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Welcome, Wealthy and Successful Mobians! (Restarting!)

Paris Harrington and her father James Harrington have just opened their new country club to those who are eligible, and are approved by Paris and her father. Those who try to enter the club without their consent are asked to leave or be...'escorted' away. This is an elegant and high society property bought and built on by the Harringtons, so they shall do what they please with their land, and their club.


  • NO GODMODDING/Being a Gary Stu/Mary Sue/Controlling other characters/ Be at least slightly BELIEVABLE.
  • Only the Harringtons can determine who they allow into their club, you can't just walk in and join without consent. The country club just opened after all.
  • I don't expect to see any fights. So don't start one without a PICTURE PERFECT reason. I really hope we can stay away from them for at least SOME time.
  • If you start acting like an idiot, you will be asked to stop, and if you don't, you'll be asked to leave, and if you continue I'll just delete your replies all together.
  • Characters in a country club are, you know, stinking rich, so be stinking rich! xD
  • Don't make the RP completely about YOU. The world doesn't revolve around you. Don't be a moron.
  • Have fun!


  • AnnabelleRich (Asia)
  • MaxIrvaron

Involved Characters

  • Paris Harrington (AR)
  • James Harrington (AR)
  • Celeste Harrington (AR)
  • Annabelle Rich (AR)
  • Travis the German Shepherd (AR)
  • Diamond the Chipmunk (AR)
  • Missy the Bat (AR)
  • Kristy the Dog (AR)
  • Max Irvaron (MI)
  • Alexia the Hedgehog (MI)

The Country Club

The Harrington Country Club (Free Join)/Part1

Another day, another massive amount of money stashed into your ever growing bank account.

"C'mon sis! Paris is totally waiting for us!" A voice called out. The Harrington Country Club had been open for quite some time now, with members coming and going, like seasons. Outside of it's doors, a convertible was about to be driven to the nearby parking lot by a worker, while two girls hopped out. The first, a younger bat wearing a rather flattering outfit, was heading towards the entrance of the building with a bag over her shoulder. The other, a chipmunk wearing a rather beautiful outfit, followed behind with a bag of her own.

Max was just done skating to this "country club." Back on Earth, he'd been at a lot, and this place seemed no different. He was wearing his casual outfit; his yellow vest with his name on it, and casual black jeans. He saw the bat and the squirrel, but before he could introduce himself, he was glomped by Alexia, who fell on him.

Max got back up and dusted himself off. "...! Alexia! Watch where you're going! You never know when you might bump into a snobby kid and not a fine gentleman like me!"

Alexia was very dizzy as she got up, birdies flying around her head. "...Maybe....Extreme Gear...isn't... for me..."

Max rolled his eyes. "Ya think? Anyway, we need to get going. You're lucky that I have enough rings for the both of us."

Alexia smiled. "Thank you, Mackenzie- MPH!" Max covered her mouth.

"HEY! If anyone catches wind of my real name, people'll be teasin' me for days, so just call me Max..." His face darkened. "...Got it?"

Alexia stepped back and nodded. "Yes, Max!"

Max's face lit up and he smiled. "Good! Now, let's go." And the two started walking to the entrance.

"Aaah~! Look at this place!!" The bat called out, her voice echoing through the grand foyer. The chipmunk was greeted by two maids, making her smirk a bit as she smiled and sighed.

"I'm so glad I get to be pampered again~! Where's Paris anyway? She's the guest of honor and Anna is suppose to be here too...~" The chipmunk said, before the bat giggled.

"You know they like making entrances." She spoke, and the two nodded in perfect unison.

"Is that who I think it iiiiis~?" A voice called out, belonging to a canine who's light brown hair was up in a poytail. She seemed to be in a swimsuit, probably fresh out of the pool. The two girls gasped and rushed over.

"Kristy~!" The hugged the girl, seeing as though the canine wasn't actually wet before letting go.

"Hi Diamond." Kristy greeted, before the bat spoke up. "What's up? Going for a dip?" Kristy shook her head before speaking, "Nah, we finished a photoshoot for the new line of swimsuits." She explained.

Max walked over to them and scratched his head. "...Why'd someone want to have (I'm guessing) underage girls show of swimsuits? It must be really important to them, or they're just these perv-"

Alexia pushed Max out of the way reluctantly and she turned to face the girls. "Sorry! He doesn't have a brain-to-mouth filter."

Kristy and the chipmunk named Diamond seemed to scoff offensively towards Max, before Alexia shoves him out of the way.

"Mm. Obviously." Diamond smirked a bit and looked back to Kristy, "Kristy's just getting a head start in the field. She's been doing this for a while and she has a modeling contract with a couple of companies...Besides." She glanced at Max, "Not everyone understands how important it is..." The bat giggled.

