(I know I recently made a Roleplay,but also Recently I created Some Characters that I thought I Put on an Island,And that is how this Role Play was Born)Are Heros Get lost at Sea and End up on an Island(FREE JOIN!



George the Spider

Henry the ant

Anna & Annabell the Baboons

Sara & Sarah the Red Elk

Ezella the squirrel

Zeke the Rat

Myrtle Hippo

Savannah the Zebra

Flower the Meerkat(Main Islander)

Bob the Tasmanian devil (Scroundernuts)


Kaytlin Fence the fox

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)

Speedy the Pocupine (Scroundernuts)

Jim the Doggaby (scroundernuts)

Kyros the Hedgehog (RTH)

Rapid the Hedgehog (RTH)

Jade the Cat (tranzitz)


Black the Hedgehog (RTH)

Part 1

Kaytlin:*Washes Ashore*

Jack & Patricia: (Washes ashore)

Kaytlin:*Wakes up*

Jack: (Wakes up) What happen?

Patricia: (Wakes up & spots her Flying Broom) I don't know, but my Broom has been Blasted, the engines are been damaged

  • A Hippo is in a Large Puddle Near them*

Kaytlin:*Notices the Hippo*Huh?

Jack: Who's that?

Patricia: I don't knoiw, but let's go ask him

Kaytlin:*Goes toward the Hippo*Who are you?

Myrtle:Why I'm Myrtle Hippopatmuos!

Kaytlin:Umm Hi!I'm Kaytlin.

Myrtle:I supose I have to Tour you around the Island.How you get here anyway?

Speedy & Jim: (Washes ashore)

Kaytlin:*Runs Over to them*You Ok?

Myrtle:More of your Friends?

Speedy: (Wakes up) Where am i?

Kaytlin:I don't Know.

Myrtle:We never Really named this place.

Speedy: How did i get here?

Kaytlin:I'm not Really sure,But I think we were on the Beach and Whirlpool Suck us in.

Speedy: Oh.

Myrtle:So thats how you got here.

Speedy: Is there others here?

?????:Yes there are.

Jim: (Wakes up) Huh? Who said that?

Ezella:Twus I.

Kaytlin:She's Pretty Smart for a 5 year old.

Jim: I'm hungry.

Ezella:I pretty sure Savannah is Preparing us a Meal right now.

Jim: Good.

George:*Notices Them*AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!*Hides in a Tree*


Bob: What's going on?

Henry:It's George again,He being Claustrophobic.

Bob: Why is he Always like That?

Henry:I don't know why,It might have something to do with his past.

Ezella:You'll get use to George Doing that.

Bob: Oh.

Jack & Patricia: Hello?

Ezella:Hello Teens.

Jack: Hi I'm Jack the Hedgehog & this is my friend Patricia the Skunk

Patricia: Hello

Ezella:My name is Ezella the Squirrel,I'm 4 years old and i got Here 12 months ago,Meaning a Year!

Jack: A Year?!

Patricia: Really? That Long?!

Ezella:You should meet Flower,She was born on this Island!

Patricia: Flower is a baby?

Ezella:No she is 14 years old!

Patricia: Ohhh, sorry

Jack: But how, where are we?

Ezella:We haven't named the Island.*To George*George Get down From there!


Kaytlin:This is Weird.

Patricia: Island?! (Looks around) It looks Beautiful

Henry:I can't worry about right,Goerge Get out of the Tree!*Pulling Goerge's Leg*

George:No!I'm Claustrophobic!

Bob: Will he ever get Down?

Jack: I think so

Ezella:When you Guys Leave.He's Cluastrophobic!

Patricia: Ok, see you later

Jack: Yeah Bye

(They both leave)

Jack: Why are we on an Island?

George:*Gets out of the Tree*

????:Yay,New People!

????:OMg,New People!

Jack & Patricia: Who's there?

Patricia: (Jumps into Jack's Arms)

Ezella:Just Don't talk to the there Idiots.

Jack: Sorry

Ezella:By the Way the Names are Sara & Sarah,If you Want to learn more about this Island Anna & Annabell are on the Other side of the Island!

Patricia: Ok, but where are our Friends, Kaytlin, Speedy & Jim?

Kaytlin:I'm Here.

Jack: Kaytlin, your ok

Patricia: Hi Kaytlin

kaytlin:We should Get to the other Side!

Ezella:Watch out For Zeke!

Patricia: Ok, why?

Ezella:He a Prankster on this Island!Plus he is 5!


Ezella:Yes a Prankster.You should Get Going its Getting dark.

Kaytlin:*To Jack & Patricia*We should Get Going!

(In the Jungle on The Island)

Jack: Looks like we're in the Jungle

Kaytlin:Remember,Watch out for Zeke!

Patricia: Got it (Carries her Flying Broom on her Back, but she is easily carrying it)

????:No One watches out for me!

Jack: So Kaytlin, how far are we gonna get to the Other side of the Island?

Kaytlin:Uh...Jack,Zeke is here.

Jack: Oh dear, we gotta get away from him

Anna:*Giggles*Just Kidding!

Jack: You nearly scared us

Patricia: Who are you?

Anna:Anna the Baboon!

Annabell:And Annabell the Baboon!

