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While the Roleplay had a great run, it is now going to be told in the story of a fanfic and will actually have canon elements. When this fanfic will be released, it is unsure. But the story will continue to those who hoped for an ending to this tale of victory!

EDIT: Island of Doom is being revived, it will be told in a new format in Island of Purgatory.


  1. Absolutely no power playing.
  2. No switching of the elements or for that matter the location.
  3. No godmodding.
  4. Do not use other characters with out the permission of others.
  5. You can not switch alignments.
  6. This is INVITE only.
  7. Please be patient when editing, wait at least TWO/ONE minute(s) before editing.
  8. Heroes are NOT allowed to attack each other or turn on each other, Villains are allowed to do so but for selfish purposes.
  9. Do not stray from the plot.
  10. Edit FREQUENTLY.
  11. Every single villain must die. (They WILL be revived in the end.)
  12. Please message on the talk page if anything, or message me if anything.
  13. Have fun!


Mobius, the planet that holds many forms of life is now in critical condition facing towards the end. An artifact known as the Voice Of Spirits keeps the planet alive, but now the artifact has gotten into the wrong hands and it lays in the epicenter of Voyai-Mobi. The island has become corrupt, billions dying world wide, and deadly polution floods Mobius. Six unique heroes have been chosen to fight for the world with their specific powers and skills. They are not alone how ever, six villains look for the artifact for bounty money, and possession of the world. But little do both factions know that something larger is happening beyond their comprehension. The world lies on the shoulders of the heroes, and the battle has begun for the revival of Mobius.


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Involved Characters

(List your character under the alignments and list their elements and who owns the character by linking to the user page)

(There are six elements that both alignments use. Fire, Air, Water, Ice, Earth, and Stone. The Guardian uses Light/Dark.)


Hiero the Hawk (Fire Element, Minato Arisato00)

Phantom the Mink (Air Element, HauntedPhantom)

Geo Gaiaquake (Earth Element, Draon029) (Removed)

Hiroko the Aegean Cat (Stone Element, Journey125)

Alasdair the Lionolf (Ice Element, General Knight)

Nagisa the Bat (Water Element, Bitbyte1214) (Partially Removed)

Jango the Ursaring (Normal type, SDK) (Temporarily)


Frezik the Husky (Ice element, SonsofChaos) (Currently: Deceased)

Shane Lowder (Water Element, Monk the Cat) (Currently: Deceased)

Corsin the Bear (Earth Element, SDK) (Currently: Deceased)

Nudge the Lopunny (Stone Element, Nudge) (Currently: Deceased)

Solidus the Werefox (Fire Element, er1c1996(Currently: Deceased)

Quartz (Air Element, Frozen Scorpio) (Retired)

Michael Lowder (Air Element, Monk the Cat)


Demente the Energyhog (Guardian by TheSkullWolf.)


Part I: The Chosen Ones/The Awakening Of The Ineekah (Completed)

Part II: Prison Pains (Completed)

Part III: Missing Member (Completed)

Part IV: Half the Battle (Completed)

Part V: Desperation (Completed)

Part VI: Life and Death (Ended/Canceled)

(Skipping to Epilogue)

Part I: The Chosen Ones/The Awakening Of The Ineekah

[A voice rings in the minds of the six heroes, chosen and summoned they are from their homes; to being sent to the evil, sadistic, and demonic remote island known as Voyai-Mobi. It is their duty to retrieve the 'Voice of Spirits' and put it back to order.]

Hiero: *is peacefully hunting, only to be disturbed by a sudden teleportation.*

Alasdair: *meditating on a snowy mountain top, when he is suddenly teleported*

Phantom: *Sitting at the top of a tree watching the stars, until she is then teleported.*

Hiroko: *Messing with a diamond when she is teleported*

Geo: *Training up in the mountain range, when he's teleported*

Nagisa: *Going for a run when she is teleported*

[The six heroes were teleported to the remote island of Voyai-Mobi.]

Hiero: Where the hell am I? Who the hell are you people!? *gets into a battle stance* Get away from me.

Phantom: Woah, calm down..! *She puts her hands up in defense.* I'm... Not too sure myself.

Alasdiar: *still in his meditation pose, eyes close* Well obviously we aren't here to kill eachother, so you might as well stand down. *opens his eyes and gets up his ringblade on his back*

Geo: *Laughs, laying on his back, since he landed on it when he was teleported* Now that is an entrance. *Hops up* So, where do you think we are?

Hiero: You think this is some joke kid? Get serious. I could gut you up in seconds. *returns to normal stance* I'm a hunter and a native leader, why on earth was I selected to join you five?

Phantom: I'm... Sorry? I'm not too sure what you mean by "selected to join you five"...

Nagisa: ... S...sorry... *looks down*

Alasdair: Did I ask what your qualifications were? the point isn't why your here, but what we do from here. Might as well get over the fact that you think your the best and realize we're all in this together. *looks out over the land scape of the area*

Geo: Oh, I know! It's because maybe, you aren't as high and mighty as you think, and we've just caught up to you. Also, I can be serious if I felt like it, but hey, it's more entertaining to lay back and enjoy everything.

Phantom: Whatever's going on, I agree with... Whoever you are. *She directs her attention to Alasdair before facing everyone else.* My name is Phantom... Phantom the Mink.

Alasdair: *turns his head slightly and pauses for a moment* Alasdair the Lionolf. *turns back and continues his inspection for anything unusual*

Young Boy: *comes out of bush* Please.. Don't hurt me.. I have summoned you six.. There is evil on this land.. six cruel beings have stolen our precious 'Voice of Spirits'.. The island has become tormented with smog and pollution.. The citizens are dying from sickness and it is spreading to your homes too.. You six have unique abilities that can aid us.. Please save our land..

Hiero: What is exactly happening? And by the way my name is Hiero, don't wear it out.

Alasdair: *nods to the boy* Well, now that we have something to work off of, we should get moving before night falls.

Young Boy: The spirit told me the fiery one is the leader.. As he is a natural born one.. The Icey one is.. Destined.. You should feel destiney call you.. telling you the path only you can feel, the others will support the team with various abilities. You are all one, chosen to save your home lands and this one.. Please save us.. We're dying..

Hiero: *nods* Let's go, we've not time to waste. On ward we go.

Phantom: Alright, I suppose... *She waits for someone to move, as she doesn't know who is which element other than herself.*

Alasdair: *jumps off the cliff and os gone from sight*

Geo: Hm...looks like this is going to be a bit more serious than I hoped. *He sigh, growing more serious, walking towards the edge of the cliff himself*

Hiroko: ...Seriously? You all just expect to tag along with people I don't even know...? No thank-you!

Nagisa: *looks up at Hiroko.* too..? It seems like everyone on this island hates me... *she looks back down.*

Phantom: Either go with it or be left behind. *She summons air platforms, allowing herself to walk down the cliff on a staircase of air.*

Hiero: *jumps down landing perfectly fine* Let's do this, no man or woman is left behind. So get to pace Nagisa, and Hiroko.

Hiroko: Yeah right! *she jumps backwards* You are gonna have to make me!

Hiero: *gets aggrivated* Listen, we have a task at hand. Either you come or you die. Either of which I could live with. We need to be strong, your home land and family could very much die.

Geo: *Turns to Nagisa* How can you hate without knowledge of what to hate. I promise, I don't hate you, and I'd be glad for your help. *Turns to Hiroko* Nobody can force you, but it would be appreciated. *He turns back and hops down the cliff, sliding down the side on a ledge of ground, almost like an elevator*

Hiroko: I--I'm not sure.... There is no guarantee this is a good idea. How can you all have the bravery to just, go along with something this insane?!

Phantom: We don't have any time to spare. It's not like we can go back anyways. *She stands next to the group at the bottom of the cliff.*

Hiero: You were chosen for a reason. You aren't alone we could help you.

Alasdair: And this is the only thing that can be done if you want to go back home.

Hiroko: There isn't even a chance of survival! It's selfish but.... I don't want to die...

Hiero: Who said you were?

Nagisa: D-death? mean we're going to die here?! *she begins to cry.*

Alasdiar: Now, we should get into the forest while there is still light. There is a river about a mile ahead and we may find shelter near it. If not, then we'll make due.

Hiero: I see an enclave there, we may be able to search around the area by there.

Phantom: *She rolls her eyes.* Oh boy...

Alasdair: *nods* Lets move. *heads into the forest*

Geo: *Walks over to Nagisa* Hey, it's going to be fine. Everybody will have it in their best interest to protect each other. We're in this together, okay?

Nagisa: O...okay.. *she looks up again, although just a little, and smiles, though it looks awfully forced.*

Hiero: *sets specific huts for the elements the other characters carry* This enclave shall tell us the exact locations we need to head through.

Geo: *Smiles back softly at Nagisa, then looks at Hiero* That seems awfully convenient.

Hiero: Check the area for inhabitants, it will slowly become night here. We need to keep our eyes intact.

Alasdiar: I'll check the enclave. You go on ahead Hiero. 

Phantom: Understood. *She creates more platforms, looking out from above.*

Hiero: Well, I found a damaged map. It locates the territories and strongholds of the island. I suspect our first piece, will be in the oceanic sides of the island. Let's check there.

Alasdair: *quiet for a moment*...You go with the others...I'll catch up later. Just need to...take care of something here. *walks deeper into the enclave* 

Hiroko: I can get us over there.... I know a few things about teleportation magic.

Hiero: Alasdair, don't dissobey orders. We need to be a team, none of us can face a loss... I wouldn't live with myself.. Let's stick together.

Phantom: *She walks back down.* I don't see anything living at the moment...

Alasdair: *turns his head slightly* Take care of the others till I get back. This won't take long. *walks off into the enclave*

Hiero: Tch.. You better be in one piece.

Geo: *Shakes his head and stands up, smiling. He places his hands behind his head and looks at Hiero* Oh, Alasdair, always one to be sentimental. Anyways, you shouldn't worry about him, he'll be fine. Besides, it's like you said, we should act like a team, so you should trust his judgement as if it were your own, right? *He laughs softly and walks to the edge of the forest* I'll go scout out the water's edge, if you don't mind..."captain". *He spoke with a tinge of distaste*

Hiero: I don't like your tone. Take your disdain elsewhere, we mean business.

Phantom: *She sighs.* This is going to be a long journey...

Hiroko: If we survive long enough to call it a journey. *she glares at Hiero* I doubt you know what you are doing anyway.

Hiero: Hiroko, I've lead villages and natives to shelter in a hurricane. No signs of life were lost, I'm a hunter born and raised. I worked for most things I've gotten, I don't need some inexperienced crystal collector to tell me what I can or can not do.

Hiroko: Inexpierienced?!  Your words are less true then your heart!

Phantom: I feel odd saying this, but if we're planning on surviving, we must have faith.

Hiero: Agreed, fighting is futile. Just continue the journey we can not lose all of those innocense. *looks around the coastlines trying to find hints*

Geo: Well, I found bomb craters and dying people stacked up in piles...nah, not really. Just a few men patrolling the coast and a mysterious laughing cave.

Hiero: Do you hear any planning? Do the men look evil?

Geo: They have guns, and the evil cave told them to. *Sarcasm* Yes, they were talking about some sort of Voice or something.

Hiero: I do not take to kindly to your disdain for me and all the sarcasm. Get serious Geo, we have a world to save before it collapses...

Hiroko: You know.... For a outsider, you sure do know a lot about this. I never introduced myself... yet you still know my name. And you seem like you know a little bit too much about the situation....

Hiero: A voice rang through my head, it told me I was leader of the group and who my team mates were and their elements. I thought I wasn't the only one, Alasdair seemed to have a stronger sense than I do..

Hiroko: Well I don't remember electing you as the leader. I say Geo is our leader!

Geo: *Laughs* That's rich, Hiroko. I'm glad you'd say such a thing, but honestly, I'd prefer Alasdair. I've seen his tactics before, and he's pretty goo for a leader. The guy's got it right on this one.

Hiroko: As long as its not Hiero, I could care less!

Hiero: For christs sakes.. I'm trying my best to connect a group of people I don't know. Playing and toying is not the way I role. I'm as serious as it gets, I could care less if you hated me. But that doesn't mean the feelings are mutual. I'm not going to risk the life of any one of you guys or the others across the planet. Failure isn't an option..

Hiroko: Uh-huh.... Great speech. I'll remember that when we elect a new leader that isn't so annoying.

Hiero: You are very irritating.. Move along.. *walks to an area with glyphs and broken down machinery* ...

Hiroko: Me? Irritating? Are you calling the truth irritating??

Hiero: *see's key wholes and some crystals lying on the ground by the glyph door* Put your feelings aside and work as a team.. You used to do Crystal work, chisel these crystals to fit into those key wholes. It may contain something of use.

Phantom: Please, settle down, all of you... He must've been chosen to be the leader for a reason.

Hiroko: Used to? I'm a magician of Crystal Magic! I'll do it in a second! *picks up a crystal and goes to work*

Hiero: Thank you, I'll make sure to tidy-up your part of the enclave. Well,  I need some one to translate those glyphs above the door.. I have never seen anything like them.. It hurts my head to look at them..

Hiroko: Finished. *Jumps upwards and hands a key to Hiero*

Hiero: Thank you, you are quite gifted.. It peaks my inquisitry.. How one can change the shape of crystals and stones so easily.. Say can you manipulate them with your mind like I do with fire? *inserts key*

Geo: *Steps up behind them*  Okay, everybody stop a second. First off, I've studied up on ancient glyphs, since I use them most times to cast powerful earth magic. Second off, you're just goin to go running in like nothing's wrong? What if there's a trap waiting for you to blow up in your face?

Hiero: True.. But I just can't help but feel that there is something inside there.. My head is in pain.. Can you sense anything in the ground?

Geo: This first hallway just inside the door is lined with dart traps on both sides. A spear hanging from the roof is set to fall and stab anybody who gets's a long hallway, so I can't see that much of the main room.

Hiero: Just great. Everyone, stick together. I need contact with Alasdair.. Well, I'll make the first entrance.. Hopefully no lives are lost.. *opens the door and quickly side steps to avoid the spear* Okay, the spear is eliminated. Follow on ward team.

Phantom: Alright... *She follows Hiero.* I might be able to change the direction of the darts by changing the force of air it's heading in, but I'm not entirely sure how strong my powers are. *She looks down at her hands.*

Hiero: Try it, it could just lead off the darts.

Hiroko: I can sense some crystal energy in here. It's out of our way, but I can use that energy to teleport us.

Hiero: Hiroko, can you be clear that the path leads us to the first clue/foe?

Hiroko: I can teleport us regardless, but if I do we definetely can't fight and there is now exact idea where will end up. Its also less dangerous for us to use that crystal energy to our advantage.

