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  • Do I Really Have to say them? they are kinda obvious.
  1. No G-modding
  2. No sexual activity
  3. No killing

Entry (add your character here if you want to fight)

  1. Evo The Hedgegoose
  2. Slash the Cat
  3. Brittney the Cat/Wolf/Dog/Fox
  4. Nickolas the Hedgehog
  5. Kimiko the White Wolf
  6. Rapid the Hedgehog
  7. Fist the Echidna
  8. Handy The Fox
  9. Kyros the Hedgehog
  10. Endac Dragonbane the Hedgehog
  11. Cor
  12. Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  13. Isaiah The Hedgewolf (ITH)
  14. Eva The Hedgegoose
  15. Axel The Hedgehog
  16. Necko The Hedgehog
  17. Gus Chaos (Hudhouse)
  18. Apallo The Hedgehog (Apallo)
  19. Duan the Hedgehog
  20. Floyd the Pink Echidna
  21. RMG-24
  22. Flower "Karina" Prower
  23. Italic The Wolf
  24. Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)

(Sorry no More entrants please the roster is finally even)

Tickets (add your name here if you want to watch)

Klinx the Weasel

Emblazon the Hedgehog

Myesha the Echidna

Selethen The Owl

Shadow the Wolf

Diana The Dehgehog/w here and her son Kylie the Hedgehog

Streak The Fox

Velocity the Hedgehog w/Joseph Hatake

Bruce Campell

Gus Chaos



Were Going to keep Fights short. like a montage

Round 1

1 V 7 -Evo vs. Fist

2 V 8 -Slash vs. Handy

3 V 9 -Britney vs. Kyros

4 V 10 -Nickolas vs. Endac

5 V 11 -Kimiko vs. Cor

6 V 12 -Rapid vs. Jack

13 V 19 -Isaiah vs. Duan

14 V 20 -Eva vs. Floyd

15 V 21 -Axel vs. RMG-24

16 V 22 -Necko vs. Karina

17 V 23 -Gus vs. Italic

18 V 24 -Apallo vs. Patricia

Round 2

1 V 2 -Evo vs. Slash

9 V 4 -Kyros vs. Nickolas


Fight! 1

Evo VS. Fist!

Evo: I Will Enjoy This *lunges at Fist*

Fist put his right index finger and right middle finger on his head and teleported behind Evo. "Too slow!" Fist said.

Evo: Chaos Control! *freezes Fist* Ha ha ha!

Fist easily and quickly got out of the Chaos Control. "I have Chaos Counter! I can counter and Chaos attack!" Fist said. Fist then ran up to Evo and punched him in the chin.

Evo: Gah! *falls backwards but cartwheels to recover* Not that easy to take me out! *lands one heavy boot on Fist's face*

Fist fell backwards. He got up and spit out blood. "That was one tough boot. But not tough enough!" Fist said. Then his hands started to glow. He shot a blue and black energy beam at Evo.

Evo turns into a mist of yellow energy.

Evo: I never thought I'd have to use this, *surrounds Fist, and Knocks him out*

Fist: *knocked out, but quickly recovers before the timer gets to one*

(Evo: Man! *transforms into Perfect Evo* TAKE THIS!!! *fires a large blast at Fist*

Fist simply put both of his hands out in fronts of him and caught the blast. "Too...Crud." The large blast exploded in Fist's hands. He got up. "Ow." Fist said. He then sat down and started to float. He the started to glow orange. He then descended to the floor. "Take this!" Fist yelled as his right fist glew purple. He punched Evo in the stomach, chest, and face.

Evo: (Bleeding from mouth and nose) GAH!!!! *jumps up* AHHHH!!!!! *Takes out sword, And Charges*

Fist watched the sword carefully. "One, two..." Fist ran in front of Evo. "Go ahead, I'm wide open!"

Evo: Wait What? Your not going to do anything about it? You Arrogant Fool! *brings sword down in a vicious strike*

Fist got cut on the arm. He got some blood off of himself and ut it on his fists. "Take this! BLOODY FISTS! GO!" He yelled. He was running fast at Evo. He then cloned himself. "3 on 1, you can't dodge Bloody Fists!" He said as all three charged at Evo.

Evo Disappears.

Evo: And You Can't Hit Nothing!

Fist laughed. "Two negative make a positive!" Fist said. He ran up to Evo and punched him in the gut and upon impact, he shot out a green energy beam at Evo.

Evo: I Know! *Holding Stomach* Ow... Rrrrrr. I WONT LOSE!!! *Explodes into Perfect Evo* HAHAHA *fires A HUGE BLAST AT FIST*

Fist got hit with the blast. He hit the floor hard. He stumbled, but got up. "You're pretty strong." Fist said. He then sat down. "You win. You're strong!" Fist said with a smile.

Evo: Fine, But One Day, I'll Give You the fight of your life.

Fist laughed while walking away. "Yeah right! I could easily kill you! I only used 5% of my true power!" Fist said.

Evo: Oh really, I'm gonna train 'till I Go Perfect 20. You'll eat this words...*walks off*

Fist laughed harder. "Whatever."

Fight! 2

Slash VS. Handy! Slash: *extends claws* This should be no problem.

Evo: Ya, Slash, You got this. One thing though, avoid his tails. they can through you far and gone. Ive seen tails fighting, this should be no different.


(I'm here. Didn't realize Handy was fighting)

Handy: *says a hole bunch of math problems* That's only one way of defeating you!

Slash: You're over analyzing it! *charges*

Handy: *says another math equation and dodges Slash* Wind velocity times speed equals... *punches Slash* This!

Slash: *grabs Handy's wrist and flips him*

Handy: *hits the floor and is knocked out*

Slash: Hmph.

Fight! 3

Britney VS. Kyros

Kyros: Great, I have to fight a psycho...


Kyros: You...

Brittney: ._. *randomly throws a bomb at Kyros*

Kyros: *catches the bomb and throws it back at Brittney* Dumb move... *shoots an energy beam at her*

Brittney: AHH *doges* Hey.*throws several bombs and dynamite at Kyros*

Kyros: *they all explode, making Kyros fly backwards and hit a wall* That...hurt... *punches Brittney*

[RTH: It's not my fault. Brittney's creator hasn't edited yet. Just start the next fight then...]

Announcer: Brittney is KOed! you win round 1.

Fight! 4

Nickolas VS. Endac

"Hmm let's do this!" Nick said. [Punches Endac in the face]

"Hey!" said Endac [dodges]

"Grrr..." [shoots flames at Endac]

"OWWWWWWWW MOMMY!, umm I mean that didn't hurt" said Endac

"Your foot's on fire" said Nick laughing.


"Now's my chance!" Said Nick "TAKE THIS!" *Lights fist on blue super strong flames and punches Endac in the face*

"Owww-" *falls to the floor as he is knocked out*

"HAHA YES I WIN" yelled Nick as the flames on his fist fade away. "BOOYAHKASHA!!!!"

Announcer: Endac is K.Oed Nick Wins!

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