub Crystal without Skate guys, where is he?


Jack: What's that?

Cold:Sound like Goku!

Jack: Come on lets go


Jack: What's going on here?

Marine:Goku is going!

Jack: Huh? Why?


Flame:What is going on!?

(Lights went out)

Jack: Hey, what the? How the? Who Turned out the Lights?

Tails:Not again!

????: Hehehehehehehe

Jack: Huh? What's that? Let me turn on the Fuse Box (Turns on the Fuse to see that M ysterious Figure is Dr. EggPlankton

Dr. EggPlankton: Hello Jack

Jack: Dr. EggPlankton, what brings you here

Dr. EggPlankton: Eggman, Eggman Nega, VeeEgg & I come to Claim our Goal: The Mystical Sub Crystal

Jack: We're Not letting you Take it (Tackles Dr. EggPlankton)

Dr. EggPlankton: (Shoves Jack away)

Jack: (Gets up) Looks like we got ourselves a Fight

Dr. EggPlankton: You & what Army?


Bada & Bing: (Appears)

Dr. EggPlankton: Uh Oh

Bada & Bing: (Punches Dr. EggPlankton)

Dr. EggPlankton: I Shall Return (Retreats on his Bucket Pod)

Jack: Leaving so soon? Too Bad

Bada: Maybe next time

Bing: Yeah, see you next time over here

Jack: (Turns to Everyone) Everyone, meet Bada & Bing, they are my two Bodyguards, they are both Gorillas & they're 10FT Tall

Bada: I'm Bada

Bing: And I'm Bing

Bada: And we're the Bodyguards of...

Bing: ...Jack the Hedgehog


Xenorahk: I think they're Gay.

Darkstorm: (Walks away slowly)

Bada & Bing: (Growls at Xenorahk)

Jack: What do you think, Blaze the Hedgecat?

(Metal Espio and Metal Sonic appears)

Metal Espio:The Girl.

Metal Sonic:Lets get her now.

Bada: Yo Bing

Bing: Yeah Bada?

Bada: Look what we got here (Grabs Metal Sonic)

Bing: (Grabs Metal Espio) Intruder, do you know what happen to Intruders like you two

Metal Espio:(Turns into goo)fools .

Metal Sonic:(Also Turns into goo)Ha.

Bada & Bing: Well They get Bounce (Grabs Metal Sonic & Metal Espio & Bounce Metal Sonic & Metal Espio away)

Metal Espio:(Turns normal)fools .

Metal Sonic:(Also Turns normal)Yeah now lets find that Cat..

Jack: Who?

Blaze the hedgecat: Are you Friggin blind, I am a Hedegcat!!!!

Darkstorm:(Grabs an Axe) David Lulervad.

Jack: Sorry, Your not taking away Blaze the Hedgecat from me, you gotta have to go through me to get her over my Dead Body

Metal Sonic:That can be arranged.

Darkstorm:(Swings Axe phsycopathically towards Metal Espio)

Jack: (Punches Metal Sonic)

Metal Espio: (Kicks Jack)

Shadow:I didn't know that you guy will even go that low.

Metal Sonic:Don't be a fool Shadow!

Metal Espio:Eggman has plans for this child in the future!

Jack: Uh who's that exactly?

Skate:Their are talking about BlazeTHC.


Jack: Oh yeah (To Metal Sonic & Metal Espio) You will never take Blaze the Hedgecat from me

???:(Turns vampire and attacks Metal Sonic and Metal Espio)

Jack: Who's that?

Spike the vamphog: 'Ello govna.

Jack: Hello, who are you?

Spike: Names Spike the Vamphog, and the idiotic junk piles are dead.

Jack: Let's finish them off

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Vomits)


Jack: (Kicks Metal Sonic's Face) Never mess with my Girl

Spike: (Tears out Espio's energy Core) Fag.

Metal Espio:Fools I have 2!

Metal Sonic:(Punches Jack in the face)Fools!

Darkstorm: (Throws EMP grenade)

Goku:(Punches Metal Sonic)Get out now!

Metal Sonic&Metal Espio:(Leaves)

Part 5 The Light Of Red Hell



Yautjan Troops:(Decloak) Follow us.

Jack: My Cheek hurts, after that Punch by Metal Sonic

Bada & Bing: (Eating Bananas)


Jack: What is it?

Trunks:Blood Red clouds.

Bada: Whao, never saaw them before

Bing: Looks like it's a different colour over here

Darkstorm:(Five Claw mark Scar begins to glow bright red for all to see)

Jack: What are those Red Clouds doing here?

Cold:My dad called it The Light Of Red Hell.

Darkstorm: And I call it death row!!!!

Jack: That sounds Dangerous

Ruts:You damn right it is.

Blaze THC:(Punches Ruts)

Jack: We need to figure out a way to get to the MSC through there

Darkstorm: The Crystal Radar has nothing on it.

Jack: Where is the MSC now?

Blaze THC: It means he can't find it.

Jack: Oh

Darkstorm:Still nothing.

Jack: Well what should we do now?


Flame:(Picks up Ruts)Watch it BlazeTHC,what gives you a right to hurt are sister!



Black:Don't touch her again.

Jack: Huh?

Black:Don't touch Ruts.

Jack: Oh right

Cold:We need a plain.

Vegeta:We go through.

Goku:Are you crazy!

Vegeta:Do you got an idea Kakarot?


