The Sound Squad is Fire86743's third roleplay (not to replace the current one.) It's somewhat similar to his first one in introducing original characters, though it's supposed to be better. It is once again a free join roleplay.


As explained above, this roleplay is focused on 3 characters part of a team known as Team Sound.

DJ the Hedgehog: A black hedgehog with little orange hair on his head and blue eyes. He wears a yellow sweater, headphones, and shoes similar to the soap shoes, except they're mainly black. He also has the ability to control fire.

Mach the Falcon: A blue falcon with red inhibitor rings on his gloves. He has the ability to fly almost as fast as Sonic, but a little faster without the inhibitors. When fast enough, he'll be able to punch the air so hard that it creates a sound wave that can damage opponents.

Gold the Armadillo: An obviously golden armadillo similar to Mighty, except a bit stronger, being able to break through hard metal. He is also able to jump high. However, he is a little slow, but he makes up for that by being able to create earthquakes by stomping on the ground high enough as well as dig underground.

Ronic the Hedgehog: Okay, he's not really part of Team Sound, but he's the main antagonist of all this. He was first created years ago by Dr. Eggman as yet another attempt to copy and destroy Sonic. This time, it created a complete replica of Sonic that will do its intentions. However, on his first mission, he accidentally fell into a red paint bucket and was thus given the nickname "Red Sonic." When he came back, his creator was so disgusted that he sent him away to Prison Island and locked him there for all of eternity, hoping that he would never be released EVER. So, you may be asking how he got caught up in all of this? You'll have to find out here.

This roleplay, as explained above again, is focused on their adventure and eventually meeting your character at some point. (if you even join.)


Here are the rules, obviously.

  1. No godmodding, obviously.
  2. Keep this PG-13 yall.
  3. No excessive swearing.



Involved Characters


Mach the Falcon (Fire86743)

Gold the Armadillo (Fire86743)

Vector the Crocodile (Fire86743)

Espio the Chameleon (Fire86743)

Charmy Bee (Fire86743)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Fire86743)

Miles "Tails" Prower the Fox (N/A)

Knuckles the Echidna (N/A)


DJ the Hedgehog (Fire86743)

Shadow the Hedgehog (N/A)


Dr. Eggman (N/A)

Ronic (Fire86743)

First Half

His Name is DJ

In Metropolis, Vector and the rest of Team Chaotix have built a club so they can play music and let people enjoy.


Espio: Best song ever.

While they're jamming, DJ is walking down the street leading to the place.


DJ's getting closer.

Charmy: Not just awesome, EPIC!

DJ's about to open the door.

Vector: Just imagine a visitor listening to the music and coming in to enj-

DJ enters the club.

Charmy: Oh look, there's one right now!

DJ: Good thing I found this club, now I can listen to music without connecting my headphones to anything.

Charmy flies up to DJ.

Charmy: Hello there. What's your name?

DJ: DJ, that's my name. Don't get confused with that crocodile over there.

Charmy: ...Um...okay...enjoy!

Charmy flies back to Vector.

DJ: Ugh, does he always ask visitors tha- WAIT WHAT?!

A new visitor comes in while Charmy questions them.

DJ: Hmph, weird.

Vector: ATTENTION EVERYBODY! We're now gonna play the most popular song instead of our personal favorite, so be sure to dance three times as much!

DJ: Oh boy...

Vector plays the most popular song at the moment. It's also the most annoying to DJ.

DJ in mind: NO!!!

It goes on for a while, up until DJ decides to throw his headphones at Vector, he luckily dodges.


DJ: That song is stupid!

The crowd throws tomatoes at him, but he quickly goes up to Vector.

Vector: Um, okay, fine. What music DO you like?

The people at the club then begin to jam to rock music

Vector: Great idea.


Suddenly, a blue blur appears and steals DJ's headphones.

Vector: DJ, I think Sonic just stole your headphones.

DJ: That hedgehog? WHERE?!

Vector: Don't know, don't actually see him, check outside.

DJ: Alright.

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