Template:Construction Rortra is the possible romantic relationship between Rory the Cat and Tetra Kitsempt


"Rory and Tetra are the GenderSwitch Counterparts to Ryushu the Cat and Temporal Kitsempt"

Rory and Tetra met on a rainy day, and Tetra got sick because she sat out in the rain to long. Rory invited Tetra over to his crapshack of a house, so Tetra could take a shower. Then Tetra ran back to her house in embarrassment and Rory chased after her. once he got to her house she showed him her Zelda cosplay costume and kissed him after he told her it was cute.

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Part 1

Tetra:*sitting near a tree, while it's raining*

Rory: [Walking by; doesn't see her yet]

Tetra:*sneezes really loud*

Rory: *jumps* !!!

Tetra:*see's Rory jump from her sneezing* s-sorry *wipes her nose*

Rory: Oh, it's okay.

Tetra:*sneezes again, then takes another one of her shirts from her backpack and covers her head, then stands up, and walks over to Rory* I'm Tetra

Rory: I'm Rory.

Tetra:Nice, to meet you, ya know, you look a bit like Ryushu.

Rory: Uhh...hehe, I'm her male counterpart... ^^'

Tetra: Ah, that explains it, see I'm the genderswitch counter part of Temporal, one of Ryu's Friends.

Rory: Oh, you are?

Tetra:Yep, ^_^

Rory: Kewl.

Tetra:Yep, but all day, I've been stuck in the rain, because, I've been waiting for the mall to open, but apparently, it's closed today, and I forgot my key to my house, and my cell, so I got sick.

Rory: That sucks...hey, you can stay at my place if you want to. It's a crap-shack, but it's got a roof.

Tetra:A-alright, T-thanks :) *blushes*

Rory: Let's hurry before the weather gets worse. Follow me.

[He starts walking towards his house.]

Tetra:Alrigh...... *sneezes again*

Rory: Eee...that's not good...

Tetra:*wipes her nose* Sorry. *grabs her backpack*

Rory: It's not your fault. We should hurry, though.

Tetra:O-ok, *walks home with Rory*

[They eventually arrive at his "house", which is indeed quite a crap-shack.]

Rory: kinda sucks, I know...

Tetra:That's Alright, :), um, do you have a shower, I need to clean myself off of all this rain, and clean my nose

Rory: Yeah. [he points to a room near the back] Over there.

Tetra:Thanks, :) *walks into the bathroom with her backpack*

Rory: No problem. [sits on the lumpy couch]

{SFX: *squeak*}

Rory: ?! [jumps back up]

[A non-Mobian rat dashes of the couch; seems Rory sat on the poor thing.]

Tetra:*walks out wearing fresh clothes, while drying her hair*

Rory: That was fast. O.O

Tetra:Yeah, I normally do take short showers.................................... you know, even though your genderswitch is friends with my genderswitch, you kinda cute.

'Rory: o//////o

Tetra:Sorry, that came out suddenly *slightly blushes*

Rory: I-It's okay, hehe.. o//o"

Tetra:I feel really embarrassed, I've never told anyone the same thing I just told you.

Rory: You haven't..?

Tetra:Yeah, see.. I've never had a crush on anyone before

Rory: O-Oh...

Tetra:*deeply blushes in embarrassment*

Rory: N-No, you don't have to be embarrassed...!

Tetra:W-what do you mean?

Rory: just doesn't seem like something to be embarrassed about...

Tetra:Y-yeah............. Rory, I'm sorry I wasted your time *grabs her backpack and runs out the door to home*

(Nero:The Reason why I am having Tetra do that, is because if Rory follows her home, he would see her Poke and her wearing her cos-play costume)

Rory: T-Tetra, wait!! [he gets up and runs after her]

Tetra:*at home wearing her cos-play costume while her pokemon is out of her pokeball*

Kiami:*laying down*

[Rory arrives at her front door, panting.]

Kiami:Ki *someone is at the door*

Tetra:*walks to the door and opens it only showing her hair* hello?

Kiami:*walks up to the door*

Rory: Uhh...hello?

Tetra:R-Rory!? what are you doing here?! *tries to hide bits of her costume*

Rory: I...uhh...well, I...y-you didn't have to run off....

Tetra:Sorry bout that, I just felt really embarrassed, like I am right now.

Rory: O-Ohh....err....i-is it me making you embarrassed...?

Tetra: A little, *shows herself dressed as Princess Zelda from Wind Waker*

Rory: o///o

Tetra:What? something wrong?

Rory: Y-You look really pretty...

Tetra:I-I do? *slightly blushes*

Rory: Y-Yeah.

Tetra: T-Thanks *hugs him*

Rory: *blushes hard* Y-You're welcome...

Tetra:*kisses his cheek, and pulls her head back, and as soon as she does that, an Overlander Kid hits her forehead with a rock, and she falls down unconscious*

Rory: !!! TETRA!! [whips around to the Overlander kid] *snarl*

Overlander kid:*runs away laughing*

Tetra:*forehead starts bleeding*

Rory: *growl* You little...!! [turns to Tetra and sees she is bleeding] !!

[He picks her up and carries her into her house. He sets her on the couch and goes to grab a towel, some napkins and some ice cubes. He puts the ice cubes in the towel, wraps it up, then starts using the napkins to wipe away the blood.]

Rory: T-Tetra, are you okay...?!

Tetra:*wakes up* W-what just happened?

Rory: Some Overlander kid beaned you in the forehead with a rock.

Tetra:Man *puts her hand on her forehead* I really need to get out of this dump

Rory: Ehehe, yeah... ^^'

Tetra:*sits up* I need to move somewhere else, anywhere but this town

Rory: Okay..

Tetra:but I'm broke, I don't have a job, and no where else to go.

Rory: Oh...

Tetra: I could live on the streets, but it's better then living this this community with these overlanders.

Rory: Yeah..

Tetra:For months, ever since I moved here, I've been abused by those overlanders, I got bruises on my stomach and arms, thanks to those people, *sighs*

Rory: O_O" Ouch...

Tetra:yeah, *stands up, then trips over a her backpack*

Rory: !! Are you okay?!

Tetra:*gets up* yeah, *rubs her head*

Rory: Okay.

Tetra:hang on *walks into her room, and changes back into her normal black clothes, then comes out* You OK?

Rory: Yeah.

Tetra:Well, uh, do you want to go out to get something to eat?, my treat *smiles at Rory*

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