Hiero: We need weapons, each of us can use those crystals to create weapons that fit our motive. I'll create a laser sword and connect it with my pyrokinesis. Hiroko, can you construct the weaponry?

Hiroko: I can't do much... But I'll try. It depends what you are all wanting. I already have my own weapon... In fact *She waves her arm and a war hammer made of various crystals appears in her hand*

Hiero: I've stated what I wanted. Speak with the others when we return to the Enclave. I would say to gather the crystals but it may be risky.

Hiroko: Definetely. I'll need two people to go with me at the very least, but it would be safer to travel with as few people as possible.

Geo: I'll go. *He pulls out a crystal like ball, the light refracting off of it in many different ways, almost like a diamond ball. He hands the ball to Hiero* If you ever need us, just smash this onto the ground. It'll help. *He turns to Hiroko* I have some skill in geokinetic crystal creation. I can mix sediments to grow crystals in the ground.

Hiero: Geo is strong and can sense movements, you should be good with just him. I'll smash it if anything. Phantom and Nagisa, follow me.

Hiroko: Wait...! You'll need a plan! The two of us can go get the crystals... I'll need you to go find that crystal energy, It will be the easiest way to get through this place alive.

Geo: Energy? What energy?

Hiroko: Its crystal energy. Only crystal magicians can sense it, and it really doesn't do much. But, luckily through a lot of practice, I can use it to teleport us anywhere within a fifty mile radius.

Phantom: *She nods and continues to follow.*

Geo: Ah, I see. Well then, let's get going. We need to find a specific spot for just the right sediments for the crystals.

Hiroko: There will be a lot of crystals around the energy. But not necessarily the same direction.

Geo: Exactly. But if I can take a sample of the crystal, and figure out it's sedimentary composition, I should be able to recreate the crystal for us in a small expanse of time, and then I suppose you can get it to grow and shape into the requested equipment?

Hiroko: It might be easier for me to make the crystals with my staff. It would be simple, but I can't shape them well.

Geo: *Smiles* What luck, I happen to be better with shaping and reinforcing weapons than creating them.

[On Hiero's side.]

Hiero: Come now.. Follow my steps Phantom and Nagisa.. There seems to be an I.D.. It says.. "Shane Lowder".. Who may tha- Woah! *drops crystal ball handed to him by Geo and falls into a trap floor pad*

Shane: *Watching silently, smiling.*

Hiero: *has been put in chains by the slaves owned by Shane* W-who are you!? What the hell are you keeping me in here for?

Phantom: *She catches the crystal ball before it hits the floor. When she gets up, she realizes Hiero is gone.* Hiero?!

Nagisa: W-where did he go..? I-is he dead..?! I-I knew this was going to happen..! We're all going to die here...! *She begins to sob.*

Shane: *Runs towards them with a pair of broken shackles n his wrists.* Your friend fell down there... *Points to the floor trap.* Hurry if you want to save him!

Phantom: *She hesistates.* I don't remember seeing you...

Shane: *Is a young, blue fox.* Please... I don't want your friend to have to suffer what we are goinng through...

Phantom: *She nods slowly.* Al...alright... *She then steps onto the floor trap, falling through.*

Nagisa: P-Phantom..! *Her sobbing becomes extremely loud.*

Shane: *Looks at her in fear.* They will hear us...! Hurry, we must help your friend! *Steps onto the trap and falls through.*

Nagisa: *She wipes her eyes.* O-okay.. *She also steps on the trap and falls through.*

Slaves: *Immediately chain up the two girls, while two of them drag Shane away by his wrists. One of them takes the crystal ball and walks out of the cell they are in. The rest soon follow.*

Shane: *Cries as he is dragged off.*

Phantom: *She struggles, attempting to break free of the chains.*

Hiero: ! *beaten down and dragged across*

[Back with Geo and Hiroko]

Geo: *Has just finished crafting a greenish crystal sword, and a red colored laser sword hilt* Well, Hiero and I have our weapons now, now all that's left is to attribute them with our elements...Hey, what did the others want again?

Hiroko: They never said. We could go look for them and ask? It has been awhile... I didn't think they would go too far, either.

Geo: *Stands up, tapping his sword against the ground and creating a sheath of hardened earth around it* Sounds good, let's go. *He straps the sword to his back*

(Part one is officially over.)

(Summary: Six heroes have been chosen to go on a dangerous quest across a mysterious island known as "Voyai -Mobi". With the life of every person in the universe at risk, the heroes are destined to retrieve the 'Voice of Spirits' and return it before mayhem strikes their homes and families. Three heroes have been imprissioned by the villainous Shane Lowder who seemed to have been taken as well. They can only hope Alasdair, Hiroko, and Geo hear their cries.)

Part II: Prison Pains

[Nagisa, Phantom, and Hiero are hand and leg cuffed. They have been picked up by the enslaved former inhabitants of the island. With grief in their eyes, no one can fortell their survival. May they live to escape, be rescued, or they just won't live at all!]

Hiero: *wakes up after being beaten and looks around to see a huge dungeon full of vast technology* W-where am I?.. 

Phantom: *She groans.* Ugh...

Hiero: P-Phantom!.. I'm glad to see you're okay!.. We need to get out of here.. is Nagisa with you?

Phantom: I'm not entirely sure... I went in through the trapdoor before she did...

Hiero: I've failed as leader.. *holds head down*

Phantom: Don't say that. You were chosen to be the leader for a reason.

Hiero: Just to fail.. Great.. I've lost the life of a team mate..

???: Oh yes you have failed, even worse than you imagined.

Hiero: Shut your mouth! *struggles to get up because of his chains* I'll kill you if you hurt her! She better be alive!

???: Who? Oh, hehe you must mean the cry-baby water user, oh don't worry I haven't hurt her... yet.

Hiero: *outlined by fire* You better hope I don't escape this cell and these chains, because if I do; I'm going to murder you.

???: You'll have to find me first *followed by mocking laughter*

????: hmph, tormenting the captives?

???: Oh yes, and it is so very fun. Although the red one is starting to get on my nerves.

????: Peh, then teach him a lesson. *A Mobian Bear holding a Pole axe and wearing a hood steps into sight with a teddiursa looking more like a chibi version of the bear, the exact same outfit and weapon but in a sort of chibi form*

Hiero: I dare you to touch me!

???: Please, how can you hurt him when you can't even your own hands and legs? Fool. " A Mobian Husky also steps into view wearing a dirty snow colored trench coat, with two very sharp ice picks fastened to his back.

Hiero: You'll see.

????: Hmph, you should swallow your pride kid, it'll save you some pain. *a red flash comes from his head. Then suddenly an Earth spire comes through the ground and jabs Hiero in the back, sending him hurtiling towards the roof of the cell.*

Hiero: *impacts with the roof and falls back* T-that hurt like hell.. but fool.. I can move now.. I'll beat you down.. and kill you..

????: *another flash and earth spires surrounded him catching his limbs between them* not much more than before

Teddiursa: Sorry mr. My friend isn't always this grumpy, he's just tired today. Normally he's a nice guy

????: No i'm not.

Teddiursa: no he's not ^^'

Hiero: *sends a weak fire ball at the bear with his mind*

???: *Shoots ice shards at the fireball, dissipating it.* Nuahahah, wouldn't want you doin that.

(A shard of ice suddenly gets stuck in the wall next to ???'s head)</p>

???: Come now Hiero. I leave you for a few hours and you're already in jail? What kind of leader are you?

Hiero: Shut your mouth!.. *frees Phantom* I'm going to kill frosty..

???: *starts laughing* You'll have to catch me first, and it's not frosty it's Frezik*turns to ice vapor and flies away fast*

????:...okay, so some dude shoots ice at the wall, and now they're free...makes no sense to me

Teddiursa: maybe it's a magic trick

????: you wish, stupid.

Teddiursa: Yes i do.

????: *jumps up grabbing the teddiursa and on the fall back down the earth underneath him swallows them.*

Alasdair: *steps from the shadows and reveils himself* I'll take Captain Cuddles over here.

Hiero: Come now Phantom, let's free Nagisa!

Phantom: *She increases the density of the air while following Hiero, now concealing them.*

Frezik: *stops and turns to find no one is following him* Hmmmm, just to be safe...*freezes hand and covers area in icy frost to hinder any pursuers* There that'll stop, now onto the plan.*continues moving.

Hiero: Nagisa! Where are you! After this we'll go to the enclave.. Don't worry...

Frezik:*flies in front of them* Hmmm.... *freezes area and flies off* now to get to the bat, hopefully that'll stop em.

Hiero: *burns down the surrounding ice* I'm going to kill you. *leaps to get closer to Frezik*

Frzik: *turns around and sees Hiero about to attack* Ahhhhh, eat this*shoots ice beams at him*

Hiero: *burns down the beam and leaps forward much closer*

Frezik: Ahhhhhhhh!!! Stay away from me *flies away fast, leaving a trail of ice*

Hiero: *skies on the ice* Never mess with a natural born Islander, we're resourceful!

(Suddenly, a glowing yellow crystal-like projectile flies past Hiero, just barley missing his head)

Frezik: Huh? *stops, makes an ice shield, and turns around* Oh...

Hiero: *falls over severly injured* Damn it.. I nearly had him.. *struggles to get back up*

(Multiple red, blue, green and yellow ribbons wrap around Hiero's feet constricting him)

Frezik: ...

Hiero: *Burns the ribbons with all the power he could muster* You will not kill me!..

???:*a mobian loppunny dressed in an elaborate magician costume* Now now, what the hell do you think your doing? *she slowly walks closer* Gettin yourself into all this mess, you could run into some scary monster, Like Me!!!

Frezik: A witch is supposed to be scary?

Hiero: I really hate my life..

(The lopunny throws a blue sword over her shoulder and at Frezik)

???: I'd stay outa my business if I were you! *turns to Hiero* Now what have we here?

????: Ugh, i'm surrounded by idiots

Teddiursa: hey!!!

????: right, except for Frezik

Teddiursa: thank you.

Hiero: *regains strength and tries to heal up after the damage he had taken*

Frezik: No stay down *freezes Hiero to the ground and cools his body temperature.*

Hiero: *dodges and hurls a strong fire ball* Not this time!

Frezik: *gets hit and hits the wall* Uhhhh. didn't hurt a bit.*coughs*

Hiero: *makes an inferno hot wall protected by magma holding down Frezik* I dare you to run now.

Frezik:*struggles to get free* Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.*freezes his body*

???: *folds her arms and rolls her eyes, not the least bit intimidated* Tsk tsk tsk.

Hiero: *picks up Frezik and flings him at the fire wall*

Shane: Surprise! *Runs straight towards Heiro, firing a large beam of water for him.*

Hiero: *falls over losing his fire powers* Real funny!

Frezik: Nahhh, this is funny*shoots ice beams at Hiero and making a wall of ice to land safely on.*

Hiero: *tries to pelt fire but fails* What's this! *gets shot at by the beams falling over* Cripes.. I need back up! Four on one isn't fair!

????: hey it could be better, you could actually try fighting

Teddiursa: But they all are fighting Corsin

Corsin: JANGO!

Teddiursa: oh sorry ^^'

Frezik:^^' and why do you need him Corsin?

Corsin: i don't need him. He haunts me on his own will. I can't get rid of him *he growls in annoyance*

Jango: i'm his kindness :3

???:*the lopunny leaps high up into the air and then she lands behind Hiero, then she slugs him in the back*

Hiero: *heard her coming and counters the attack with a sweep kick to the jaw* ...Combat is my safe haven.

Frezik:*comes up with a chop to Hiero's back*

Hiero: *blocks and upper cuts*

Alasdair: *comes down and lands on Frezik* Thought you might need a hand. *summons a crystal ring blade* It's not my own, but it's have to do. *charges at Corsin*

Frezik: Ughhhh... that wasn't very fun. *summons his twin ice picks and charges at Hiero*

Corsin: hmph *spins his Poleaxe ready for a strike*

Jango: o-o *pulls hood over face*

Hiero: Just like hunting bulls at home! *throws Frezik to the wall beside him* I feel like my power of fire has come back! *ignites* You're dead now.

Frezik:*shocked than smiles* go ahead, try.

Hiero: *throws a fire ball at Frezik*

Frezik:*takes the full force of the fireball*hmmmhmhmhmhmahahahaha*starts laughing*

Hiero: The hell..

  • Suddenly Frezik's body starts turning into ice*

Hiero: Oh goodie! Nice ice.. No weapon to smash it either..

  • Suddenly, the ice clone starts to speak*

Ice Frezik: This is me, I'm here at the other prisoner's cell, and right now it isn't lookin too good for her.

Hiero: Nice try, you fancy me a fool.. You will only make your punishment worse..!

Ice Frezik: Oh i didn't, in fact I didn't do a thing to her, but I will if you don't do one thing.

Hiero: You've angered me to the point, your false manipulation, then the threatening of my friends health. You are over. *sends over a flame tornado at Ice Frezik*

Ice Frezik:*smiles than melts from the heat* Oh well, but don't worry I won't hurt her, someone else will probably though...

Hiero: Wait.. You can melt my fire, but I hope you know I know Geo-thermokinesis! *moves the lava that was made from the fire and slashes it around Ice Frezik*

Ice Frezik:*gets cut in half* Just so you know, I talk through this sculpture the sculpture doesn't talk by itself. One last thing.*hand extends and explodes leaving hundreds of ice spikes flying everywhere.*

Hiero: What!? *creates a fire shield before he can get pierced by the ice spikes*

Phantom: *She watches silently, looking at the confusion.* ... Sheesh... *She then summons lightning, attempting to strike those that aren't on her team.*

Hiero: Phantom! I thought I lost you during battle! We have to defeat Frezik, his deeds are meant to hurt Nagisa..

Corsin: hmph, Frezik left me here...looks like it's time for a tactical retreat

Jango: what about the magician, i wanna see a trick.

???: Grrr.........hmmp!

Corsin: come on now! *starts walking away*

Jango: okay *follows quickly after*

Geo: *Bursts through the walls, caving in the passageway behind him. He drew a green hued crystal sword from his back* Surprise. Did we miss the party?

Alasdair: Just in time. I'll take the bear, you get the bunny. *steps in Corsin's path* Leaving so soon?

Corsin: hmph.

Jango: o-o *hides in his hood again* no one can see me now but corsin...i think

Corsin: don't tell me your transparency is screwy again

Jango: shh, i'm invisible...

Corsin: ugh *pulls out his poleaxe* out of the way lionolf

Alasdair: *twirls his ringblade* Make me, Corsin.

Corsin: Jango, gem beam, now!

