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  1. No godmodding or "forever dodging"
  2. No swear words.
  3. No powerplaying,unless the characters that refer to each other are related or know each other.
  4. Do not somehow introduce something as powerful as the wishing stone
  5. No "wish maker characters".
  6. Do not suddenly introduce a new item of relevance.
  7. No killing characters without permission of the owner.
  8. Either give a page or a short description of a character


The race for the Stone has started.Reddy and pastry are stuck in a traffic jam.


In a small kingdom in the past,the people there were blessed with items called wishing stones.These stones grant any wish of any person.A war broke down between the wielders of these stones.Soon an unkown unity of people destroyed all wishing stones,with their own wish,but not their own stone.After many MANY years an announcement that spreads throughout all of mobius states that there is a stone that will grant wishes!Now about all of mobius is hunting this stone!But there are some who want to abuse this power.So get the stone and fufill your wishes!


Another one of those fans(Creator)



Those wishing to use the stone for good.


Those who just want the stone.Or not at all!

  1. Reddy the fox - A fox who can summon his creations and can make things near instantaneously.He can also control technology.Although he sounds tough,he is weak and is easily distracted by trucks.
  2. Pastry the fox - A fox who can heal people and control nature.He is kind but slightly cowardice.He is the little brother of Reddy.


Those who want the stone for evil purposes.

  1. X the wolf - A wolf who claims to used to be part of GUN,he uses alot of high tech gear to his advantage.And he is incredibly advanced in planning.

Part 1

"GREEETINGS MOBIUS!"A loud voice said.

"What the?"Reddy shouted.He suddenly pressed the brakes on his truck much like other people on vehicles."I am uh,someone you can trust and there has recently discovered a stone that can alter reality!".A yellow fox got up."It may be a hoax." he said."I'm using this stone to communicate with all of you!This stone will now be teleported to somewhere in mobius!"."That's crazy'"Reddy said."Come on are you gonna believe in that?"The fox asked."Yes pastry BECAUSE YOU CAN HEAR IT TOO.""Fine"Pastry got up and put on his trucker hat."As soon as we get out of this traffic jam,were out!"Pastry shouted,confidently.Cars are moving much faster and Reddy is shouting "MOVE!" furiously constantly.It is going to be a long day.

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