This is Fire86743's second roleplay (and the first one that will not be cancelled by the original creator.) Keep in mind that it takes place in a different universe than it. (If you want to join, put down your username and character name under the Involved Characters heading, under one of the alignments.)


For many years, Sonic and his friends have stopped almost all evil beings that threaten to destroy the earth, and even the universe! After his latest adventure, they all decide to have fun for a while until a new threat comes their way.

Meanwhile, at a rebuilt Death Egg, Eggman is plotting to steal the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald. He sends out Metal Sonic who successfully steals them. The doctor uses the full power of all 8 of the artifacts.

However, this caused an overload of power and thus, turned them all into 8 powerful beings of energy that suddenly escaped and landed on Earth. When our heroes come back, they realize that their fun made them lose the emeralds and doom the world while the 8 beings wreak havoc.

Heroes (and some Anti-Heroes) from around the world had heard about the news and rushed to the scene while Sonic and his friends got ready for their biggest adventure yet. Will Sonic defeat the beings and restore them back to their emerald forms and save the planet once again, or will this be their first loss?








  1. No godmodding, obviously.
  2. No porn.
  3. Stick to the plot.
  4. No excessive swearing.
  5. Do not use any other types of godmodding, also obvious.
  6. (May not be that important, but if your character has the power to fuse with another one, don't use it for this roleplay.)

Involved Characters

Heroes (Trying to defeat the beings restore them back into their emerald states)

Sonic (Fire86743)

Tails (nobody yet)

Knuckles (nobody yet)

Amy (nobody yet)

Silver (Skyblade743)

Eggman (nobody yet/"redeemed")

Arid the Shrew (SuperSilverXtreme14)

Fireflower the Kitsune (SuperSilverXtreme14)

Anti-Heroes (Trying to defeat the beings for fun)

Shadow (nobody yet)

Metal Sonic (nobody yet/"redeemed" for only this situation)

Ice (Skyblade743)

Villains (The beings and others trying to help them)

Green Chaos (nobody yet)

Red Chaos (nobody yet)

Yellow Chaos (nobody yet)

Blue Chaos (nobody yet)

Cyan Chaos (nobody yet)

Purple Chaos (nobody yet)

Silver Chaos (SuperSilverXtreme14)

Master Chaos (Fire86743)

Alkaline the Destroyer (SuperSilverXtreme14)

The Roleplay

(this roleplay will start when at least 4 users join, 1 of them has to at least be the Green Chaos since its the first one that'll appear.)

Episode 1: Is This The True Form of Chaos? (don't add anything yet)

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