Jango: *pulls off his hood to reveal his face (that of a normal teddiursa with the normal Crescent moon tatoo that matches corsin's with a Red Gem exactly like corsin's.* Hyper beam *he shoots a beam of energy at Alasdair from the Gem. It misses hitting the ground, but where it hit made a spire of earth come out and hit alasdair in the back*

Alasdair: *uses the momentum from the attack to propel himself at Corsin, his ring blade spinning around him*

Corsin: JANGO *blocks Alasdair's Ring blade with his poleaxe*

Jango: ^^' sorry

Alasdair: You rely on that pokemon way to much. *sighs*

Phantom: Understood, Hiero. *She jumps off the platform she was currently on, now fully visible.*

  • A burst of fire sears past her as yet another figure appears from the wall, a large werefox wearing a shredded overcoat and a mysterious crystal on his belt*

???: Hehehe! Throwing a party without me, eh Corsin?

Corsin: just get them! *parries Alasdair's blade and slashes with his poleaxe*

Jango: *looks at the werefox* he's just a bit busy, leave a message after the- *beep noise* ...hmm this thing must be broken. *pulls out his chibi pole axe and jumps in with Corsin against Alasdair*

Phantom: *She is then burned by the fire and collapes.* Gah..! *Quickly, she then puts the fire out, her fur slightly singed.*

???: Aw what's the matter little mink? Too hot for you..?

Hiero: *chases down Frezik* You are not getting away!

Frezik(through an ice shard stuck on Hiero's collar): You don't know where Nagisa's prison cell is though, do you?

Hiero: *grabs neck in pain* You scum.. You better tell me now..

Frezik:*laughs* can't take the pain can't you? Oh well, but I'm not telling. All you need to know is, it's cold and since she is a water user, I'd say she's in danger of freezing.

???: You're lucky I didn't get my hands on her...

Phantom: *She then gets up, glaring at the werefox before running to catch up with Hiero.*

Hiero: She's in danger Phantom.. *ignites to remove the shard from his neck* I've had enough of this.

Phantom: I'm aware... But do we know where Nagisa is?

Corsin: *still sparring with alasdair* you've become a real pain in the neck ya know that!

Jango: *looking at everyone else but corsin* it's really mean how these guys are treating them, they only want to see their friend.

Corsin: Jango, shut up. *blocks another slash* and. help. me. NOW!

Frezik: *continues looking at the battle through a ice mirror* Hmmmmmm... Should I continue on with this little threat? *looks at Nagisa* What do you think little bat? Should I continue on threatening your life?

Nagisa: S...shut up...

Shane *Looks at Hiero and smiles maliciously.*

???: *dodging blows from Phantom* Whoa whoa whoa... I don't think... *dodge* I've had a chance *dodge* to introduce myself! *puts up a fiery barrier* I want you to know the name of the fox that will cause you the immense suffering you will soon feel! I am Solidus the Werefox.

Phantom: *Was never attacking Solidus.* What are you doing?

Solidus: It's an unintended side effect of this here crystal. I unfortunately tend to hallucinate sometimes. No matter, I am still determined to kill you all!

Alasdair: *stabs Corsin with an ice shard and shoves him into a wall*

Solidus: Not so fast there, wolfie! *pushes Aladair out of the way, and burns Corsin's stomach, melting the shard and cauterizing the wound*

Corsin: *gets off the wall* ugh, good move Alasdair.

Hiero: What the hell are you looking at?

Solidus: That... hedgehog behind you. Don't tell me I'm still seeing things. Are you.... Geo? *a flashback floods his mind, as memories of his son Vultro playing with a young Geo overpower his brain* I need... some time to think.... *disappears in a ring of flames*

Corsin:...the hell...half my team is insane, the other half has sappy memories of our enemies.

Hiero: Shane, I would make you boil if you laid a hand on me. You do know what happens to water when it boils right?

Phantom: *She looks around.* ... Nagsia's who we're looking for, Geo, Alasdair, and Hiero's here... Where is Hiroko?

Hiero: She's possibly at the enclave.. I hope so..

Shane: *Draws a curved dagger from his side and walks towards Hiero. He starts firing several bursts of water as he gets closer. He raises his dagger and attempts to stab Hiero in the shoulder.*

Hiero: *is powerless due to the water shots but still manages to counter and stab Shane on his back* Powerless, but not defenseless.

Shane: *Screams as he is stabbed. He expects Hiero to cover his ears in pain and stabs directly for his chest.*

Geo: *Parries the stab from the side, blocking Shane off from Hiero* Mind if I cut in? *He smiles, his sword shimmering green slightly*

Hiero: I couldn't have been more glad to see you! Now then, form your earth powers so I can make magma and finally abolish this foe! *draws forth some fire in the shape of a sword*

Shane: *Jumps back and holds his hands to the ground. After a few seconds he launches a large, thick wave towards both of them.* Tidal wave!

Hiero: *falls over quite a bit because of the sudden wave attack shortening his power strongly*

Geo: *Grinned, shaking the water out of his fur* That's all you got? Can anybody tell me what magma is? It is the middle layer of the earth, molten sediments and rocks roiling underneath the crust. You know what that means? *He mimics Shane's previous move, concentrating. After a moment a geyser of magma fires out of the ground, aimed towards Shane.* Magma flood!

Phantom: *She runs off in the direction of the enclave after noticing she wasn't being attacked.*

Shane: *Forces a geyser of water to try and stop the magma. The tidal wave comes back and crashes over them, in an attempt to smash them into the ground.* I will win this!

Geo: *Laughs* You just cooled magma! Did you never pass school? *Black rocks begin to fall from the magma/water mixture, which Geo fires at Shane unrelentingly*

Hiero: *crawls towards the dagger dropped by Shane awaiting for Geo to finish off with him*

Shane: *Looks up at the rock shards and covers his face with his arms and hands. He gets hit on the knee and falls on his back, before taking several to the chest and one to the throat.* ... *He is bleeding from several areas and not moving.*

Geo: *Lets up and sheaths his sword* ...Done.

Phantom: *She then reaches the enclave.* Hiroko? *She looks around.*

Hiero: Not done. *slits the throat of Shane then stands up and spits on his corpse*

Geo: Hiero, leave finding Nagisa to me. I've got something else I need to get here as well.

Hiero: Together we stand stronger Geo. I do not wish to go.

Geo: *Nods* Alright, but I need to grab my orb, and we need to get Nagisa too.

Hiero: *finds a mini-map of the corridor on Shane's corpse and checks Nagisa's chamber* ...Completely empty.. Frezik got to her..

???: *Waits until all the heroes leave, then walks up to Shane's corpse.* *He smiles wickedly and picks it up. He chants something and a matching pair of symbols appears on his chest and Shane's head. Something flows from Shane into him, then he picks up the dead fox and runs away.*

(Part II is officially over.)

[Summary: The heroes have been freed from their prison. With fresh new weapons awaiting the heroes in the Enclave, only one can imagine the fear crawling up the backs of the villains. Nagisa has been kidnapped and the group must plan an escape to free her from the retched hands of the evil Frezik.]

Part III: Missing Member

[The heroes reform to conference what to do to save Nagisa's life. Frezik holds her some where in the horrid island of Voyai-Mobi. Will the heroes save her?]

[At the Enclave]

Hiero: That was one hell of a battle.. I just hope Nagisa is okay.. *slams hand on table with his fist clenched* Damn it!.. It's all on me..

Phantom: Let's not waste any time blaming ourselves... Perhaps an rescue plan instead?

Hiroko: If you can find her... Or if she is even alive... Why would they keep a prisoner alive? To lure us, but that's pretty risky...

Phantom: True... But that's why we aren't running in blindly...

Hiroko: That gives them the upper hand of killing Nagisa...

Hiero: He does not know of Geo's seventh sense, we could easily figure out where his traps and threats are..

(out of no where, Corsin's Teddiursa walks up)

Jango: She's not dead...she's alive. Frezik still has her prisoner.

(A yellow crystal-like projectile hits Jango in the back, and then the mobian lopunny could be seen holding a black and white carbine with a yellow diamond emblem on it)

Lopunny: Stupid goody two shoes, what the hell is wrong with you?

Jango: ow *looks back and pulls the thing from his back* ouchy, that hurt meany weird girl. I can just alert these good guys about you being here.

Lopunny:*hits him with the side of her gun* What are you, stupid, they could have gone crazy thinking that there friend is dead, that would have been hilarious to see.

Jango: Hmph, i won't lie to a good guy like that.

(With corsin)

Corsin:...i feel like something is it's quieter and less annoying...i like it...wait, where is Jango?

(meanwhile, in a cave on Solidus's home planet)

Solidus: What... is wrong with me. That wretched fool that is my alter ego does NOT deserve to control my emotions like that... No matter, I have altered the crystal to more powerfully control him. Must focus..... *teleports away*

(back with the heroes)

Corsin: *appears, grabs jango, then dissapears*

Hiero: *grabs forehead* Oi.. This island has a horrid stench.. It's so dangerous.. I hope she is okay..

Phantom: *She begins to purify the air around them all.* I'm curious to know... How did this island become polluted?

Hiroko: Imagine... If this is what the island is like, I can only wonder what the whole world is like...

Geo: *Grins* Then why don't we find out? *He holds up the crystal balla he had retreived from the prison. He picked it up and smashed it into the ground. As the multiple crystals shattered and spread across the floor, the light refracted against them to form a makeshift spinning hologram of the world* 

Geo: This is one of my crystaline tinker toys. I dubbed it the "World View". The crystals its made from come from dimension outside of space and time, which allow the World View to operate in real time. This map is currently showing us what is going on around this world as I am speaking. It also has zoomable funtions up to 5 million times, allowing us to see even crawling ants.

Hiero: Christs sake.. The world around us looks more.. Polluted.. The little boy was right.. The world is ending.

Hiroko: It's going to get worse... 

Hiero: We're low on time guys.. Equip your weapons, we are heading to the Ice Ring up north. We must rescue Nagisa quickly and move on ward before it is too late.

(the group approaches what should be the Ice Ring, only to find a vast ocean in its place)

Hiroko: If this is the ice ring... Where's the ice??

Solidus: (stops shooting a massvie fire stream which was melting the ice) Well look who it is... Hiero and friends! I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I cannot let you progress.

Hiero: Why did you burn down this ring!? Do you know how many lives and residents you just killed?! You've permanently removed a vital area to this island, hurricanes will devastate the island thanks to you!

Hiroko: Permission to engage in battle??

Hiero: Gladly.. *grunts and picks up Laser fire sword*

Hiroko: *Raises a hand and a sharp crystal comes from the ground. It is launched like a projectile at Solidus*

Solidus: *deflects it with a burst of fire* Is that all you've got....?

Hiroko: *sends multiple crystal projectiles at Solidus* Just-- Die already!

Solidus: Didn't you ever pay attention in physics class, kid? It doesn't take much energy to block small projectiles like that!

Hiroko: If I had more magic right now, you would be dead already!

Hiero: *Gathers some water and launches it at Solidus* ...

Corsin *standing a ways away watching the ensuing chaos* I understand my being here, and i don't care about bloodshed-

Jango: -you were an assasin for most of your life-

Corsin: -but this is just overkill. Destroying a whole ecosystem to kill a race...why not just decapitate the inhabitants and be done with it. All this is just a waste of time...idiots

Jango: i don't think that's a good way to look at it.

Corsin: When have i ever cared about being good?

Jango: when it serves your purpose...

Corsin:...valid point...

  • steam fills the air as the water is being evaporated*

Solidus: *struggling to deflect everything* Is that.,.. all... you guys... got...?

Hiero: Wait! Hiroko, make mud with the surrounding water. It won't evaporate either, it's worth the shot. Focus your power on real stone and make mud!

Hiroko: *does so well sending a few projectiles at Solidus* A--Alright! Is this good?

Solidus: *manages to dry some of the mud, but the mixture of dry dirt and mud knocks him on his back*

Hiero: *lunges towards Solidus and strikes with sword*

Solidus: *the sword plunges into his stomach, but with his dying breath he telepors behind Hiero* I will not... go down.. IN VAIN! *scratches and stabs Heiro's back with his razor-sharp claws before tumbling onto the ground*

Hiroko: *Sends a projectile at Solidus and throws her crystal hammer at Solidus* D-Die already!!

(NOTE -delete after-: its his belt... he has the Shoten crystal on it, which is a gem that significantly increases his power. Still, he is almost dead; have one of the characters destroy it and that'll be the kicker)

Hiero: *falls over bleeding heavily* Tch-Gah.. *grunts* How did you do that..

Solidus *very weak* Its... my.... belt.... It .... won't.... let me.... die...... But it.... lets me.... get close. *groans*

Geo: *Standing behind them, watching* Very good show, you guys. So, who wants to actually get back to work? *Has arms crossed, his sword still strapped to his back* He's cannon fodder, we've got better things to looks after here..

Solidus: W-wait ...... beware.... the Guar-- t-the....*stops breathing*

Hiero: *twists his neck even though he knows he is dead and constantly beats on the body* You lifeless fiend! You murdered all those inhabitants.. You now doom the island..

Phantom: *She watches everything happen from above.* ... Well. That was... Intense.

Frezik: *watching silently, through ice that survived the fire.* Solidus you idiot, those were my servants you killed. *shouts angrily*

Hiero: *stops beating him and thinks* "the Guar"... What was he warning us from..

Hiroko: Well, what do we know so far? Only a few words have Guar in them, and so I think it must've been the word Guardians.

Hiero: Guardians huh? Aren't we the chosen guardians of this land?

Phantom: *She walks down to them.* I suppose, but... He said beware of the guardian... Perhaps there's another..?

Hiroko: Or... Perhaps he was reffering to the guardians stopping us from saving this island?

Hiero: Impossible. There is no way, the voice told me it was just us and the villains.. Even the island inhabitant only said that much..

Alasdair: Then he wasn't as informed. *steps from the enclaves caves* Next time you go scouting. Make sure you check for traps first.

Geo: This wasn't a trap though, Alasdair. It was supposed to be a rescue mission for Nagisa, which then turned into a fight with Solidus..

Alasdiar: But that's beside the point. I'm not so sure why we have to beware the guardian, but I can assure you that if and when he comes, We have to get him on our side. It's the best way to assure victory.

Hiero: Incredible... Let's hope that "guardian" is safe.. Now, on to Frezik. We must save Nagisa.

Frezik:*through the ice shard* You want me? come and get me. *makes an ice bridge*

Hiero: ..I don't trust that path..

Alasdair: *ignore's Hiero and goes along the ice bridge*


  • An ice spike launches from the bridge suddenly at Alasdair*

Geo: Alasdair. No! *Jumps out in front of Alasdair, drawing his sword in an instant and slicing the Ice spike in half*

Hiero: Damn it, I told you not to go there! Frezik, this is going to far! You've enslaved all of the nothern inhabitants that used to live among these once Icy mountains. You WILL give us Nagisa, or I'll take your life.