Jack: I'm Jack the Hedgehog & this is Kaytlin Fence & Patricia the Skunk

Patricia: Hi


Anna:Are you here to learn more about the Island?

Jack: I don't know how I got here on this Island

Kaytlin:We were Sucked in by a Whirl Pool,And it must have caused us to come here.

Patricia: Oh dear, it feels like your far away from home

Kaytlin:Yes Far from the Mainland.

Anna:So What do you want to know?

Jack: We're just going to the Other side of the Island

AnnaBell:And Good timing,its almost Night!

Patricia: Night time already?


Jack: Wait a minute, we forgot Speedy & Jim

Kaytlin:Don't Worry there on the other side.

Patricia: Do you think we should rest here for the night?


Anna:Tomorrow,You will Set off to find Flower.

Jack: Ok

Kaytlin:*Goes to Sleep*

Jack & Patricia: (Goes to Sleep)

(At Night)

Zeke:*Drawing on their Faces*

Patricia: (Talking in Sleep) Huh? Who's there? (Wipes her Face with a Tissue)'


Patricia: Huh? (Wakes up & notices no one is around) (Shrugs) Oh well (Goes back to sleep)

Part 2:Finding Flower

(In the Morning)

Kaytlin:*Wakes Up*We Better get started if We want to find Flower!

Jack: I think there's something writtin in my face

Zeke:*Laughing:*Oldest Rule in the Book!

Kaytlin:That Little Rat!

Patricia: (wipes Jack & Kaytlin's Face with a Tissue) There

Zeke:*Runs into the Jungle*

Jack: Thanks Patricia, come on, we gotta keep moving

(In the mIddle of the Jungle)

Kaytlin;We are almost there!

Patricia: Ok, but let's stick together so we won't get lost


Jack: GOt it

Kaytlin:*Trips on a Small mound*

Patricia: Are you ok, Kaytlin?


(A Meerkat Comes out of the Mound)

Flower:*Double Blinks*Hello.

Jack: Uh Hi, my name is Jack the Hedgehog & this is Kaytlin Fence the Fox & Patricia the Skunk

Flower:*Pulls Jack in the Mound*


Jack: Ok, I have no idea, what's a Mound is?

Kaytlin:Its a Hole in the ground.

Jack: Ok, I need one teeny tiny request


Jack: (Shouts) GET ME OUTTA HERE !!!!!

Flower:*Pulls Jack over to a Small Hole that is Underground*See Down there?

Jack: Yeah, what?

Flower:Can you Swim?

Jack: Yes I can, why?

Flower:*Pushes Jack into the Hole*


Jack: (Emerges) Flower, what did you that for?

Flower:*Jumps Doen into the Hole*

Jack: Come on in Guys

Kaytlin:*Goes underground,Finds the Hole,and Jumps in it*

Patricia: (Follows Kaytlin underground & goes through the Hole) We're all here

Flower:Isn't the Cavern Pretty?

Jack: Wow, I've never seen such Beauty

Flower:The Only ones here Besides us are Extremefiles.

Patricia: Extremefiles?

Flower:Germs that live in Extreme Enviorments.

Rapid and Kyros washed up on shore. They both were unconscious.

Speedy & Jim: (Looks at the Hole)

Flower:Come on in!

Speedy & Jim: (Jumps in)

Jack: (Spots Rapid & Kyros) Look ! It's Rapid & Kyros

Savannah & Henry:*Helping them on to Medical Beds*(Medical beds are made of Leaves and Sticks)

Patricia: What are they doing here?

Kaytlin:They must have came here,too.

Jack: We gotta help them

Kaytlin:The ant & The Zebra are helping them.

Patricia: Wow, that's helpful

Savannah:They'll wake up soon enough.

Jack: Thank you

Savannah:Your Welcomes!^^

Patricia: By the way, who are you?

Savannah:Savannah the Zebra!

Kaytlin:Tipical Nurse of the Island.

Jack: It's nice to meet you, but we got stuck on this Island, can you help us get off this island, please? We need to get back to Sonic & our friends

Savannah:Sorry,There are now ways off this Island!

Jack: Well, we're doomed

Kaytlin:We're not Doomed,We casn live here for the rest of Our Lifes,Or we Could Wait until one of my sister Come.

Patricia: But, what about our Friends, Sonic, Amy & the others?

Kaytlin:They Probably Don't know we are here,Besides the First two to Realize I'm gone is Chip and Gale.

Jack: We need to get off this Island somehow, right now we need Food, Shelter & Water. Either we live together or DIE apart !


Jack: We'll starve to death on this Island you know that

Patricia: Ok guys, no more fighting please? We need to calm down & take our time

Jack: (To Kaytlin) Sorry about that

Kaytlin:If People live on this Island,Of course there is Food,Water,and Shelter.

Patricia: Come on, let's go

Jack: Sorry for being Insane, Kaytlin

Kaytlin:Its ok.

Jack: Ah well, never mind. Let's go have a look around

Ezella:We'll be happy to make you guys a Shelter.

Patricia: Thanks guys, that's very nice of you

(rustilng comes from a nearby bush)

Jack: What's that?

Patricia: (notices the rustling coming from the nearby bush) It's coming from that bush.

Jack: Should we check it out or something?

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