"Besides. It's sort of like a 10 year old entering college because he's a genius. That sort of thing. I get a leg up on all the women going into their 30s that are being pushed away by all the magazines. It's a dog eat dog world after all. They always want someone younger, more eager. You know?" Kristy explained and smiled.

"Oh..." Max says, rolling his eyes. "I get it. Pervs who are into younger women. Makes a lot of sense to me. Thank you for your thorough and detailed explanation."

Alexia facepalmed as she left to go pay to go into the club. Max was just standing there, looking down at them (literally; he's 5'3) like they were idiots.

Kristy glared a bit, "You know I'm 18, right? And those 'pervs' you're talking about, are all female fashion designers..." The other two seemed to stare at him in annoyance.

"Just forget him Kristy." Diamond huffed, rolling her eyes as Missy smirked a bit and the girls turned their backs to him, "Ugh...Now, where is our host?"

"Still getting ready. Anna will be here any minute." Kristy responded as a butler wondered over and offered a robe to her as she slid her arms into it, "Any special plans for today?"

"Mm...I really want to check out the movie theater...What about you, Missy?" Diamond turned to the girl, who simply shrugged and pulled out her cellphone.

Alexia tapped Kristy on her shoulder. Her legs were shivering more than the rest of her was, and her face was flushed. "..Um... I'm sorry about him... Miss Swimsuit Model..."

Max went and got himself signed up while Alexia was impersonating a shy girl (except she wasn't pretending).

Kristy raised an eyebrow at this girl as Diamond seemed to smirk and giggle along with Missy. She sighed, "It's fine...and I'm Kristy by the way. Kristy Summers." The name was practically legendary in the fashion industry. There was a clothing line that came to mind, known as 'Endless Summers'.

"Hmph." Diamond sighs, "He should be the one apologizing, not you." She muttered as Kristy shushed the chipmunk.

Alexia shook her head. "Th-this i-i-is how things u-u-usually go. Max says something he shouldn't h-h-have, a-and I apologize for him." She bows respectfully before catching up with Max.

"Hmph." Diamond scoffed, "How pathetic is that...? If you ask me she should ditch that jerk and find someone worth her time." These words made the other two nod before Kristy looked at her phone, "Oh, I'm running a bit behind for my spa appointment.

"Ooh, well then we'll see you around!" Missy smiled as the girls hugged once again, before heading off their separate ways.

Alexia caught up to Max. "Why did you say those things? You could have gotten into big trouble!"

Max scoffed. "Should've known snobby people would've-"

"Max, the only one being snobby was you!"

Max rolled his eyes. "So what do you want me to do?" He looks down at her.

Alexia's face flushes. "W-Well, it'd be nice if you went and apologized-"

"Done." Max snapped, and instantly, he has in a black tux and smooth black jeans. "Mm, Chaos Control is fine!"

He went and walked over to Kristy Summers. "I apologize for the foolish way I acted, madam. I hope you can find it in you heart to forgive me." He bowed.

The model seemed to be on the phone with someone, and held back the urge to roll her eyes as she sighed, "Yeah, sure." She went back to her phone call, "Yeah, I'm here babe." She smiled as she bit her lip, "Of course we can go out on Saturday...I'm not busy for once...Yeah, I think C Cat will be's been a while since she and Markus broke up. Tsk, yeah...I still can't believe he cheated on sucks...She deserves better. And with Amber? Ugh." She groaned and frowned.

Max bowed once again and started to walk away. "Your wish is my command, ma'am! I will be your-" He adjusted his bow tie. "-personal butler for the day as an apology."

"And the-" Kristy paused for a moment and slowly switched her glance towards Max with a look of confusion on her face, "What did you say...?" She asked softly, before turning her attetion back to the phone, "Sorry babe, I'll call you back I promise." She quickly hung up the phone and looked back towards Max, "Can you...repeat that...?"

"Your. Wish. Is. My. Command. Ma'am. I. Will. Be. Your. Personal. Butler. For. The. Day. As. An. Apology." Max stopped speaking at every syllable.

Kristy gave a small eyeroll at him, " this your way of apologizing for having your friend apologize for your stank attitude?" She scoffed a bit and put her phone down, crossing her legs casually.

"Though I'm more apologizing to Alexia than you," Max coughed. "Yes, 'tis my way."

"Hmph." Kristy stuck her nose in the air but got to her feet, "Fine then. I accept your day long apology. At least now Allessa can have her day off from following me around." She smirked, "Come on then~" She spoke and began to walk back into the main lobby, "I need to change back into my clothes and - Anna!" She gasped as she stared towards the large, spiraling staircase, spotting a she wolf coming down the stairs with none other than Paris Harrington herself. Annabelle blinked and waved a bit as she rushed down to hug her.