Frezik: First of all, Hiero. You should have told him not to do that as an order not as a request. Second of all, you want her, COME AND GET HER STUPID!! *Laughs uncontrollably than stops* One last thing, Solidus killed them, not me.

(The ground starts shaking uncontrollably)

Hiero: *Shoots a powerful beam of fire at Frezik*

Corsin: *with Jango, still a ways off from the action* *sighs* ya know Frezik, the best thing to do when your out numbered is to not get cocky, and taunt them.

Jango: so you disagree with his tactics?

Corsin: immensly

Jango: it's a start *he does a thumbs up with his arm completely stretched out and a message appears above it saying "Jango Approves*

Hiero: What the hell is that?

Frezik: Your doom you idiot, you can't hit what isn't here. *ground starts shaking uncontrollably*

Hiero: Frezik come over here you coward! *shakes around* Fight me onward like a man!

Frezik: Get to my citadel, and maybe you can have fight. for now you'll jusst have make do with you got now. *turns to ice*

Hiero: *grunts angirly* We need to look at the map.. Or maybe our "destined" one would explain where that location is. Will you "destined one"? Tch..

Alasdair: *glares at Hiero* Do not insult me. I only do what is best to get all of us back to where we need to be. If that means breaking order, than so be it. Then again, I couldn't see you understanding that. You've never been through what I've experienced. *turns to the mountains* But, that's beside the point. Right now, we need to get climbing. *creates two climbing picks from the ice on the ground and starts to climb*

Ice Frezik: You're not going anywhere just yet.*turns his arm huge and tries to slam it on Alasdair*

Alasdair: *flips upside-down and blocks it with a kick, then flips off the picks and draws two battle axes and attacks*

Ice Frezik:*turns huge and slams his fists into the ground, cracking ice*

Alasdair: *moves nimbly over the cracks and slashes at the ice sculpture's arms*

Hiroko: *Sends a porjectile of crystals at Frezik* Leave him alone! You idiot!

Ice Titan:*looks at Hiroko than shoots ice shards at her*

Hiroko: Get those things AWAY! *She sends twenty projectiles at Frezik and a large crystal guards her from the shard*

Hiero: *sends flame beams at the ice titan*

Ice titan: Arrrrrgh*loses it's arm to the beam*

Alasdair: *slashes off the other one with a icy fang*

Ice Titan: rggh ahh *ice shards grow and build out of it's stumps revealing two new arms*

Alasdair: *slices another arm off and slices through his stumps and into it's body*

Hiero: Good work "destined" one.

Alasdair: *cuts his way up to the neck and slices through it, taking off the head*

  • Suddenyl the Ice Titan's remains start shaking*

Alasdair: *cuts his way out and hops down*

  • The titan explodes ans something can be seen in the center of the icenado*

Alasdair: *grabs it* Hmm?

Something sharp stivcks into Alasdair's hand*

Alasdair: What the hell? *looks at his hand*

  • The ice shard starts to glow white*

Alasdair: *keep's hold of the shard*

  • the shard starts to glow larger*

Hiero: The "destined" is stumped again

Frezik:*speaking from the head of the Ice titan* Oh he's in more trouble than that.

Alasdair: *shrugs and tries chucking the ice shard at the Ice titan head*

  • The ice shard stops in mid-air*

Alasdair: This looks quite interesting. 

  • The ice shards explodes and the result is a near lookalike of Alasdair with red eyes and being pure ice*

Hiero: What did you do!

Frezik: *speaks through the alasdair look-alike* Nothing, just added a little twist to the titan.

Alasdair: And I just found my training dummy. Hiero, take the others and get Nagisa. I'll take care of Ice Man over here. 

frostladair:*Motions to come an get it.*

Alasdair: *summons his Ringblade* Time for you to meet Mobius. *twirls the ring blade and charges*

Frostladair:*forms a white misshapen ringblade and charges as well*

Alasdair: *smirks* Mobius can't just be copied that easily. *puts it out in front of him and passes through it, disappearing. As the ringblade passes over the frost titan, it slows and alasdair comes back out of the hole and strikes from behind*

Frostladair:*sees the attack and parries it*

Hiero: *runs to the citadel and looks around*

Suddenly the exit seals it self shut* Frezik: Did I ever say I was gonna make it easy for you?

(Inside the Citadel)

Hiero: Show yourself Coward! I didn't come here to die, I came for YOU.

Frezik: Didn't you come for Nagisa?

Hiero: Indeed I did, and you better pray she's okay.

Frezik: If you came for her, than why did you say you came for me?

Hiero: Because I'm taking your life with her. *takes out energized flame sword and gets into battle stance*

Frezik:I'm afraid I'm not in there with you, i'm actually with Nagisa in my, uhhh.. how do I say say this without it being perverted, She's in my throne room and I'm here too, bring your friends it won't be easy.

Hiero: Frezik, do not be a coward. Fight me on bravely, like all those before you. Solidus didn't back down, neither did Shane. Let her be free, or I'll find you and pry her from you.

Frezik:... Hiero, I am the villaionous ice master, I do not care what the others did. Id do not care if you want her. but I am no coward, so bring your friends but force them to stay out of the fight. When you get here, I will what the stakes are. Agreed?

Hiero: This is bull crap, I'm not going to risk their lives. Do not be a liar! Fight me now or I will tear this island apart!


  • An icy cloud appears around Hiero*

Hiero: This had better be you, you damn faker.

Frezik: Donn't worry Hiero, the next Freizk you see will be the real one.

  • The cloud completely envelops Hiero and when it dissipates Hiero is in Frezik's throne room. Frezik himself sits on the throne and Nagisa is in an ice cage suspended above him*

Nagisa: S...someone, help me... Hiero: Where the he- How the hell did you do that? No matter, I will save her.. Or may the spirit of Matai-Mobi strike me down..

Frezik: This spirit won't get the chance I will, now let me tell you the stake. You already know this is to the death all you to know is if I win, you and the bat die. You win you leave and I die. Agreed?

Hiero: I will finish you. You can take my life, she lives and she goes freely.

frezik: Whatever I'm a man of my word, I promise you that.*draws his twin ice picks out and charges at Hiero* Now let's rumble.

Hiero: *takes out energized flame sword and lunges at Frezik attempting to strike him*

Frezik:*parries the attack and swings ice pick down on Hiero's back*

Hiero: *grabs the pick before it connects and counter slashes*

Frezik:*Jumps back shoots ice shard*

Hiero: *cuts through them and sends a blazing fire blast*

Frezik:**jumps through ice, but gets his tail burned*

Hiero: *sends more blasts of fire at Frezik*

Frezik:*dodges two of the blasts, get hit by one* duhhhh, that hurt, I will admit. But you won't win.

Hiero: I'm a natural survivor, what are you. Some scum hired to destroy the world? Do you even know what is happening in the world right now!? *lunges and strikes*

Frezik: *ducks and stops the blade with his pick and strikes Hiero in the gut* No I'm not, and no I've been here so long I don't even know what's happening, all I know is that you came here and you killed two of my cohorts along the way.

Hiero: *striked but manages to attempt to uppercut* The world is ending!

Frezik:*takes the uppercut to his jaw and gets sent flying into the wall* What... you're kidding me right? Please tell me your kidding.

Hiero: Some 'guardian' is holding the Voice of Spirits. The world has been on a ticking time bomb since then.

Frezik:That is truly sad, but until than, one of us is gonna die a little earlier than that 'guardian's self-planned demolition deadline. *pulls ou another pick and throws it at Nagisa's cage*

Hiero: NO! *does a huge leap to get stabbed by the pick*

Frezik:*sighs*I guess I win, in a way

Hiero: *is painfully hurt* Y-You... *coughs blood* treacherous scum.. I-I'll... *begins to fade* I-is.. This my end... I've come this far... To fail.. Tch.. *tries to remain alive but is fading quickly*

Frezik:*stares at him, than kneels and freezes the wound, stopping anymore blood from coming out*It's the least I can do, besides if you had waited, I was gonna let her go anyway. *pulls out his pick and cuts the rope holding Nagisa's cage. steadily lowering it.*

Hiero: *spits beside Frezik* M-May the Spirit of Matai-Mobi haunt your soul.. Because if it doesn't.. I wi-.. *eyes close and dies*

Frezik:I know you will, hawk boy. *looks at Nagisa and opens the door* Get out of my citadel and take him with you, I don't want him stinking up my place. *turns to ice vapor and flies away.*

Phantom: *She eventunally finds the door to where Hiero and Nagisa is at.* Hiroko! Over here! *She throws herself at the door, nearly falling over.* Ow...

Frezik:*hears the sound* Huh, they will not like this. *opens the door and sends a ice clone of himself to explain what happened, than flies away*

Hiroko: A--Alright! Lets hope Hiero is alright! *Smashes the door with her hammer, it opens* Does that work?

Ice Frezik: It was already open, and I'm sorry but your friend isn't well, he's dead. *notions to Hiero's corpse*

Nagisa: *Tears are streaming down her face.* H...Hiroko!

Hiroko: Dammit! I knew Hiero wouldn't win! *Swings Hammer at Ice Frezik and runs over to Nagisa* It's alright! I'll get you out! *She begins to cut at the cage with a diamond knife*

Ice Frezik: If you knew he wouldn't win than why did you let him come alone? And the door was already open dang it!

Phantom: *Her eyes dart around nervously.* Erm...

Silent Voice: (Only Phantom can hear/feel it) I... I failed.. If I could cry I would... I can't believe.. I lost the world.. I lost my friends... I can't go on..

Phantom: *She shudders.* Th...There are many cries for help... Yet only one sounds familiar...

Nagisa: W...what are you talking about..? H...have you gone mad?!

Hiroko: Ngh! *Slams the door of the cage off* Out! Now! We are leaving... Right now.

Silent Voice: Geeze.. I can't believe I teamed up with her.. Christ sakes I really am hated..

Phantom: *She murmurs.* Do not worry... We will avenge you. *She picks up Hiero's dead body and looks at the two.* Let's go.

Silent Voice: You can hear me?

Phantom: *Her voice is quiet, as if she didn't want Nagisa and Hiroko hear her* ... I can see and hear the dead.

Spirit Hiero: Is there any way I can be revived..? At all?

Phantom: I...don't know. I'm sorry.

Hiroko: Phantom... What happened to leaving? Quit standing around and lets get going.

Spirit Hiero: I-I can't lead like this... I.. lost it.. I lost you guys.. I'm worthless..

Phantom: Do not lose faith in yourself, Hiero. *She gets up, holding his corpse.* Sorry, just... Had to say a few prayers. *She walks over to Hiroko.*

Hiroko: I understand... *Laughs sadly* He was a pain... But It's sad he's gone. But thinking about it right now will not get us back safely, and it won't get revenge for him either. 

Spirit Hiero: I took a study back on my original home land. Many water users knew how to heal and some of the finest made medicine.. It could be worth the shot to ask Nagisa for the aid of healing my wounds back to life.

Phantom: *She looks at Nagisa.* Hey, Nagisa... Do you know any healing techniques by any chance? Any kind that could help Hiero?

Nagisa: H...healing.. I think so... *She opens up a book and begins to skim through it.* ...

Spirit Hiero: Amazing.. I didn't think she'd know or be prepared..

Ice Frezik:*looks and frowns, he reforms with his hand now an ice blade* That book...

Phantom: *She looks curiously at Nagisa.*

Nagisa: *A magic circle forms under her. She aims one hand at Hiero's body, the other holding the book.* W...what is it, Phantom..? I doing something wrong..?

Phantom: *She sets down his body.* Stay focused, you're doing fine.

Nagisa: O...okay.. *She turns back to face Hiero's body, and continues focusing on casting the healing spell.

  • while no one was paying attension Corsin jumps down in front of the Ice Frezik and holds him at bay*

Corsin: leave em be. You've done enough damage so far.

Spirit Hiero: I hope this works..

Nagisa: Hyaaaah! *A somewhat faint green light flows from out of her hand and envelops Hiero's body.* I...I hope this is good enough.. 

Phantom: *She watches.*

Spirit Hiero: *renters body becoming Hiero again*

Hiero: *grabs both of them and hugs them even though he knows they don't want to* I owe my life to you two.. I am forever in your debt..

Phantom: *She stiffens, yet slowly she hugs him.* Good to have you back.

Nagisa:'re back.. The spell worked..*She begins to cry.*

Hiero: You're a member of us remember Nagisa.. You're as talented as me or any one else.. Well, let's get back to business. I've a score to settle. *walks into Frezik's stronghold again*

Corsin *steps into Hiero's way* just run along kid...Frezik isn't here anymore.

Hiroko: If that is true... Then why can't we go in there?

Corsin: There is nothing left inside. It is uneeded to enter anymore.

Hiroko: I think you can move and let us see for ourselves, or take a hammer to the face. Your choice.

  • the citadel starts shaking*

Corsin: *feels the shaking and steps aside* your funeral *he then jumps into the ground again like before*

Hiero: *stabs the ground with his sword creating magma and runs it across Corsin's feet*

Geo: *Swings his hand and the magma redirects itsself around Corsin and continues it's path* He's not worth it, Hiero. I've already searched the place. He's not lying, nobody is left here. Except for us that is. *He walked out from behind a nearby pillar*

Hiero: Really? I'll find him and I'll bring him down!

Geo: Well we can do that after we get out of the collapsing ice tower, eh? *The ground shakes more violently as pillars start falling*

Hiero: *jumps and uses his energized flame sword as a snow board to escape the collapsing tower*

Frezik(in vapor form):*thinking* He was supposed to stay dead, but nooooooo... that water brat just had to revive him. Well this time, he's going to die and he's going to stay dead. *turns to normal and shoots a volley of ice at Hiero*

Hiero: Woah! *falls over sliding across the hill and then regains balance* Oh hell no! Come down here Frezik! You coward!

Frezik:Fine than, get ready to die.*lands and than charges at Hiero, eyes flaring with anger and pick axe gleaming.*

Hiero: *creates a large beam of fire and directs it at Frezik's path*

Frezik:*gets burned* Dagggggggggggggggggh! errrrgh... Darn You Hiero. *struggles to get up*

Geo: *Watching from the side* I'm guessing this one is yours. Better hurry up with that. *The building starts leaning one direction, as if falling over*

Hiero: *stabs the ground creating magma surrounding Frezik and lunges to stab him right on the neck* You've caused me pain!.. Now you are dead! I hope it was worth it. *pulls sword out*

Frezik:*takes the stab* It was worth it... besides one of us was gona die anyway. *turns to lay on his back and spits at Hiero*

Hiero: *kicks his corpse* Let's get moving. Three more villains to go.

Hiroko: That's a relief. He was so annoying.

Hiero: Let's get back to the Enclave. We need to rest and plan a new strategy.. The time shortens.. This world could end..

