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Sonic and friends have an awesome party.


After being INCREDIBLY bored, Sonic and Tails decide to start and host a party. They invite all of their friends over. But Dr. Eggman eventually ambushes them and ruins all the fun in the party! So Sonic challenges him to a battle. After all of that was out of the way, the party continued on for hours! The party lasted so long and successful that the invited Mobians wanted even more! But Sonic and Tails ran out of ideas, supplies and cash! Will they save the Party, or will they fail? Find out!


  • "Severe" romance is not permitted (Kissing, flirting, making out and seducing is okay).
  • Censor profanity ("crap", "hell", "damn", "badass", et cetera are excluded).
  • Don't leave anyone out of the roleplay.
  • Users can have a minimum of eight characters, and no more than that.
  • We accept balanced characters, NOT Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus.
  • All in all, keep it on a "PG-13" level.

Break any of these rules three times, and you're out of the roleplay.

Also, have fun!



Sonic: [Yawns] I'm bored...

Tails: We should make a party. What do you think Sonic?

Sonic: That sounds great, Tails!

Tails: I'll send all the invitations... you can buy the supplies and set everything up.

Sonic: Uh... Tails? You DO realize I know nothing about setting up parties, right?

Tails: (sighs) Okay okay! I'll call up Amy, she has to know!

Sonic: Right... I'll be, uh... WAITING...

Tails​: Um... okay then, Sonic... (calls up Amy)

Sonic: ("Damn it... Amy's coming to help! I mean, she's nice, I guess, but that insane stalker will probably strangle me! Oh man...") (he goes into hiding)

Amy: (at the door) I'm here~!

Tails: (opens the door) Jeez, Amy! I didn't know you would arrive THAT quickly!

Amy: Actually, I overheard you two talking about some party while I was taking a jog, so I decided to help!

Tails: That's... confusing. And creepy at the same time.

Amy: I have no idea what you're talking about... anyway, where's my Sonikku~?

Tails: Eh, probably hiding from you...

Amy: Oh, not again! He always hides from me... 

Tails: (rolls his eyes) Look, Amy, can you just help out?

Amy: Okay... as long as you help me find Sonic after this, though!

Tails: It's a deal, then... okay, here's the plan. You buy all of the supplies, I set them up, and Sonic -as soon as we find him- sends the invitations!

Amy: Sounds great, Tails! I'll go to the store right away!

Tails: (raises an eyebrow) That wasn't what I had in mind, Amy. You sure you know what you're doing?

Amy: Of course, Tails! Just leave it to me!

(Forty minutes later...)

Amy: (opens the door with a enormous bag of supplies) I'm back, Tails~!

Tails: (his eyes widen in shock) Holy crap...! Amy, I think that's over our budget!

Amy: Relax, Tails! I paid for everything, trust me!

Tails: (sighs in relief) Well, alright... let's get everything set up, then!

(One short, pointless montage later...)

Amy: Okay, everything is set up! ... Now can we find Sonic?

Sonic: (comes out of hiding) Okay! I'm right here! I'll just send the invitations, now, if you don't mind, hehe! (sprints off with the invitations)

Amy: What's with him?

Tails: (facepalms)

(Announcement - This roleplay is getting rebooted once again. I'm sorry, but it was on hiatus for quite a while... if any newcomers want to join, join immediately! I wumbo, you wumbo...IMG 20140620 104613He she me, wumbo... 21:11, June 25, 2014 (UTC) )

Part One - Getting this Party Started!Edit

(Two hours later)

Tails: Alright! One of the guests should arrive any minute, now!

Katelyn:*Knocks on the door*

Sonic: (gets the door) Hey, there! Welcome to the party!

Katelyn:Thanks!^^....So this is the party?

Kasari:I think we came early,Kate.'Would explain why only a few people are here.

Tails: You didn't come early at all! The party's just beginning, that's all... ^^;


Katelyn:So what do we do while we're here?

Tails: Hm... you could play a game, or do some other activity.

Kasari:This place gets redundant after a while....Katelyn?Should we get Haroto and Eileen to come?

Katelyn:I'm not entirely sure about bringing Eileen,but we could definitely have Haroto liven this place up!

Kasari:*Calls Haroto and Eileen*Hey Haroto,is Eileen with you?....Good...We have this party and not many people are showing up so I think you should get over here liven the place.....Yeah,the Blue Blur's party *Closes phone*They'll be here soon.

Sonic: Alright! (glances towards Amy, who is right behind him) If you need me, I'll be... HIDING... (sprints off)

Amy: Awww! Sonikku, come back! (she chases after her self-proclaimed boyfriend)

Kasari:Geez...What's with that girl?

Katelyn:That's that girl Amy Rose,she constantly harasses Sonic and wants him to be her boyfriend.

Tails: (sweats) Haha, yeah...

(the doorbell rings; two Echidnas, a Rottweiler and a Vixen are behind it. All four are female)

Katelyn:*Opens the door*Hello there...^^'

The Elder Echidna: ...Greetings.

The Fox: Sonic the Hedgehog is hosting a party here, I presume...?

Katelyn:Yeah, he's over there. *Points to Sonic*

Sonic: (unsuccessfully hiding behind the couch; he is easily seen) Hey... um, Amy's gone now, right?

Kasari:I think she is...

Sonic​: (sighs in relief) Great...

Katelyn:Haroto and Eileen should be here by now....

(A knock at the door is heard)

The Elder Echidna: (gets the door) ...Welcome.

Haroto:Hey...I heard there was a party here....Did I get the wrong address?

Eileen:It's no suprise you got the wrong address,you're to nooby,dumb***.

Haroto:Shut it,Eileen,I'm sure I got it right this time.

Tails: (sweats in slight suspense) Yeah you got the address right... uh, come in!

(Haroto and Eileen enter)

Haroto:So are there any turntables here or a guitar?Those are the instruments I work best with.

Tails: Sonic has a guitar... at least, I think so.

Let's play a game!