Rona ( Small )

Rona in her signature pose.

Rona is a 14-year old anthropomorphic chameleon who enjoys mystery and is often one to pick a fight. She looks up to Team Chaotix and her dream is to join them. Though, she is not trained very well in the subject. She has other talents as well, such as playing the piano, gymnastics, and impersonations. Her usual attire is a pink scarf, a lime green/pink tunic, white gloves, gold bracelets, navy blue capris, and red/pink boots. She can utilize mysterious spiritual powers when in battle.


Rona is an orphan child. She grew up in Spagonia, and still resides there in the dorms of Spagonia University. However, she traverses the globe in search of knowledge to become a greater detective.


Species: Chameleon
Gender: Female
Height: 90 cm ( 2' 11" )
Weight: 35 kg ( 77 lbs. )
Age: 14
Skin: Cyan, Peach
Eyes: Violet
Attire: Pink scarf, lime green/pink tunic, white gloves, gold bracelets, navy blue capris, red/pink boots
Birthplace: Spagonia
Family: Unknown
Alignment: Good
Likes: Mystery, piano music, gymnastics, impersonations, Vector the Crocodile, Charmy Bee, Espio the Chameleon (role model and possible love intrest), the color pink, Spagonia, traveling, learning foreign languages
Dislikes: Being upstaged, being corrected, secrets, songs with lyrics that make absolutely no sense, cacophony, getting scared, waking up in the middle of the night, getting teased

Rona is somewhat feisty. She despises those who upstage her, as well as those who correct her. Her temper tends to blow when this happens, often resulting in a fight. Otherwise, she is an all-around type of person. She can be flighty and unfocused. For example, a song might get stuck in her head. However, if Rona is performing a task she takes pride in, she is seroiusly focused. If one were to try and redirect her focus, she would likely throw a fit about it. Rona can keep a secret, even though she thinks that secrets are stupid, and is very trustworthy. She will only tell a lie to whom she believes to be the enemy. However, she does misunderstand things now and then. Rona will sometimes get a little emotional, and mostly enraged at that. In other cases, a go-getter attitude. It depends on what occurs at the time.


Rona has, so far, only appeared in " Roleplay: Mystery of the Spagonia Citadel ". She is currently trying to infiltrate a construction site to find the underground entrance to the Spagonia Citadel.


  • Mirage- Rona will turn invisible.
  • Dash Uppercut- Rona will leap forward once at high speed, then bolt upward into her target.
  • Tail Swing- Rona will grab her target with her long tail and throw it.
  • Toss Up- Rona will grab her target from behind while facing backwards and fling it as well as herself into the air, then come back down with a stomp.
  • Quick Slide- Rona will dash forward, then slide into her target.
  • Swift Spin- Rona will kick out a leg, then spin on her other foot at high speed.
  • Mirror Image- Rona will make a transparent copy of herself to assist in battle. If the copy takes too much damage, it will vanish.
  • Time Break- Rona will slow down time for a short while. She can only use this when weak.
  • Chaos Rift- Rona will launch a wave of Chaos energy at her target. She can only do this with a Chaos Emerald in her possession.
  • Chaos Veil- Rona will create a shield of Chaos energy for a short time. She can only do this with a Chaos Emerald in her possession.


  • Rona has never heard of Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • Rona has an allergy to marigolds.
  • Rona has had nightmares where Sonic the Werehog is trying to hurt her, despite having never seen Sonic in that form before.
  • Rona started playing piano at age 4.
  • One of Rona's better impressions is of Miles "Tails" Prower, voice and all.
  • Rona discovered her gymnastic talent at age 7, when she fell out of a tree, and managed to land on her feet.