Hiroko: Listen. I understand the world is in danger, but we need to rest. Charging in blindly isn't going to help.

Hiero: Exactly.. Let's move on..

[The group returns to the Enclave]

Hiero: Night falls.. I only get more worried.. What of our home lands..?

Hiroko: I am keeping track of mine. It's already in ruins.

Hiero: My home land is possibly ashes.. All of my people probably dead..

Phantom: *She keeps her head low.* I am not extremely concerned about mine... However, I am very sorry to hear that, Hiroko. And do not lose faith, Hiero. I hope your homeland is fine.

Hiero: We do have a strong island.. I feel we'll be good.. Tomorrow is a new dawn, Frezik and the two others were put down. But this means there are three lurking around.. We've met two, but.. Who is the sixth one? And what is the guardian..?

Phantom: *Slowly she shrugs.* Time will tell, supposedly.

Hiroko: Don't worry about it. There were recent problems all over Mobius, my city never recovered.

Hiero: *sighs* Hopefully this mystery ends..

(Part III is officially over) 

[Summary: The heroes have slayed Frezik and Solidus in one go. Nagisa was saved and returned to her group while the villains are off three members. New mysteries open up and two more villains are on the count down. The heroes have a goal they must accomplish.]

Part IV: Half the Battle

[The battle is half over with only three villains left. Heroes will have to work faster to save their home lands before the entire world of Mobius falls in ruins. Voyai-Mobi is becoming a desolate wasteland with pollution just like the rest of the world. Do the villains really want to steal the 'Voice of Spirits' or do they want to destroy it? Will the heroes reach it in time?]

Corsin: *he scoffs thinking about Frezik and Solidus* you guys really are idiots who will take things to higher proportions then needed. This could have been finished along time ago if you'd quit playing around and just kill the opponents

Jango: *shakes his head* you never change do you (he thinks to himself: I'd rather them play around with the good guys then kill them any day...)

Nudge:*sitting on a ledge brushing her fluffy ears* You know, I could have easily taken those guys out, if some people would just stay outa my way!

(While they converse, the pale-skinned man stands in a different room, observing the corpses of Shane, Solidus, and Frezik through an old, run-down monitor.)

Corsin: your kidding me, you believe i'd take you as a threat?! puh, your a Preformer for a child's birthday party

Nudge:*glares at him* Oh really? *she removes her coat, and then waves it in front of her, and then four blue swords appear on the ground, she then picks up two of them and points them at Corsin* Would a preformer for a child's birthday party do this?

Corsin: *he scoffs again* Oh very amuzing, what's next, gonna pull yourself out of a hat? Just because you have weapons now doesn't make you any scarier *he pulls out his poleaxe as he says this*

Nudge:*she tosses the swords and they dissappear* Verry well then, I'll show you a magic trick! *she leaps into the air and then uses Focus Blast on Corsin*

Jango: *steps in and uses Rock tomb to make a barrier for Corsin*

Corsin: Yeah, not smart to battle a dude with a pokemon of his own. He may be insufferable but he does have his moments.

Nudge:*falls to the ground* Yeah, but your pokemon hasnt evoled yet, while I have!

Corsin: *shrugs his shoulders* i don't need him he just refuses to leave me be, he's more of a nuiscance.

Jango: *rolls his eyes* What ever you say boss.

Nudge: Verry well then, *uses Low Sweep on Jango* fighting type moves are super efective against normal types, he should be done for now.

Jango: oh pah, that's not gonna hu- WHAAA *gets tripped by the move and lands on his side* ow...seems pokemon moves don't work completely the same here

Nudge: What? Why wouldnt they?

Jango: *shrug*

Corsin: Whatever, i don't wish to fight you because i simply don't care, where is the other one...there should be 3 of us left?

Nudge: Hell if I know.

Corsin: hmph, if i'm tied to another neutral then i don't see any more need to be here. Come on Jango, we're leaving this world.

[Back at The Enclave]

Hiero: *risest earliest while sun is still rising* ... *he walks around the coastline wondering what is his next plan and what will happen to the world*

While Hiero ponders to himself, he sees the pale-skinned man walk out from the ocean, carrying with him a corpse of a large fishlike creature. The man then looks at Hiero, which shows his face (two black slits for eyes, with a third, upwards slit crossing through the right eye, perfect white skin, no visible lips, and no hair)

Hiero: Holy hell.. What the hell are you!?

The man turns to face him, then unseathes a rugged, black sword, and chops off the tail of his catch, then tosses it to Hiero. He then walks away.

Hiero: Wait! Come back! Who are you!

The man ignores Hiero, and continues to walk away.

Hiero: I'm not done with you! *follows*

The man eventually reaches a tunnel, and as he goes deeper in, Hiero's vision begins to get obscured by the darkness.

Hiero: *creates a little fire latern by his palm* I'm not losing you, who and what are you!?

The man speaks to Hiero telpathically, asking why he followed him.

Hiero: *responds telepathically with "Because I want to know what you are, who you are, and what you are doing here."

"It would be best advised for you to leave. I wish you no harm, but what you ask, I simply cannot answer." replies the man.

Hiero: "Don't do this, I expect answers. I am a hero and if you mean no harm and are an inhabitant then explain to me your business with those familiar corpses.."

"All I can say is that it involves the islands guardian." the man says.

Phantom: *She wakes up.* ... Where is Hiero? *She looks around.*

Hiero: "What do you know of that guardian you pest!?"

"I can tell you no more. Farewell for now." the man says, and then creates a strong gust of wind pushing Hiero back to The Enclave, completely unharmed.

Hiero: What!?.. How did I get here!

Nudge:*sitting on a high tree branch watching the heroes* Hmmp, dumb noobs, so easily intimidated.

Corsin and Jango: *both start laughing out loud at Nudge's last comment, loud enough to be heard. They were standing at the bottom of the tree underneath her*

Nudge:*notices the pale man* I've seen ponies scarier than that son of a b!tch.

Corsin: *finishes laughing wiping tears from his eyes* Oooooohh, good try at changing the subject, but it failed and Jango is still laughing.

Jango: *rolling on the ground laughing still*

Geo: *Stood on the rooftop, having actually been watching Nudge and Corsin in the first place* She thinks she can sneak up on me and the World View, she's mistaken sadly.

Nudge: Doesn't take much to entertain him, I see.

Phantom: *She jumps back slightly, seeing Hiero.* Erm... May I ask what had just occured?

Hiero: There was an od- Wait... *looks to the angle where Nudge and Corsin are* You should try to be more quiet, other wise we'd never notice in the first place. Leave my Enclave before I slit your throat.

Nudge:*rolls her eyes* B*tch please! *she leaps down to the ground* Like I care if you could see me or not. *pulls a musketoon out of her hat* You don't scare me!

Hiero: Watch your filthy mouth you slag. I'm not afraid of some witch who's played with too many magic tricks in her life. Fighting me is a big mistake. Look at your comrades, they're all dead. Only three live, you being one of them. I'll get rid of you and save this entire planet before is falls to the likes of you.

Phantom: *She stands in a fighting position.* Hiero, careful... While those three have died, they certainly weren't easy to kill...

Nagisa: G-gah..! W-what are you going to do with that thing...?!

Nudge: Hmmp, comrades my a**, they held me back anyways. *holds up her musketoon*

Hiero: Then maybe once I'm done with you, you can tell them about how much you were held back. *sends a powerful blast of fire at Nudge*

Nugde:*she quickly leaps out of the fire's path and then she shoots him in the shoulder with the musketoon*

Hiero: *shields himself from it with his blade*

Nudge:*places what appears to be a regular playing card into the side of her hat, she then waves the the hat in front of her and four more guns come out, she picks up two and fires them at Hiero*

Hiero: *rolls away in time and sends blasts of fire while he's running*

Nudge:*get hit twice by the fire blasts, and then she places another card into her magic staff, turing it into a bronze shield, protecting her from other blasts*

Corsin: *now sitting on the ground watching the fire fight, while eating popcorn.*........*he looks over to see Jango watching intently too, and leans the popcorn to him*

Jango: *reaches hand in bag without looking away and eats some*

Corsin: *turns back to the battle just sitting there* come on, Bunneary girl. My Grandma could do better than this.

Hiero: Your partner seems to want your down bringing, I shall make him proud.

Jango: He doesn't!

Corsin: He's right, i don'

Jango: eeyup :3

Geo: *Facepalms in realization* Oh yes! I forgot! Phantom! *He materializes a crystaline spear he had been safe-keeping and tosses it down to Phantom* A good present from myself and Hiroko.

Phantom: Thank you, Geo. *She then turns to Corsin.* While you may not care... *She aproaches him.* I suggest you either fall back or fight.

Corsin: Humph, sadly none of you humans understand when a guy wants to just relax. Can't i just watch this one battle in peace? I'll even use the P word.

Jango: *le gasp* the P word?!

Corsin: shut up Jango

Phantom: What do you have to do with this island? *She doesn't seem willing to back down.*

Corsin: *holds up his hands* okay look, if i knew i would tell you. Listen, i have never given a thought about why i was here but i don't care about killing citizens, or destroying a landmass. All i know is i was doing surveilance for my job-

Jango: He was stalking a girl he likes

Corsin: *hits jango* -and i was suddenly teleported here. I don't care what others tell me to do, i'm gonna do what i want, and if i don't have to kill you to do it, i won't. Why? Because i don't even want to be near you goody two shoes long enough to kill you.

Jango: what he means is he doesn't like killing people he doesn't have too, he's really a nice guy if you'd give him a chance

Corsin: *hits jango again* why must you read between the lines outloud?!

Phantom: *She rolls her eyes.* Your death will come soon... But it won't be today. *Slowly she lowers her spear.*

Corsin: *leans away from her a bit*

Jango: did you stalk her too, that would be the only reason for hostility

Corsin:...I'M not even sure

Nudge: Are you done flirting with each other?

Jango: Says the lopunny who can't fight a battle like a normal pokemon -_-

Phantom: Gee, were the others that died like this? *She frowns.*

Corsin:...i don't know, i didn't kill them, so get off my back woman.

Hiero: That's it, you need some maturity. Christ sakes the island is dying! Every thing is falling and you three are folling around! *fire out lines his body* I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS! *flames scorch in his eyes and creates a flame tornado and sends it to the villains*

Nagisa: I...Is everyone here so violent...?

Nudge:*gets hit and falls to the ground*

Corsin: I'M NOT EVEN EVIL YOU IDIOT *Corsin throws down a flash bomb and dissapears*

Hiero: *grabs Nudge from her neck with his hands burning hot* You lived a short life. I will end you. *takes blade and attempts to lay the final blow with his sword*

Jango: *uses substitute on Nudge substituting himself* *he cringes expecting the blade*

Hiero: *stabs through the substitutes body and burns it* ... *he finally calms down but collapses a bit*

Jango: *walks over too Heiro and uses Rest, then uses heal pulse* you need to calm down, hero. *he runs off to where Corsin was*

Corsin: Hmph...good move i guess

Jango: you just had zero intention of doing that despite your best wishes

Phantom: *She helps Hiero stand.*

Hiero: *growls and snarls* I'll rip you Corsin.. I will kill you..

Corsin: since when did i get on your bad side?

Hiero: Control your damn pest and leave the island. Because if you don't and you try to defeat me while I save the island.. It's going to be the last of your sad pathetic life..

Nudge: Hah hah, typical heroes, you want to "save the world" or some sh*t. Ain't that a joke.

Corsin: He's not a pest, and he was trying to help you.

Jango:........Wow, that's the first time he's ever defended me.

Corsin: second, if i don't stand in your way then will you leave me be to get back to my own home?

Hiero: You are here for a reason, whether it be your past business on the island with the other five villains or speaking with the 'Guardian'. You did something to be condemned here. You want the 'Voice of Spirits', I won't allow you to have it. And you disgusting witch, I am a hero. Humble and strong for those who need me. I will save my home land, send my friends home and make sure the 'Voice of Spirits' is in safe hands.

Corsin: LOOK, I have no idea what the 'Voice of Spirits' is! I've never heard of it because none of those MORONS that i worked with told me anything. I don't even know this "Guardian" either. I just want to go home.

Hiero: Well I can't help you. You're here and that's that.

Corsin: i don't want your help nor do i need it.

Geo: *Watches, then hops down from the roof* Well then, it's settled. We go back inside, Nudge leaves, and Corsin goes back to...*Looks at Jango, who seemed to be chasing a butterfly* doing whatever he does, and everything gets back to normal, eh?

Nudge: Now why in the hell would I do that?

Jango: *grabs the butterfly and smiles at it in his hands. He opens his hands and it flies off.* *He looks off after with a sad face*

Corsin: *facepalms* come on Jango. *walks away*

Jango: okay *looks over at the heroes and smiles kindly, and bows to them* Thank you so much for sparing us. *then he runs after Corsin*

Geo: *He looks at Nudge, giving her a "Really?" look* Because it's technically three-on-one and there are still more reinforcements in the Enclave for our side. We have the favor. You're on our turf, and we know it better than you. You need to pick your battle a bit wiser.

Nudge:*rolls her eyes* B*cth please, I take on far more that three enemies at a time on a regular basis, and besides, *pulls out a bow and arrow* You haven't even been on this island that long, so its not "your" turf!

Corsin: *stops*...*he turns around and looks at nudge* Your kidding me...right?...Please tell me she's kidding. YOU ARE SO STUPID. That Hawk has killed 3 of the group of 6 we were supposed to be in, and your going to CHALLENGE HIM?! *he continues walking* no one will be at funeral cause they'll all know you were so stupid asking for your own death, wise up and take a tactical retreat for once.

Nudge:*giggle* Hell no! I ain't scared of this mother f*cker, I ain't runnin' away like some little b*tch.

Corsin: It's not called being a b*tch, it's called being smart. Swallowing your pride, but i guess being you, you'd rather swallow anything else but your pride. *he chuckles*

Jango: Oooooooooh.

Nudge: Tsk tsk, you have no idea what I deal with on a daily basis do you?

Corsin: *now so far off he has to shout back* NOR DO I CARE *he continues walking back to where the Pale person dissapeared*

Phantom: *She crosses her arms.* Idiots... *She then facepalms.*

Hiero: *grabs Nudges by her neck and slams her into a wall keeping his arm placed on her neck* This isn't a joke. You fancy me some baby, listen to your friend. Don't be a walking funeral and flee while you can. I can and WILL kill you if you pester me again.

  • a message flutters back and lands on the ground near Geo* *it reads:* "Go ahead and kill her. She only belongs in a grave or a pokeball...or maybe hollywood, HA, yeah right."

Nudge:*giggles* You fight like a little b*tch!

Hiero: *knees her in the stomach* ...

Nudge:*delivers a low kick to his ankles*

Corsin: *standing nearby again* You guys are really gonna drag this out?

