Roubeck is the possible romantic pairing between Linebeck the Ferret and Rouge the Bat.


At first, Linebeck and Rouge hated each other. Eventually, Statyx the Hedgehog stepped in.

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Anything containing Knuxouge, Shadouge, etc.




(Restarting because nawt enough Roubeck)

Alternate Part

For Ryu and Kagi only.

[With Ryu, she is sitting by a tree, with only her Espeon for company. It seems she was crying, a lot...]

Ryu: I don't understand it...why does Statyx think he can just say those kinds of things?!

Espeon: Espe...

Ryu: Thinking that Linebeck and I would "that"! [eyes tear up again]


Statyx: *looking around for Ryu* Geez, where is she...?


???: What did you do to piss her off this time?

Statyx: What the-!? *whips around towards the voice*

[Resting on a thick tree branch is Rakumei, gazing at Statyx with an expression of mild curiosity.]

Statyx: - - Oh, it's you...

Rakumei: *sarcastically* Aww, not happy to see me?

Statyx: *sarcastically* Noooo, now what would make you think that?

Rakumei: Heheh...I don't know, maybe me being the dark half of the girl you ran off?

Statyx: Shaddup.

'Rakumei: *smirk* Is that anyway to speak to a lady? Or is this how you always treat them?

Statyx: No.

(Kagi: I just realized something.)
(Kagi: Roubeck page, yet the RPing has pretty much nothing to do w/ Roubeck.)
(Ryu-.....that's true. Maybe we should make a Ryu-Statyx Conflict page...)
(Kagi: Perhaps.)
(Ryu-Yeah...they've sure had a few spats before.)
(Kagi: Yep. So it makes sense.)
(, who should make it?)
(Kagi: I thought you were doing it, since you didn't reply.)
(Ryu-Oh. No, I was killing zombies. With a scalpel.)