Rosalina is a 15 year old hedgehog hybrid. She is cerise coloured and has medium length hair. She also posesses ice blue eyes.


Early life

Rosalina was raised on her own with a guardian. She had parents, but she had ran away from them because they had kept arguing and she was too stressed about it. She was found and put into a care home. A few years later, she was fostered and then adopted.

At her school, she was constantly picked on because she was adopted, which caused her to believe she would be on her own, as no one would become her friend. Her guardian was always busy, leaving her on her own in the house.


Rose is normally kind, gentle and caring. But, with her negativity of herself, this is hardly shown.

She can have a dark side to herself when irritated though, but this is hardly shown.


  • Rose can manipulate ice at will, being taught by an S Class Mage. She can create shields, weapons and fire ice projectiles at her enemies.
  • She can manipulate energy, magical energy. This is something she was granted artifically, as she was not born with it.


  • Her negativity can cause fall-outs, which will make her temper flare out.
  • She is weak to fire, it being the opposite to ice. It can hurt her badly and can even cancel out her ice.


Memorable Quotes


  • She is partically based off Rosalina from Magia, Nefereti's book.





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