Jango: This is boring, I want McDonalds!

Hiero: *is hit but ignores pain and attempts to throws her across the room*

Nudge:*gets thrown, but dosent back down* Your not the only one who knows how to block out pain!*fires multiple shadow balls at Hiero*

Jango: *still bored*

Corsin: *facepalming* This can be simply ignored and will cause less bloodshed, and the mink calls me an idiot while allowing her friend to fight when he can just walk away.

Hiero: *cuts most in half but gets hit several times by them* Tch... HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS! *fires multiple strong fire blasts*

Nudge:*gets hit hit by a few, and then she turns her cane into a shield and blocks the rest*

Phantom: *She glares in Corsin's direction.* Tch...

Corsin: *reels at her glare* to think i'm a bad guy getting freaked out by the glare of a hero, no i'm not a bad guy, i don't care what bad guys do or what good guys do. I just want to get back to my own life, but seriously, what is her deal with me?! What have i done to piss her off...i didn't even fight anyone, well not for that long that is, and i warned their dear leader to not go into the citadel. These heroes are more savage then i am, so why should i be the bad guy?

Jango: *looks at him* I' can hear everything of what your saying so shut up, it's too loud.

Hiero: *lunges and slashes at Nudge with his sword*

Nudge:*falls over, but then kicks him in both of his shins*

Hiero: *trips a bit but maintains stance and right hooks her face*

Nagisa: H-Hiero! Might I be able to assist you...?

Hiero: No.. I don't want to risk your life.. Seek for shelter.

Nagisa: Ugh, fine.. If that is what you wish... *She runs away from Hiero, looking for shelter.*

Nudge:*turns her magic staff into a bow, and pulls an arrow out of her hat, and the fires a Heiro*

Corsin: Wow you just have everything don't you, i bet you could turn your hat intoa bazooka too *turns too Jango* and yes, i'm criticizing her because i have nothing better to do.

Nudge: No, I only have four weapons.

Corsin: If i were you, I'd keep my head in the battle that i stupidly started by instagating a dude who could kill me.


Nudge:*giggles* You have no idea what I really am, do you?

Corsin: I think your a stupid pokemon who got in WAY over her head in another world

Jango:...who wears barely anything

Corsin: Isn't Lopunny one of those completely naked pokemon

Jango: :3

Corsin: *facepalm* so you have my lechorous desires too?

Hiero: *burns the arrow as it is coming closer* That's it..! *slams sword down to the ground creating magma/lava and sends it to Nudge*

Corsin: *backs up to dodge the attack*

Nudge:*leaps up into the air and then uses bounce on Heiro*

Hiero: *does a somersault kick to avoid damage*

Nudge:*summons two musketoons and shoots at Hiero*

Corsin: This is the most boring fight i have ever read...i mean seen. I mean there is no detail to it

Jango: look minato, he's so bored he's breaking the fourth wall

Nudge:*quickly turns around to Corsin* Ya know what you boys are relly startin' ta piss me off!

Corsin: that was sorta my goal

Jango: he's a born natural

Nudge: *holds up both her musketoons* Big f*cking mistake! *she aims for his head and pulls the triggerrs*

Jango: *uses rockslide in front of Corsin to block the bullets, one slips bounces off and misses him by centimeters*

Corsin: looks like we have a team killer. Jango, you know what we do with Team killers.

Jango:...oh boy

Corsin: We strike back *pulls out his poleaxe* like vipers

Nudge: Oh hell no! You brought this on yourself! *pulls out her bow and arrow*

Corsin: *he pulls his hood off of his head showing the red gem in the middle of his forhead. It glows for a moment and then earth surrounds him in an armor fashion* *he spins his poleaxe above his head and charges forward, using the earth as a convayer belt moving himself*

Nudge:*jumps up and*she takes of her coat, revealing an odd shaped, dark orange gem above her abdomen, that appears to be getting darker*

Corsin: *pushes himself off the ground connected to a spire following her into the air he goes to slash at her with his axe*

Nudge:*is stabbed in her neck, in her neck area *

Far away, we see that the pale man is observing all of these events through psychic abilities. He then begins to glow as soon as Nudge get's impaled.

Hiero: *grabs Nudge and throws her then holds up his sword and stands over Corsin* If your pest speaks again, I'm killing it and you.

Corsin: *now angry that he took his kill* Hmph...I'd fight back but you clearly have the advantage *he slips into the ground surrounding him and comes back out next to Jango.* come on *he walks away*

Jango: *looking afraid at Heiro, then to phantom*...*then he walks off after Corsin*

Hiero: Get out of here. I have business to take care of. *turns to Nudge*

Nudge:*she falls to the ground, appearing to be dead for a little while, but then she opens her eyes and gets back up* Heh heh heh, *she walks closer to Hiero with her neck still bleeding* You haven't the slightest idea what I really am, do you?

Hiero: I don't care what you are. I've a duty and I've to accomplish it. I'll rip you to shreds.. *snarls slightly* My home land is dying and I'm wasting time with you.. *turns head as if he were to cry* All of my people dying... All of the tribes falling apart.. *turns face back with fury in his eyes* And I'm wasting time on YOU!

Nudge:*sighs and facepalms* Its so typical for you noobish heroes to go in over your head, to "save the world or some sh*t. *she moves closer to him* Look kid, what does it matter what happens to a buch of "innocent people", why do you care about a bunch of people you don't even know? And don't tell me "its the right thing to do" because that is nothing but a bunch of bullsh*t!

Hiero: Because they all have the right to experience life. It's not just people you fool, this island is dying, the world is falling. I need to get the 'Voice of Spirits' and restore order before you idiots ruin it with your naiveness and your failure to see into what is happeing in the real world. Please, I'll let you live if you allow me to continue my work. You're getting into my way and I want to kill you point blank if you continue it. So step aside, and let me do what I'm destined for.

Nudge: Oh I'm naive, you think this is your "destiny"? Now thats some bullsh*t!

Hiero: I give you one more chance. Lay down your weapon and let me proceed with out disturbing me, or suffer the consequences.

Nudge:*rolls her eyes* Yeah, like Hell I will!

Phantom: Tsk, I recommend you should...

Hiero: ... *takes out blade and engulfs it with fire* Tonight, we duel.

Nudge:*turns to Phantom* B!tch you shut up! I wadn't talkin' to you!

Phantom: Well, you have quite the temper...

Nudge: Whatever, You don't know me!

Phantom: *She mutters under her breath.* I could say the same thing to you...

Hiero: ENOUGH. *strikes Nudge with his energized flame sword engulfed with fire*

Nudge:*gets struck in the heart, and falls to her knees*

Hiero: *slams her head down to the ground and squaks lowly* ...

Phantom: Well, that was quick...

Nudge:*coughs up blood*

Hiero: And you live.. Wonderful! *punches Nudge across the face and picks her up to toss her*

Nudge:*gets down and hits him in the head with her magic staff* Youknow you can't kill me, so why do you keep trying?

Hiero: You should've stayed dead. Tch.. *readies blade and sends multiple blasts of fire at Nudge*

A form of powerful wind forms in front of Nudge, protecting her from the fire via suffocating it with a lack of oxygen.

Nudge: What the f*ck?

Hiero: *throws sword down* What the hell!

The pale man appears, his robes now ripped in several areas, exposing his lack of a left arm (replaced by a weird mechanical nub) and that the top layer of his skin appears to be dead. He looks towards the heroes, then to Nudge. He then walks over to Nudge. "The game will not end quite yet" he mutters under his breath.

Nudge:*marches up to the man* You son of a b!tch! I was just about to send this little muthaf*ka cryin' to his mama, but no! You had to come and............*suddenly she drops her cane ,reverts back to her normal form, and falls to the ground shaking and gasping*

Phantom: *She watches the scene, looking at the pale character.* I'm assuming we found the third of the remaining... So, he's a wind element like me...

Hiero: *picks up blade and stabs Nudge to a pulp in rage*

Nudge:*a pitch black, gold trimed, egg-shapped gem rolls out of her hand*

Corsin: *watching from afar* good, shes gone...finally. And that must be the other guy...i believe his name was quartz...

The man then picks up Nudge's lifeless body, and begins to walk away, when he notices the gem she dropped. He then picks it up.

Corsin: *notices the gem with interest* well isn't that a pretty treasure you've been hiding then...what is it?

(The gem begins to crack in the man's hand, and then it shatters and turning into a black, silver trimmed, round thorn, causing a rippling shockwave that throws back the both the man and Corsin)\

Corsin: *gets thrown about 25 feet and lands sliding on the ground* what the hell was that?!

Hiero: *falls back as well but regains his balance easily* You, Quartz. Share your knowledge! You're in here for something the other villains and we heroes aren't here for. Share what your planning or suffer the consequences.

(The area around them, becomes destorted into what appears to be a landscape simmilar to a labrynth)

Corsin: *sits up* what the hell just happened?

(The black thorn is engulfed in a black aura, and hovers to the center of the chaos)

Hiero: What the hell is that?

"The result of her demise." the man said. "She was not supposed to die when she did. That is all I can say at the moment."

Hiero: You will tell me your knowledge, there is no need to hide it.

The man says "I apologize, but I cannot release any more information on the subject."

(What appears to be strange, rabbit like creature emerges from the thorn)

Nudge as a witch

Nudge as a Witch

The man creates a strong gust of wind to push himself away, to avoid any oncoming conflict.

Hiero: Damn it, I will have my hands on you so- What the hell is that?!

???:*a voice echoes from an unknown location* That is Nudge.

Corsin: *he laughs a bit* THAT'S the lopunny...i prefered her previous form.

(Nudge's lifeless body falls to the ground, infront of the witch)

Witch:*shrieks loudly*

Hiero: *gets into a defensive stance* Why don't you die!? Why do you continue to fight for a lost cause!?

Witch:*wails eirily, and then spins around, spawning multiple white birds with no feet or beaks*

"Birds":*start charging and ramming into Hiero*

Hiero: *slashes through the groups of them* Tch..

Witch:*spins around and spawns a buncof small black rabbits with clown like faces*

"Rabbits":*attack Hiero*

Hiero: *englufs them with flames* Enough of your magic games, fight me head on!

Witch:*retact inside the top hat, and then flys above Hiero, it then pops back out, along with several, large, gold discs that that fall to the ground*

Hiero: *tries to cut much of the discs but is attacked several times*

(The witch spins around spawning more familiars which to attack Hiero, she then fly to her circular stage)

The man stands by the entrance to his cave, watching the fight go on from a distance, while holding a worn-down capsule. He then opens the capsule, and a bright light envelopes him. (continue the fight)

Hiero: *creates a small flame tornado to engulf the area he is in with fire*

(The witches familiars are comsued by the fire)

Witch:*is hovering in the air, above the fire*

Hiero: *shoots multiple fire balls at the witch*

(with corsin)

Corsin: *stumbles across nudge's body laying in the feild.* hmph...*he picks it up and carries it back the way he came*

(With Hiero)

Witch:*gets hit by a few, and then retracts back into the hat, and spawns more familiars*

Hiero: *leaps up high enough to attempt a slash attack on the Witch*

Witch:*pops back out of the hat and rams into Hiero*

Hiero: *grabs her and throws her down*

Hiroko: *points at the witch* That's one of those...! I got this, *she summons up a crystal from the ground and projects it at multiple places on the witch, which are detectable weak points*

Hiero: *throws sword down* What the hell!?

Witch:*shrieks as she gets hit, and then falls to the ground*

Familiars:*start crowding around the witch*

Hiero: *watches in awe* Well..

Hiroko: *Raises arms and crystals come from under the familiars and the witch, piercing most of them.*

Witch:*shrieks as she is stabbed, and the disentagrates intp black aura, along with the familiars*

(The area returns to normal, and a black, silver-trimmed,egg-shaped thorn falls to the ground)
Nudge&#039;s grief seed

Nudge's grief seed

Hiero: Damn it! I was hoping to lay the final blow.. Corsin and Quartz, your time is up. You two better give us your knowledge or else.           

Hiroko: *Grabs the egg-shaped thorn and throws it as far as she can* Hopefully she won't give us more trouble.

(with corsin)

Corsin: *sitting next to a fire in a cave nearby with Jango and Nudge's body*

Jango: why did we save her again?

Corsin: *he remembers the which and how it came about from the egg that came from nudge* She may have been being controlled. It would explain her randomly violent nature and prideful attitude. If i'm wrong i'll give her to heiro as a peace offering, if not...then i can't let an innocent victim be killed in cold blood.

Jango: so we're going to protect her until we have the full story?

Corsin: yes that was the plan

(Back with the Heroes)

Hiero: Great, because of her the Enclave is a mess.. I'll fix up the huts and crafts area.. We're running short on time and the sky seems to be getting darker.. Not by night, but by something.. It's hard to explain..

Hiroko: This isn't good... I am not getting contact with my home.... We may be upon our last hours...

Hiero: *takes a deep breath* ..Let's get to work. Everyone, there is no time to rest. We must work from this point onward to ensure all of our homelands and the rest of Mobius are safe once more. The villagers here already to shelter underground, we must now fend off the final two villains or just retrieve the 'Voice Of Spirits' from the supposed Guardian. Let's move along, we're running short on time..

Phantom: *She nods slowly.* Yet... Where do we find this 'guardian'? And what are we supposed to do with the Voice of Spirits once we actually retrieve it?.. *She sighs.*

Hiero: All comes in due time Phantom.. I hear voices in my head.. Guides almost.. I thought I was just thinking too much in the beginning but it's actually something that's real.. Maybe Alasdair knows what to do with it.. I sure as hell don't.. He's the destined one after all.

Phantom: *She looks over at Alasdair.* Should we ask him, then? If we're going to save everyone, we need to trust each other... *She sighs.* Even though some people are still having trouble just working together... 

Hiero: Tch..

Alasdair was sitting in a meditative state. He silently thought, centered on his training. He sighs and turns when he  notices them talking about her. "What do they tell you, Hiero...The voices, I mean."

Hiero: It's shrieking.. But it tells me that the end is near. I can feel the world end because of these voices.. It's been plaing games with my sanity slightly.

Alasdair stood and stretched. "That means that we've slowly been succeeding in what we were originally here to do. We are nearing the end. But not just of our journey, but of this world. Once this world ends, the only place the evil has to go is to our world. That is the only way we can weaken it enough to destroy it. The Guardian will soon be discovered. We must hurry though." He said looking at Phantom then back to Hiero.

Phantom: *She nods.*

Geo: *Walks into the room* Back from cleanup. You do not want to know what was in that cave. *He was bruised, cut, and limping on his left leg. He had a large bleeding wound over his right eye* So, how was the battle with miss Magical Girl?