Jack: Looks like we're going through

Darkstorm:(Screeches Loudly)

Jack: What is it Darksttorm?

Blaze the hedgecat: It's the red hell light, it is affecting him.

Darkstorm:(High Growl)

Jack: What kind of clouds are they?

Darkstorm:(Growls higher)

Jack: If he hits a High C, my ears will be Painful

Stardust:*Starts crying cause of fear*

Jack: It's ok, Stardust, here where these Earmuffs (Puts Earmuffs on Stardust's Ears)

Stardust:*Still crying in fear of Darkstorms inner demon*

Jack: Darkstorm, you made Stardust Cry, turn back to normal & say sorry

Darkstorm's Spirit: I would if I could, but I am not in controll (To Stardust) I am sorry youngling.

Jack: (Hands Blaze THC Stardust) Here you hold her, I will stop this Demon (Tackles Darkstorm)

Bada & Bing: (Tackles Darkstorm)

(Stardust is a girl)

Spiritual Darkstorm:*Tickles Stardust*

Demon Darkstorm:(Shocks Bada and Bing)

Bada & Bing: Ow

Jack: A little help please

Cold:(Helps Jack)What ever.

Jack: Thanks Cold

Bada & Bing: That demon is really Hard to beat


Jack: What is it?

Ruller:My Matter freeze ray will stop D-Storm!

Jack: Ok, fire away

Demon Darkstorm:(Laughs)

Jack: What's so funny?

Demon Darkstorm: If I am in the red hell light I am more powerfull!

Jack: Oh right

Spiritual Darkstorm: But your weak against the Heavens light!

Jack: The Heaven Lights, what are the Heaven Lights?

Spiritual Darkstorm: It is the crystal that powers the ship, computer turn on the heavens light particle cage around Demon me!

Jack: Wow

Demon Darkstorm:(Becomes weaker) Noooo

Jack: Let's go even closer to the Heaven Lights

Spiritual Darkstorm:(Stops Jack and Pulls out one of his quills) If you go near the heavens light you'll be burned to death (Sticks guil in the beam and guil lights on fire)

Jack: Oh Yeah sorry (Grows another Quill to replaced it) Sorry, I didn't know

Demon Darkstorm:(Body smoking)*Hisses at Ruts*

Jack: Let's get going to find the MSC

Demon Darkstorm:(Claws at Ruts)

Black&Skate:( Black uses his claws to block D-Storms attack and Skate used chaos claw to block D-Storms attack)Don't touch her.

Jack: What?

Demon Darkstorm: I was the one who punched Ruts, I went into Blazes body for a few mins.

Jack: Oh Right, Sorry

Demon Darkstorm: And I gonna finish the job (Extends his claws)

Jack: Why would you go into Blaze's Body?


Skate:Hit the road D-storm!

Jack: You gotta turn back from Bad to Good

Spiritual Darkstorm: He won't listen, not unless Rutts gives herself up willingly.

Jack: Ok

Skate Jr.:???

Jack: Huh?



Jack: Wha?

Demon Darkstorm:(Growls deviously)

Jack: Oh dear, we gotta do something

Cold:(Turns Ultimate Cold)


Ultimate Cold:Yo back off!

Jack: Wow, I didn't know you turned Ultimate as well

Ultimate Skate:Of course he can,he taught you.

Jack: I can already go Ultimate, in order to do that, I must turn into my Super Form & then my Hyper Form & finally I turn into my Ultimate Form

Demon Darkstorm:(Grabs Rutts and Runs for it)

Jack: Demon Darkstorm is getting away

Demon Darkstorm:(Back fires and returns to the bridge) What.

Spiritual Darkstorm: You can't leave without me!!

Jack: Darkstorm, we're getting Confused


Spiritual Darkstorm:(Goes inside demon Darkstorm)

Jack: What are we gonna do?

Ult Cold: Take him down!

Vitani: Do that your dead!

Ult Skate: Really how?

Vitani:(Being Darkstorms wife she shares his powers)

Jack: Now what are we gonna do?

Ult Skate: BlazeTHC get SJ to a safe place.

Vitani:(Shocks Demon Darkstorm and returns him to normal)

Jack: Alright, Blaze the Hedgecat, stand back because it's time for me to go Ultimate (Turns into Ultimate Jack)

Ultimate Jack: ULTIMATE JACK! Skate, Cold, I'm going to help too

Mega Hyper Blaze THC:(Phenoxies fly around her)

Darkstorm:(Back to normal thanks to Vitani)

Ultimate Jack: Whao what are those, Blaze the Hedgecat?

Blaze THC: Phenoxies.

Ultimate Jack: Wow

Darkstorm:(Kisses Vitani)

Ultimate Jack: (To Blaze THC) I Love you Blaze the Hedgecat (Kisses Blaze THC)

Ultimate Skate:You make me sick.

Mega Hyper Blaze THC:(Her phenoixes attack Skate)

Ultimate Jack: Is he gonna be ok?

Ultimate Skate:AH!

Ultimate Cold:Hmph.

Ultimate Jack: What should we do now?

Ultimate Cold:Fly out and look around.

Ultimate Jack: Ok got it

Flame:Sounds like a bad idea.

Ultimate Jack: Are you sure?


Ultimate Jack: Then what do you think we should do?

Tails:Somethings wrong.

Jack: (turns back to normal) Nothing's wrong

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