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This RP is brought to you by AR (Asia) =w=

Welcome, Wealthy and Successful Mobians! (Restarting!)

Paris Harrington and her father James Harrington have just opened their new country club to those who are eligible, and are approved by Paris and her father. Those who try to enter the club without their consent are asked to leave or be...'escorted' away. This is an elegant and high society property bought and built on by the Harringtons, so they shall do what they please with their land, and their club.


  • NO GODMODDING/Being a Gary Stu/Mary Sue/Controlling other characters/ Be at least slightly BELIEVABLE.
  • Only the Harringtons can determine who they allow into their club, you can't just walk in and join without consent. The country club just opened after all.
  • I don't expect to see any fights. So don't start one without a PICTURE PERFECT reason. I really hope we can stay away from them for at least SOME time.
  • If you start acting like an idiot, you will be asked to stop, and if you don't, you'll be asked to leave, and if you continue I'll just delete your replies all together.
  • Characters in a country club are, you know, stinking rich, so be stinking rich! xD
  • Don't make the RP completely about YOU. The world doesn't revolve around you. Don't be a moron.
  • Have fun!


  • AnnabelleRich (Asia)

Involved Characters

  • Paris Harrington (AR)
  • James Harrington (AR)
  • Celeste Harrington (AR)
  • Annabelle Rich (AR)
  • Travis the German Shepherd (AR)
  • Diamond the Chipmunk (AR)
  • Missy the Bat (AR)
  • Kristy the Dog (AR)

The Country Club

The Harrington Country Club (Free Join)/Part1

Another day, another massive amount of money stashed into your ever growing bank account.

"C'mon sis! Paris is totally waiting for us!" A voice called out. The Harrington Country Club had been open for quite some time now, with members coming and going, like seasons. Outside of it's doors, a convertible was about to be driven to the nearby parking lot by a worker, while two girls hopped out. The first, a younger bat wearing a rather flattering outfit, was heading towards the entrance of the building with a bag over her shoulder. The other, a chipmunk wearing a rather beautiful outfit, followed behind with a bag of her own.

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