Hiero: What the hell, I told you not to leave the Enclave or sight of us. We are a team and we must be together. The island is too dangerous for loners. You're damaged severly, Phantom might you know some healing spells for Geo? My old aerokinetic friend Aiwa used to be able to heal wounds with his abilities.

Phantom: *She shrugs.* I'm not extremely experienced in healing and medication, but I'll try... *She closes her eyes as if trying to focus. The group then feels a wave of cool air pass by them, and Phantom opens her eyes.*

Geo: ...Heh, didn't Nagisa have any healing spells, considering she revived you? *He limped in a little closer* Sorry, boss. I got a little carried away, and your fight made me itchy for one of my own.

Hiero: Tch.. Don't call me boss.. I'm another member, humble like the rest of you.. I just concern your safeties and I wish you guys to follow my rules. We are getting closer, let's see if Nagisa can heal you.

Nagisa: ... *She opens up her book and begins skimming the pages.* O-okay... *She aims her free hand at Geo and begins chanting. He would begin to feel cool water cleanse his wounds, and then they would close up. The blood would also begin to wash away.*

Geo: *Stands up correctly after a moment, feeling stronger* Ah, thanks Nagisa. So, where do we plan on going next? *Pulls out the World View and opens it up in his usual manner. The whole room becomes darker when it opens up and begins glowing holographically*

Hiero: It's go time.. It seems that glowing imprint seems to be the chamber of truth I've heard of.. The Voices cry for that area.. Since the villains don't want business with us, I feel we should just continue before matters get out of hand.

Geo: *Nods* Sounds like a plan, now how do we get there, hm?

Hiero: ...I don't know that.. But I'm sure we'll come across it, we're running out of time. We must proceed, we track down some evidence that may lead us there. Or we can contact what's left of the villagers. They know this island more than we do.. I hope we just make it in time..

(Part IV is now over)

[Summary: Nudge has been terminated. She only delayed the heroes from their plans and now they plummet into desperation. With no time to waste, the heroes must confront the Guardian. They can only hope the Villains don't interfere again.)

Part V: Desperation

[The heroes have shortened the villain armada. The team is left with two members who do not want to fight the Heroes. All that is left is the 'Voice of Spirits' which is locked away in the Chamber of Truth. Can the Heroes navigate it or will it be a death sentence?]

(Deep underground within the Chamber of Truth, a purple hedgehog wearing a mask watches over both the heroes and the villains. With him is a huge, menacing spider.)

???: They will soon come for me. They want to take my only friend away from me...but we won't let them... *He pets the spider as he turns his attention to where Corsin is located. He begins to attempt to manipulate his mind.* And you won't let them either...Corsin.

Corsin: Ugh *He heard the voice inside of his head but fought it's will* no way in i doing anything forced upon me. *He fell over grabbing at his head fighting for control but slowly and inevetably he lost, yelling out in pain.* He then stood up and opened his eyes (which were now purple where they were supposed to be white) And said "I won't let them take them."

Jango: *was watching all of this and was afraid, but seeing the fact that he couldn't go against Corsin's wishes he simply sighed* This is gonna be rough.

[With the Heroes]

Hiero: *begins asking village elders about Voyai-Mobi's land scape* ...This is hopless.. All they say is that it is around Mount Volmai.. but the Volcano is active and it can't be there.. It is with in piles and piles of lava.. Making it impossible for any one to live or endure.. This is futile..

Phantom: No need to be so down, Hiero. We should at least look... Couldn't possibly hurt, correct?

Hiero: ...I can try to move the lava around.. Let's see what we can do..

Phantom: *She nods and looks around.*

Hiroko: I...I'm done. I can't take another step... I give up.

Hiero: ...N-now now.. We must keep going.. We've done too much to give up this late..

Phantom: This journey will be futile if you have no faith in it.

Corsin: *jumps in front of them spinning his poleaxe* It already is futile you pathetic fools *he readied his weapon lowering it's spear point towards them.*

Nagisa: *She jumps.* E-eek! W-who's there?

Phantom: You again? *She reaches for her spear behind her back.*

Hiero: Corsin *readies weapon* Did I not tell you to leave us, never to interfere again?

Jango: *steps up from behind Corsin* Yeah, you did. And he took your advice, till some dude messed with his head, and now he looks like he's on dope.

Corsin: *kicks Jango* Shut up you insufferable idiot. *He turns back to the heroes* Do you really think i'd just simply let you take them *He stomps the ground as rocks and earth come up and cover his body in armor.* Lets see what you heroes are made of.

Hiero: Corsin, you don't want to do this. I don't want to kill you, I've tainted enough blood on this island. Just go away..! *stabs the ground creating a lava-like river to keep Corsin away*

Jango: *gets up cringing a bit* yeah, he's right Corsin. Lets just go man.

Corsin: *growls and kicks the teddiursa again* I said shut it. *He turns back to heiro now frowning* You don't understand Heiro, it's not my choice anymore. My master has comanded me to keep you from taking them...i will not let you, even if I must be revived, time and time again. *he laughed meniachally and ran and jumped the lava river, pulling some with him* LAVA IS EARTH TOO *He slung some at Heiro spinning his poleaxe*

Hiroko: Get off'a him! *Sticks out hand, it turns into pure crystal and shoots crystals at Corsin*

Hiero: *tries to cool off his burnt fur by absorbing some of the fire in the lava attack* That's it, YOU asked for it! *throws fire balls at Corsin*

Phantom: *She causes the temperature in the air to lower around Hiero for a moment, allowing him to cool down.* ...meh.

Hiero: *staggers with his movements due to the fact that he is still heavily bruised* Thank you Phantom..

Phantom: *She nods.*

Corsin: *still spinning his axe he puts it out in front of him, absorbing the fire balls in a tornado affect. He landed and continued spinning the weapon blocking off the crystals, one or two flying passed barely missing him. One finally got through slicing his arm, but he ignored it* Is that it? *He said laughing* Is this all I was afraid of? *He quit spinning his axe side stepping out of the line of Hiroko's fire and charged Phantom.*

Hiroko: *Attempts to Summons 4 large crystals from the ground, which would surround and trap him.*

Hiero: *sets the floor on fire where he is standing*

Corsin: *laughs meniachally shooting the ground up where he stood making a pillar over the crystals, and jumping just before the ground caught fire. He landed near enough Heiro swung at him with his poleaxe* "Well bird brains, time we made this battle melee, shall we?"

Jango: *From where he stood yelled to them* MELEE IS HIS STRONG SUIT.

Hiero: *falls over rapidly seriously damaged* Y-You don't want to freakin' do this.. I'll freaking kill you if you hurt me or the others.. *shakes as he speaks*

Hiroko: I--I'm done... *Falls to ground, completely exhausted*

Phantom: *She helps the two of them up, glaring at Corsin.* Where's Nagisa when you need her..?

Corsin: *stepped back looking at them somewhat annoyed* hmph, i was hoping for you to put up more of a fight. Looks like i had nothing to fear *He said readying to attack again* Now your wide open and i will str- *He stopped making a pained look and holding his head.* Damn it, i put you away *He yelled out in pain as he fell to his knees. He then looked up his eyes normal again glaring back at phantom* Get...away. NOW! *He growled a bit doubling over again holding his head* JANGO, GET THEM OUT OF HERE.

Jango: *runs over to the 3 and sighs* You're not going to enjoy this. *He then grabbed all three of them and jumped into the ground. After only a moment he pulled them back out of the dirt back at their enclave with the other 3 members. He sighed and let go of them once they were all out*

Hiero: Damn it! I could have put him out of his misery! *grabs Jango by the neck* Why did you save me! You should've taken the others!

Phantom: *She puts a hand on Hiero's shoulder.* Hiero, I suggest you let go of the... bear. We have more to worry about other than that. *She points at his and Hiroko's wounds.* We can ask for explainations later, assuming if he'll remain here.

Hiero: *Sighs and drops Jango* ..These wounds are nothing.. My mentor beat me worse when I messed up.. As for Hiroko, she needs assistance.. But how can we heal wounds in this damp area. My mentor was going to teach me how to heal with fire.. The lesson did not go far.. He passed away while teaching me this and how to control lava..

Hiroko: It stings... I don't know if I can walk. *Holds her ankle*

Hiero: *tries to relax her ankle by messaging it* We need to clean the cut, but it's impossible to do it.. with no water around... Wait! *takes off his scarf and wraps it around Hiroko's leg* That should help you momentarily.. It'll stop the bleeding and any polluted air from entering your open wound.. If you need any more assistance let me know..

Hiroko: Thank you Hiero Senpai... *Gets up*

Hiero: S-senpai?.. I take it that means to have respect or something?.. Back in my tribe people would call the higher ups "Flarers" because of their skills and knowledge.

Hiroko: Y-You are really weird... Um... *She looks down, having something to say but staying quiet*

Hiero: Tch.. "weird".. Sorry my ways are different..

Hiroko: I didn't mean it in a bad way. You are a good weird... Um... So anyway... *goes silent*

Hiero: Well, we've got work to do guys.. I want the group to go heal up, I'm taking down Corsin. He needs to snap out of his.. Obsession..

Phantom: By yourself? Your wounds need attention as well, and didn't the bear mention that melee was Corsin's forte?

Hiroko: Why don't we take a few minutes to introduce ourselves...? I would feel more comfortable saving the world with people I know...

Phantom: But we already know each other's name..?

Hiero: My real name is Harold in Taronese, I used to be a part of a patrol force to protect my village. I'm also a tool maker. That's all I'm sharing, and these cuts? These are nothing.. *puts his hand over his scarred wound* I'll be fine, I can take him down..

Phantom: I don't know my real name, I've been living in the underworld for most of my childhood... That's about it. *She turns to Hiero.* I'm coming with you, then.

Hiero: I don't want to risk your life.. He's dangerous.. You two can't get hurt.. I can not heal.. My mentor never told me fire can heal..

Jango: *stood there and yawned a bit watching them talk. He sighed and pulled out a strange spray bottle. He went over to Hiroko and took the scarf off of her wound, spraying the contents of the bottle on the wound* It's gonna sting for a bit, but this will close the wound quickly. Corsic gave it to me to heal his wounds while he slept, that way he wouldn't feel the stinging, i have more of it if anyone else needs any. *He said walking over to Phantom and tapping her leg for her attention.*

Geo: *Runs up, looking around* ...Wow...did I really sleep through all this? *Facepalms* Can somebody wake me next time we're in a life-impending crisis? Apparently I need and would probably deserve it.

Hiero: *staggers slightly trying to walk to Geo* Corsin is insane, he's gone mask crazy. He's a complete brutal maniac. He snaps out of it ever so often.. We need to prolong him until he snaps out of his manipulation. Then when he's trying to fight the manipulation, I can move in for the kill.

Jango: *sighs and shakes his head* you really think you can take him on?...not even Endac could take him on in melee. *He shook his head annoyed*

Hiero: Listen, I patroled as the highest standing commander on my island. I was top rank, my mentor also taught me strong hand to hand combat. Also I have a survivors mind, I can do this.

Jango *shakes his head* Look...Corsin stood toe to toe with a guy who has two different Dragon Celestials at war inside of him...He'll be a challenge for you Hiero...atleas bring Phantom with you...and i will obviously be going as well.

Hiero: I don't want them hurt.. I'll do this on my own. *climbs out of the little pit they were in* Hey Corsin! I'm here to take you down!

Jango: *sighs and shook his head* alright *he climbs up out of the pit after him then looks around to see corsin wasn't around.* Well...i can't see him.

Hiero: Damn it! Show yourself you coward!

Corsin: *stepped out infront of them* wow you guys are so freaking annoying. I mean god...i was trying to sleep too. *His eyes were normal again as he looked at Hiero* What do you want? *He looked at Hiero then gasped and growled a bit, his eyes changing to purple again.* YOU *he drew his axe again*

High above the heroes, we see the man from before observing the island (though for the sake of future events, only his face and a newly grown set of wings are shown, and that everything else is covered up by robes), then sees them confront Corsin, and waits for the perfect moment to strike.

Hiero: *takes out sword* Come at me.

Corsin: *smiles deviously jumping towards Hiero quickly spinning his axe in one hand and then readying it pointing it downward at him. He landed closely and lashed out multiple times to in spinning arcs, swinging his axe.*

Hiero: *manages to slow the weapon with his blade and upper cuts Corsin*

Corsin: *jumps back quickly smiling and bringing his axe back around in a wide arc, but before it hit he stopped it against a pillar of rock, using it's momentum to shoot himself around it and kick Hiero in the gut*

Phantom: *She watches the two battle, apparently seeming to have followed Hiero.*

Hiero: *grabs the foot and tosses Corsin but appears to be strained afterward*

Corsin: *goes flying into a tree and bounces off back onto his feet cringing a bit. He growls at Heiro* Dumb*** bird, i'll kill you for that. *He spins his poleaxe again and runs at him slashing it in another arc, but it went into the ground picking up rocks and dirt. He slashed with it again throwing a wave of dirt and rock at him, following closely behind it for a follow up attack.*

Hiero: *makes a fire wall to protect him from the dirt attack* That it chump! Those bee's didn't give you too much honey today did they!

Corsin: *laughs meniachally bringing his axe through the fire wall and down at him* Jango!

Jango: *sighs and turns to Hiero* Please don't think bad of me, he's my trainer and i can't go against him. *He then jumps back and uses earthquake. The ground shook heavily knocking everyone around except for Jango and Corsin, who had a very stable footing, and earth holding his feet down.*

Hiero: *stabs the ground to create an eruption of lava towards Corsin from the earthquake* ...

Phantom: *She loses her balance, almost allowing herself to be seen from where she was hiding.* ..! *She catches  herself by allowing her to somewhat float above the ground.*

Hiero: *notices Phantom* Damn it! Didn't I give you orders to keep safe! I don't want you getting hurt!

Corsin: *he side steps the lava and spins bringing his axe around in an arc at heiro* Why don't you pay attention to keeping yourself safe

Hiero: *trembles as he hits the ground* Tch... *spits on the ground staggering* T-That it, p-punk!.. 

Corsin: *laughs a bit* Your lucky that was just a scratch, but this time- *He then brings down the axe to strike him on the ground.*

Hiero: *picks up blade just in time to protect himself from the blow and pushes Corsin back with his force* Tch.. *spits blood on his boots*

Phantom: *She grumbles under her breath.* Like no one else worries about yours...

Corsin: *laughs a bit* Well actually it's just him who doesn't care about his life. It sickens me, when one would simply throw their life away for something stupid. You don't even know what this island holds and still you persue it blindly. Couldn't it be possible that the one who charged you for this quest of yours is the evil one?