"BFF! How are you!" Kristy asked as the two broke off and the wolf smiled.

"I'm fine. How are you?" She asked and Kristy smiled, "Oh I'm absolutely amazing~!"

Max's eyes practically bulged. "A-A-Annabelle Rich? Is that.. really you... with Paris Harrington... in the flesh?" Max was shivering like crazy.

Paris raises an eyebrow at the human and speaks up, "Well of course...The Harrington family owns the Harrington Country Club. Why would I not be in the flesh...~?" She spoke and finished walking down the stairs, her platform boots clicking rather softly against the shining floors.

Kristy smiled at Annabelle, "By the by, Diamond and Missy are here."

"Oh yes!" The she wolf grinned.

Max's eyes glittered. "Whoa... Never thought I would actually see you two here by yourselves. I was expecting to see those guys in the movie Men in Black be your bodyguards and carry you around... and they would both be tall. Really tall. Like 7'0."

Paris seemed to look at him and sighed as she put her hands on her hips, "Unlike most herisess, and spoiled brats, we at least know how to protect ourselves from minor threats...We do let them walk around with us in public places, meetings, interviews and so on, but sometimes it's just for show really." She explained.

Max nodded and looked back at Kristy. "W-Would you like anything, m-m-ma'am?" His voice was shaking, and he was pronouncing each syllable like a robot.

Annabelle raised an eyebrow and glanced between the two as Kristy sighed and tied off her robe, "Not just yet. I need to change back into some clothes and then I'll think about what I'm gonna have you do for me." She smirked a bit as Paris also raised an eyebrow, and smiled softly.

Max bowed. "As you wish, whatever-you-name-is." Max slapped himself. Get a hold of yourself! These are just normal people! Max waved to Alexia before turning to Annabelle and Paris. "Ms. Rich? Ms. Harrington? Would you like anything to drink?"

Kristy gave a small glare as Annabelle rolled her eyes a bit and watched Kristy walk off. She glanced at Max, "I'll get a rain check on that." She went to catch up to Kristy as they headed off elsewhere.

"I'm fine, thanks." Paris sighed as she plopped onto a long seat, and almost striking a pose when she was really just relaxing as she pulled her cellphone out with a small sigh.

DAMN IT! Max looked very constipated for five seconds before calming down. "I see." He faced Kristy before she left, and notified of her glare, he gave an ugly look towards her for a split-second. He practiced his butlering. "Would you like anything? If not, I shall jump in a nearby pool."

Paris only raised an eyebrow as she seemed to notice him talking to the air, seeing as Kristy and Annabelle had already left the room so the model could change into some decent clothes.

Kristy and Annabelle entered a lounge like room, with a large closet as Annabelle closed the door behind them, "Ugh, I hate people like that." Kristy groaned softly as she grabbed a pair of shorts and a tank top, plus undergarments as she walked behind a folding screen to change.

"I know...I don't see why Paris lets people like that in." Annabelle sighed as she plopped onto the nearby couch, looking at her phone, "But apparently he wants to be your butler for a day. More of a burdon if you ask me's none of my business." The she wolf spoke, and Kristy gave a quick, "I KNOW right?"

(Oh crud I didn't know they left)

(( xux ))

"So why are you here?" Paris seemed to break the silence as she looked at her priceless cellphone, "You definitely don't seem to be the type to hang around people like us..." She sighed.

Max turned around and shrugged. "I dunno. I don't use my cash much, so this is the place to be!" He smirked. "But yeah, you peeps are different than I expected... in a good way. I expected you all to be snobs."

"Mm." She seemed to chuckle, "Who said we weren't~?" She spoke in a somewhat proud tone. She sighed a bit as she crossed her legs, when she bit her lip rather seductively and giggled as she looked at something on the phones screen, "Travis, you're so silly...~" She muttered softly to herself.

Max's smirk turned into a grin. Talking to himself, he said "So, let me get this straight. I'm at an animal country club for rich people, and most of them are really snarky." He chuckled and laughed. "I'ma have a great time here!"

Elsewhere, Alexia was walking around the place, trying to get familiar with the club. "whenever someone walked up to her, she walked away. Whenever someone said "Hi!" she sheepishly greeted "...Hi...." back. And what with her lack of focus, after ten minutes of walking around, she fell into the pool. Good thing I know how to swim... she thought as she floated to the surface. She swam around, splashing herself and having a generally good time.

Paris seemed to only roll her eyes before she slowly sat up and glanced at him with a blank expression, "Excuse me. But I have some things to take care of with the club employees." She said, before slowly standing up and beginning to strut off elsewhere. By the time she was gone, Annabelle and Kristy were returning. The canine model was now in a flowing red dress, with black wedge heels that matched her black bead necklace.

