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  • No killing another person's character (unless that said person is fine with it)
  • No romance or sexual content. (a little of romance is fine, as long as it is only kissing)
  • Stick to the plot and work your character into the story.
  • Do not randomly stick your character into the RP!
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After a few years of the Justified Alien Species dwelling among the humans, the species has grown considerably, and, for concern that they may pose a threat for Station Square and its residents, G.U.N. has forced the aliens to the outskirts of Station Square, or Soumerca, and has been keeping tabs on them ever since. However, one particular alien keeps coming back to Station Square, insisting that she must continue to do what she was created to accomplish. Will this one alien prove to be a formidable threat that not even G.U.N. can stop?

Meanwhile, far, far away from Station Square, deep under ground, the Black Arms, are preparing for a strike on the surface world and its human residents. Who will be able to stop them if they attack?


  • SuperSilverXtreme14 - Creator of Roleplay
  • Skyblade743



  • Simha the Justified Alien - Played by SuperSilverXtreme14. An alien princess to her people, and protector of the human race.


  • Shadow the Hedgehog - Played by SuperSilverXtreme14. Soldier/Agent to G.U.N. and a hedgehog Black Arms hybrid.
  • Rouge the Bat - Played by SuperSilverXtreme14. Soldier/Agent to G.U.N., as well as a sneaky spy.
  • G.U.N. - Played by SuperSilverXtreme14 and anyone who has an OC in this group. An organization positioned in Station Square and Area 99, that tries to protect Earth from alien invaders, super villains etc.
  • Drake the Black Arms Hybrid - Played by SuperSilverXtreme14. A mysterious humanoid robot/alien with a serious obligation to destroy Simha.
  • Justified Alien Species - Played by SuperSilverXtreme14 and anyone who wants to have a character in this group. A friendly alien species that is currently building a colony on Earth/Mobius.
  • E-123 Omega - Played by Skyblade743. The last of the E-Series robots, member of G.U.N. and a friend of Shadow's.


  • Eclipse the Darkling - Played by anyone. A Black Arms super soldier intent on killing Shadow and the Justified Species. Current leader of the Black Arms.
  • Black Arms - Played by SuperSilverXtreme14 and anyone who has an OC in this group.
  • Zero the Darkling Hybrid - Played by SuperSilverXtreme14. Eclipse's partner in some sorts. She is skilled in knowledge of the human world, having been born and mutated there. She also leads a force of Black Arms Hybrids.



Shadow peered through his binoculars at the tall figure which stood on top of the highest skyscraper in Station Square. The figure shifted its legs uncomfortably, as if it knew it was being watched. Suddenly, it turned its unblinking eyes to Shadow. Shadow stifled a gulp and tightened his grip on his pistol, keeping as close to the shadows of the looming gargoyle as he could. He had no idea how the thing was able to see him, but he knew it had.

He had been watching and following it for a whole day. Its pattern was always the same, it paced across the edge of the building for awhile, its eyes trained on the people below, paused, and then continued. Shadow felt his legs go numb but he ignored it. He and the thing held each others gaze for what seemed thirty minutes, till it shrugged away the thought and continued its routine.

Shadow shifted his legs, and bit his lip as blood surged through his legs like sharp needles. He closed his eyes for a minute, and when he opened them, the thing was gone. Shadow jumped to his feet and cocked his gun, and as he turned his head, he came face to face with the creature.

"Hello." The creature said as it tilted its head, its huge red eyes looking into his own small ones. Shadow retreated back a few feet and aimed his gun at the creature. The creature only smiled and its long white ears lifted. "I'm Simha. You don't have to be afraid of me."

Shadow clenched his teeth. "I'm not afraid of you. You should be afraid of me." His finger slowly pushed on the trigger.

Simha, her tall body crouched down so she could stand in the short crevice of the building, still smiling, slowly made an approach. "Me? Afraid of you? Why should I?" her voice was calm, and her clawed hands reached out to Shadow, in a gentle gesture, the long claws retracting slowly till they were as sharp and small as finger nails.