Hiero: Y-You shut your damn mo-outh.. *tries to stand up but falls on one knee* I hear spirits.. Thousands of calls.. *attempts to stand up again this time with both legs* My people's lives in jeopardy, even if Evil awaits me, I will not go down. *stands up fully, yet is still staggering and draws his sword* These lives need saving, my members need me and I need them. I'll make you regret my face and this island.

Corsin: *laughs again* first your attempts to sell yourself as still able to fight, are feeble and useless. Boy, your too weak to stay on your feet, if i were you i'd tag out. Atleast your friend there could put up a decent fight at this point...the hero act is useless when you have no strength to pull it off. *He raised his weapon again* Then again slicing your limbs from your torso sounds just as fun.

Jango: *dry heaves, sickened by Corsin's strange mental change* yuck...i'm about ready to knock some sense into you, just to get you to quit it with all this- *gets wacked upside the head*

Hiero: I'm not putting her life at risk.. I've got enough strength to keep kicking. I won't rest 'till this is over..

Phantom: *She crosses her arms and steps out in front of Hiero.* You're not putting my life at risk, I am. *She reaches for her spear, now looking at Corsin.*

Hiero: *looks into Phantoms eyes with a slight bit of anger then sighs and nods* Want to fight beside me? We've got this.

Phantom: *She nods in return.* Agreed.

Corsin: *Grunts* well sh**, i was hoping you'd be too stubborn to even allow that. *He readies his axe again* Jango, take care of the mink.

Jango: *Looks a bit worried at the two heroes then back at Corsin a bit annoyed* Is that a request or an order?

Corsin: *glares at the teddiursa* Do as i say, your a pokemon for mobius' sake.

Jango: *Glares back*...fine...*He turns back to Phantom* Please don't blame me for this. *He runs at her and pulls out his own tiny version of Corsin's axe running at her with it ready to strike, as he nears her he nudges his head gesturing to heiro and lowering his voice to where only she could hear him* "When i trip, go in for the strike."

Corsin: *Returns his gaze to the somewhat beaten heiro* Now where were we bird brain, oh yes... *He chrages the him axe ready to fall again, as jango fake trips on a rock and flies past phantom tumbling into a tree (Which corsin doesn't notice).*

Phantom: *She murmurs 'thank you' and then creates an air barrier around Hiero, protecting him from the attack.* Sorry, but it had to be done. *She runs up to Corsin, and attempts to kick him in the back.*

Corsin: *noticing the air barrier go up, he turned to scold the pokemon, only met with a swift kick in the gut from turning fully around. He was knocked back a couple yards and into another tree. After a moment he got up and glared at her spitting blood on the ground growling* Your going to pay for that one, with your blood and screams of agony. *He rushed her now bringing his axe then down on her, but faked that move to quickly slash from the side in surprise*

Phantom: *She manages to block the attack with the side of the spear, yet the momentum knocks her off her feet.*

Corsin: *Takes the chance and brings a leg up swiftly kicking at her before she fell knocking her further away, He then walks after her raising his axe for another strike.*

Phantom: Ugh..! *She struggles to her feet.*

Hiero: *swiftly turns and takes out a small dagger he had kept inside pocket and attempts to stab Corsin's neck*

Jango: *Tackles Corsin from the side, stopping him from attacking Phantom, and Heiro from attacking Corsin. He rolls over and sits up. Corsin had been knocked to the side and cursed but then fell silent as he hit a boulder with his head, he was now lying unconcious on the ground next to the teddiursa.* *The pokemon stood up and looked down at his unconcious friend* You guys better get out of here before he wakes up. *He turns to them* Whatever it may be, Corsin hasn't been in his right mind for the last couple of days. He's had these random moments where it seems he's in pain then his eyes turn a strange purple color, then he just goes bezerk like that. Anyway, it's best you take him back to mend his wounds, ms. Phantom. I'll  take care of keeping this guy off your tracks.

Hiero: *has wide open eyes and removes his scarf showing his scarred beak and his open mouth as in furstration* Kid, I don't think you understand. Corsin HAS to die, I'm gonna do the honors as well.. 

Jango: And i don't think you understand, Mr. Heiro. *He glares back at him, although it was a useless attempt seeing the creature glare, it was not at all menacing* I may think he's finally lost it but i won't be letting him get killed...not by a long shot. So you have 2 choices, Go back where it's safe and get yourself healed, then continue with your quest here so we can all go home...Or stay here and endlessly try to reach your target while i protect him till he wakes up, and kicks your feathered butt again...your choice, all i know is the latter will cost you dearly.

Hiero: *picks up Jango by his collar and gives him a menacing look* Say that again, I didn't hear you last time.

Jango: *He yelps a bit and cringes, expecting to be hit. After a moment his resolve came back and he stammered out* G-go back and get healed, o-or...or die trying to take the wrong life, it's your choice, but the latter will cost you.

Phantom: *She walks over towards them.*'s better if we avoid a fight than continue one.

Jango: *nods fervently, afraid of Heiro hitting him, or throwing him into a tree or something.*

Hiero: Tch.. *drops Jango* Let's move, before I change my mind and kill both while they're down.

Phantom: *She nods.* Alright.

[At the Enclave]

Hiero: *sharpening his knives and lowly muttering to himself, but it can not be heard due to the scarf covering his face* ...

Phantom: *She appears to be resting now, judging by her breathing she now seems to be asleep.*

[Back with Corsin and Jango]

???: *His voice is head near Corsin* You couldn't protect are of no further help to us...

Corsin: N...NO *coughs up blood and spasms a bit then lays motionless, foaming at the mouth.*

Jango: *Watching this in fear untill he breathed his last breath* C-corsin...y-you can't be dead...your only- *he tears up a bit* friend...*after a moment he closes his eyes tightly and roars at the sky ferociously, evolving into an Ursaring. His fur was standing up in bristles and his claws were longer and sharper than normal.* Whoever did this, will pay dearly. *He bursts forth into the woods*

[Back at the Enclave]

Hiero: *looks around as the night becomes a foggy morning* What the hell is making that noise..

Phantom: *She yawns as she begins to wake up, her voice sounds as if she wishes to continue on sleeping.* Huh...wh...what noise..?

  • another Roar is heard off in the distance and a tree falls*

Hiero: *flips dagger and stealthily walks towards the threat* ...

Ursaring: *Knocks down a tree nearby growling angrily, then glares right at Heiro* You, we're ending this now. I'm going to find whoever caused us all to come here and kill them, are you in or out?

Hiero: *puts away dagger* Deal, come along.

(Part V is now over)

[Summary: Corsin's death was caused my mental corruption, but by what and by who. The heroes now join with Jango in search of The Guardian. Time is even shorter as the world only has a week or so left.)

Part VI: Life and Death

[The heroes now work to find mount Volmai. They are aided by an evolved version of Jango and the only threat that stands in their way is Michael. Little do the heroes know that every move they make is being watched by the guardian. They have only a week to save Mobius, can the heroes do it?]

Hiero: Time runs short, the only answer we got to where ever the Voice of Spirits is, is Mount Volmai an active volcano. Since I can attempt to move lava with the work of a geokinetic I may be able to construct and find the stair way to the chamber of truth. Now it will be sufferably hot there, does any one have any questions to my plans?

Hiroko: J...Just one thing...

Hiero: Yes?

Hiroko: ...I suffer very high heat intolerence.

Hiero: Phantom can cool the air around the group, that way you and Alasdair won't feel heat pressure.

Hiroko: Perhaps, but that's a lot of work, isn't it? I'm sorry... All I do is cause trouble and keep you guys behind.

Hiero: *pats Hiroko's head* You're a valued member, you've held your own. We have to stick together, prove that to yourself. And in the end, you aided us to save Mobius.

Hiroko: ......

Hiero: Chin up comrade, we defeat our threat and we return to our homes.. If anything happens, I am truly grateful to work with you fellow team mates.. Although I fear we won't ever see each other again.. No matter, we must get to work. Let's go get this done.. Come on and follow.

Hiroko: Why should I?

Hiero: ...What do you mean "why should you". The world is counting on us.. We can't turn back..

Hiroko: ..."Comrade", "Member"... "In the end, you aided us to save Mobius"...What, do you expect me to die?! I don't plan on it.... You don't even care about our lives, do you? You never call us your friends! Not once! Why should I put my trust in someone who doesn't care for me? Let them lead me to my death perhaps?! I always thought I was a coward... But at least I have the courage to make friends and get attatched to others...

Hiero: *looks down and sighs* Because I am already attached to you guys.. I don't want to leave the island because I've finally made friends that I hope care for me.. It's not so easy for me to just blatantly say "hello friend".. I haven't had a real friend in quite some time.. I've lost too many..

Hiroko: [She angrily looks at Hiero] ..."I fear we won't ever see each other again" Haha... If I'd never heard a lie in my life... I still wouldn't believe you.

Hiero: *pulls up scarf a bit more* You don't understand...

Hiroko: Ha... Yeah, sure... I'll take your orders and follow you until I die, but don't expect me to take any shots for you...

Hiero: I won't let you or anyone else die here.. We've gotten too far for that..

Hiroko: It isn't your decision if we die or not. You don't control fate... Fate controls you. Get that through your head.

Hiero: *looks down* You're right.. I don't control fate, but I'm going to do my damned best to keep everyone intact, no matter what fate' has in store for me.. Don't tell me what I feel and don't feel.. You don't know or understand me.

Hiroko: [Angrily slaps Hiero] ...I know you enough to know when you are being naive and irrational.

Hiero: *grabs his face then glares at Hiroko* ...

Hiroko: Now, get going. I don't want to slap more sense into you then necessary.

Hiero: You're glad you are my friend.. Other wise I wouldn't resent attacking back.. *walks in the designated direction to find Mount Volmai*

Hiroko: A little late to start calling me a friend.*

Hiero: It's a start.. *continues moving*

Phantom: *She follows.* Um...better late than never?

Hiroko: I'd prefer never [She follows after them both]

Jango: *The giant ursaring follows behind with Phantom a bit annoyed* *He huffs a sigh and devolves back to a teddiursa somehow and leans over to Phantom whispering* Is it always like this around you guys?

Phantom: *She looks down at Jango, surprised that he is now a teddiursa.*'s more like between those two. The others...have their own specific personality.

Jango: *sighs* I dunno if my sanity will survive this journey then.

[A few miles away from Mount Volmai]

Hiero: That's our call.. I can't believe it.. This is the end..

Back where Corsin's dead body lays, Quartz swoops down, now standing near it. He picks it up, then a mysterious light envelops him.

Hiero: What ever happened to Quartz?.. He had better not interfere.

Phantom: *She looks tired out.* long as he doesn't interfere I don't mind...

Hiroko: I hope something devistating happened to that creep!

Jango: *Looking at hiroko* Is it just me, or is anyone else somewhat worried about her change in personality? One small snap and she went from timid and apologetic, to anger management issues...don't mind me though, i'm not trying to pick a fight here, just pointing that out.

Hiero: It's not her, it's the island. The paranoia is getting to her as it is getting to me. I nearly lost all of my sanity not too long ago..

Hiroko: What are you trying to say?!

Hiero: That you're paranoid.. Relax and take a deep breath before you do something you'll regret.

Hiroko: ...

Hiero: Please cool down, friend.

Hiroko: ...Fine.

Hiero: Thank you.. I wonder how we're supposed to find the designated area to begin the magma moving.. I need Phantom to keep you from Heat stroke Hiroko. And please if something does happen where the heat gets far too serious, let me know to absorb some of the fire myself.

Hiroko: I'm pretty sure the I might be able to help you find an area.

Hiero: Please instruct me on where we should start.

Hiroko: ...I-I don't think you'll like what you hear.

Hiero: *shows an impatient look* What do you mean?

Hiroko: Something's preventing the lava to be controlled... So is the Earth. I wouldn't be surprised if our other elements weren't working either...

Hiero: Impossible..! We've only a week to finish this! The skies are practically green and everything is smoggy, plant life is dying as well.. 

Hiroko: Tell me something I don't know!

Hiero: *turns to Hiroko with a smug look then gets back to trying to figure out a way into the volcano* Wait.. I used to be a great lava boarder.. I can attempt to crack open an entrance from inside. God this is insane..

Jango: or you could ask the pokemon...*sighs*

Hiero: What could you do Jango, by this point?

Jango: *shrugs* dig...bulldoze...dunno if earthquake will do any good.

Hiroko: Didn't I just explain? The earth refuses to budge. We can't control it in the slightest...

Hiero: *takes out his two daggers and begins climbing*

Phantom: *She looks up at Hiero.* 'Ya know I could at least make things easier for you..

Hiero: How might you be able to do that? *stops climbing for a bit.*

Phantom: *She creates a staircase of air near him.* It's stable, I assure you.

Hiero: *gives Phantom an odd look and begins walking up the stair case* Thank you..

Phantom: Of course.

???: *Follows behind them, being careful to not be spotted.*

Hiero: *stops for a breif amount of time to look around* ...Watch your backs, I sense something..

Phantom: *She nods slowly.* Understood..

Hiero: *looks down* Screw it, this can wait. I'll aid you guys in the battle.

Phantom: You sure?

Hiero: *nods and jumps down*

Phantom: *She looks at the volcano before sighing.* ...

[Michael has been skipped due to user request.]

Hiero: Okay guys we found hi- Jesus.. He's dead..

Phantom: *She stares at his corpse.* ...seriously? That's it?

Michael: *Is wide-eyed, and his neck is broken. The leopard seemed to have fallen, while climbing, and landed on his head.*

Hiero: *inspects his corpse* ...He must've fallen, it could be by push or mistake.. Huh..

Hiero: *scratches head* ..Could this be a lost cause..? Something has to be here.. *begins destroying various structures until he finds a small cavern leading into a heat passage way* Everyone! I found an exit!.. We ARE going to save the world.. Let's get rid of this threat for good.. Come now comrades. *begins crawling into the hole*


The Ending

Since Island of Doom was canceled relatively quickly after its fourth chapter, the story ended with out explanation to what exactly would happen. In the end of IOD, Voyai Mobi turns back to normal after the defeat of the Guardian and vessels then appear before the heroes that teleport them to their original homes. This not only happens, but the aura that made the heroes function differently has been terminated. The guardian was defeated by Alasdair when he sacrificed himself to wear the voice of spirits mask. It was because of his sacrifice that everything turned to normality. Because the Aura effects wore off, many of the heroes started to act like their usual selves. A little ceremony was made for Alasdair and then everyone left for their homelands, all except for young Hiero who stood the longest. Once Hiero came to realization that what he did on the island was wrong he immediately went into a lapse of depression, he then returned home carrying the burden of having his member sacrifice himself. Since Alasdair's corpse remained on the island, it revived the six dead villains. After the villains were revived, only three were noted of possible escape from the island. Ever since then, no one ever found out about the other missing three villains or the island as a whole. It seemed like the entire mission was all just a dream, something that never existed.

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