Max smiled a giddy smile. "Hello, Miss.... Model? Greetings, Miss Rich. I hope not to be a nuisance to you. If you ever have a problem, I would appreciate it if you simply tell me, and I'll ditch ya faster than Jerry does Tom."

The two glance at each other and hold back the urge to roll their eyes.

"First things first. Mr...Guy who annoys people for a living?" The canine started, "For the last time. The name is Kristy. Krisy Summers. And yes. Your entire attitude is a nuisance to me right now. And the fact that you offered to apparently do what I say for a day as an apology is slowly and slowly just becoming a weight on my shoulders that I don't have time for. So yes. You annoy me. And I would appretiate if you would vacate my breathing air." She smiled softly, Annabelle raising an eyebrow as Kristy turns to leave, "Oh, and if you see that girl you came in with, tell her I'd like to hang with her for a while. Out of the two of you, she seems to be the one with manners. Thanks ahead of time, Mr. Max Irvaron." This last statement seemed to come out rather respectful and not in a snobby tone, and she begins to walk off. Annabelle makes a small whistling sound as she waves and slowly follows Kristy as well.

Max nodded, apparently and realistically unfazed. "Got it, Kris." With a snarky chuckle, he put his hands in his pocket and searched for Alexia.. even though after ten seconds, he was glomped by her once again. "Hi, Max!"

Max smiled. "Yo, Aqua. Just so you know, so NCCoPs (Not Cool, Cute, or Popular) over there wanna hang out with you."

Alexia's face was more blank than a piece of paper. "...What?"

A few seconds later, Aqua was right in front of Kristy and Rich, shivering. "H-H-Hello, misses? I-I was told you needed me? Did I-I do something wrong?"

The two seemed to have been chatting back and forth, Kristy saying, "How did he even get in here anyway? Like, seriously." With Annabelle replying with, "He has the attitude of a stupid 5 year old." She scoffed in annoyance, before they noticed Aqua show up in their walking path. They stopped, Kristy putting her hands on her hips.

"Hey you." She greeted, "I hate to say this but...that guy you came in with? Is a total douche bag. Like, more douchy than the guys that hang out here. Awful influence. You really should just ditch him. He's dragging you down." She spoke solidly.

"Honestly. Its as if you're his baby sitter and have to take the blame for whatever he does." Annabelle sighed, "Anyway. We've been trying to get new members of the country club to socialize with and your the only newbie with manners. Wanna hang~?" She asked softly.

Alexia's face flushed when she heard what they were saying about Max. Well, I guess I could stand to be alone for a bit... She looked at him diving into the pool and shrugged with a cute grin on her face. "Okay the, Miss... oops, forgive me, I don't know your names. I'm sorry..."

"Kristy Summers." The dog spoke, before the wolf spoke next.

"Annabelle Rich. I guess you don't keep up with celebrity news too much, mm~?" She asked, but smiled and raised an eyebrow.

Alexia stared downwards and kicked the ground with her feet. "Well, in the village, we don't really have TVs, I'm afraid..." Noticing her raised eyebrow, Alexia looked like someone had hit her back to whip her into shape. "Anways, what would you like to do?"

"No TV? Bummer..." Kristy said in a sympathetic tone of voice. Annabelle perked up a bit at Alexia's question.

"Well, we have hot tubs, a spa, a nail salon, a hair salon, tennis court, batting cages, basket ball court, movie theater, arcade...Anything you can ever dream of." The she wolf stated casually.

Alexia's eyes glimmered at the thought of hanging out with the two. She seemed to be holding back tears; not many people just welcomed her like this. "Thank you... Miss Kristy, Miss Annabelle. I would like to-" Alexia stopped. "Never mind. You invited me - you choose."

The two blinked in surprise as they glanced between each other, before glancing back to her as Annabelle spoke first, "We should most definitely get pampered. I think we all deserve it after all." she proposed, and carefully took Alexia's hand, "I'll lead the way, mm~?"

Alexia's face flushed even more deeply. Oh, the way she talks... who does that...? Oh, she needs to stop, it's meant for flirting.... but then, it'd be rude to tell her to shut it... I guess I'll have to keep my face color in check. She smiled cutely and nodded gently. "Y-Yes, Miss Annabelle!"

The she wolf giggled, "You can just call me Anna." She winked playfully, making Kristy smirk and roll her eyes a bit as the canine spoke up.

"You're totally gonna make Jason jealous~!" Kristy spoke in a joking manner, which made Annabelle sigh and shake her head.

"I'm only playing around, c'mooon." Her friend responded as they lead Alexis towards some leisure looking areas. Hot tubs, saunas, the works.

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