Shadow took another step back. "Stand down!" And shot a bullet that made contact with the creature's arm. The creature who called herself Simha, was jerked back by the impact, but quickly regained balance and narrowed her eyes at Shadow. Black blood, as black as oil and as thick as blood, dripped from the wound. "Your just like them, aren't you?" her black pupils shrink until they are tiny slits. "You shoot what you don't understand, and kill what you don't trust. You haven't even heard my side of the story have you?" She clenches her fists and, for the moment, her face looks almost pitiable. "You wouldn't hurt an innocent human, but you would hurt an innocent alien. Why?" She looks at Shadow, and Shadow feels as though she is searching his heart, looking into his soul. He fires another round, this time the bullet penetrating her leg.

Simha stumbles, but steadies herself, leaning herself against the wall. "Why won't humans and Mobians see me for what I am on the inside, look beyond my outer shell, and see me as who I am and not what I am. Why?" Black tears stream down her face. Her eyes, no longer shrunk, gaze sadly into Shadow's.

Shadow tightens his grip on his gun, preparing to fire another round. "Stand down and surrender!" Wings sprout out of Simha's sides, dragon-like wings with black tips. She spreads them, and takes off. Shadow growls and watches her disappear behind the dark storm clouds.

Simha lands in Royals Park, landing softly on the bushes, her head leaned back, accepting the rain as it fell down on her body in gentle pitters and patters. Her arm and leg stung, but she ignored the pain. The rain calmed her, soothing her pain and her sorrow. Her wings slowly disappeared and she lay there, her eyes closed, taking it all in.

Somewhere afar off, a figure crouched in the darkness of an alleyway. If someone passed by, they would see a rather tall teenager, with flowing black hair that ran down his shoulders, but also stuck out like a Mohawk on the top of his head. His eyes were black and empty. He wore a brown jacket, with a black undershirt and he wore black jeans and black strapped boots.

Rain drops ran down his hair, and into his eyes. But he didn't flinch, he didn't even cringe. Because he couldn't feel it. Because he wasn't human. He watched as a figure with wings made its descent into Royals Park. He knew who it was, and his mission was clear. After a few minutes, he left his hiding place and started for the park.

Part 1

(Now I'll wait for others to join. -SuperSilverXtreme14.)

Shadow ran through the rain, past stop signs and moving vehicles. He knew very well that he wasn't supposed to allow his target to escape him, but with her injuries, finding her should be easy right? "Hmph! I wish." he muttered and put his walkie-talkie to his ear. "Rouge, Omega, I think I'll need your-" Shadow hesitated. From the other end, there was an impatient tap-tapping sound.

"Just say it, Shadow. Is it really that hard?" Shadow licked his lips and dodged several cars. He knew he would hate himself for this, but, in this big city, finding one alien would be like finding a needle in a haystack. He sighed and muttered in a slightly inaudible voice. "I need your help." The tap-tapping stopped.

"See, was it that hard?" Shadow clenched his teeth and bit his tongue.

"Just get here." And he hung up. He ran down a side road and found himself in an alleyway. "Now, to find that alien." he thought to himself as he ran.

Meanwhile, at G.U.N. HQ, in a locker room, Rouge was busy prepping for her mission. She adjusted her boots and zipped up her black G.U.N. uniform. She hadn't expected for Shadow to lose one alien, but then again, she didn't expect anything of him either. She dusted herself off and stepped out from the locker room.

Omega listens to Shadow's message. It was rare that Shadow ever asked for help, but when he did it was usually him or Rouge who came to the rescue. He didn't bother getting anything out of his locker: there wasn't anything there. He leaves the room and meets up with Rouge.

Rouge turns to see Omega and walks past him. "Come on big guy. Shadow needs us." She takes out a Warp Ring and throws it on the ground. A warp hole appears on the floor and Rouge steps towards it. She turns to look back at Omega and smiles. "Well? What are you waiting for?"

Omega jumps through the Warp Ring and appears in Station Square He fires up his boosters and goes looking for Shadow, waiting for Rouge to follow him.