Rapid and others find a board game called Zathura (Pronounced-Zah-ther-uh) and want to play it. Unaware of the dangers of the game, everyone plays the game only to face the horrors of the cards.

How to Play ZathuraEdit

1. Your character spins a key in the front side of the game board.

2. Next, your character presses the button and your piece wil move however the amount of the number. (Numbers 0-9)

3. A card will pop out.

4. Your character reads the card.

5. The description of the card will happen. (Example-Rapid: The card have entered a no gravity zone.-That means we all enter a no gravity zone and we'll all be in zero gravity)

6. The next person must spin. It is mandatory! (mandatory means you have to) Oh yeah, once the game starts, the house is automatically in outer space.


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Part 1:The Game BeginsEdit

Rapid: Guys, I found this old game outside on the floor!

Fist: What is it?

Rapid: Zathura.

Fist: *shrugs* Let's play then!

Rapid: *spins key and presses button* 5. *piece moves 5 spaces and card pops out. It says you are in the astroid belt, take evasive action. What does that mean?

(Astroids blast through the house which is now in outer space)

Rapid: Whoa! *dodges an asteroid*

Sonic: What in the world?!

Jack: Whao

Bada & Bing: Wow

Rutt & Tuke: Were in Space?!

Jordan:(far in the bathroom where nobody can see you) I always wanted to go into space!

Krinkinko:(speeding on his extreme gear)Which is perfect for my extreme gear,Space zoomer!

Jack: Ok did not see that coming, who's next?

Hozukimaru:(Flies in)Me.

Jack: Oh alright

Shadow: I'll go next.

Jack: Ok & after Shadow's Turn, it's My Turn

Bada & Bing: Alright

Kaytlin:Zoro,I thought we were going home for a visit?!

Zoro:A House!*Grabs Kaytlin's hand and flies over to the House*

Jack: Hello?

Rapid: Okay, after Shadow whose turn is it?


Jack: Ok after Sonic's Turn, It's my turn, ok?

Rapid: Alright. Sounds good!

Jack: Let's do it

Rapid: Let's do this!

Jack: Right !

Patricia: (Hovers in Zero-Gravity) Hey Guys, I guess I found that Board Game as well

Jordan: I want a turn!

(Jordan spins the key and it lands on 9)

Jordan: OMG! The peice moves by itself.

Jordan: You have blown up a black hole. Move ahead Five spaces.

Rapid: Uh... you aren't playing so how did you get here?

Jordan: I hid here as well and I heard the asteroid.

Sonic: OK, after Jack's turn, it's your turn.

Jack: My turn! (spins the key & it lands on 4) 4

Jack: The card says: Your robot is defective- NOBODY HAS A ROBOT!

Part 2:The Defective RobotEdit

Robot: Emergency

Robot: Alien life form Must destroy

Jordan:(to Jack) He's talking about you. He wants you dead. :(

Jack:(misses robot)

Rapid: Good job!

Sonic: OK, he's gone. Who's next... I know! It's ME! (spins the key and it lands on 7) Lucky 7!

Rapid: Let me read it. The card says: You have entered a no gravity zone- that means we will enter a no gravity

zone and we will all be in zero gravity.

Part 3:Playing The Game In AirEdit

(everyone rises into the air)

Fist: That's what astronauts do in space!

Jordan: Well I just saw Uranus outside.

Zoro: Well it's my turn. (spins the key and it lands on 5) 5. The card said... umm... the card! It's near Uranus's sun! NOEZ!

Shadow: Uh oh. I'll get it! (grabs the card) You pass too close to Tsourus 3. Enter gravity field before first player's 2nd turn.

Part 4:The TsorusEdit

Sonic: Grab on to something! (grabs onto bookshelf)

Jordan: HEEEELP! (grabs onto a door ledge)

The other characters: (form a chain stretching 10 ft long)

Sonic:(lets go) AHHHH!

Jordan:(lets go)NOEZ!


Jack: I'm ok

Jordan: Uh... you're the only one who did not hit the window.

Part 5: The Shooting StarEdit

Rapid: My turn again. (spins the key and it lands on 9) Yes! Nine!

Tails: Good roll.

Rapid: Nine's a great roll.

Tails: I meant great.

Rapid: The card says: Shooting star. Make a wish as it passes.

(shooting star comes)

Rapid:(quietly) I wish that everyone never hit the window.

(the star leaves and the wish comes true)

Sonic: Why do I feel pain?

Rapid: Because you hit the window when there was the Tsorus.

Jordan: OK, my turn. (spins the key and it lands on 6)

Rouge: The card says: You are visited by zorgons. Move back 3 spaces.

(Zorgons appear)

Rouge: I don't think they're bad. Just visitors. Maybe they're friendly.

Part 6:ZorgonsEdit

(Zorgons man the guns)

Everyone: They're not friendly!

Sonic: I don't want to be caught by guys like Bowser and have to be saved by Mario you know!

Jack: Now what do we do?

Bada & Bing: We don't know

Rutt & Tuke: Me neither, eh?

Sonic: There's no time! We gotta hide! (hides in the fireplace)

Jack, Bada, Bing, Rutt & Tuke: (hides behind the Couch)

Jack: (Whispers) Oh I wish Patricia the Skunk is her. She can help us in a problem like this

Bada: (whispers) Dude, hello. She's not here right now

Bing: (whispers) We need to be quiet

Rutt & Tuke: (Whispers) Ok


  • Zathura: In the 6th chapter, these quotes appear: "Yes! 9! Good roll! Nines a great roll. I meant great." They resemble Danny and Walter speaking. Also, Sonic hides in the fireplace, making a resembling in Zathura.
  • Super Mario Galaxy: In the end, a black hole appears and looks like it's debut in SMG
  • Super Mario Bros: While trying to hide from Zorgons, Sonic says, "I don't wanna be caught by guys like Bowser and having to be saved by Mario you know!" That's a refferance to SMB.