Rosy Rose
Age 11, biologically 17
Gender Female
Species Mobian Hedgehog
Allegiance Good
Occupation Musician/Freedom Fighter
  • Brown fur
  • Green eyes
  • Red and white boots
  • White gloves
  • Black shirt and pink skirt
  • None confirmed
  • Mobius A
Romantic Interests
  • Singularity the Hedgehog (Yes, still.)
Blood Type
  • O
Nicknames and Titles
  • Rascal
  • Amy
  • "Do you think I should try G major?"
  • "It's alright."
  • "Hello? Anyone?"
  • None
  • Intelligence
  • Musical talent
  • Versatility
  • Lacks Amy's strength
  • Frequently ignored
Ability Type Intelligence
Theme song

Air on the G String

"Would it help if I saw what you did?"-To Singularity the Hedgehog

Rosy Rose is a character from the upcoming fancomic series, Sonic the Hedgehog: Lost Chapters. She is an alternate reality counterpart of Amy. She is notable for being an unusually weak character in that she has no special powers. However, she is a deeper character than many, and is frequently overlooked.



Rosy was never that much like Amy. For one thing, she always wore different clothes. She also grew up far more mature and intelligent. She became physically older due to the Ring of Acorns, with this being the main similarity. Later, Robotnik A set a trap to try to drain the chaos energy from Radiation, but Rosy managed to foil the plot by taking his place. Although Robotnik A didn't get enough even to run a lightbulb for very long, chaos energy was drained from Rosy, turning her brown and noticably less strong. The fact that there was any energy to be drained suggested to Kyle O' Meter that all Mobians are born with some level of chaos energy in them. He developed a complex theory about this, but of course nobody understands it.

Modern Day

A fan of classical music, Rosy spends much of her time playing the violin or harp and has created many masterpieces. She also serves many practical functions, as a chef, a counsellor, and on at least one occasion a doctor. She has proven to be far more observant than any other character, and immediately notices any detail out of place. Despite all of her talents and her unique personality, she is frequently overlooked. Sometimes it seems as if nobody notices her.

Future Role

In upcoming issues, Rosy will join the fight against The Unknown Enemy, though her role is unconfirmed.

Other Information


Rosy is actually very mature compared to Amy, with her mental age approximately the same as her physical age. She is very well cultured. Besides being an accomplished musician and composer, she has proven very versatile, able to fill most roles in an emergency. She has a tendency to slip Old English words into her everyday speech, which in itself contains distinctly old mannerisms. Despite this, she is very quiet and frequently overlooked. Sometimes she feels invisible or left out.

Relationship with Singularity

Rosy and Singularity were very much in love, each willing to die for the other, and they planned to get married as soon as they were able. After his accident, she was shocked by what was left of him. However, her feelings are unchanged and she loves him anyway. She is adamant that he is still the same person, disagreeing with several on the matter. Although Singularity has no idea who she is or even where he is, it would appear that her talking to him is beneficial.

Relationships with Other Characters


  • Mobius Prime Freedom Fighters
  • Mobius A Freedom Fighters
  • Singularity the Hedgehog (Boyfriend, though with obvious complications)


  • The Unknown Enemy


  • Rosy is the only StHLC character who does not suffer from any mental illness.
  • There is a misunderstanding that Rosy is a ripoff of Melissa the Hedgehog due to her appearance, though she was intended more as a tribute than anything.
  • She that is also described as being one of the more complex characters in the series.